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Hmmmm....a name-calling Vol fan supporting his garbage throwing colleagues. Did we expect any less?
How far down the depth chart is this kid? When Bama is blowing out their competition, shouldn't these future stars be given some playing time? I'm not supporting prima donnas, just don't know how Bama is handling young stars when up big in a game.
Seriously though....I've never heard that 2,000 people pelting players, fans, coaches, and anyone else on the field with water bottles, beer cans, mustard, golf balls, pizza boxes, etc. could be considered a few.
Not nearly as hot as Knoxville. Half the players on both teams went down with "cramps" or some mythical version of cramps.
Few: 102,000 total fans / 5,000 fans who threw garbage on the field = 5% or so. Few is a matter of perspective.
Congrats to Dawn Staley. She has put Gamecocks ladies basketball on the map and consistently leads the NCAA in attendance. I hope she finishes her coaching career at USC. She is definitely worth the coin.
I can't hold Beamer responsible for all the turnovers and penalties. Those are mental errors that I KNOW have been preached over and over. I am questioning whether Doty has the skill set to play QB in this conference. When you can put in the backup...COLD....for the final drive and he can command success in an 8-play, 75-yard scoring drive in just 59 seconds....well....need I say more?
Amazing how every week people take this article so seriously.
Sorry....I happened to live in Belgium for three years as a military dependent. Not sure I would call it fancy, but hey, I'd rather be fancy than hillbilly.
I'm sure the Kentucky and Georgia fans are juiced to have Gary Daniels broadcasting. Remember....there IS a mute button.
Belgian pomme frites in a paper cone with a dollop of andalouse sauce. Oh, man!
He currently sits at #22 in ESPN's 2022 recruiting which is 7th in the SEC. We know Beamer can recruit. It will be interesting to see what he can do once he has been through a few recruiting cycles.
Oh....and you won't need to watch a movie this week. We get Vandy at Willy B. I think the spread has moved up to -18. I know, right?
The game was much better after the first quarter. The Gamecocks outscored Tennessee 20-17 and 279 yards of offense vs. 245 for Tennessee. I liked the adjustments, but it obviously can't account for the 227 yards of offense and 28 points Tennessee scored in the first quarter.
Not that tired old argument again. Beamer was not hired until December 2020 and had minimal recruiting time prior to spring practice. He inherited a team returning 54% of offensive production and 40% of defensive production both of which rank above 100 out of 130 FBS teams. No one expected miracles out of the gate. There will be brighter days ahead.
Most rational South Carolina fans were cautiously optimistic, but recognized that Shane Beamer was hired in December 2020 and was given little time to bring in a few recruits before gearing up for spring practice. The cupboard was bare in many places with the team only returning 54% of offensive production and 40% of defensive production, with both sides of the ball ranking over 100 out of the 130 FBS teams. Most experts predicted the team to win less than the number of games needed to advance to a bowl game. There will be brighter days ahead, but expecting miracles in season one is ridiculous.
Wow!! Still mad about 2019? I'm sure you can find a good therapist if you try.
If Meyer can keep the Jaguars from the longest losing streak in NFL history, he might merit an additional week of coaching at best. Then fire him.
Congratulations, Tennessee. You knocked off another team you were the overwhelming favorite to beat. South Carolina keeps stubbing their toe on offense in year one of the rebuild. They are squarely behind Tennessee at this point. Now comes the real test. Can Tennessee keep up with the Ole Miss offensive juggernaut? Can they repeat what Texas A&M did to what is now a ticked off Alabama? Can they knock off a surprising undefeated Kentucky team in Lexington? Can they hack the stifling Georgia defense? That is a gauntlet of an upcoming schedule. It will be interesting to see how close or far Tennessee has come in such a short time.
I'll bet that security guard feels like such a man for taking out that skinny girl who had no intent to get anywhere near Saban. Totally uncalled for. Act like a professional and block her but don't attempt to cause injury. Low class.
You start by going...10....9.....8.... ...and you end by saying, "You're out!!"
....and the other teams Georgia played? Did all their offense only come against Georgia's first team? Very doubtful.
So....ummmmm.....Nix only gets judged when he plays inferior teams. Gotcha!
One of you rational Vols fans needs to give this guy the Full Metal Jacket treatment in a hurry. He's out of control.
Being right and pretending you just thought that up in your head are two different things. Any fool can Google information.
Oh, please. Where do they get guys like you?