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I don't know why everyone is so down on Kiffin. He did a lot to help Bama while he was there.
"When you’re 3 deep in 5 star players at every position". No team has ever been that deep. But you are right IF that happened. Has never happened to date for ANY football team. Not even mighty BAMA.
His holding up six fingers was trolling Tide fans and they shouldn't let him forget it.
This has got to be an April fools joke. I can't imagine Bama players doing this.
Derrick Thomas was the best pass rusher of all time. Period.
Saban changes coaches all the time and has had fantastic results. I don't see a problem with it. Winning is the results
Marijuana? No big deal. Move on...there is nothing to see here.
He's just pulling some chains. Steve Spurrier did too. Lane needs to wait and see if he can win as a head coach again before joking about Alabama. I wish him well.
He was complaining of having sniffles yesterday and his nose and mouth appeared red.
He coaches for his student- athletes to do the right thing and he practices what he preaches.
Win or lose...look to the architect: Saban but Bama's defense is going to play a big part in this game. I twill be either the goat or the golden calf.
No need to stay because the new OC, Sarkisian, is ready to take over and has been with the program since the USC game. He knows all the plays and Coach Saban has full confidence in him.
He's desperate so he goes to emotions to win the recruit. Yes put him out of his misery.
He could have used the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus but he decided on a different fairy tale that's all. It just might work. lol
And Jalen Hurts will have over two years of experience in 2018 when they play the Hogs. You saw what he did to Ark with just 5 games of experience.
Why would Bama fans have sad faces? I hope he stays at Bama and wins many more NC's. Nothing sad about that.
He feels as if he is entitled. Too rich to fail. It's sad really.
One can? One fan? I watched the player walk off the field and didn't see it. It could have been anyone that threw a can down and took a pic. I need further proof.
It has happened before. In the college all star game in Chicago.
There is a BIG difference in a Saban coached team and an ALABAMA Saban coached team. He learned a lot since Drew Brees (even if that happened).
I think the coaching should be limited to the real coaches that are hired to win. I trust Coach Saban and the guys.
I wonder why he didn't bash the car. It was right there and available. LOL
No problem, if both teams continue to win they may meet in the playoffs. Wouldn't that be fun to watch? But for now both teams are in the "IF" mode.
Yes he will. Heck..he's fun to watch now. :>)
He can do it in early 2018 if he continues to win at the pace he is winning now
How many years has it been since Tn beat Bama?