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This Kid is so much like his father---Class-Intelligence-and very talented. Time flies, it seemed like yesterday over 40 years ago when I would play BB in the old intramural gym against his father. The Perry's ---Classy and Part of the Soul of Bulldog Family!
Everyone has an opinion about how much Dak should be paid. The only opinion that matters is Jerry and Stephen Jones. I do find it compelling that posters like the ones below who have never scouted an opposing team, competed against Dak, been in a locker room with Dak, even listened to the praised lavished on Dak by his former coaches or present one can offer such imbecile statements. Here are some indisputable facts: Since 2016 Dak no one is has won more games not named Brady as QB. The first four years as starters he has averaged over 10.5 Wins a year. Dak owns the best interception rate (1 per 59.1 passes) in NFL history for a quarterback’s first 64 starts. Dak 7.72 adjusted yards per attempt ranks fifth in first 50 history, one spot behind Dan Marino (7.84) and ahead of Ben Roethlisberger (7.67), Peyton Manning (6.88) and a slew of Hall of Famers. Dak is the first player in NFL history with 20+ pass TD and 5+ rush TD in each of his first 4 seasons. In the last ten years NFL drafts there are only 10 QB's still starting through 2019 with a minimum of 30 games. . Let that Marinate! In fact, only 6 were staters at the beginning of 2019 during that 10 year period. When one's subjective bias is taking out of the equation and analytic opportunity cost and Return on Investment are applied. Dak Prescott is arguably the best QB on the planet! He is certainly the Best SEC QB since CAM NEWTON! Before you @ me let see if TUA AND BURROW can at least start all four years in one piece and at least equal DAK'S success, okay!
Dak Prescott, Chris Jones, Johnnie Cooks, and Will Clark!
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance! Zeke is not the ENGINE of the Cowboys anymore! It is Dak and he is arguable the 2nd best QB on the planet!
Why is he worth the richest Contract in the NFL? Will be waiting with alacrity!
The Pac 12 or Big 12 is not in the same league with the SEC West. Coach Leach was the architect behind a KY offense that featured Tim Couch in the late 90’s. That KY offense pushed the football ball up and down the field regularly and couldn’t do no better than 7-5 and did I mentioned got crushed in Bowl games. And Guess what? Costello is no Tim Couch. Consequently, If our ceiling is 7 wins every year then Coach Leach and his dink and dunk offense will probably yield that. Critics will argue and point to his 84-43 record at Texas Tech but will conveniently over look his 20% winning record against the BIG BOYS: Texas and Oklahoma. Alabama, LSU, GA, and Florida run to set up the pass and just the opposite of what Coach Leach scheme is designed to do. The current group of offensive lineman are maulers and not pass blockers and will have major issues against the athletics fronts of Bama and the gang of five. Costello may throw the football all over the field but will that translate into meaningful wins and what happens in 2021 with a brand new line and no proven Kylin Hill?
Over the last two years, Mr. Dantzler has allowed only 36 receptions, 80 targets, for 459 yards, one score, and four picks. For his career, Dantzler has yielded a passer rating against of 43.8. He also owns the title of the only cornerback not to get torched by LSU this season as he allowed 2-of-4 receiving for 13 yards in that game. So don't hate the player, hate his game! Bulldog defensive players are dominating the NFL RIGHT NOW! Very few corners better than BIG TIME PLAY SLAY!
Romans 6:22-23 and Romans 8:38-39. Love you man and true Bulldogs fans will cherish your contributions and memories you gave us for all eternity!
Just a tragedy! Deruunya now P.J.! Lord have mercy on our former players!
KT should transfer to another school that will give him a chance to develop and play QB, period. It's funny how all of the sciolists like anonymous 1205 wants to accuse me of playing the race card when they are showing their implicit bias towards KT. I TRUST Dan Mullen Judgment over Moorhead any day of the week and three times over Moorhead. I heard Bill Polian say he regrets making the comments about Lamar Jackson and having to eat his words. Remember Polian and others were saying Jackson should switch to Wide receiver and Ozzie Newsome who didn't have any bias gave Jackson an opportunity and the rest is history! KT was a four-star QB highly recruited and deserves. I am old and sagacious enough to remember the same garbage that Anonymous 1205 spewed about KT WHEN it was labeled by Doug Williams when he was a young starter with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about the 50% garbage of passing. Williams went on to lead the Redskins to an SB. I can give countless examples of Implicit Biases and Individual Racist comments like the ones all of you are spewing about KT. Why try and teach ignorance when it's in the culture and it is systemic?
