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I'd log it as a close second behind the players actually getting their due... but it's a very close second. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't my first thought as well though.
It's not like it says it on the tweet they used to... Oh, wait...
Bama didn't sign the top recruit in their state either, so what's your point BamaTime? Or are you still trying to fill the void your sister left when she decided y'all should start dating other people?
Yea because Florida fans never try to find anything to celebrate. Y'all just go on about how 'if we'd have had a healthy secondary...' etc or making up excuses as to why you lost to UK. Must stick in your craw that Ole Miss, Miss St, and SC all signed more 5 stars this year alone than you have on your entire roster.
Funny, every time I check on Bama articles there's maybe one to reach UGA fans here and there. And yet every other comment on BamaTime's profile mentions UGA. I'm still of the opinion that someone from Georgia took his lady from him and that's why he's salty. Though that would be assuming he's competent and charming enough to have a girlfriend.
Could be because a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Tuesday upheld a decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to recognize the University of Southern California's century-old claim to the logo letters back in 2010.
"53 yards... that's like 4 football fields." I love that man.
I think all it means is that the media is gonna have a nice narrative to carry into the off-season. Recruiting isn't the be-all-end-all predictor of a teams ability to win games (see Georgia and Alabama) but it's a big part of the equation because, to the shock of nobody, bigger, stronger, and faster players usually play better football. The more you stock up on those players the more likely you are to win games and championships, aka the blue chip ratio. And in looking at recruiting rankings so far for next year and with a whole off-season of this narrative of being overrated, I feel (and hope) we could be in for a fired up season of SEC football next year.
Well that does it, all I need to do to learn to football is listen to UrbanLiar and Joe Marks. Apparently recruiting depth isn't important, you can just use injuries as a good excuse. And if your coach loses twice to a coach in as many years, it means he's coaching circles around him. Thank you, thank you for teaching me to football. Be careful throwing out blame at the refs though, someone might confuse you for a Georgia fan talking about their loss in the Natty. It's a shame all Richt's recruits will be gone soon, seems like we've just loaded up on some scrubs to replace them in recruiting over the past couple years.
These are some awful outlandish predictions from a fan of a team that got beat by such losers 36-17 and has the 17th ranked recruiting class just loaded with 3-4 stars. We lost today sure, but you're a long way off from the Spurrier/Meyer years my friend.
I knew all the tweeting and running their mouths and all that was gonna bite em and it did. Texas came out punching from the first whistle and never stopped (sometimes literally). I want Chaney gone ASAP but part of me wonders if he's a package deal with Pittman and that's why Kirby is so reluctant. That or the thought of settling a new DC and OC in the same season with a junior Fromm. Either way, I hope they use this as motivation to humble themselves and go to work all off-season. Maybe get some key players to eschew the NFL to return and then wrap up another solid recruiting class. Sure we got wailed on tonight, but I can still find plenty of reason to be optimistic for the future.
Usually yes, but if you're Steve Spurrier it's the exact right time. Lol. I feel like he's enjoyed enraging Georgia fans as much as he did winning, possibly more.
Exactly why they shouldn't have been tweeting like that. Save your sh!t talking for after the game. Or better yet save it until after the season.
I agree. If someone had gotten hurt and they laughed it's a different story. But much like the Auburn bite it's likely to just be an interesting sidenote in the rivalry.
Florida and TAMU are very different programs and universities than South Carolina though. The AD is going to have to give whoever the coach is time to build something (much like Kentucky has).
I'm assuming he means in a "lights a fire under them" kinda way like the LSU loss seemed to this year. I'm hopeful though that next years team doesn't need to be motivated by losses.
Way to represent the SEC, very well done. Can't wait to get to host some Aggies in Athens this upcoming season.
You seriously believe that football fans are devoid of racism because they pay money to go watch young black men play the gladiator? (see Syracuse frat video or UGA baseball player comments for examples from just this year) And you also think that a story that corroborates a black persons experience with racism is gonna make the same national headlines as the "football player doesn't shut up and do what we want" narrative? Lets play the 'which story made national headlines longer' game, Philando Castile (or Eric Garner, Botham Jean, etc) or NFL players kneeling in protest? There's video evidence of a black men being murdered and the country moves on in a couple of weeks. But NFL players kneel in protest during your special song and there's a national uproar for them to just "shut up and be grateful" that lasts years. I understand being skeptical at a story that's yet to be corroborated but at least try to hide your racism in your reasoning a little better next time.
Why such animosity BamaTime? You seem to have a lot of your self worth/pride wrapped up in what a bunch of other men do. Did a Georgia fan steal your girlfriend some time ago? If so, I can assure you that while we may never get her a ring, we'll at least treat your sister better than you ever did.
Refs should have never been in position to make that much of a difference. It wasn't the refs that lost it for us. It was an inability to hold Hurts, the lack of offense over the last 10 minutes, and that gods-awful fake punt. Not refs.
I don't blame Kirby for advocating for his team. When the system is based on the opinions of 13 people, heck yea he should be advocating. He's paid millions of dollars a year by the University to be its football representative. I don't think the committee is going to put them in, but I still don't blame Kirby for trying. And I think he's got a pretty good argument. You'd be hard pressed to find 4 teams that would be favored in a neutral site against Georgia. But that's not for us or Kirby to decide.
Funny, both teams had the same number of losses in the regular season though. And Bama got the benefit of watching the SECCG from their couches. You mean to tell me that if Saban had lost the SECCG last year he'd have gone 'nah I don't think we're one of the best 4, put someone else in'? You're full of it.
I frankly thought we'd lose by a couple of TD's in this one but what a game. With a team this young they performed even better than I could have expected. I hope they play with this intensity in their bowl game and carry some momentum into recruiting.
I don't see UCF making it in regardless but I also don't see the other two BOTH losing their games. Stranger things have happened though.
Agreed. But the Playoff Committee already proved they don't care about championships last year by letting Bama in. So apparently no, the game this weekend doesn't really matter to Bama. Sure as hell does to Georgia though.
You're absolutely right, the Democrats did support the KKK. And in the late 1800's to early 1900's the two parties switched platforms with the new Democratic party becoming the party of government aid expansion and civil rights while the Republicans became the party of small govt (at least in rhetoric). So really it's been the same folks all along, they just switched names and now like to use that argument to avoid the racism prevalent in party supporters today. Kinda like how the best arguement people had for Trump was to knock Hillary for her emails. Distraction politics at it's best.