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26 of 28 of the lawyers in the firm got a degree from UGA. I'm thinking restitution in the amount of the repairs in exchange for a dismissal.
So there are only 5 kickers rated higher than Lester in the 2022 class? Great pick up! Choo Choo MF! Beamer continues to bring in some much needed help. Looking forward to watching this team evolve.
2021--Caleb Farley.....ummmmm, nope. 2020--Isaiah Wilson.....ummmmm, nope. 2019--Jeffery Simmons.....OK...I'll give you that one. 2018--Rashaan Evans.....ummmmm, nope. 2017--Corey Davis.....ummmmm, nope. 2017--Adoree Jackson.....ummmmm, nope. 2016--Jack Conklin.....ummmmm, nope. 2015--Marcus Mariota.....ummmmm, nope. 2014--Taylor Lewan.....ummmmm, nope. 2013--Chance Warmack.....ummmmm, nope. That's a decade of draft picks with one incident involving Jeffery Simmons during high school. It's really not clear what "rules" in Nashville you are referring to.
Half court shots should be worth at least 5 points....not to mention a year's worth of What-A-Burgers.
Barker is alleged to have tried to hit Evans and another person (perhaps a new lover) with his vehicle while they were leaving a party at 1:30 a.m. Barker and Evans are separated and LOVE HURTS! Just ask J. Geils.
Can you read? "Barker, 49, was booked at 4:10 a.m., according to jail records."
Me? A graduate of St. Andrews Parish H.S. in West Ashley and a frequenter of Folly Beach and Isle of Palms. I thought joining the Air Force would allow me to see new places, but they sent me right back to Charleston AFB to work on C-141's. How ironic.
She did mention she was sad that South Carolina was celebrating its bowl victory during halftime of an upcoming men's basketball game. I think there are some underlying depression issues resulting in lashing out at anyone more successful than she is. Therapy is recommended.
Let's break this comment down....shall we? First, Corch is obviously sad about something that should not really trigger his emotions. It's obvious that only a good therapist can examine the root of the problem. Second, who says you don't celebrate bowl wins? Is that a new NCAA regulation? I don't remember hearing about that one. This team is headed in a new direction and exceeded expectations despite the many obstacles faced during the regular season. The bowl win was a significant upset over a team with a potential first round NFL draft QB. Third, "Act like you've been there before" is traditionally stated when fans go bonkers for no apparent reason. This isn't just about the fans, it is about the team. Many of the players have not been there before since South Carolina's last bowl victory occurred during the 2017-2018 season over Michigan. Besides, South Carolina was one of only three teams outside of the playoffs to win its bowl game.
Second! I really have to check myself sometimes when responding to comments, but the personal attacks on this site never stop. Congrats to Georgia for winning the NC, but fans like Corch live to be miserable.
The Charlotte Observer gives SC quite a bit of press. I suspect there is a large number of alumni working in that area since it is a big banking industry.
....and with an FCS transfer at quarterback. Talk about embarrassing. Sheesh!!
More likely God told Vince Dooley he would let him win a championship but would then lock him out of his room for the next 40 years. Now that Smart has brought another championship to Georgia, Dooley can stop sleeping in the hallway. Congrats Georgia. It's nice to finally get the monkey off your back.
For all the Krzyzewski and Duke haters out there (which is almost everyone who is not a Duke fan or Booches) check out the classic video on YouTube. Search for "Why Duke Su cks RAP Song". I promise it will not disappoint.
Is it just me . . . or does that look like an LA Rams uniform?
That’s right. I thought he had an extra Cov id year but apparently he burned his redshirt during his freshman season at William & Mary.
Really? Kelly has done less with more with the tremendous recruiting classes he's had at Notre Dame. Kelly lost almost every major bowl he's ever gone to with Notre Dame getting smoked by Alabama twice, Ohio State, and Clemson. Notre Dame benefits from a soft schedule similar to Clemson and then gets toasted in the post season. Even this year they struggled against bad teams like Florida State and Toledo. Kelly has top talent in-state and LSU recruits itself, but I don't see him building anything special. 10 wins will be about his cap.
Prime Time's son, Shiloh, transferred from South Carolina to Jackson State last year. That, however, was not unexpected. I'm sure he will get value out of Mullins, but Nick Muse is an ultra talented tight end with essential blocking skills on top of great hands and with the addition of Austin Stogner from Oklahoma, Mullins needed to find another home. Here's to playing time, young man, in 2022.
I would bathe in mayonnaise for the opportunity to donate $10,000.00 to my favorite charity. That is all about selflessness. Don't confuse that with selfishness, which you appear to be more attuned to.
It also told us that Tennessee gave up a whole lot of points. Just play a little defense and you don't have to worry about one call or "fake" injuries.
You guys really need to learn to skip anything Negan has to say. It's often bloated misperceived nonsense and the rambling never ends.
With South Carolina's bowl win, we are technically a .538 SEC team, but who's counting?
100% agree. Joyner came to South Carolina as a 4-star dual threat even after offers from some big name programs. Joyner was seldom used behind center and played snaps mostly at the WR position. He has never complained and he shined so brightly on this day. You could see the emotion overcoming him and I'm glad he was named MVP. He earned it with his arm and legs picking up some huge 3rd downs to ice the game. are hammering that point on every single SDS thread. One would think that you were the architect of that position. Give it a rest already.