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I was going to say this was the dumbest thing I've ever read on this site, but I've also read your other comments before.
I think the concern or issue here is where the bobble happened. In this case, it happened as the ball was in contact with the ground. In that instance, the ground assisted the catch which makes it an incompletion. But the play and drive are over and we can't take the points back off the board. Just have to play well enough to not leave it in the refs hands.
I'm curious how much of the 'Bo Nix for Heisman' is a factor of true development vs playing against the Pac-12 defenses. Oregon and Washington are two of the 8-best teams in the country IMO, but I don't think the Pac-12 as a whole are presenting a particularly stiff challenge to quarterbacks as a whole.
Uhhh, Georgia was ranked #3 behind Alabama and Ohio State to start 2022. Personally, I think there should be no rankings until week 6 but the TV money generated from hyping ranked matchups would never allow it.
I agree. I hate when people bring up the 2 championships or win streaks to explain a ranking for this year. If we trot that trophy out, how many points is it worth in a game? Do we get an extra field goal for every 10 games in a win streak? No... And for this current season, we haven't beaten any teams ranked as highly as the ones Washington and Ohio State (and even FSU) have. I frankly don't give a flying F where we're ranked at this point of the season. Win and we're in, that's all that matters. It'll all sort itself out by the end of season.
I said last night almost verbatim that this game was gonna go this way. Hats off to South Carolina, they played strong until they had to press a bit there at the end. But my problem with the offense this season is that the Mike Bobo offense requires the running game to be going in order to be effective (see 2014) combined with the fact that this is probably the most concerned I've been for our running back room since 2011. I'd love to be proven wrong as more folks get healthy and younger players accrue more experience... but leave Dillon Bell in as a RB. I thought the receivers blocked much better this game, there were a couple of deep routes in which folks got open that Carson just didn't even see. Those would have very much changed the dynamic and perception of the first half had he seen and hit them. I don't think we hit the panic button on him just yet, but I want to see improvement week to week and I haven't seen much yet.
McConkey was always very consistent and helped make sure defenses couldn't devote too many resources to defending Bowers. I think so far, Mews has stepped in admirably in that role and done well. I think we see SC take him a little too lightly at some point to smother Bowers and pay for jt. Also love to see a little more flash and dazzle on some deep attempts from the Lovett. I don't think we've seen a full-speed fly route from him yet. But most importantly... Lord Baby Jesus, lying there in your little ghost manger, lookin at your Baby Belichick developmental videos, learnin bout stunts and coverages... please help our wide receivers block on runs and run convincing routes on passes they don't think are coming their way. Amen
I do too. This feels like a game where South Carolina hangs close through 2.5 to 3 quarters and Georgia pulls away for a win but not a truly dominant one. Everyone comes away with more questions than answers... Is South Carolina better than their loss indicates? Has Georgia just taken a step back from their dominance over the last couple year?
Heard she's pretty good in coverage, should be an interesting match-up.
Agree 100%. Let folks get in at least half their games against one another before using the eyeball test. I feel like it could also create better parity in terms of viewership of matchups that normally wouldn't get any attention because they're unranked teams.
Felt like a game where Georgia just wanted to use muscle from beginning to end to win the game. Don't get fancy, just see who wants to line up and beat the man across from them. Struggled with it a bit but that's expected with the first live outing. I wasn't blown away but I'm not hitting the panic button yet either.
And all the media that calls Justin Fields a UGA Quarterback
"Raised on Fast and Furious" like Smokey and the Bandit and Dukes of Hazzard weren't a thing...
The poor pup has his own SUV, lawyer, publicist, a suite for every pre-game trip at an Athens hotel, every Nike jersey created for the team, and gets to lead a double life as a family pet and occasional figurehead in the off-season. And when it's all said and done he gets to be buried in his own familial burial plot inside Sanford. He's better treated than just about any animal in America save maybe dogs in the White House. Wtf are they on about?
The State of Alabama doesn't pay Saban millions to be fair and objective in his analysis. Who cares where he ranks his team, he's supposed to believe in them and in himself. People are trying to hype this up to be more than it is cause we're officially in 'talking season'.
I think the fact that TCU has a receiver just a couple steps behind Marvin Harrison Jr but not really a second receiver at the level of Egbuka means that Georgia can bracket over the top and spy Duggan underneath. I'm not saying UGA is gonna run away with it by any means (this is CFB where the game hinges on the motivation, attention span, and egos of college students) but I'm more confident in our chances at the start than I was against OSU.
He's been so frustrating to watch. Shows flashes of great athleticism mixed with streaks of sheer stupidity and bad technique.
Yea, the top seeded team gets to pick their semifinal game location.
Could be a nice combination of going for broke with play calling and having a player in the groove. Either of those things alone can be decent without the other but combined (against an underwhelming defense no less) it can be masterful.
Let's be real, did they ever really rejoin the union?
Where is gwhite to tell us how their backup QB gained more yards than the SC backup QB so really Tennessee is the better team and they're just playing possum to give Milton experience for their 2023 playoff run?
My dude, you need to head to the Olympics cause the mental gymnastics you display here are second to none.
I think Tennessee responds well. Heupel is pretty even-headed and his guys want to play for him. Even his post-game pressers feel a far way off from Butch or Pruitt. I think the team knows a lot of their goals are still in front of them if they win out, I think they respond accordingly.