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As a #VFL, I do not like this this decision but I understand he is a purist and wants to keep it simple, like Alabama’s uniforms. They were voted best unis in NCAA by one poll. Have the shirt and ball cap to match I like them so much.
Tennessee doesn’t need a RB and won’t need a WR if Jennings returns with Calloway. But yeah, everything else. :D
Georgia is filling the gap left by TN. This hire could make it an interim position. #GBOLots of good coaches hired. We know very little. Winning fixes everything.
We wouldn’t be taking about Tee if he didn’t graduate from UT. He is an OC in training if he doesn’t call all of the plays. Could be great someday but not quite ready.
It got your click. This is the only thing that matters in 2017 journalism.
Fingers crossed. Folks say that Phil was an absolute closer in the living room on the recruiting trail. Hopefully he can find the same success on the next level.Winning fixes everything.
eaglebuc - You need to remove this. I graduated from BHS and was at the game. You're upset we were beaten by a better team and that he taunted the crowd once. This kid is a stud. He looked to have hurt his knee (looked bad) because his coach had him in the game with 4 min left in a blowout win (horrible coach mistake). I hope he is fine and ready to play in the fall.Now - with Phil Fulmer as the AD, coaching and recruiting conversations could re-open. People always said Phil was $$$ in the living room and could recruit anyone. I hope that's true for coaches as well, and it could re-open conversations with guys like Mr. May.Please reconsider and delete this post.