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Ahhhh, but it was not I that made an insult. I just stated facts. Settle down, Francis.
That's what happens when you accidentally put your mom's panties around your neck before the game.
The South Carolina fans have been getting a bit testy directly with the opposing teams in the opposing team dugout. They need to rein it in a bit. Razzing the pitcher, batter, ref, etc. on the field should be okay.
PC Wimp's team 2 Florida 1 PC Wimp's team 5 Florida 2 2011 College World Champions coached by Mr. PC Wimp himself.
Aren't you an Auburn fan? Let's use an easy syllogism based upon your statement. Homeless guy > South Carolina 2020 football South Carolina 2020 football > Auburn 2020 football Homeless guy > Auburn 2020 football I guess the homeless guy is running circles around Auburn too. He probably intercepted Bo Nix at least twice.
USC was going to surprise the guy with a walk-on scholarship right after practice as he looked better than some of the starters. California's landlord/tenant laws prohibited the ouster of this guy from his suite in the LA Coliseum without 30-days notice. He is still enjoying daily maid service.
Would that be Trey Lealaimatafao? 1. Suffered serious arm injury for punching a plate glass window at the LSU weight room following a dispute with another player. 2. Arrested for stealing a bicycle from outside the campus library. 3. Kicked off the team for beating a man unconscious and hitting the girlfriend in her face. 4. Convicted in a series of Los Angeles robberies and sentenced to six years in the pen.
Darla's just mad that it took a 25 million dollar donation to get her name on USC's Business School but only 10 million to get her name on Clemson's School of Education. A good anger management class will only set you back about $150.00.
I'm embarrassed too. Please direct all complaints to our complaint department. Due to Covid-19, resolution times may take longer than normal. Have a good day.
So you're mad at people for criticizing this insane booster, and you are threatening to pay people to commit aggravated assault, yet you criticize the booster for giving money to a university instead of the poor. Then you finish by proselytizing. Aren't you just a model of Christ?
Then you ought to pay someone to do that so your own stupid post will be the evidence to send you to prison. Are you sure you have a brain?
This woman is insane. She is only thinking about herself. Her mom was barely cold to the touch before she shot off a scathing letter to the University. Perhaps University administration did not want to send a condolence letter so close to the actual death. There is some class in allowing a period for grieving.
I like how you just casually covered up your mistake there. Missouri is bordered by both states. You'd think you would know the difference.
Woohoo! South Carolina is not predicted to lose any tournament games!
There is a big difference between making a statement to an internal university investigator and swearing an oath to tell the truth before a tribunal. They just want to put Orgeron on record for whatever statement he chooses to make.
Who cares what Dan Orlovsky has to say about anyone's mechanics? He was an awful NFL quarterback who did not even start the last 4 years of his career. A 2-10 record as a starter with 15 TDs vs. 13 INTs and a career passer rating of 75. Stick to color commentary.
Next: Definition (of a time or season) coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking. On the first or soonest occasion after the present; immediately afterwards.
Obviously your bass fishing privileges have not been suspended.
All-Wheel Braking System or a Bachelor of Science?
Connor Shaw was never expected to get major playing time in that game. He had limited opportunities and Garcia only sat out a quarter due to his ongoing behavioral issues. Connor's first substantive playing time was against Kentucky where he went 26 of 39 for 311 yds, 4 TDs and 0 INTs in a 54-3 rout.
A "D" is generous for the Gamecocks...but at least it wasn't an "F". Only an underperforming team full of McDonald's All-Americans could warrant such a letter grade. C'mon Kentucky, get over it. You'll be back near the top in no time. We'll still be near the cellar. Thank goodness for ladies' basketball.
Does this guy have any clue about who he's talking about. I have no memory of Steve Spurrier ever pulling Connor Shaw from any game. Shaw was spectacular ever since he took over for Stephen Garcia. The kid was tough as nails and often played through injury. He missed a few games due to a shoulder injury, but he was pretty stellar for the time he started as QB for the Gamecocks: 65.5% completion percentage 56 TDs vs. 16 INTs 155.9 career passer rating 1683 rushing yards/17 rushing TDs 27-5 record as a starter and 17-0 at home
South Carolina has a college lawn dart throwing team which has had to compete in secret due to the ban.
University of South Carolina founded in 1801 State of California founded 1850 University of Southern California founded 1880 South Carolina was using the trademark USC long before Southern California was even a concept. They just became interlopers and registered the trademark before South Carolina did to try and establish relevancy.
In other news, no other college acknowledged that it had a bass fishing team, or frankly, any fishing team of any kind.