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LSU’s defense played a good game. The offense is just not up to par. But why are Georgia fans talking? You went to Baton Rouge and got embarrassed. Tua beat a better defense last year. And I look forward to him beating the UGA defense again. Roll Tide. Honestly don’t remember the last time Georgia beat Bama btw
I’d be mad too if my team lost 3 out of its first seven games. I too would also be mad if we gave a very average coach a 7 year contract extension knowing we can’t afford the buyout. I would also be mad if said coach was 1-4 in bowl games and lost to a G5 team in a bowl game. But I’m not mad because I’m not an Auburn fan hahaha
Being a Bama alum from the state of Georgia i like it when Georgia actually meets expectations. It’s good for the SEC and college football. But the fans act like they’ve been winning big games and playing above mediocre (for UGA) for years. I respect what iga has done so far this year amen am even more glad that they beat auburm, but telling a UGA fan to act like they’ve been there before is irrelevant. Because they really haven’t. They haven’t been there since i don’t even remember. So let the Dawg fans enjoy their season. Hopefully Kirby can get the back to Atlanta
Are we gonna sit around and act like Bama isn’t open up against #3 FSU in the biggest opening game ever? I know they suck now but everyone knows FSU is probably still in playoff convo if Francois doesn’t get hurt. Only other SEC team with the nads to play anyone decent opening weekend seems to be Auburn
Call it being cocky or being confident but the road to the playoff runs through Tuscaloosa. We play football and watch everyone else beat themselves up until someone steps up and rises to the challenge in January
BAMA student here. Honestly these rankings don’t mean anything until the last week of the season. But I will say this Georgia has been the most impressive team, but that is only because people expect this from Alabama. I don’t remember the last time UGA went 8-0 2012? Kirby has the dawgs playing championship pedigree football but remember people Nick Saban is 11-0 against his under studies and I’m still not sold on Fromm beating a December Bama defense with his arm.
DO NOT relax Georgia fans. Realize who you are as a program. I repeat do not relax
Yea. Because Marijuana has killed so many people and have turned people into savages. Come on. I know you guys are old, but at least do some research before you make your claims on a subject you have very little knowledge about
Damien is the Best running back in the conference. Look at those stats. And he’s still 20 carries away from hitting 100. Chubb has 10 more yards and 2 less touchdowns on nearly 30 more carries
“No love from media or fans” I understand you guys hyping up Bo all offseason, but if you have been anywhere near Tuscaloosa you would know that Damien and Jalen are our offensive captains and that everyone thinks Damien is our best back by a pretty wide margin at this point in he season
Ole Miss= Large Forest Fire Tennessee= Slightly Smaller Forest Fire Let’s see who can do the most damage to their program by the end of the season
I don’t disagree with anyone appearing on this list. I would switch Kelly and chubb definitely. wondering how close you were to putting Damien’s Harris on this list
Also I believe UGA will do what they always do and choke. I hope it doesn’t happen, being a native ATLien and Bama student I love beating UGA in Georgia. Makes going back home that much sweeter. Impressive win over Tennessee but I won’t be a true believer in the dawgs until they put totgether a complete season
Let me know when Auburn beats a top 10 team then we can talk
Real question is who’s the laughing stock of the SEC. LSU and UT have to flip a coin
UGA will get their credit when they decide to play well enough to show up in Atlanta
If you watched the games you'd know that none of them were ever really close/nail biters except for Ole Miss. Yes the LSU game was close but I think everyone watching that game knew LSU wasn't scoring points. A&M scored on the first possession after halftime and then couldn't move the ball for the rest of the game. Auburn couldn't even score a touchdown and if Carlson wasn't the best kicker in the nation they probably only score 6 points. Arkansas couldn't block or hold onto the football. Ole Miss was the only close SEC game we played last year
The "problems" will sort out themselves. Defense loaded with talent and an aggressive DC like Pruitt will lead to sacks and plays being made. Only one oline position not filled. And we haven't had a good kicker since Saban has coached here
Question: Are the rest of your teams going to show up to play football this year?
Main backs will be Harris, Bo, and Najee. Jacobs will get his carries but his style resembles Damien too much. But the fact we could return all 5 next year is crazy
Atlanta native/Falcons fan and bama student here. Yes, 2017 got off to a rough start. But regardless, every team that passes up on this guy because of offseason incidents will regret it. Reuben is a good leader. Made some poor choices but people fail to realize where these kids come from sometimes. He never had a problem at off the field issues at Bama and Bama players transition smoothly in the NFL. Reuben is gonna have a great career
Obviously biased, but I think Bo is better than Chubb. Only thing I can say Chubb is noticeable better at than no is the receiving aspect
UGA wishes they had those losses. Also UGA lost more games last season than I've experienced in my time as a student at Alabama, I'm a senior. Have fun underachieving again this year