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I don't mince words! What Over His Head is doing is destroying our Brand, reputation, and our ability to attract out of state REAL SEC TALENT from Louisianna and Texas. I was wearing my Maroon and White Insignia, and a parent came up to me and said my son loves Dak and want to play for MSU. But he is turned off by Moorhead! One has to wonder how many more recruits feel the same way? Call me a Troll, accuse me of creating division amongst the faithful but I am going to keep asking the question of Why? Reason: Our Program is bigger than some Over His Head Sciolist Football Coach.
Nick Fitz couldn’t fit your scheme, but you didn’t bench him, KT doesn’t fit your scheme, but you won’t play him, Shrader is green; and you’ll let him get hurt. Be Gone Joe Moorehead so I can start bragging again. You are taking us down, and the last coach was taking us UP. Please BE GONE…… DROP THE MIC !
Matt Wyatt also guaranteed(on Finebaum Show) that MSU would surprise some folks this year! I wonder who he thinks our football team will surprise now? The Kool-Aid drinking of Over His Head is nauseating!
Bowl Eligible, are you kidding? This team is destined to win a maximum of four games? Kentucky, No way? Auburn on the Road? Are you serious? Tennessee on the road? Don't think so? LSU(Beat Down). Bama (subjugation). Aggies(Kyle Field) a better chance of lottery numbers. Arkansas on the road(unlikely). Oxford High(Maybe). That is maybe four wins! KT could have won that game today!
The Kool-Aid drinkers for Over His Head will continue to make excuses until year-end and the team finishes 4-8. Judging by the look of the attendance today it may very well be this year. Stevens I am sure is a good kid, but he is a two-star QB that had never started a collegiate game before this season. Over His Head Promised Stevens the job before he even got here. What a real coach would have done was to let them compete on a rotating basis the way Mullen did in 2016. But Mr. Arrogant Over His Head knows everything and mark my words this team will never win anything under Over His Head. Over His Head did not want real competition for the QB position and he had predetermined that Stevens was his guy and then Shrader. If Thompson was healthy Over His Head never wanted KT, never would have played him and never will accept QB'S WITH KT skill set because of Implicit Bias. Over His Head pedestrain, stubborn philosophy will never work in the SEC and his unwillingness to be pragmatic about adopting to his player's skill set will be his undoing and will lead to our demise as a consistent relevant football program. I pray every night and day I am wrong, but the facts are overwhelming where the trajectory of the program is heading. Too sad and painful to watch!
Over His Head as I predicted will start a string of losses and put ths team in purgatory for years to come. Stevens is not the answer even when he is healthy. Shrader is like a deer in headlights. Over His Head said he wanted an accurate passer at the starting QB. The QB's today were 11-27 and one hundred fifty one yards and 40% CMP? Where are the explosive plays? Where is the accurate passing. No Over His Head(Shrader) cant make all the throws. The Softball questions from the Steve Roberstons of the world were nauseating. This team will be lucky to win four games. IF Kylin Hill turns pro, this team will lose 7 games next year and hopefully that will do it for Over His Head!
Shrader is going to be nothing more than a clipboard holder UNTIL new coach is hired after Dr.Keenum and Cohen wake up and see that Over His Head is incompetent and not fit to be a HEAD COACH, let alone MSU HC.
TheKool Aid drinkers who is intoxicated with "Over His Head" will blame the defense for this loss. How can you blame the defense when they held Kansas State to 269 yards of total offense and 4-14 on third down. What hurts this team and will continue to hamper this team is poor dynamic QB play and that QB is KT. Sharder is a freshman who looked like a deer in headlights. The offense had the ball 33 minutes and only produced afeeble 5.6 yards a play. Over His Head started a QB THAT single-handedly loss this game with turnovers, errant throws, and severe inaccuracies. So here is the question Matt Wyatt? Where are the explosive throws? GENES SWINDOLL, what would you call Moorhead now anything other than incompetent and "over his head" ? What do you say David Murray now? How many wins do you see now with a freshman QB? Finally to all of the Over His Head sycophants and who drink the sewage kool aid that he sells and package how many wins do you see? We must terminate Over His Head Today!
No, I am a graduate of MSU that doesn't drink Over His Head sewage water made for consumption for Kool-Aid!
