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Tua is very upfront and honest. If he hadv5csurgeries, he would tell you he had 5 surgeries. O dont know whos feeding Rivera this bull but he needs to stop trying to derail Tuas draft status.
Auburn problem is they cant buy a touchdown or a win. No talent so have to spew hate at the best. Source considered and you are being ignored.
Anything has to be better than those mustard yellow
Only one thing to say to Desmond. Those who can do, those who cant naysay.
If they were barking, they sure got muzzled real
mike b I am a true blood bama fan and the things you are intimating about mark Richt do not show the class of alabama fans. Yeah we can razz the other teams when they lose with trash talk but character assasination of the other teams coach is crossing over the line to being crude.
didnt matter. bama settled things on the