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dumbest article and dumbest prop bet - like bama is the only team projected to win 11+ games
ouch - how does it feel for your entire cfb world to end ? now when you get blasted by uga every year that last little bit of deluded 1980 ignorance is even gone - the irrelevant 2008 is gone - sad sad day when the delusional are force fed reality
2021 bahahahahahahah - 5000 DAYSSS HAHAHAHAHA - UR IGNORANT A should have just sat down - ur program is poverty - you havent even won the sec in a decade and half - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah - ur world is over - 1980 non sense while uga is killing the gayturds is over - none of it can save you from admitting reality now
and this is why you look like an idiot - you dismiss the fact that bama had everything to play for in the sec champ and uga had really nothing - it mattered just like it mattered in 2017 uga vs auburn - but your clueless and cling on to easy material that lacks critical thinking or understanding of the impacts of certain things on cfb players and teams - do us a favor next year and stfu
bahaha yea that bama offense is soooo incredible - big note here for all u clowns (MATT HAYES ) - ITS NOT 2020 ANYMORE YOU DOPE!!! - all of ur narratives are based on the past - leave 2020 CFB season already weve been in 2021 a while now
yet they outrank UT offense in almost every category (FACT) - A LOT of yall are going to luck so stupid by the end of this season - Matt Hayes Chief among them!!
the guy tweeting about the levis fumble is cute - yea bud is what a gift cause it absolutely was a fumble and inexplicably got overturned by refs that did their best there to keep kentucky in the game - absolutely could have been 21-0 going into half with that call rightfully standing
bamatime is a clown lol - he forgot what bama fanbase did after lsu in 2019 and clemson in 2018 - same excuses just like same excuses after struggling with a mediocre fla team lol - only difference is he cant tell the difference between excuses and facts
still just as clueless as ever i see - the fact u think auburn defense is better than ark is cute to start with - then u think uga cant roll through auburn kentucky and florida with stetson bennett - bahah they can and can with ease - they need daniels for one team thats IT!
i know CFB media and opposing fans dont like details or facts in their negative narratives about a team or player especially with uga as it seems most of the negative narratives lack facts or important details but lets put bennet struggles in big game not game(s) - the kid was going through UF like a hot knife through butter up 14-0 and sprained his AC shoulder joint on his throwing arm (that plus half the defense out is the REAL reason UF won that day lets be objectively honest here) - not espousing bennett over daniels but the kid can play and outside of a half of football vs bama was dang solid last year
yall are gonna find out here eventually just like it took a few weeks into 2017 that this uga team is different
I mean where is the 17 coming from ? 4th string UGA D at the very very end ?
Farmer - you lost me at UGA hasnt stretched the field yet - soooo DID YOU JUST MISS A WEEK OF FOOTBALL THIS PAST SATURDAY ??
hahaha exactly - i was like wtf is this clown talking about and went to the comments to see who else caught it - like dude watch some fball if you are going to have a career writing about it
also uga was on the verge of blowing bama out twice and fortune kept bama in the game - 2018 sec champ a fluke fumble bounce back to bama on their td to make it 14 pts and a fluke missed fg by blankenship and that game is easily 31-7 in the fourth quarter - and despite im sure your bias delusion that isnt def not reaching either - pure fluke bounce on the bama rb fumble in the end zone in the first half...couple that with a 20-7 lead in the natty late in that game and again bama doesnt scare uga - they want that team more than any other at this point - congrats on beating last years two start walk on qb who still had a halftime lead on bama til he singlehandedly let bama tack on two tds to make that game look more lopsided that it really was
winning the east isnt really the priority at uga - its a means to end that has to happen but win the east and lost to bama in the sec champ and youve been there done that - failed season - uga has to go through bama now to get where they need to go so bama coming to the east just moves the game from december to regular season
winning just one has as much to do with breaks and fortune as anything - winning multiple YES its more than that - Jimbo just got fortunate in 2013 auburn had multiple flukes to get there - had FSU played bama in the natty like they played auburn it would have been ugly - and no other year has jimbo had a team that was remotely close to natty caliber - 2014 FSU only made the playoff since the ACC was horrid - they were murdered by the third place team upon arrival - in a decade + of coaching jimbo had one team and even that team was mostly fortunate with the draw and lack of playoff
clueless with the uga takes outside of kirby needing to kick himself for daniels not playing (barring he was really healthy enough which we dont know)...lets not forget uga was up 14-0 on florida before that walk on backup got hurt - yall seem to consistently overlook uga injury misfortune the last few years - just like the lsu sec champ last year were the entire wr corp and starting rb was out - not saying uga would have beaten UF but bennett sure was playing a hell of a lot better prior to a clearly impactful shoulder injury - and thats not even mentioning the 5 missed starters on defense including the biggest imacts Jordan Davis and Richard lecounte along with a semi injured less than 100% monty rice - all that and the usual florida/UGA setup of both having a bye week and normal routine prior to jville getting all screwed up this year which giving a better coaching staff less time to prepare clearly has impacts - and yes smart and his staff are better than UFs - the records speak for themselves despite kirby with QBs which is as much luck as well (all you praise saban for Tua but forget he really picked Jalen Hurts over Tua and if not for injury mullen would have never picked Trask over Franks lets be honest and objective - kirby just needed from to have a season ending injury early in 2018 and the fields show would be humming along in athens and praises abound maybe - oh then the media would have said despite kirbys ignorance - he doesnt get that blind treatment like mullen
maybe so but not nearly as much as tenn - well at least when their fan base thinks they are relevant in the off season bahahahaha
the only reason zou got 14 were a blocked punt and trick play - they still werent putting up yards before those two flukey plays - dont kid yourself uga mistakes were the only reason mizzou ever even had a pulse in this game
actually NO we don’t know that - we will find out this saturday cause there is another sec team loaded with 4 and 5 stars we have to play. Also objectively Clemson looks like the most complete team in the country and we haven’t seen Ohio st yet soooo yea that’s a fat NO we don’t know that they are clearly the best team
lol uga is as hard or harder to get in to than bama or clemson sooo stop spitting out unfactual nonsense like it’s truth
i think Kirby has learned that aspect from saban and has already fitted some really good coaches in for mel tucker , sherer and pittman - not as good maybe filling for chaney but i think uga offensive system and kirby meddling in it is as much a problem there as the coaches - coach O idk yet cause he hasn’t had to do this yet year after year
Fla has a program built on cards right now - I would hold back if I were u and see how this plays out
But but but he was gonna be better than Kirby Hahahaha - even John Parker Wilson said so Hahahaha clowns - Pruitt can’t and never will be able to hold Kirby’s jock strap
It’s early and gsu isn’t top of the line competition but LSU is elite period - bama an uga need to be worried
hahahaha good Lord you UF fans have no idea what you are about to see with UGA - this will not be a fun season for yall - UGA has never, I repeat HAS NEVER, fielded a team this stacked....and stop acting like chaney was an elite OC - make fun of him while he was at UGA as soon as he leaves ohhhh uga is in trouble cause he was great lol