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When your CONFERENCE has the names of Trask, Mond Shrader, Plumlee,Guarantano, Nix as the cream of the crop QB'S FOR NEXT YEAR the conference is in MAJOR decline .
If you think education is expesive try ignoarance! Over a football game !
Got to give the Arkansas Administration credit for having the courage and conviction to say we made a mistake and lets move on. I wish our adminstartion admit they made a colossal mistake on Moorhead and fire his ARSE TODAY. I will pay to move his furiture and personal belongings !
Hey Bud, see why coaching matters! If we could get rid of that loser and clueless coach we have maybe we can become relevant again.
It really could be game if MSU had a coach with a brain and QB that could read a defense and went through his progressions!
So, what is going to happen in the IRON BOWL?
You are probably too young to remember Joe Namath, Bart Starr or Ken Stabler!
Wow! I like Coach O but I would be careful beacuse payback can be a brutal pill to swallow. That said, LSU IMPOSED THEIR WILL ON BAMA TONIGHT! This may sound crazy if MSU had A QB and coach with a brain we could possible pull an upset next week?
If FSU is sincere in building something special why not Over His Head and i will personally pay for Moorhead moving expense!
I sure hope the Auburn faithful dont make to many future reservations on the anticpation that Bo Nix is the answer , because he doesnt scare anyone or defensive coordinator maybe except "Gus the Disgust"!
Notice something and there is a trend amongst some SEC coaches to anoint rather compete. Look at Gatewood, Thompson, and Fields and the picture is crystal clear!
I see you are coming around to my way of thinking! I don't have much to say these days now that Bulldog Nation can see Moorhead Fec**! So I will STFU as Mis LilBucky in Maroon and White demanded!
Has coach Joe Moorhead lost the team? Yes and Yes !
I am so disappointed in your language $25 w*ore! You should ashamed too!
spelling meant adventures. You know that idiocy just comes out every now and then.
we cannot turn the ball over, we have to convert on 3rd down, there’s where we need to see the most improvement. Part of being successful on third down is play calling.Good game planning is about creating macro playcalling dilemmas for the opposing coordinator and microexecution dilemmas for select players on the field. The easiest way to create these dilemmas is to create packages of complementary plays that look similar but stress different areas of the defense, forcing them to commit to stopping one of the plays, which will open up the other plays. Run versus play-action pass(RPO) is the most basic of these dilemmas. Every defensive coordinator in the SEC knows Garrett will read his first option and take off running and all of our plays and tendencies are sniffed out by the defense before we run them. Whuch is a run and fake at the pass and off goes Garrett! Given the team turns the football over 3X game it creates a perfect storm for the opposing team. Even, Ms Lil Bucky in Maroon and White understands this concept at least I hope so with her precocious football acumen and adavetutres!
Mississippi State to the Gator Bowl? Really ! Andrew do you have a fever? Did you catch mononucleosis from Kissing Joe Over His Head?
The last time LSU did a lot of talking was way back in 2011. What happened? Bama put an arse whooping so bad on the toothless tigerettes that the Orleans District Attorney considered Assualt charges against Saban and Company. However, the Grand Jury elected to no bill the charge.
Freshman QB rarely has long term success during their first year in the Mighty SEC! Auburn fans count your blessing you could have Garrett Shrader as your QB!
LilMissBuckyinMaroonandWhite I would agree with you an imbecile is less intelligent than an idiot. Thanks for confirming my superior intelligence, your initial assessment was correct. On the matter concerning coherent sentences, grammar, and punctuation, your latest post proves one thing you are genuinely an imbecile. Now and then, we are required to do public service acts for the less unfortunate and academically deficient who are less talented. So for all to see, I have improved your drivel for educational purposes and instructional use only. Right, right, right. If someone disagrees with you, it’s because you are the master of all, and they ‘don’t know the game.’ Also, it seems to me my sentence structure is a good deal more coherent than yours (since you bothered to mention it), which leads a reasonable man to believe that you are long on (attempted) insults and short on substance, but I could tell that from your very first post. As to your insult regarding you rather be an idiot than an imbecile, well here you go (since you’re already an idiot and you didn’t even know it). Now, THIS is funny: In psychology, an idiot has the least intelligence on the IQ scale (this currently is equivalent to someone who is mentally retarded or the more politically correct “mentally challenged”); an imbecile is not quite as dumb as an idiot. It is now considered equivalent to moderate retardation. An imbecile is deemed to have an IQ of between 26-50, while an idiot’s IQ measures between 0-25. So, bad Dawg, even if I was an imbecile, then you’re even. Public Service Act: 1. on adding modifying synonyms and 2. Changing incorrect verb usage, 3. Inserting proper quotation marks, 4. Ameliorating sentence structure, and lastly, improving your feeble rebuttal. Therefore. Ms. Lil Bucking up and Down Maroon and White, hopefully, you were taught the proper way to construct a paragraph that sharpens your message, albeit it is on the level of an imbecile!
