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By the time I logged in to reply they apparently corrected it.
dpiafoll I wonder why everyone doesn't see it that way.
Bama now has only 16 comits, seems strange to be talking greyshirt.
@SLUVA- "for sure", pretty strong statement.
@Weaglein Yeah he mentioned that, thus my reply, actually that play was designed to right, just huge hole to left he missed. Not the only one.
@ Skeegee grad Wrong Way Bo?
The team, games, individuals, got me confused but as I recall Chubb ran for 130+?.
AuburnSucksElephantTrunks I agree they should boycott this site.
AUFan_205 No question about it, night and day.
Bama and Auburn, let's do it again this week. RTR!!!
If all of them, plus the offence and defense big boys, and the secondary play well Bama will win. RTR!!!
Sure hope you are wrong about the score but either team could win by more than a TD, just hope it's Bama.
The ACC made a statement about the Miami-Duke game, what about a SEC statement, again saying it was a proper call. What a joke the replay guys are.
As a note on J.K.s' two 56 yard punts, both had the hang time to result in fair catches, one at the Vols 10 yard line and the other at their 31. RTR!!!
When I enrolled at Alabama they had won one game in the previous two seasons. Fortunately that was also the year Coach Bryant answered "Mamas' Call" and started his incredible tenure. From that time until now, except for a small hick-up, no college football fan could have asked for a better run. RTR!!!
Both spellings are correct fellow Auburn fan so you should apologize. Personally, I would let UTAH slide as a caps lock error since Baylor conforms to your specs.
You have a point but his is sharper.
My bookie collects on Tuesday, I don't know when he pays.
"Is there anything better than SEC football? I’m serious." If there is I haven't found it and I'm 75.
Make that our instead of their for the Auburn comment, but I'm all BAMA for that game. RTR!!!
If I'm not mistaken Henry fumbled in the first series and LSU is not the finale, nor is it being played at Baton Rouge. In addition there are 2 more games including Auburn at their scoreboard dominated field.
Love the 4th quarter one and am glad Bama got left out.
They won against the #2 team,
Look what happened to Ole Miss when they beat Bama, depending on what the other teams do the winner of this game could be pleasantly surprised.
I could give Marlon a pass on the 73 yd play since there were two linemen over 3 yds downfield but, he may have committed to the run before the linemen were more than 3 yds and Coach said they were not in the defense called. He did not say who was out of position. According to reports Jake hit a couple of receivers downfield and in stride during practice. Wow!