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Because we don't want kids to ever be smarter than their parents and want to sit around and watch college bowling, archery, fencing, and other exciting sports. Riiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhtttttt!
"Funky" Cole Messina comes through big again to tie the game when down two runs with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. What a shot!
Jeez! Cut the guy some slack. He was a true freshman last year playing behind a #1 NFL draft pick.
It doesn't matter where you are selected in the draft. If you want a roster spot in the NFL, you are going to have to earn it. Congrats to all who were drafted and those undrafted dudes who found their way onto a team or practice squad. It's a tough place to play and only the very elite ever get the chance.
No. Ramzee Robinson (CB) was Mr. Irrelevant in 2007. Former Mr. Irrelevants who have been . . . well . . . relevant recently in the NFL: Ryan Succop (K) out of South Carolina Brock Purdy (QB) out of Iowa State
There has not been more advertising time added to CFB football games since the institution of the new clock rules. Stewart Mandel and Seth Emerson wrote an excellent article on the subject for The Athletic in September 2023. It's a really concentrated and focused read on the subject for anyone who is interested.
Agree that the numbers will come down, but the men's ratings didn't do any better last year when they aired on CBS. The so-called cheerleader media has been promoting the men's game for years. They are just starting to realize that half of the population are women.
All I know is 18+ million average viewership saw South Carolina do what LSU did last year to Iowa. Limit Clark to 30 points and a loss. That should do wonders for recruiting...not that Staley needs help in that department.
Rebel: I have to disagree. We had the same number of players as Iowa. Iowa just doesn't have depth outside of their starting five. Yes, Cardoso has a great height advantage, but without a long-range attack, Iowa would have done what they did last year . . . pack the paint and force SC to hit from the outside. SC's other bigs made a huge difference. Kitts, Feagin & Watkins were 9 of 14 with 19 rebounds. Iowa's reserves only had a total of 18 minutes. SC's reserves played 75 minutes. THAT was the difference in my opinion.
Staley has dominated fans in the seats long before Caitlin Clark came around. SC women's basketball has led the nation in average and total attendance for several years.
I'm not sure why her views even matter. She is not the one who decides whether they play or not. Maybe you should focus your grievances on the NCAA or invest in more crying towels.
Disagree that last year's team was better. They were definitely more experienced...but this year's team is more dynamic, has more depth, and has a much better long range attack than last year's team.
SC bench points 37 . . . Iowa "0" SC rebounds 51 . . . Iowa 29 SC offensive rebounds 18 . . . Iowa 7 SC 2nd chance points 30 . . . Iowa 16 SC points in the paint 48 . . . Iowa 32 SC total shots made 35 . . . Iowa 25 Total Team Dominance and sayonara to Caitlin Clark and her one-(wo)man show. Iowa will now return to mediocrity, especially with UCLA and Southern Cal joining the conference.
Nobleman . . . I wish I could be that cocky. On paper, SC has the depth, athleticism, height, talent, etc. to run Iowa off the court. But, Caitlin Clark is a game changer. If she starts ringing up threes from long range regularly, it will be a nailbiter.
I don't have to agree with her position to appreciate her as a heckuva basketball coach. It is such a hot button issue but only comprises an infinitesimal part of college sports (34 trans participants out of 500,000 total participants--and some are trans men). There are zero trans athletes participating in team sports for Power 5 schools unless you consider Vandy's bowling team (insert joke here). I take more issue with the reporter asking the question right before the National Championship game. Staley is going to get hit by one side or the other based upon her answer while Lisa Bluder just deflected the question entirely.
Raven Johnson has been pretty deadly from 3-point range in the past several games and has hit some big shots. She owes Caitlin for waving her off last year. Raven said that significantly affected her confidence and she almost quit basketball because she thought she let her team down. Instead, she focused efforts on her 3-point shot and is on a revenge tour. Caitlin can wave her off this year at her own peril (and Tehina and Tessa and Bree and MiLaysia, all of whom can hit consistently from beyond the arc).
Looks like Bayou Barbie is back to her Dream House with more of a focus on announcing for the WNBA.
Next up . . . NC State and the built-in drama over our former player, Saniya Rivers. They have strong guard play so need to feed the beast, Kamilla Cardoso, early and often in the post and Pao Pao needs to hit more threes.
Heck . . . I can't complain. South Carolina was predicted to finish last in the conference and loses to the Pac-12 conference champion in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament, which is what many experts predicted. Great season for Lamont Paris and his squad.
This is so hilarious! Every ACC school banded together after Maryland announced they were bolting to the Big 10 Conference. That was an arm's length deal which all remaining member schools readily signed to prevent anyone else from leaving. They laughed at what they thought was an exorbitant exit fee Maryland ended up paying the ACC and thought it would bankrupt their sports programs. Maryland just took in over $57 million in shared revenue last year. Who's laughing now?
Caitlin Clark: 3617 pts./128 games = 28.25 pts. per game (and that's with a 3 point line) Pete Maravich: 3667 pts./83 games = 44.18 pts. per game 'Nuff said!
Clark will never break Pearl Moore's record of career points scored without using an extra year to do it (plus a 3-pt line that did not exist prior to 1987). Let's not take anything away from Clark, who is an amazing shooter, but there are women who paved the way for the game long before Clark came around and they are not getting the attention they deserve.
... and he regularly bombed away from afar and made a fair share of those shots.
Are you telling me that with all the information provided in the article and video you cannot figure that out on your own?
Don't forget the mighty Peacocks of St. Peter's University.
One horns down sign and the entire team and administration will show how soft they really are.
Our batters were pretty patient, but not 16 weeks worth. That would have taken them into June 2024.
As a Marylander, I used to love watching Driesell coach up those Terps. Some of the great players in the 80's were: Buck Williams Albert King Len Bias Adrian Branch Keith Gatlin did they arrive at $512,000 for the bond? Was $500,000 just not quite enough?