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Coach & QB are the two most important positions to a program. By a mile. TN seems to be headed for an upgrade to both. (They upgraded QB the moment JG entered the portal.) The Vols need to hope for a return to normal scheduling in 2021. If so, the schedule is favorable and they will certainly win more games than they did in 2020 (which isn’t saying much). Top 10 in revenue Top 5 stadium Top 5 mascot (biased) Top fan base (crazy but see revenue) Checkerboard - Power T - Rocky Top Like Michigan, they haven’t done anything lately, but we’re talking about them because they are still a national brand. But man, they need to nail this hire. Then, recruit Arch Manning and all will be forgiven. Ha! Winning changes everything. And they haven’t been winning.
TN took Harrison Bailey out of GA. I'm hoping that pays off. The one thing which could turn the program around faster than coaching is hitting on a QB. We keep having nice, smart kids, with big hearts. We haven't had a QB in a long time. Sticking with JG is Pruitt's failure. The team looked noticeably better with Shrout AND Bailey. I think they win 3 more games if we had pulled JG sooner. IF...Bailey was to hit...that would impact recruiting and help turn things around. Hooker lost his job in the ACC. Salter wasn't recruited by major programs, but TN writers love to write about him. A QB is the best shot at turning things around quickly.
Nagi and SDS know TN articles give them more posts than any other. It’s clickbait. TN will win more games next year because Guarantano is in Washington. Part of it is that simple. Chandler needed to go because he’s talented but was the backup and they have multiple talented RBs coming. He needed a chance. It sounds like Morris wasn’t going to start and needed to move while his HS ranking still meant something. I don’t think these are big losses. Again, simply changing the QB is going to improve the win total. Pruitt??? Man...I don’t know. Never been a HC except HS. It might be too big. I’d only want Hugh. In the what have you don’t for me world, I’d take him and start slinging it with Bailey, Grey, and those young wideouts. Here’s hoping. GBO.
Tennessee’s website has A&M TBD on 12/12 and no Vandy game. How do we know what’s accurate?
GG, Dawgs. The UGA D is as advertised. Like most message boards, 10% are lost on both sides of the fence. This was not a 50-7 game. TN should not have beaten GA. This could have been close but the talent level and probably coaching, aren't comparable. Possible: Chaney is actually pretty boring. UT seems to be the only team with zero sexy or creative plays every week. Probable: JG is still a great practice QB capable of losing to anyone. The calls leaned in GA's favor. GA was getting away with more grabs. TN has some questions PI calls on Def early to extend GA drives. Don't toss a player for the headbutt. I understand the rule, but... Other than the botched snap, lady luck leaned GA pretty convincingly. The strip fumble in Q3 that fell into the center's hands, which would have ended a scoring drive. How many of those Stetson passes shoulda been picked off? I was sure it would happen, but not one. It may be tough for GA to win a natty with him. They'll need Daniel/other to beat Trevor Lawrence. Losing our best pass rusher on series two was brutal. Anyone mention the dirty hit on our DL? :( Once the Vols became one dimensional, this game was over. GA rightfully teed off and JG and Chaney are NOT capable of beating that. TN has two great RBs - but they don't get them the ball in space or use them well, IMO. That's on Chaney who "knows how to make the most of talent". I think he's a name only. Need a youngster, but not sure that's Pruitt's mantra. I was impressed with the Vols' D. That's promising. It's a long season. I cannot wait to see JG go (please go after this year), but the scary he really is the best option on the roster. He's looked better this year, but he has a very low ceiling for a tough kid. I will leave with this: GA fans are the new TN fans. I still think the Vols get a big win this year over one of the big 3. NO ONE in the SEC is bulletproof, but GA's D could be enough. GL folks - Hope the Vols keep the new streak going versus UK this week. Be safe - God bless.