Hey, Buddy or Pal. I don't owe you any reason or explanation for asking for credit on being right. My point was that most on this site are guilty of Implicit Bias, and I was pointing that out for all to see. I never saw one comment when I was being attacked and ostracized for calling out Moorhead incompetence by you or anyone else. Now you want to censure me for asking for credit for being right. In so far as me being on every MSU site, I am an alumnus of the university and contributing one as well. The caricature and narrative you are desperately trying to define me as wanting some celebrity status is about as vintage as your Dawg 44 name, I suppose. This is 2019, not 1944, and it is called freedom of speech. Your comments suggest a profile of a troglodyte with or without the hood! Socialize and learn to respect everyone's opinion without attacking them. I realize that it is hard to practice when your idol is a two-year-old that resides on Pennsylvania Avenue!
The Tawdry dye and grits and working certain streets are taking its toll, right? STFU, this is 2019, not 1950, you have no right to tell anyone to "shut up". I would much prefer to be an idiot than an imbecile which is what you convey every time you attempt to construct a coherent sentence. Again no one made you drank Moorhead Ur... and consume his fe>>> and now it doesn't taste good and you want to attack me? Moorhead was in over his head from day one and if you understood the game you would be able to discern that. Please go learn the game!
Gator Rob, Playing the lottery would be like Florida playing Bama, LSU and Georgia your odds are one in a million! Guess I would rather be a dummy than an imbecile. One of the intellectual conditions and distinction is a lack of knowledge and the other condition is inherent as in being robbed of the perequiste mental acuity at birth. Is that why you label yourself as Gator Rob from the backwater swamps of Florida?
Hey A, All u need is to remove the costume and look in the mirror and some orthodontic work. Send me your email address and I will make a charitable donation!
Aww, they say Rattlesnakes don't die in Mississippi; they commit suicide. TexsippiDawg, Dawg 44, LilMissBuckyinMaroonandWhite consuming grits, drinking paint thinner, and using tawdry dye in your hair is deleterious. As far as the lottery goes, never played the game, and my neighbors and I live in 77024; don't rely on wishful and delusional income for survival; we create jobs and value for shareholders and investment bankers. Remember the three of you all drank Moorhead ur... and ate his fe>>> and now it doesn't taste good uh?
Paul Finebaum and others are coming around to what I [predicted over a year ago. I will be direct, Joe Moorhead displayed arrogance(when he came in talking about championship standards and Heisman trophie ) Ignorance (when he boldly claimed that 4-4 and 5-3 wasn't his definition of success in the SEC West) and incompetence(when his decision making on QB's and his promises for a high powered explosive offensive has been nothing short of hot air). Now his excuses are the only thing he got left in his fraudulent misrepresentation to the fan base! The Good book says what you reap is what you sew. The 64 K QUESTION IS THIS? How can I guy(Bad Dawg )that has no experience in hiring college Coaches could see right through Joe Moorhead and the administration, the media, and this fan base couldn't? Maybe I have engaged and trained enough leaders and personnel to recognize flaws and incompetence? Perhaps I was able to read his body language around players and coaches to know he wasn't the guy? The hiring of Joe Moorhead should give us all some pause when we lavish praise and criticism too quickly and rush to judge some or anoint someone over a short period! Finally, maybe the next time I predict something, everyone on this site will take into account my impeccable track record of predicting and being right more than wrong! This program needs a recruiter first and foremost, a CEO next, and a real leader that inspires and motivates for maximum production based on meritocracy! Thank God for Vic Shaefer!
Brad, when are you going to admit you were dead wrong on Morehead and Stevens.Earlier in the year you were pushing the floor as 8-4 and the ceiling as 9-3. Almist three weeks ago you were predicting the delusional 8-4 record. Confession is good for the sopul. Admit I was right and you were cluless. Repeat after me Joe Moorhead is in over his head.