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Cocky certainly has a tough slate this year. I'm glad the defense is relatively healthy. Last year was a complete slaughter. Half the defense seemed to be nursing injuries, especially late in the year. Clemson is always a beast. North Carolina . . . I'm not too concerned with despite Mack Brown's takeover at coaching. App. State is a solid FCS squad and they have pushed solid FBS teams to the brink of defeat on several occasions. Even our cream puff game against Charleston Southern pits the Gamecocks against a triple option offense that now uses an air raid passing game. Those types of teams tend to give SC fits for 3 quarters. I am hoping for 6-7 wins and a mediocre bowl this year. Hopefully new blood at quarterback next year will help the team begin to progress back into the 9-10 win seasons again.
Let's hope Bryan Edwards, Shi Smith, OrTre Smith, Randrecous Davis, et al can make some catches like that this season. South Carolina is going to need some serious offensive play-making to get to bowl season with their schedule this year.
. . . and so you think what? The ball should be given back to the offense? When a punt or kick-off goes through the end zone there is a touchback to the other team. I'm not sure what else you could do with a fumble out of the end zone. Hang on to the ball and there is nothing to worry about.
Imagine Barron Trump's embarrassment every day when he shows up to class and his classmates remind him who his Dad is.
That's a lot of talk for a team that has little success in the national rankings. Kentucky had some good wins last year, but they also scraped by teams they should have destroyed (See, e.g. Eastern Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Missouri, and Middle Tennessee) Without Josh Allen lighting it up on defense and Benny Snell, Jr. picking up tough yards in the backfield, Kentucky will be floating gently back to Earth in 2019. Don't tell me Terry Wilson is going to be your world beater.
I might agree with that statement. Our secondary is depleted with injuries. However, the young guys stepped up in the 4th quarter against one of the best QB's in the conference last Saturday. Florida's passing accuracy will be a few notches below Jordan Ta'amu, so there is hope. Just need to stop the run.
It is a complete mystery how Nick Fitzgerald and Joe Burrow are in the top half of quarterbacks in the conference. They both have some of the lowest completion percentages and yards per attempt than any other starter in the conference. Yes, Nick Fitzgerald can run....Hooray!! His passing skills are pretty dismal. Burrow looked like a lost sheep running around for his life against Bama. That is not how a top tier team or quarterback should play. Try again!!
Amen to that. I think that was Stephen Garcia's last sober day on the team.
South Carolina's biggest problem is the lack of a running game. No quarterback can have great success if the defense can drop more players into pass coverage. Scarnecchia had a great game against Mizzou, but Bentley could have had a great game had he been healthy. Mizzou does not have a great defense. The Texas A&M game will be much harder as they have better quality players on defense and a better coach. Whether Bentley or Scarnecchia plays, I doubt either will have great success if South Carolina cannot establish a decent rushing attack.
I saw several drops during the game that should have been easy catches. Those plays would have sustained drives, but you can't lay that blame on Bentley. The offensive line also failed to open holes for the running backs which forced the Gamecocks to pass. Kentucky was able to drop defenders in pass coverage and still get to the QB causing rushed throws and interceptions. It can't all be Bentley's fault. Kentucky is legit this year, and obviously, South Carolina is not playing as well as expected.
Clemson fans can't help but comment on South Carolina games that don't involve them. By the way, how is Howard's Rock after YOUR OWN FAN broke into the stadium and chipped off a chunk of the rock. Hilarious!! South Carolina doesn't need to prank Clemson, their own fans do it for us!!
Agreed, Blankenship is better than our kicker, who struggled mightily with FGs throughout the year last year. With the new college rule, most KR's will fair catch anywhere near the end zone anyway to start at the 25 yard line.
Darviathar, I'm glad you cherry-picked our injured RB and 4th stringer in your equation. When Rico Dowdle returned for the Michigan bowl game, he put up decent numbers and a TD against a stout Michigan defense. He also averaged over 11 yards per play receiving and had over 100 receiving yards in an injury-shortened season. Mon Denson did not play a down until after Dowdle's injury and had limited carries during the season. AJ Turner and Ty'son Williams both averaged 5.0 yards or better per rush last season.
I see you are counting lots of games prior to South Carolina's move to the SEC. That's great, but in the 2000's, Georgia only holds an 11-7 edge and the teams are even at 4-4 the past 8 seasons . . . FACT!!
I really don't understand the phrase stating "the Gamecocks are a perfect 5-0 when the Dawgs come to town." The Gamecocks and Bulldogs have been playing each other annually for many years even prior to South Carolina's entry into the SEC. We definitely do not have a perfect record against the Bulldogs at home. Not even close.
Ellis, do you really expect a team to compete with only one offensive player capable of making plays? South Carolina is recognized by many to have one of the most talented receiving corps in the SEC. Bryan Edwards is an award-winning Junior receiver who led the team in receiving yards last year. Shi Smith and Ortre Smith are up and coming Sophomores who had successful Freshman seasons. Rico Dowdle is now healthy at RB and with AJ Turner and Ty-son Williams behind an experienced O-line, the running game should be much better than last year. South Carolina's defense held Georgia in check until halfway through the third quarter last year. They held Georgia to 10 points in the second half and the 24 points was Georgia's lowest total scoring output other than a ranked Notre Dame squad in South Bend and the National Championship game. I try to use facts to support my position. You?'s just talk.
These teams are 4-4 against each other in the past 8 meetings with an average scoring differential of about 3 points. Last year's game was relatively close considering South Carolina was down two of its best offensive players and Georgia had pretty much destroyed its other opponents. I like South Carolina's chances at home early in the season with its playmakers back. If you think Georgia will obliterate South Carolina you are greatly mistaken.
Ummmm...I hate to say this as a Carolina alumni, but the Gamecocks lost 7 in a row to the Tigers from 1934 to 1940.
Have you forgotten about the Vandy rape trial? A new indictment was handed down in July 2015, against all of the (now former) football players who contributed to the horrendous crime. Vandy should be way up near the top until all of those guys are locked in a cage.