I have one question for you? Tell me how the accurate passers this year panned out for State football team. Oh, I don't have a chip on my shoulder I have accumulated too much M-1 OVER THE YEARS. And Stevens was so good that not one single event like the Combine, East-West game invited him to showcase his talent. Sharder is such a superstar that Leach decided to look elsewhere for a QB. I remember when State told Steve Mcnair he couldn't play QB and we know how that turned out. Joe Moorhead was so great at evaluating talent that the school ran him out of the state. I understand you are living in the past but the NFL and BIG-TIME COLLEGE FOOTBALL is about QB'S that has a dual-threat to their game. You need to watch some winning football and get off the farm and lay off the grits and paint thinner for beverage consumption.
Mr.Leach I have lived all of my adult life in BIG 12 country and If you don't know this; I have grown up watching Sec Football, SEC FOOTBALL IS MY PASSION AND THE BIG 12 OR PAC 12 IS NO SEC. So you had better be right about the QB position. It was the main reason Over His Head Joe Moorhead is somewhere in Oregon. And if you don't get it right you will be somewhere kissing Trump's A**. I will be cheering for you and my Dawgs but I don't see where you are going to succeed. Why I have followed your career for a long time and I am just not impressed!
Everything in life is like a circle it comes back to you. I never saw one column in support of KT or anyone questioning Moron Moorehead. It just confirms that the media has an implicit bias towards certain players and openly support other players! Oh, well kinda like life for folks of color!
You are wise beyond your years! It is very telling when posters like you have to do the job of the local sycophants' reporters at 24-7 like Mr.Hoodie Jones. I wonder about the school leading source for information when some of the reporters( not David Murray is competent) will never question the administration and the coaching staff. That said, back in Early August I predicted that the team was in disarray and the QB alleged competition position would be the dam that broke the team season beacuse it was predicated on a big lie at best and worse fraud. It is rare a two star player like Stevens is significantly better than a four star-like KT and the results showed. The season was doomed from the beginning beacuse the tension and turmoil between two camps on the team believed that Coach Moorhead had two sets of rules and guidelines: One for his favorites players and "his guys" and guys he clearly didn't like such as KT. Coach Moorhead was determined to promulgate he was the new Sheriff and anything offensively that resembled Dan Mullen's philosophy he was on a mission to rid the systems of Mullen offensive Philosphy. Coach Moorhead disdain for Mullen was so personally that he took it out on KT that a majority of the players were privately upset by his actions that it showed on and off the field. And the boiling point occurred when Gay and Shrader(Moorhead)fisticuffs took place. And when Cohen understood what tension and animosity were taking place in the locker room the administration had to move with swift and prompt action to restore civility and MSU creed for respect, hard work and sense of non-entitlement back to the program. Coach Moorhead was allowing the fabric of what this great university was built on hard work, meritorious and achievement without status and sense of entitlement as the fuel but the former being the bedrock and engine of MSU academic and athletic principles. That is why I am proud to be an alumnus of MSU. So, when I started cryptically and esoterically started doing the media job they attacked and tried to ostracize me for calling Joe Moorhead and the local media resented me for that especially Paul Jones. It is important to put everything into context and that is exactly why Dr. Keenum and John Cohen moved with Jet speed and rightly terminated Joe Moorhead, period. Now to your question this team needs a guy like Tony Eliot, James Brady, Tee Martin, and even Todd Grantham presupposing you cant get Eliot or Brady. Eliot would be the best hire and would take this program to new heights beacuse the man can flat out recruit and has an offensive mind second to none and that includes Lincoln Riley and Matt Rhule. Your conjecture about State having an offensive-centric coach has always served this team well 1980, 1998-99 and the glory and golden Mullin years is evidence to support your premise. So, when you hear all of the noise about Coach Moorhead not being a good fit just remember what that really means and understand that no one is above the culture and reputation of MSU, not even the football Head Coach and CEO of SATURDAY IN THE FALLS!
Garntham would be a good choice but not necessarily the best choice. Eliot of Clemson or Brent Venables would be an excellent choice!
The best decision Cohen and Dr. Keenum could make is set no timetable for the decision and get it right. For me, I would hire Gregg Knox first short term and wait for the right coach long term. Coach Eliot(the O/C) of Clemson should be at the top of their list. Todd Grantham Florida Defensive Coordinator should be second and if the university is considering Gene Chizk then Moorhead firing would have been reactionary and not based on good reasoning and sound judgments!
The fight was the STRAW! The fight is just a symptom of the larger problem at MSU. The problem came down to the Moorhead allowing the QB'S to believe that they were bigger than the team, period. That caused resentment in the locker room and the next coach had better address that first and I think the next Coach will. I have been on record for months saying that the locker room has been in disarray and dysfunctional for quite some time and the fight just escalated the matter.
