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Not really that surprising. For South Carolina, Georgia is their second biggest rival behind Clemson. For Georgia, South Carolina isn't even our 4th biggest rival. South Carolina always gets up for that game, doubly so under Spurrier.
For real though. I could mess up a program or two and sink my reputation in the industry for that kinda payout.
You think Muschamp ends up as the DC again considering he's available?
This Florida prediction aged well. The UGA one too for that matter. They're called bold for a reason though and someone's gotta do it. Hats off to ya.
I personally think it's time for us to find a replacement for Cortez Hankton. It hasn't really seemed to be a lack of talent with the wide reviving corp the last couple of years. It's felt like our ability to develop NFL ready wide receivers has been just a step behind. Maybe that's on Kirby's offensive philosophy overall and how much they're asked to block. Either way, I can't say I've ever watched a Georgia game and felt grateful we had Hankton on the sidelines. Are there really no better options out there?
LeCounte, Davis, and Rochester. To sit there and rush three all the time and still not be able to cover those little short hitches and crossing routes was painful to watch.
I'm with you. Didn't think it was a bad call at all, just disappointed with execution. Tennessees defense got a good push against our line though so give them credit. I wanted to see Minton run it but I liked the fake. Minton just seemed to have better vision and movement.
That penalty by Pickens was stupid and childish.
It's been a similar recipe for so many Kirby Smart games. Stay close until depth just wears them down in the third and fourth. Only problem is that doesn't work so well against teams with similar talent levels. I'm glad we were able to cover for our own mistakes this week but we've gotta get more production out of the offense next week and beyond. Minton looked real good running while Zeus seemed to have his feet tangled up every play save a couple runs.
Does nobody remember when Clemsoning was a term for choking in big games? Even under Dabo.
Definitely not the end, Bama will still be Bama. One support staffer (no matter how good) doesn't change that. But watching knee-jerk reactions from sports media to minor off season news and arguing over meaningless predictions is about the only fun we get to have in these dark, football-less days.
I probably would've been more excited about this if it had happened in 2016 because of the amount of injuries plaguing the roster at Bama over the past few years. But he's still a heck of a motivator and there was a reason Saban backed up there Brinks truck to Cochran's door when Kirby took the Georgia job. I think it's a solid hire though, interested to see how it all works out.
You heard it here first, Mark Richt to return to Georgia as QB coach/passing game coordinator.
Auburn played a great game today. Nix showed some incredible flashes of talent and also a couple plays to remind everyone he's still a freshman. I think the future is bright for Auburn with him though.
Malzhan's future depends on home games against Auburn and Alabama? So he's at least making it through to the spring game then? Here's hoping they can pull out a win for him there but playing against Auburn at home can be tough.
Hats off to Florida, that's a great defense. I was pretty pleasantly surprised that we didn't give up a single sack this whole game the way that line was getting pressure. Great game between two well matched teams though. I think some more game experience for Trask will help him tremendously. Best of luck the rest of the year.
South Carolina has some talent, Hilinski is better than Bentley and Kinlaw is grown man, but I'm not sure the depth is there in the trenches to go 4 quarters. I think this will go similar to the UT game. Two teams holding the other by the throat and swinging hard each others faces before Georgia carries them out to deeper water where their feet no longer touch. I think it's a 35-17 win for the Dawgs.
Could we ask you to elaborate on which areas Missouri is ahead on in terms of depth and by what measure Missouri is using to catch up to the SEC leaders in the trenches?
Can we please get Mike Leach to UT. The press conferences would be amazing, the offense would be better than what we've seen thus far, and his Costanza-esque portrait would be perfect for an SEC head coaches office.
I agree man. I like to savor each week for what it is. And sure some are more disappointing than others (FCS games) but they all come and go too fast.
And Florida could utilize the turnover handcuffs. I'm sure most of the team is already pretty comfortable with how they work anyway.
I would agree there. I'd also like to see them win in short yardage situations (offense and defense) and get some takeaways out of the defense. But the penalties are a big one to me. Against better teams we can't be giving up free yardage and free first downs like that.
I mean considering he played end and tackle in high school and was an Army Medic in WWII, I'd wager to say that Mr Munson had been in enough physical altercations in his lifetime and definitely knew what a hobnail boot was.
I believe Fromm is a 4 year player. The guy talked his grandpa (his personal hero) into buying him a $500 Herschel Walker signed helmet when he was like 6. I think championship or not this year, he's gonna want to play four years at Georgia. Plus a guy like him being given a chance to write a few more records, I think he'd take that kinda opportunity.
I'd agree with the O-line but seeing as how the D-line is such a question mark this season, I'm nowhere near prepared to say it's on the level of the Defensive Lineman Factory that is Alabama. Clemson rolled them because they had a scarily talented line on that side of the and an above average O-line that played above their average. Until Georgia can match up 4 quarters with Alabama and actually prove it, these speculations are mostly hot air at best. Do I think the group could be special, absolutely. What fan doesn't see that potential in their team, but none of the players have proven to be consistent enough to give the advantage to Georgia. Hopefully I'm eating these words come end of season but we'll see.
Of course Florida isn't on the list, it's difficult to embarrass someone with a mullet wearing jorts. All jokes aside the ICC guy was a walking trainwreck and should never be allowed to coach again ever, anywhere. I'm also way too ready for the season to start so these writers can have more football material. I feel for you guys in these long, dark, desolate months.