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Well . . . I can't complain about South Carolina's year. Some good wins, some bad losses. Maik Kotsar had a good senior season. Jermaine Couisnard had a good freshman season. The team fouls way too much and still managed to win more than they lost. I could hang onto the hopes of a desperate tear through the SEC Tournament and automatic bid . . . but them's are pipe dreams. It's time to focus on the ladies who are killing it this year with 3 freshman starters. #1 overall seed. Forever to thee!
There is a good chance they can win the rest of their regular season games. Alabama, Vandy, & Mississippi State at home are all winnable games. If SC wins out, they could jump up to a double bye in the tourney. Then one more win to clinch a tourney spot. With a loss somewhere, probably need 2 wins.
When you need to make an incredible last second shot to beat the worst team in the conference . . . well . . . need I say more?
I see what you did there with use of the word "Coots". Unlikely you even understand the term, but borrowed from your other orange school, Clemson. To insult with a term meaning a water fowl is akin to calling a Vol fan a paid amateur. It really does not feel like much of a burn. As far as money goes, I wonder how the University was able to make major upgrades to Williams Brice Stadium and build one of the best indoor practice facilities in the country? I guess they just have good credit. A team that has been mediocre since Fulmer left really has no business calling out any other team. Since the 2009 season, Tennessee is 70-68 while South Carolina is 85-57. Not even close.
Keeping the spelling in check on this site would require full-time work. There are better ways to counter these arguments.
You do realize this story was about women's basketball, right? Go cry to someone else about your quarterback problems.
Is Alabama going to share some 5-star recruits with South Carolina? It's pretty hard to compete for in-state recruits when the other major school in state gets into the college football playoff every year. For a team that has such talent, you would think Alabama would have won more than half of their games against Clemson in the playoff era, but no. In fact, the last game was a blowout . . . remember? Try and be relevant, wouldya?
Here's another Gamecock fan . . . does not automatically mean bias over the Tigers. The catch was complete and did not need to be pulled into the body to be considered a catch. The receiver clearly took 3 steps before the defender knocked the ball out. It's not as if the receiver later juggled and dropped the catch. Having said all that, I agree with the above post that the Buckeyes left too many points in the red zone by kicking field goals instead of punching the ball into the end zone. One play would not have likely changed the game.
It should be noted that last year the team was totally depleted on the defensive side of the ball due to injuries. This year the toll was on the offense in addition to the toughest FBS schedule in the nation. Despite the losses in talent, SC should fare much better in 2020 with 7-8 wins.
One record every "bowl eligible" SEC team could break . . . THERE . . . fixed it for you. Unless of course the non-eligible teams might break records for lowest attendance or something.
Prior to this year's loss, South Carolina had won 6 of 9 with the losses by only a field goal or less. We can go back to 1903 if you want, though.
I am with you. I really thought 3-4 wins would be their threshold due to the schedule. A win over Clemson would be nothing short of a miracle.
In other news, South Carolina is looking to beef up its healthy wide receiver corps consisting of walk-ons and third string quarterbacks. Cheerleaders are encouraged to apply.
I'm effin' overjoyed at watching South Carolina avoid a loss all week. That's #1 in my book, especially with a Clemson butt-whoopin' on the horizon.
I do think it's amazing that Kentucky has won some games when everybody knows exactly what style offense will be run. If you can't stop Lynn Bowden, you're probably going to lose.
Now that's what I call a non-biased opinion.
I don't have too many qualms about ESPN's power rankings, except for Kentucky, which lost by 2 touchdowns to #11 Mississippi State, 2+ touchdowns to #10 South Carolina, squeaked by #14 Arkansas, and were shutout 21-0 against Georgia. Kentucky is completing less than 50% of its passes and its leading receiver has more pass attempts than receptions. Other than all that, I guess #7 is acceptable.
I am predicted to work on my motorcycle this week. It is running rich and bogging down during acceleration. I have a 100% chance of pulling the spark plugs to see whether they are fouled.
Unpaid players? Really? Let's see . . . 4 year scholarship at UT with (the best) room and (the best) board: $30,930 per year; free books; tutors; best facilities and equipment; job training for the NFL; I could go on, but do I really need to? These poor football players are so deprived. If I received all that free stuff the IRS would be all over me.
Just don’t make news by dropping a game to an FCS opponent. Good thing App State moved up to FBS. That game is no gimme.
Let’s see. Here is your 1st half trophy. Kentucky then gave up more points to GA in a half than SC did all game. Congratulations.
See my above statement. Arkansas gave up 274 all-purpose yards to one player at the QB position who is a wide receiver. They got smoked by Bowden without question and could do nothing to stop him.
Kentucky is very one dimensional with a receiver, Lynn Bowden, running the offense. They smoked Arkansas, but only passed for 88 yards. Georgia will stack the box and shut down the Kentucky offense. It's going to be ugly after the South Carolina loss.
Consistency is an issue with the Gamecocks. Already down to a 2nd or 3rd string freshman QB, that is not an uncommon trait. We will have to establish the run and dominate the line of scrimmage to steal a game from a very good defensive Florida squad. It won't hurt to win the turnover battle.
How does it feel to wake up every morning and realize that Georgia, a 3 touchdown favorite, lost to South Carolina and its 3rd string quarterback? Tomorrow is a new day.