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Your comments gush nothing but jealousy due to the fact that if Saben had stayed at LSU yall could of done what Bama has done since 2007,we had our bad years and we had our share of terrible coaches and yes I'm saddened by the outcome this year BUT if Bama won every year college football would get pretty dam boring,I'm sorry but YOU will never see Saben standing on the sidelines as an empty shell of himself as to what his father taught him and Saben will always be able to recruit the best due to the amazing coach and man he is,Saben cares for his players and makes sure even if they go to the draft early that they still come back and get there degrees,our players are successful in the NFL and in life,by the way how's Leonard Fornette doing in the NFL hmm,Bama has several players in the NFL that are all getting 1,000 plus yards,YOU need to pull up your big girl panties and get over yourself...RTR