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Ole Miss Wrs are great and the QB looks good. My only thing is they couldn't stop the run at all what so ever. they gave up 250+ rushing to an alr raid team. I think thatll be Bamas plan and Harris and Harris will eat them alive. Especially when Saban was mad about the run game
My thing is and maybe hes realised it but I knlw there was one wide open TD in the Georgia game he missed seems like there was another for a big first down or ttown around that same time i believe he completed like 2 passes the first half but what im getting at is, just look at Ridley. Ridley got 90% of all passes thrown to him last year. He was visibly frustrated for the most part of every game because of him being wide open and its going in the dirt or over his head and the others were frustrated because if Ridley wasnt open, Hurts would just run. The NFL people even said it may or may not have hurt Ridleys drafts stock some mainly because of numbers. Every reciever there wants to be in Ridleys shoes, but none of them are probably as talented as Ridley as to where they can have low numbers and still go high in the draft. The RBs were frustrated like Damien even though he wont say it but hed get 11 carries a game to Hurts 15 to 20 then have to divide up with the rest. One of Auburns big wins in that game is what frustrated the RBs to. They knew they had prob the #1 DL in the league last year and knew Hurts wasnt a passing threat and completely 0 threat if Ridley was covered. So in that the RBs couldnt get any lanes and the OL was getting wore down and on top of that the entire D also. Same reason Clemson ran 99 plays the year before. So all in all in this very long comment is I love Hurts to death but his run first no read mentality for whatever reason had a huge negative effect on every single unit of the team. It was just that Bama had bettet athletes than all but 3 that we played. Bamas D beat Clemson. Maybe Hurts has a reason as to why he plays that way, maybe he didnt want to make a mistake so itd be wrong to say he cant do it when weve never seen him try. But the main thing is with all this win the team stuff is every single player on that team is ultimately there to win rings pile stats and go make millions, when Tua came in the entire offenses eyes lit up. They went to dancing and jumping around ready to go as to where it had been doom and gloom for several drives prior. You had WRs getting open and being thrown open, you had RBs with lanes because the D had to back up a little and a O line with breathing room. It was like a new team with a new playbook. They went to changing people left and right and everyone was pumped and ready to go until the missed Fg that caused the entire overtime period. Media only talks about the second and 26 and he got lucky after that sack and threw a good pass but he had Bama in the exact spot they needed to be like a 27bl yard fg for the win. And besides from folks I know close to it up there Daboll was mad because Saban wouldnt let him in. The team was second guessing because Tua was torching a top D daily in practice and Tua was down because he kept being told. Soon. Until that moment in the second half Hurts was on top of the world so i dont understand the basically saying hes been controlled negatively and all kind of stuff has been going on that no one knows about. I just dont see where there was an instance where he wasnt on a pedestal until start of second half. Long comment but thats my take. Im for them both but from what all ive said i think Tua would make the most sense business wise and team wise for every single player on that team.
I get what your saying now but I took it the way he ment it. This one was better than the previous 4. ( Obama )
09,11,12,15, and 17. Trump was only in the White House for the one they won January 2018. The last 4 were Obama years 2009 to 2017
4 or 5 of the 6 5 stars from last years class played big roles in the NC. Georgia's 5 or 6 hasn't done anything yet. No Kirby. Just be thankful he got all those years with Saban if not he wouldn't be able to copy every single aspect of what hes learned.
Considering how Sabans best class at Bama was last year without Smart