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13 games would solve the inequities of scheduling.
Mid and lower eschlon programs are for 9 games as it improves their chances against top tier. Let's have 13 games and everybody plays everybody.
He kicked the player off the team that was arrested. Brandon did nothing wrong. Haters wanted him gone because he was beating their teams.
Just like his coach Oats Brandon is not ashamed of his faith in Jesus.
To me this is one of the faces of college football. 3 star. 4 Years of work and sweat and a college degree
Little bit of that dynasty jealously showing. Facts are coming out now that the shooting was in self defense. Not only is brandon squeaky clean but miles and davis will be found innocent and the dude in the jeep in trouble
Chuck had an agenda. He hates anything Crimson. Anything he says is designed to distract and jinx Bama. I hope Iowa wins and wins big.
I was hoping we could get ball state but georgia beat us to them.
I see the reporter who "broke" the story on Brandon has retracted the lies she put forth.
Would that be the police report that stated Brandon was not a suspect but he was a witness?
Brandon did not even know miles had left the gun in the car.
Typical reaction of crowd based media. You read a headline and announce a person (Miller) is guilty and you are qualified to br jury, judge and executor.
Some interesting notes are being overlooked by the vigilantes. Among these are the fact that Miller's car was shot several times. Miles must have been threatened and felt the need for protection.
You mean a super bowl qb like jalen? A dud who is a graduate of UA and had a very successful career as a college QB at UA?
Texas will have three permanent teams on schedule. Texas AM, Arkansas and OK. Ok gets Tejas, LSU and Missouri. Bama gets Tennessee, auburn and LSU Georgia will get Ball State, Troy and powerhouse UAB
This happens every year. Get our hopes up and then crash and burn.
Sometimes a coach has to bench a player for his own good. Jalen improved after that.
Why was the offensive end of the court so slippery for Bama? Just like watering the football field.
Smart poached shummy from saban and saban did not want him back. Saban never interviewed shum. Steele is a upgrade over every name that has been mentioned. Is georgia like 1 and 13 vs saban at bama?
No one "knows" what would have happened if Jalen stayed at Bama. I "think" Jalen's real improvement came once he was in the NFL. This I do know. Klatt is a hater. R O L L T I D E
No raise to counter an offer? I don't think CNS wanted him.
We Bama fans are used to this from roundball. Big build up. Then crash and burn.
As a Bama fan I send condolences to dawng Nation on your loss.
If you care about facts...FB was #5. Likely 3 or 4 in the final poll. BB is #7.
Alabama fields superior teams in a vast array of sports. Glad to clear the fog for you heel.