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Number 15 against LSU(2014)!Funny thing I was there and that is one moment I will never forget: You could hear the only quarter, nickel and four pennies hit the stadium seats that night! And the 29 LSU fans were priceless!
Now I see why Saban is so successful, he listens and responds with leadership and results! As bad as it pains me to say this but I have to say Roll Tide in Football and Hail State(LOVE THAT SOUND)in WBB!
MSU has the best front 7 in all of football! Jones, Cox, Simmons, Autry, Wright, P Smith, Benardrick McKinney! No one even comes close to that Front 7!
MSU produces more impactful players in the NFL PER CAPITA THAN ANY OTHER STATE. Yeah, I have been telling the world Mullen developed talents he just can't win big games!
Man, I agree with you. The world is changing!
Please don't mention Stafford's name anywhere near Dak's.
Do you know what they called trumpeters that have been in a troglodytic state of perpetuity life? Hmm...I believe the term is cognitive dissonance. You guys are going to be like your ancestors on the wrong side of history and God's moral law.
The only true racist I have observed is you and that is being polite!
Obviously you can't read the latest set of polls! Rethugs are going down hard!
Agree 1000%. That is why your Alma Mater will keep kicking ASS in the SEC. Saban gets it! And my ALMA MATER will keep kicking ASS in WBB, the coaches get it!
How many Big 12 Championships? How many points have you scored in Conference Championship games? How many points have you been outscored in Conference Championship games? You guys cant beat MSU on a good day and that is with an inferior State Coach and QB!
This young man is going to play for a change agent in the Honorable Nick Saban.
My Friend, what does that mean, seriously? LOL!
Paul Finebaum is one of the best journalists of our time. A journalist's role is to ask the who, what, where, who, whom, how, and when? Paul's objectivity for reporting the news without bias, persistence for pursuing news stories angers you when it is your SCHOOL which means he is doing his role. Keep up the good work, Paul, Even though you irritate me when you are asking these questions about MSU, I STILL appreciate your work!
Alabama, Auburn, and MSU are the class of the SEC. Thanks, Coach Stallings for having sympathy for a great coach and better person!
Nick Saban epitomizes class, decency, and morals that I wished our Nation possessed!
Being paid by a quantitative metric and not by qualitative content are meager wages! Perhaps that is why you are all over the proverbial map 24/7/365!
50% of the people with mental health issues don’t receive help….and 100% of those people are imbeciles like you!
Ohio State doesn't rebuild they reload! What a misinformed comment that is accidentally ignorant! Buckeyes will roll in 2020!
Let me make a suggestion. Read it slowly over and over again until you can comprehend what the key point is: Patrick Mahomes is a generational talent. But prior to this year he was 1-1 in the playoffs. And for the record he is not 5-1 but 4-1. Plus Mahomes had Andy Reid as a coach, ALLPRO TE, receivers faster than a bullet, Top 7 Scoring Defense, Passing Defense, and Team Defense. And ready for the knock out punch to your ostensible and feeble and putative theory: Chris Stone Cold Jones? And where did he attend college and dominated? Finally, name one defensive player more dominating than Chris Jones over the past two seasons?
To give you the benefit of the doubt I will label your comments as accidentally ignorant and woeful ignorance at best. Jerry Jones thinks he is top 5 QB or he wouldn't have offered to make him the highest-paid QB in the league. Umm, you post and Jerry(Billions)and Irun (Multi-Million)$$$businesses.Hint players are based on the Net Asset approach rather than what clueless posters like your surmises.
Please read it is fundamental to increasing your critical thinking skills. I am surprised a student or alumni from Vanderbilt would ever question someone's worth. You are confirming that legacies are alive and well at allegedly such a highly regarded academic institutions like Vanderbilt!
Dak is worse a top 5 QB by any meaningful metric! Only haters, implicit bias, and envious, odious, nostalgic species living as troglodyte would say otherwise!
Yes, he can win an SB and will win one soon, if not this year! Impict Bias on display!
So would that include Nick Saban and all of these five stars that BAG MEN visit on an annual basis?
Dan Mullen would have never allowed that happen!
If the SEC was going to downsize the DUMBACKS WOULD BE THE FIRST TO GO!
How about you go back to the cave! Please brush your teeth and take a shower, never mind multitasking is not your forte is it? Troglodytic FECES from the Ozarks blowing TOWARDS the SE at 50 MPH!