GBO - this many posts confirms they don’t want to see it come to fruition. No reason to believe it yet but any good news during a q’tine and a chance to argue with rivals is still plenty of fun. But if Guarantano is still under center in the fall, I don’t think much will change this year. - All Vol Fans
Ignoring ESPN talk... IF...the Vols get solid QB play, (huge IF as we hope it’s a true freshman starting in the SEC) it should be a good year. Not excited about Oklahoma early. They could have a really good team and go 8-3 or 7-4. I think they could be a top 25 team this year. Pruitt’s going in the right direction. Unfortunately if he is, he could take over Bama in a few years. I don’t think Dabo leaves.
No hyperbole but that’s the best game Guarantano’s ever had. (He got lucky w 50/50 balls vs Auburn last year.) He played a great game and then so did Shrout. Went from QB purgatory to everyone dropping dimes. ‍♂️ This is probably the best UT game I’ve seen in a long time. Promise for year two yet??!! #GBO
Non-issue. I do believe he has to keep his cool as a whole. No one has a problem with coaches slamming $500 headsets to the ground or Saban loses his cool w a player. This is only an article in the 2019 woke sports media.
This is #fakenews. Seems like the reporter wants clicks and got em. Pruitt’s transparency is a breath of fresh air. He always takes the blame for when his players are failing him, for mostly a lack of talent, but sometimes effort. This article loosely ties together facts, some months old, and wants to paint a picture. Even with recent politics and ESPN failures, the media still doesn’t realize we don’t care about editorials, we just want the news. Pruitt has made some rookie coaching calls. The fumble was blown dead and couldn’t be reviewed and there was no angle to overturn it regardless of if you think it was or wasn’t a fumble. Guarantano still cannot process information or make decisions quickly even though he has a cannon. No one’s pointing that out. Helton calls the plays except the 4th down decisions. Let it be. UT fans and players, and recruits (!) love Pruitt. They’re headed in the right direction all accounts. Grow up and just give the facts, Sir. This is pure echo chamber.
Travis Henry was very good, but my TN vote goes to Jamal Lewis for his NFL tenure (since they are including that in this article). Elite 2000 yd club and Super Bowl champion.
We can all look like fools or geniuses with 10 yr old quotes or projections. On this one, an an NFL Redskins’ fan who loved RGIII, I have already thought this about Jackson. He has Sunday talent but will no longer have elite speed and is very small at the next level. RGIII has his ACL torn during a mid-air collision with Ngata. Tons of dynamic (Manziel & Tebow) can make it happen on Saturdays by being phenom athletes. There are 22 phenom athletes on the field, every game, on Sundays.
As a #VFL, I do not like this this decision but I understand he is a purist and wants to keep it simple, like Alabama’s uniforms. They were voted best unis in NCAA by one poll. Have the shirt and ball cap to match I like them so much.
Tennessee doesn’t need a RB and won’t need a WR if Jennings returns with Calloway. But yeah, everything else. :D
Georgia is filling the gap left by TN. This hire could make it an interim position. #GBO Lots of good coaches hired. We know very little. Winning fixes everything.
We wouldn’t be taking about Tee if he didn’t graduate from UT. He is an OC in training if he doesn’t call all of the plays. Could be great someday but not quite ready.
It got your click. This is the only thing that matters in 2017 journalism.
Fingers crossed. Folks say that Phil was an absolute closer in the living room on the recruiting trail. Hopefully he can find the same success on the next level. Winning fixes everything.
eaglebuc - You need to remove this. I graduated from BHS and was at the game. You're upset we were beaten by a better team and that he taunted the crowd once. This kid is a stud. He looked to have hurt his knee (looked bad) because his coach had him in the game with 4 min left in a blowout win (horrible coach mistake). I hope he is fine and ready to play in the fall. Now - with Phil Fulmer as the AD, coaching and recruiting conversations could re-open. People always said Phil was $$$ in the living room and could recruit anyone. I hope that's true for coaches as well, and it could re-open conversations with guys like Mr. May. Please reconsider and delete this post.