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Dear Freddie....before I go to your scamsite, I will need for you to provide me with a written agreement containing a guarantee provision and secured by a parcel of real property of no less than $500,000.00 in value. Please execute the agreement and provide a copy of your state drivers' license or passport to verify your identity. Thank you and have a nice day.
Blah, blah, blah. That diatribe turned out to be much less about Texas coming over to the SEC but how awesome Georgia is.
To conspire is to engage in secrecy with the intent of committing some kind of criminal act. Bowlsby needs to understand that all of these issues are contractual and include penalty provisions if the contract is not adhered to. Contracts were made to be broken, but the proper resolution involves civil penalties...not jail time.
To be fair, Hilinski had better numbers as a freshman (11 TDs vs. 5 INTs and 2357 passing yards) than Collin Hill did as a senior (6 TDs vs. 6 INTs and 1411 passing yards). One would expect Hilinski to progress from year to year if he had the opportunity.
Hah!! Bobo's the guy who brought awesome quarterback Collin Hill to South Carolina from Colorado State. That guy was so awesome. It was really fun to watch him get sacked over and over due to holding the ball too long and his lack of mobility. Oh well. Bobo will get to work with Nix now....another awesome quarterback.
So wait....let me get this's okay for you to make an unsolicited negative comment about a school's football program, but not okay for someone to provide any defense. Gotcha!! Maybe it's time to change your panties.
Still hurting from the embarrassing loss from 2019 I see. Maybe the Dawgs will finally meet expectations this year. Let's see.
Well....let's see....he tried the NFL and failed. Then he tried the CFL and failed. Then he tried the AAF and failed. Now he is trying the FCF where he finished the season 2-3. C'mon, Johnny! You should be dominating the lowest level of football.
What? You don't get credit for wins against an SEC team that wasn't even in the conference when the game was played. That's just nuts.
Well, your argument suggests that Oklahoma's presence in 4 of the past 7 college football playoffs trumps a second rate Ole Miss bowl win over 20 years ago.
I guess it would be funnier if Ole Miss wasn't 1-4 lifetime against Texas (although 3 of those games happened in the stone ages) or their lone matchup against Oklahoma wasn't a 7-4 team in Bob Stoops' first year coaching. Oklahoma was arguably the 5th best team in the Big 12 that year while Ole Miss finished the season ranked #22. Other than that.....FUNNY!
Hogwash!! If the SEC only wants to recruit super powerhouse football schools to their conference, one third of the schools will become mediocre and one third will become basement dwellers after the conference carnage ends each year. Teams of all talent levels are needed in addition to television markets for recruiting purposes.
People should also not discount that Texas can't get all the blue chip recruits and even the ones they do get won't guarantee that a coach will coach them up. Sarkisian's seat will just get that much hotter. This is not a doomsday prophecy so everyone should just back away from the ledge. Texas has no power when it will take 12 of 16 SEC schools to make any important decision about the conference.
I'm a longtime Bucs fan....way back when the Creamsicle uniforms made me cringe every time I heard the Good Humor truck in the neighborhood. But anyone who thinks Brady was able to thread the needle on every one of those throws needs a reality slap. The video was obviously edited and used to promote the upcoming season.
It's a crappy position to be in, but someone has to float to the top of the bowl.
Haven't you read the news lately? The schools will continue to promote their student athletes to gain fan support which will require NIL payments to student trust funds. More money means higher payments which means easier recruiting. The student athletes will also be following the money.
South Carolina will need lots of Enagbare if it hopes to squeak into a bowl this year....and I mean a LOT!!
Agreed...but it was the only way LH61 could find a way to pat himself on the back and post a comment at the same time.
Once upon a time, Rutgers was the college football national champion....unfortunately for Rutgers...the year was 1869 and their record was 1-1 with both games against Princeton. No other games were played. Consequently, Princeton also claims the national championship that year.
When I say one year too many....I mean he should never have been hired.
C'mon, Creek....Muschamp got 1 year too many. He was a fail at Florida and a desperation pick who could never really turn the ship in the right direction. He lost more games in his first four seasons than any other previous SC coach: 6-7 9-4 7-5 4-8 2-5 ________ 28-29
You do realize your proposal would include 9 conference games before even a conference championship was played. I would propose instead that a 4 team division play all teams in its division and rotate with another division annually playing all teams in that division (7 games) plus 1 floating game from a third division to make 8. The team with the best record from the divisions that are paired up would play the team with the best record from the other two divisions for the championship, subject to certain tiebreakers.
Well....knowing a little about Maryland's football history, they won a National Championship in 1951 which only 7 SEC schools have accomplished since the conference began in 1933. They also had the greatest college football come from behind victory in 1984 when they were down 31-0 to Miami at halftime. Frank Reich threw 6 TD passes in the second half and beat Miami 42-40.
Now that talking season is over....well....almost are my list of "Games of the Week" for the 2021 season. Week 1: Georgia at Clemson (Charlotte, NC) -- This game will feel more like a Clemson home game since Charlotte is the largest metro area east of Clemson. The winner of this game should vault to #1 in the rankings and the early playoff discussion. Week 2: Texas at Arkansas -- These former Southwest Conference rivals meet up with Texas the heavy favorite. Arkansas gets the homefield advantage with experience on both sides of the ball. An Arkansas win will elevate Pittman's fan allegiance and diminish Sarkisian's luster as new kid in town. Week 3: Bama at Florida -- Florida will be filling a lot of holes from last year's team and Bama will be showcasing its next legion of superstars. Mullen will need to win or keep the game close to garner respect from the Gator faithful. Week 4: South Carolina at Kentucky -- Kentucky has had its way with South Carolina recently winning 6 of the last 7. If South Carolina wants to move up in the East rankings, it will need to figure out Kentucky's defense and put more points on the board. Week 5: Florida at Kentucky Kentucky has a single win against Florida over the past 34 seasons. If Kentucky wants to make a footprint in the East, now is the time to do it. Week 6: Tennessee at South Carolina Predictions are all over the place regarding these two teams as they both replaced their head coach and are rebuilding their programs. A win by either team will put them on the path to progress. Week 7: Texas A&M at Missouri -- Mizzou has won 7 of the past 9 meetings but will be the underdog at home. Drinkwitz can get a feather in his cap if he can best Jimbo Fisher who won't go down easy. Week 8: Ole Miss at LSU -- Kiffin will be looking to light up the scoreboard in Death Valley while Orgeron will be looking to shore up his defense after the Pelini experiment. Week 9: Florida at Georgia (Jacksonville) -- The largest outdoor cocktail party resumes (oh wait....can I say that?) Florida stung Georgia last year and the Bulldogs will need to put a stamp on their playoff seeding with a victory here. Week 10: Liberty at Ole Miss -- Hugh Freeze returns to Oxford to get a butt whuppin' which he fully deserves. Week 11: Mississippi State at Auburn -- Auburn will be experiencing some growing pains as Harsin takes over the reins. Can Leach find a leader for his air raid offense and steal one at Jordan-Hare? Week 12: Florida at Missouri -- This has typically been a pretty even matchup so we'll see which coach can outduel the other in Columbia, MO. Week 13: RIVALRY WEEK (Ummmmm....why does Tennessee play Vanderbilt here? Just sayin') Bama at Auburn -- The Iron Bowl matches up teams that have alternated wins over the past 4 seasons. Bama should have the decided advantage. Can Auburn find some magic with Bo Nix?