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He's been so frustrating to watch. Shows flashes of great athleticism mixed with streaks of sheer stupidity and bad technique.
Yea, the top seeded team gets to pick their semifinal game location.
Could be a nice combination of going for broke with play calling and having a player in the groove. Either of those things alone can be decent without the other but combined (against an underwhelming defense no less) it can be masterful.
Let's be real, did they ever really rejoin the union?
Where is gwhite to tell us how their backup QB gained more yards than the SC backup QB so really Tennessee is the better team and they're just playing possum to give Milton experience for their 2023 playoff run?
My dude, you need to head to the Olympics cause the mental gymnastics you display here are second to none.
I think Tennessee responds well. Heupel is pretty even-headed and his guys want to play for him. Even his post-game pressers feel a far way off from Butch or Pruitt. I think the team knows a lot of their goals are still in front of them if they win out, I think they respond accordingly.
Agreed. Georgia could afford to run mostly man coverage because they had the athletes in the backfield to run with the UT receivers. It's a simple enough strategy but you've got to have some dawgs on your roster to pull it off.
Ron ron ron... at least take the d!ck outta your mouth before you talk back.
Much appreciated man, Tennessee is still a good program that's come a long way in a short time. Heupel is a good fit there.
Anybody check on gwhite? Can we send a Sheriff by to do a wellness check? He's probably knee deep in his stats trying to figure out a way that Tennessee actually won this game.
I honestly think Georgia Tech would be a better fit for him to jump to the P5 ranks. Less pressure, in Atlanta where he has history, gets to play in the ACC. Just seems like it would make more sense for him than Auburn with their booster situation.
I'm not reading all that but I'm happy for you or sorry that happened.
Georgia under Kirby typically runs a 4-2-5 defense that allows him to stay in essentially a Nickel as their base defense with 4 down linemen. I think we'll see more brackets but I also thing we'll see more blitzing to try and get Hooker off his spot. Probably going to keep bringing the LBs and try to let the 5 DBs try and cover long enough for someone to get to him.
Yea, durability is not a trait you WANT to discover in your QB but it's nice to have it when you need it. Didn't realize how much I'd miss Matt Luke.
I feel like Deion would opt for the GT job over Auburn, not because of prestige but because of the pressure. Tech let Collins get 3 wins for 3 seasons in a row before canning him, Auburn boosters were ready to pitch Harsin out after one season. Both schools are in pretty fertile recruiting areas but the level of competition for Tech is a good bit lower year over year. If he wants to cut teeth in the FBS, Tech would likely be the better option to do it.
It's interesting that Luke Fickell isn't being brought up in these coaching search conversations. With what he's done at a G5 school I figured that would earn him a shot to try out at one of the big boys. Am I missing something obvious?
Amen dude. I'm tired of that whole family.
Much appreciated man. SC moved the ball much better than I expected, well played game andn they kept fighting. I think Beamer will be alright if they can recruit some O-linemen.
I don't think UGA needs the style points from the perspective of rankings, but I do think Kirby wants to showcase the passing game more this season to help with recruiting. He said as much after the Oregon game: "We want people that want to come play in this offense, and I think when you watch what they did today, if you're watching from home, you're saying, man, I'd love to play in that offense. They throw the ball around, they toss it around, 30 for 37 for how many yards?"
See I'd flip it the other way. I think if SC can score 31, they'll be in the game in the 4th quarter. Because to score 31 that'll likely include some defensive plays that give them a short field or a special teams/defensive TD. I don't see it happening, but stranger things have happened in this rivalry.
Uhh Stetson has 4 more completions on 2 less pass attempts than Hooker and is averaging 60 more yards a game. He hit 11 different receivers game 1 and 13 during game 2. Not to mention 1/3 of your passing game so far this season has gone to Tillman, disproving your theory that Tennessee distributes the ball more evenly. If you're gonna make silly claims on the internet, at least make sure they aren't easily disproven on the front page of the website you're making them on...
I think Daijun Edward's is solid but not exactly a major threat. I want to see a little more from Milton but I'm also curious how much of the running game drop-off has been because Kirby decided the best way to recruit WRs and QBs is to start slinging the ball all over the yard.
I think in the long run both Florida and AR will be alright. Do I think AR is as good as people (largely the media) thought last week or as bad as people think today? No, I believe the answer ultimately lies somewhere in the middle. It was a bad game-plan by Coach Napier but credit to him for trying to allow AR to atone for his mistakes instead of giving up on him immediately. I think Utah is a worse team than many thought and Kentucky is much better than people thought. It's week 2 of his first year and to the point of this article, his tone is already much different than his predecessors. Just gotta give him some time.