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Roll Tide, y'all............ ROLL TIDE ElephantSurf.GIF
Did Gattis say “I’ve got a notebook upstairs with all the game plans written down in them....” ? So, he took plays and game plans with him when he left Bama? Is that ethical??
Jalen is a great player and his contribution to the success at Bama cannot be denied. But he was replaced because he showed (at times, esp when in a bind) an inability to make something happen. Don’t know whether he plateaued or what; but Bama’s system helped him for sure. It will be interesting to see if he can adapt to Riley’s system. Nothing is a sure thing.
Would somebody PLEASE donate $99.99 to get this professor a decent vacuum? :-)
I love Coach O.....but even he knew after the first TD they were screwed. RTR
So these boobs claim Jeremy Pruitt was disrespectful to Mark Richt??? Its not hard to see who the best coach was between the two, when Pruitt's defenses were the strength of the GA teams he was DC of...... Maybe Pruitt was onto something, cause Georgia STILL canned Richt even though he won the SEC East a number of times and had consistent 10 win seasons........