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UT should have to give up all home games for the rest of the season, play every remaining game on the road. That was terrible to watch.
LMAO. Dude sounds like some kinda Irish superhero. And then you got Stetson Bennett that sounds like the name of a designer fragrance. "Stetson Bennett #4, available at Macy's..."
Poor Ole Miss having to go play Tennessee and Auburn in the same day. If I'm Lane, I send my offense to TN and my defense to Auburn.
I'm a big fan of Stoops and the way he builds and runs his program there in Kentucky. They're a bunch of hard-nosed fighters and show no signs of slowing down. Maybe it's just my nature as a Georgia fan, but this game has me nervous as their defense is quick and swarms for the tackle. Wan'Dale Robinson is one of the top players I've seen this year in the SEC, Rodriguez is a great back, Levis is a little up and down but the skill is there. This should be a good game on Saturday.
I think the decision here is more around taking what a defense gives you. When you don't need to push the ball deep all the time and having that extra run-threat helps open the run game, Stetson is your man. When your run game is a threat by itself and you want to be able to take the top off a defense, JT is your man. I think JT has more zip on his underneath throws as well which can help if you're going against athletic coverage linebackers. I think the situation will remain a lot more fluid than 'this is our guy'.
Hats off to the Aggies but I still don't think Alabama's national aspirations took that big of a hit. If they win out they're in. And everyone is talking about feeling sorry for Miss St, I feel for those Bama players come practice on Monday...
Did he complain the same way when the refs gave them a 4th down conversion against Georgia State or is he just a sore loser?
Yea all this talk is pointless. Who cares who is ranked ahead, if both keep winning they'll get a chance to figure it out on the field.
I'm curious and excited to see it all play out. I've enjoyed the brand of football Stoops has brought to Kentucky. It should be a good game.
Yea let's pump the brakes on the National Championship talk. We're 5-0, not 15-0. The team looks good in a lot of ways but there are still some weaknesses that can sink us against the great to elite teams.
Man, if your team was as defensive as you are they might be in this game a little more.
I'd pump the brakes on the Alabama comparisons, but to the point someone made above I feel like the narrative that's about to come out about this game is just how Arkansas isn't actually that good. Which is a total discredit to both Arkansas and UGA. But I'm proud of the fight these Dawgs are showing, just gotta clean up the errors now.
I believe this has more to do with their path to winning out for the rest of the season/making a conference championship. Texas goes through the BIG 12, Arkansas through the SEC (West no less). The likelihood of being a champion increases the odds of at least making it into the playoffs.
Much appreciated. I think Shane Beamer is setting a good foundation for the future, just gotta recruit and stay competitive. They've shown a lot of fight over the past couple of weeks, I think they've got an upset in them this year.
Man this was fun to watch on so many levels. I figured Sam Pittman was going to be a good coach, glad top see him get his first signature win. Horns down, tusks up! Good job Arkansas!
I'm honestly not ready to hit the panic button on the offense just yet. It looked like UGA was going with short passes outside to soften up the defense and get the linebackers eyes going every which way so they couldn't just tee off on the run. And then when they realized that their defense was stifling Clemson they stuck with it because it was just enough to win. Now the larger concern there may once again be Kirby playing not to lose in a big game with a lead... but I think the offense will be okay. If you're doing enough to win the game, why put all you can do out there on film for everyone else to see just cause you want to placate some media types and casual fans? It felt more like Kirby realized they had Clemson in a chokehold and then held off the throttle by keeping it boring and safe. I don't think that same gameplan will work every game this year, but I'm not panicking yet. We're going to face tougher tests this year and we'll need Kirby to open it up and put the foot down on the gas and not let up until the game is won. That's when I'll panic...
This prediction is straight Treash... I'm not saying I'm super confident that we'll kick the door in and whoop Clemson. I think we've still got what it takes to win if we play smart and everybody plays their role. I just don't see this being a 'wallop' kinda game in either direction.
There seems to be a pretty large gap in excitement factor after #4 on this list. I'm still gonna watch all that I can anyway cause yay football. But not exactly a marquee opening weekend for the SEC as a whole.
With Arian Smith and Adonai Mitchell running the 7's and 9's and a healthy rotation of Gilbert, Washington, and Jackson on the inside there's gonna be the potential for a lot of mismatches and 1v1s Monken/Daniels can exploit. Just gotta make good decisions, not turn it over, and hit on those deep routes. That should open plenty of room for our stable of backs. Simple enough in theory at least.
Not really that surprising. For South Carolina, Georgia is their second biggest rival behind Clemson. For Georgia, South Carolina isn't even our 4th biggest rival. South Carolina always gets up for that game, doubly so under Spurrier.
For real though. I could mess up a program or two and sink my reputation in the industry for that kinda payout.
You think Muschamp ends up as the DC again considering he's available?
This Florida prediction aged well. The UGA one too for that matter. They're called bold for a reason though and someone's gotta do it. Hats off to ya.
I personally think it's time for us to find a replacement for Cortez Hankton. It hasn't really seemed to be a lack of talent with the wide reviving corp the last couple of years. It's felt like our ability to develop NFL ready wide receivers has been just a step behind. Maybe that's on Kirby's offensive philosophy overall and how much they're asked to block. Either way, I can't say I've ever watched a Georgia game and felt grateful we had Hankton on the sidelines. Are there really no better options out there?
LeCounte, Davis, and Rochester. To sit there and rush three all the time and still not be able to cover those little short hitches and crossing routes was painful to watch.
I'm with you. Didn't think it was a bad call at all, just disappointed with execution. Tennessees defense got a good push against our line though so give them credit. I wanted to see Minton run it but I liked the fake. Minton just seemed to have better vision and movement.
That penalty by Pickens was stupid and childish.
It's been a similar recipe for so many Kirby Smart games. Stay close until depth just wears them down in the third and fourth. Only problem is that doesn't work so well against teams with similar talent levels. I'm glad we were able to cover for our own mistakes this week but we've gotta get more production out of the offense next week and beyond. Minton looked real good running while Zeus seemed to have his feet tangled up every play save a couple runs.