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The 2002 College World Series leaves a bad taste in my mouth. South Carolina lost to Texas in the championship game in the last season it was decided by a single game.
Sorry....we don't pull for non-SEC teams outside of the Magnolia State.'s not rocket science. There is far less room to rocket up from those stats than regress, but those numbers only tell one story. Tennessee could score more touchdowns on the ground and in the air and still not rise in total offense. There are other teams that can put up gaudy numbers. Odds are they will drop back a step. Nothing to worry much about.
Welcome to the SEC CWSC club, Ole Miss. Excellent work!
News flash!! Have you checked your calendar on September 10th? Perhaps you should check the coming years. Texas is coming and we might as well get used to these articles until then.
So what is it that you disagree with? Do you agree with any of it? Why is it stupid? It sounds pretty logical to me.
So happy for Ole Miss. They definitely have the pitching advantage going forward. Go Rebs....errr Bears....errr Landsharks? Anyway...just GO!
Arch is a very accurate passer and will make Texas a contender if Sarkisian can develop him accordingly. Arch is ahead of the curve in development thanks to his family, but Sark's quarterback grooming has not translated well in the NFL so it will be interesting to watch how this young man progresses.
With the heat dome that is the United States this year, a noon kickoff in Columbia is best observed from an air conditioned sofa. This is especially true when the $7.00 stadium beer will get you nearly a full six pack of the primo stuff.
Especially after he "went down" like the Titanic four times in the game. reviewed game tape. Zeb Noland lined up under center on the first play but then split wide and DJ took the first snap. I'm no official NCAA statistician, so not sure how they determine who the starting QB is.
He is an athlete, like Deebo Samuel. His overall body of work speaks for itself. I agree that the sample size is small, but you can't make a statement like that with nothing to back it up. I thought Zeb Noland got the start in the Duke's Mayo Bowl and DJ came in shortly after. Could be wrong.
I do take issue with his statement "none of whom were very good". One of them was: Dakereon Joyner, who was 9 for 9 for 160 yards and a touchdown against UNC. He also had 24 receptions for 221 yards (9.2 ypc) and 18 rushes for 77 yards (4.3 ypr) during the season. He definitely needs more playing time in 2022.
Memphis Redbirds stadium is awesome...and, of course, it's close to Huey's...some of the best burgers. You could arguably schedule some away games prior to the AAA All Star break to accommodate the CWS, but I don't think that is until mid-July sometime.
Do not despair....South Carolina also lost to Oklahoma in Game 1 of the 2010 College World Series and went on to win it all. There is a blueprint.
Have you seen the unofficial mascot for the Rhode Island School of Design? Hilarious!
Are we so sensitive as a nation that we must somehow regulate whether a fan may display another team's celebratory hand signals? The NCAA better get real busy. Let's are a few: Gator Chomp--Florida Hook Em Horns--Texas Gig Em--Texas A&M Tomahawk Chop--Florida State Flashing the "U"--Miami Guns Up--Texas Tech V for Victory--USC
Well....Mississippi State won it all last year but it was 12 years prior that the last West team won the College World Series (LSU--2009). The East has won 5 in that stretch.
Barker entered a best interest plea under North Carolina v. Alford. It essentially means he denied he was guilty but agreed the State had sufficient evidence to convict him. He can do that because the law allows him to do it, but he knows he is guilty.
Actually, he was charged with a felony. I'm sure his counsel negotiated a sweet deal for him. Hopefully this will send him a message that the marriage is over and he should mind his P's and Q's. Barker and Evans are both known to have fidelity problems and there are now 7 kids going through a second divorce.
Wow! You really are a rube. Okay....let's start with referring to people as female. Then we'll move to your comment about illiteracy and another where you call me a clown. Next, your comment that I have a single wide trailer. Actually, its a double wide that I pull behind my truck. One for each wave rider. Sadly, however, you are ignorant of your own actions as this is what you do in thread after thread on this site. Ron Mexico troll retort in 5.... 4.... 3....
....and as reduce your argument to irrelevance, name-calling and derogation instead of the actual topic of discussion.
I know you're mad that Auburn has lost to Carolina the past two times they played, but it will get better. You have Harsin, remember?
Well....except when he would cover his head with a towel in embarrassment.
Ha! How many quarterbacks in the league threw less interceptions than TDs? Remember, there are many veteran backup quarterbacks in the league. Nobody mentioned Trevor Lawrence other than you. Cam owns you, obviously.
He's not wrong.....there are probably way more than 32 better than him. In the past 3 seasons he's 7-15 in games started with 12 TDs vs. 16 INTs. On his soul....on his soul...on his soul.
The problem is that the SWAC Champion and MEAC Champion are tied to the Cricket Celebration Bowl each year. Jackson State got beat like a drum by South Carolina State last year. Better luck this year, Deion.