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I give up some respect to Ole Miss, however when they played Alabama, Alabama started the wrong quarterback who is good with a lot of potential but also very green and should have never started that game. Five turnovers will hurt any team it don't matter who they are. I'm pretty certain if Coaker would have started that game it would have been an entirely different out come. I place no blame on anyone and I really think loosing that game motivated the team more than anything the coaches could have thrown at them. We over came the loss and we are now where we should be. All we have to do is win out from here. ROLL TIDE ROLL my friends.
In one short year The Gators' current record under McElwain is 10–2, which includes a 38–10 upset against No. 3 Ole Miss that moved the Gators to No. 11 the following week. He led the Gators to their first SEC Eastern Division championship since 2012—and their first outright championship since 2009—with a 9–7 win over Vanderbilt, becoming the first coach to win an SEC Eastern Division championship in his first year. I respect McElwain, I know what he did at Alabama. GA is also getting an awesome coach in Kirby Smart, the SEC is going to get tougher no matter what all those SEC haters say. Roll Tide Roll