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Kudos...Gators! We'll see you this weekend in Gainesville.
Noah Hall is still out with a lingering back injury. He hasn't pitched since early April. I haven't heard an update on when he might return. Will Sanders was supposed to be one of our top guys this year but he hasn't been spectacular. He threw some nasty stuff last night so hope he is getting into a groove. We started James Hicks vs. CCSU and Jack Mahoney vs. NC State. They both pitched well. We used Becker/Proctor/Sanders vs. Campbell and Campbell got their runs early but got shut down offensively in the last third of the game.
The South Carolina legislature has mandated that South Carolina and Clemson play each year. That game is not going away no matter what.
dixieduck . . . I think your duckbill is screwed on too loose. College athletics will, of course, follow the money, but they are still bound by contract unless they want to pay a huge buyout. Maryland was one of the first teams to buck the ACC for the $$$$ of the Big Ten Conference and many thought they were foolish and bankrupting their program. They now have more fan support across the board and are raking in over $20 million more than the ACC in television revenue each year. Other schools took note and have followed course. ESPN is involved only in that it buys the right to air certain games each year. The Big Ten and SEC are kings of football and bring in the most television revenue because they negotiated large deals and THAT is why teams are jumping's not the media calling the shots.
Don't be fooled by Bobo. Surround him with talent and put him in a coordinator position and he can succeed. Let him take over a program on his own with spotty talent and he will fall flat.
Since Clemson and FSU are both in-state rivals to current SEC schools, I don't see a pathway into the conference, nor does it add to the footprint. I think UNC is the only choice. It serves a massive television market in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area and UNC competes in all three of the major sports. Virginia Tech is in a very small market area and no chance they will be given a sniff.
I'm with you on moving the tournament around to neutral sites in the SEC footprint. I just think Memphis would be a good location for Tennessee because it is close to Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. I lived in downtown Memphis for years and never once witnessed any crime. Mostly just panhandling. The crime is primarily in the north area (Hollywood) and south of the Liberty Bowl across Southern Avenue (Orange Mound).
Since when do you have a $2000.00 bond set for a simple speeding charge? Answer: Never You would normally just receive a citation with a court date.
Says the expert of all things Tennessee football. (Note the sarcasm)
Not too worried about losing a 3-star who is 104th in his position in the country. Good luck, my friend. Maybe you'll get some starting time at Michigan State.
Man. I have to disagree with you there. AutoZone Park is a beautiful stadium in downtown Memphis near a fantastic burger joint (Huey's) and tons of other restaurants and activities. It's just down from the Mississippi River with beautiful sunsets from Tom Lee Park.
Maybe leave out players who plead guilty to crimes involving under age runaway prostitutes, crack cocaine, tax evasion, and hit and run.
Not sure I'm smarter, but here goes: The 2023 SEC Baseball Tournament will continue to feature 12 teams and will remain set to begin on Tuesday, May 23. Seeds 5-12 will meet in a single elimination format on the opening day of the tournament, followed by traditional double-elimination play Wednesday-Friday. The tournament will return to single elimination play on Saturday. A total of 17 games will be played throughout the tournament. The 12 teams are seeded 1-12 with the two divisional champions and top four seeds guaranteed opening-round byes, with the possibility of earning another later in the bracket. The tournament field will include the top teams from the SEC’s Eastern and Western Divisions plus 10 at-large bids seeded 3-12 based on conference winning percentage.
Forgive the millenials. Everything they know happens on Tik Tok.
South Carolina is limping after losing most of their infield starters to injury. Casas at 1B was out for a few games with a chest injury but is now back. Will McGillis (starting 2B) has been out for awhile with a broken bone in his forearm. Braylen Wimmer (starting SS) is out with a hammy. Talmadge Lecroy (starting 3B) is also out with a hammy. Noah Hall (starting weekend rotation) is out with a back injury. We need the God of Expedited Healing to come calling soon if we are going to qualify to host a Super Regional.
It was closer to say Levis was picked #4 on Day 2.
It's actually Bobby Petrino....with an "E"....but coaches names aren't important....just ask Beemer, or Saben, or Stoopz . . . they'll tell ya!
Caleb Williams-- Williams holds the USC single-season record for total offense (4,919 yards), most touchdowns scored rushing and passing (52), passing completions (333), passes attempted (500), most passing yards gained (4,537), most touchdown passes thrown (42), lowest rate of interceptions (1%, 5 in 500 attempts) and highest passing efficiency rating (168.5). He is tied for the USC single-season record for most consecutive 5-touchdown pass games with 2 (tied with Sam Darnold in 2016 and Kedon Slovis in 2020). He holds the USC single-game record for most yards running and passing (503 vs. UCLA in 2022). His 382 rushing yards in 2022 were the most by a Trojan quarterback in the last 70 years when complete records were first available.
Josh Allen can throw accurate passes while on the run. Richardson can't throw accurate passes when he has a clean pocket.
Sorry to hear. This is the time of year when the injury bug starts creeping in. South Carolina has had a weekend starter out for awhile, Noah Hall. Let's hope some young talent can shine while injuries heal to our starters.
LSU has a great offense. It may be likely that Edwards came in for relief in the last inning or two when the lead was more than 3 runs. There must be a save opportunity before a save can be credited.
No way Buchner wins the starting job unless Saban enters an early stage of Alzheimers. Buchner has had his opportunities at the college level and it ain't been pretty. He actually regressed this past season. A career completion percentage under 60% with 6 TDs vs. 8 INTs in the passing game. Can he run? Sure. Can he take a hit? Sure. Is that what Saban wants in a quarterback? No...not in today's offense.
Disclaimer . . . I am not taking anything away from LSU. Injuries have hurt their pitching. We too have injuries to a weekend starting pitcher (Noah Hall), and most of our starting infield: starting 1B Gavin Casas, starting 2B Will McGillis, and starting 3B Talmadge Lecroy. Both teams, when healthy, will make a major push toward the CWS.
If you're an SEC running back and can't push a 6 foot 180 lb. defensive back into the end zone, you really oughtta apply to be a punter.
It was a data study performed by a sports marketing agency, SBRnet. It was heavily reported, including in the Auburn Daily, a Fan Nation website hosted by Sports Illustrated,, and 247Sports.
You just did....right here. We shall revisit soon.
"LSU is leaving no doubt about who is No. 1. In the SEC and beyond." I'm not sure what makes that a valid statement. LSU split with South Carolina, have a worse overall and conference record, have a worse overall and out of conference strength of schedule (according to, and have a worse record against Quad I competition ( and teams 1-25 in the RPI ( Other than that, they are hands and feet above South Carolina.
. . . and you know that because why? Ohhhhh, I see . . . you actually DON'T know what you are talking about. Cam Smith played sparingly against Georgia in 2020 and 2021 and was out with a concussion during the game this past season. Show me where the Georgia receivers were having their way with him as the defender since you say Georgia "ran over him".
You were right, tailwhip. It was definitely some baseball to watch. It was the first sweep against Florida in a year and the Gamecocks outscored one of the highest scoring teams in the nation 25-10.
Don't forget about the two-run shot from Cole Messina and the three-run shot from Ethan Petry. They count too, don't they. Caglianone's HR was the only earned run given up by the Gamecocks.