Guess what buddy the season is 12 games. I forgot you could only count past 1. Insofar as the boy reference. What is that a code for?
Hey Fellow Alumnus, I wouldn't celebrate just yet, we have a Coach that is not much better than Pruitt. You will more than likely be feeling some of the same misery in about two weeks!
Dan Mullen recruited,developed and coached very well. Wished we had a real coach instead of an Over His Head Hyped Faked Coach .
Could this year's Mississippi State team be better than the 2018 version? NO AND HELL NO! The reason is Stevens is a back up in the SEC. OVER HIS HEAD IS A FAKE COACH!
Well, the next two weeks will reveal everything I have been predicting about Over His Head. The real coaching, lack of competence, concerning OVER HIS HEAD and the sycophants that protect him like Gene Swindoll's, Steve Roberston's and David Murray's will all come to fruition. It's regrettable, but this program was built on meritocracy by Dan Mullen, and it is being destroyed by Over His HEAD in less than twelve months. What a shame how some will go to great lengths to protect incompetence, and implicit bias. Considering how these guys ruminate about values prior to 2016 and how they define it now speaks volume. I am going to continue call it the way I see it and when the losses pile up so will the fanbase.
KT be smart, professional and do everything with alacrity. Because OVER HIS HEAD will prove to be a sciliost about coaching and with implicit bias toawrd QB's of your immemnse skill set and talent. Great coaches like a Lincoln Riley adapt their offense to the skill set of their QB'S NOT the opposite. Hail State! MAROON AND WHITE FOREVER.
Webster defines delusional---holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder. Espn just rated the starting QB 's for week one, and Tommy Stevens ranked as the 7Oth best QB in the Country. Lets that sink in. Some of our Fanbase (MSU) thinks Stevens is the second coming of Dave Marlar. Some even think he is already better than Dak. Keep in mind, the QB that he allegedly won the job overpassed for 364 yards in last year opening and four touchdowns. Amazing what eating Grits and Spam twice a day will do to the human cognition.
"Youre" is not in a dictionary. Proper grammar requires all sentences to start with a capital letter. The word two-star and three-star require hyphens. You are an embarrassment to our esteemed university. Please go associate yourself with Oxford High School and please forward your email so I can donate to your orthodontics plan for some dentures. Hail State 81
Retard you must be an imbecile! Go stop eating grits and drinking paint thinner !
Last year(2018) MSU FACING a better opponent WITH the same offense PUT up 64 points and 364 yards passing and five touchdowns. Over HIS Head REPLACED that player with a TWO-star player who hasn't started a game since high school and with a lesser inferior opponent put up only 236 yards passing and five misses that a decent High School player would have connected with. It's going to be a long year with my beloved Alma Mater. Moorhead and Sissy Stevens MIGHT win four games!
The biggest weakness on this team is Joe over his head moorhead !
There is a lot of QB that can throw tight spirals but can they make plays? I personally don't care for players who run from the competition. Stevens won't earn it he will be handed the position. Moorhead is in over his head and this year will prove it!
Moorhead is in over his head(no pun intended). Everyone is hasnding the job to Stevens. Why dont we wait to see who actually wins and who is handed the job? My sources tell me if Moorhead hands the job to Stevens, Keytaon will immediately with draw from the university and transfer to Florida. Then what do we do? Schraeder I dont think so. Mayden maybe if he doesnt transfer as well. I am big MSU supporter, Alum and I talk regularly to parents of some of the kids in the program and all eyes are on Moorhead fairness and sense of loyalty to the players there. This decsion if it is not open and fair will create divison in the locker room.
Joshua, We are striving to be perfect like you. I mean you have no demons or issues with anything like addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, financial problems, mourning the loss of a loved one, obesity, health issues, probity issues, employment issues, psychological issues, delusional syndromes or have a struggling teen dealing with bullying, man your the only perfect soul known to man. Be careful the last one the world hung him, put thorns in his side and even gambled over his clothes. Praise God and Go Dawgs!
My Fellow Bulldawg fans our program is in for some very hard times. I am also hearing from close sources that Pickering and Moore are Florida Bound. Cohen and OVER HIS HEAD MORON NEEDS TO GO TODAY!
I blame Cohen for hiring this Dollar General associate coach. Over His Head moron is the worse coach in the SEC. HE MAKES AND LEGITIMIZES MATT LUKE!