Mississippi State is going through a crisis in the football program presently, and it started with a journalist being a sycophant for Joe Moorhead and abandoning the investigated and objective role of what sports reporting should be. The biggest and most obvious example was the writers(not David Murray) that drank all of Joe Moorhead Kool-Aid. For instance, they never questioned some of his theories about the QB competition, the results of his decisions on the QB positions, and how it divided the locker room. They assumed his ostensible assumptions about Tommy Stevens and Garrett Shrader and never in the slightest even remotely questioned Moorhead. So, resentments became festered in the locker room amongst individual players on how Stevens continued to play without accountability and exemplary results that are consistent with earning the right to play. I wish the program nothing but success and but I will say the men that run 24-7 had better understands that all MSU ALUMNI (are educated )to quote Cohen and diverse. We all have diverse opinions, and different views are welcome here and not on 24-7. What a shame! And, finally, Coach Moorhead, I wish you the best of luck going forward being one of your biggest and loudest detractors and critics. I hope you can forgive me for allowing my passion for becoming unhealty and disresptful. Happy New Year, everyone, and Praise MSU WBB!
Connor it is media meembers like you that allowed Moorhead to get away the lies about the QB siutaion all year long. First he lied and said that the competition bewteeen KEYTAON Thompson and Tommy Stevens wasnt even close. Then we see Garrett who was the third string QB come and play better (albeit) nothing significant better than Stevens. Yet,Connor(you) and Brad and all of his sychopahnts on 247 Gene's page continued to perpetutae the lie about the QB situation and competition. Here are some indisputable facts : Garrett Shrader(2019) as true fresham 10-14-108 yardspassing 12-19 yards rushing 1.7 yds per rush . Ole Miss Keytaon Thompson(2017) as true freshman 13-27-195-1 td and 26-121 rushing 1-td 4.7 yds per rush. Tommy Stevenns: 17-26-221(70 passing yards on the last drive was all garbage stats) 150 yards passing. 17 carries for 71 yards(24 were all garbage stats). Keytaon Thompson(went up against the reigning MVP and Heisman Trophy): 11-20-127-1td and 26-147 yards and one touchdown. Yet according to Moorhead KT cant play!
I have to give it Coach Moorhead he is so consistent that his messages smells like rotten eggs and his platitudes are about as empty as Stevens winning the QB job this past summer and fall. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me AND Fool me three times, rinse and repeat!
When a football coach is so stubborn and has implict bias towrds ceratin players this is what you get on the field. Some have called him a con -artist, incompetent, inept, ineffectual, unfitand no matter what adjective you use to describe Moorhead it all comes back to : "He is in over his head"
I loathe OHS. But I wouldn't rule out Joe Brady LSU passing game coordinator as the next Head Coach. After all, he is the hot new shiny toy. This guy reinvented LSU offense from the Troglodyte-Age to the 21st century in one year. The rumor here in Texas is that they(UT) are planning to make him the highest-paid passing(wink-wink) game coordinator in the country and on the planet!
And we kept Over HIS HEAD!
That lure maybe your coach!
Of Course, you AND Moorhead would have given Luke 5 more years!
There is no loyalty except at MSU. If MSU had the courage to fix what is discouraging incorrigible with our program we would be better in the long term. Give OHS the credit for having vision to see that the program trajectory isn't where it should be. It's a great day for OHS and a bad day for Moorhead!
I have complete disdain for the entire Ole Miss agenda and the cryptic persona that follows. That said, Individual performances consistently is derived from one source: Talent. Consistent winning comes from a tenuous balance of both the former and the latter. It wasn't that long ago Oxford High was beating Bama AND LSU and everybody else, remember 2013 and 2014 weren't that long ago. I wish my Alma Mater dared to correct its mistake before it becomes incorrigible. Sad day for Moorhead and better day for the Oxford High fan base!
Let see: Pre Sumlin 57-53. Sumlin 51-26, 5bowl appearances and signature win over Bama. Post Sumlin 16-9 and trajectory down! Fundamental fairness Sumlin was 20-5 his first 25 games! Has Game Passed Jimbo?
This is why I love MSU US against "them"! On this day the only thing that matters is Maroon and white kicking arse and destroying the Junior High School!
“First and foremost, I’d like to express my appreciation to coach Mullen and his staff here. This wasn’t a job where we had to go in and bulldoze the dang house, tear up the foundation. The foundation is laid, the walls are up, we just have to add to it, so thanks to Dan Mullen and his staff.” Joe Moorhead Then here is John Cohen:But make no mistake about it, Joe Moorhead is not here to maintain. He is here to make us better. Growing up in Notheast Mississippi, My father was one of the best cement guys on the planet and when you add to much water to cement and gravel you know what happens to a foundation? Over-watered concrete leads to lower strength, reduced durability, shrinkage cracking, and a variety of surface problems. Doesnt that describes what has happened to our football program with Joe Moorhead?