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Agreed AFan. South Carolina was hurting long before Will Muschamp got sacked. Beamer came in late and will not be expected to perform miracles right away, but he has always been an excellent recruiter and knows the South Carolina region. Gonna have to rely on JUCO transfers and any other transfer portal players he can get. New names crop up all the time. At least we have a few creampuff NC games next season. It's going to be a process. I just hope he surrounds himself with a solid coaching staff.
I'm sure the 250k raise AND a return to his home state were both part of sealing the deal.
I understand that Alabama loses a lot of assistants at the end of every season. That is not unusual with successful programs, but has any former Saban assistant poached as many coaches from the program as Sark? As for Sark's mistake, I pointed that out only to show how Saban rescued his career and this is what he gets for it.
Sark has already poached Saban's special teams coach to come to Texas. Not sure I would consider that a "thank you" for Saban's rescuing of Sark after his turbulent drunken episodes on the west coast.
Once things stabilize at Tennessee, can we please go back to the orange and black Halloween game in late November with the Gamecocks? This significant schedule shuffling has really rubbed me raw.
Well, they dumped a coach who has probably had more success against Alabama than any other Saban-era SEC coach. Good luck with that.
South Carolina dog-stomped Texas A&M (1-3 in SEC) yet Texas A&M ranks 4 spots higher. I'm not arguing a higher ranking for SC....but Texas A&M has been awful in conference. They are really good at scoring 54 points though....3 of the past 4 games.
Wait! Bobo brought his quarterback with him from Colorado State, Collin Hill. That guy was terrible. Awful decision-maker, unable to make reads, unable to use check downs, unable to scramble, sack taker. Bobo was responsible for recruiting and developing him from day one. means I am not a robotic military soldier following commands without thinking about the consequences involved. Our flag has been held up in support of terrible suffering of men over the years and does not follow what our Constitution guarantees all of its citizens. If you think otherwise, you are kidding yourself. I am a USAF veteran who left military service to make something of my life. I am now a practicing attorney and understand the relinquishment of rights the military offers young men. There is no freedom of speech, no right to assemble or protest, no right to air grievances against the government. I don't need anyone else to tell me what the flag stands for. It means different things to different people.
Charleston Southern, UAB, and Clemson. Oh, wait. There's also your annual rival, Georgia Tech. They are pretty scary. Looks about on par with South Carolina. Georgia fans will pay big bucks too.
Don't forget September 4th, Eastern Illinois at South Carolina. We might actually win that game. Then September 11th, East Carolina at South Carolina. There is also a chance we will win that game. Then there are the Troy Trojans which come to town on October 2nd. I think South Carolina has a good chance there. Lastly, the Clemson Tigers on November 27th. No way on God's green Earth.
Agreed, Weagle . . . but to imply that the flag is some sacred symbol that can never be desecrated because it stands for unity or justice or whatever is such a hypocritical viewpoint. This is not a perfect country and to reject your own basketball team forever for such a display is, in my opinion, an overreaction. We come here because we love sport.
Oh for Christ sake....quit whining. Your impression of what that symbolizes is much different than how others see it. I fought for our flag, but I will not pretend that it has always stood for equality and justice.
Corch got really stung by South Carolina somehow and is on a constant revenge path against them. He probably got kicked out of Williams-Brice Stadium for being a bad drunk. I'm glad those SEC mainstays are leaving the program. It shows their allegiance to money instead of passion for the program. Be warned. Beamer can start with a fresh slate of coaches and will turn the program around after some lean rebuilding years. Auburn just gave away a coach that actually fared well against Alabama, which not many other coaches have been able to do. We'll see quickly whether the program gets better or worse with Harsin.
Six years later and he still plays like a true freshman. Hope he gets a starting role. Sitting the bench in Pullman's outdoor stadium in November and December will turn you into a statue.
Nick Muse is a solid keep. He has soft hands, catches nearly everything thrown to him, and is elusive coming off of the line.
Please take Colin Hill with you. I know he's a senior, but he's eligible for another season if he wants. Just don't want it to be here.
Calling all 4 and 5 star recruits at Georgia and/or Tennessee. We have space available. The transfer portal is open for business. Come on over. We need all the help we can get.
I'm not so sure COVID will be gone before next season starts. There would need to be a true miracle in vaccine roll out and distribution. It's a complete debacle right now. It certainly can't be worse than 2020....can it?
Look, Steve Sarkisian is an excellent offensive coordinator. He simply is not head coach material. His time at Washington was subpar and he drank himself out of anything special at USC, but was 12-6 at USC before he got the boot. He has taken the 7 teams he has coached to 4 subpar bowls and lost half of them. Texas does not want to wait for championships as you saw with Tom Herman. I really don't expect anything different with Sarkisian who's a west coast guy without the connections needed to succeed at a place like Texas. This is going to be a tough four years.
Do the back-step looks good on you.
You saw what happened to the jinxer in the Dr. Pepper commercial, right?
“I’m not criticizing anybody, I’m not complaining,” Saban said, per Roger Hoover. OK....I'll bite. What then are you doing? No one rants like that unless they are upset about something. I'm sure he let a few curse words fly at one of his players. Not suggesting it merited an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty though. Especially since there were hardly any fans there to hear anything.
Clemson said the same....Heisman-rated quarterback, Etienne had clear advantage at RB position, better defense, etc. All of the talking heads picked Clemson to win. Cockiness backfired in a big way. I would not bet the house on Alabama -7.
Man! These teams are so very close stat-wise in offensive and defensive metrics. Should be a good matchup. I have to give special teams play and coaching to Alabama who will have a slight overall edge. I think the initial -7 given to Alabama will go down closer to kickoff. Can't wait!
Outrage? Man up? Wow! You got me there. Also, the use of the word butt hurt was a nice touch. What are you a high school sophomore? Maybe you should spend less time attacking people and more time checking your own sensitive feelings.
Florida lost to the Big XII Champion. Georgia played a team that played one top 25 team all year (Tulsa #24). They barely beat Tulsa....and Georgia barely beat the best team in the AAC. Sad!! You are on an island. No one thinks Georgia is the 3rd best team in the SEC when they weren't even the best team in their division. Your argument is a loser and I'm sure everyone who posts on this site would agree.
They came within a score of beating Alabama. Not many teams can say the same.