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Doesnt change the fact that it isnt true - the SC historical data is based on Muschamp so why would you intimate it can be applied to richt with uga?? just shut up your making a salty fool of yourself
Bill Lets Party Belichick - LSU/UGA game was a fluke - wake up moron UGA is easily #2 in the sec and top 5 in the country - dont let your cock delusions outweigh you objectivity - dont be that guy
Look there is no conspiracy - to think refs made a call to impact the next game is ludicrous - I will say this though - like the Yankees, Patriots or any dynasty there is an element of fortune/luck involved with the superior skill/talent. Bama as a program has been fortunate twice in hitting the coaching lottery with Bear and Saban that being said when your teams are constantly in position for champs every year you are in the spotlight the calls are more noticeable and being in that position every year the law of averages tends to be in favor of that team winning that champ here and there which is pretty much what bama has done since 2008.
cdub2407 might help you to really watch games that dont involve bama bruh - us shutting down a pitiful LSU and MSU offense isnt close to the same as shutting down UGA - this game is 50/50 without Tua - 28?!? haha you are an idiot
Its funny to think back on pre season carolina fans an media to now - back then it was all sunshine an roses - gonna beat uga - they lost all those guys like 65 seniors hahaha then even heard a finebaum caller say that carolina would be the most talented team on the field until the clemson game - oh delusions how they can so quickly be killed once a season actually starts - carolina can put together some decent years but you will not have any hope of competing for the east for the next decade - uga owns yall and the rest of the east
If UGA can figure out to get out of there own way they are going to be hell to deal with - this game so easily should have been 41+ to 10.
Enjoy your one irrelevant big time win LSUMC just like Auburn did last year - game meant nothing to UGA and both were flukes as the sec champ game proved last year - LSU got extremely overrated cause of that fluke win period.
Where yall at - Buster im still waiting for a reply on this post you said mark it down - you idiots thought uga was a fluke last year - i knew better - ive watched kirby up close for almost a decade - saw the resources at uga and knew they werent going anywhere - their only problem is bama is in their way - something that didnt bama didnt have to deal with when sabans run started...none of the other teams in the sec esp east are going to contend with uga for a long long long time - better except that reality sooner or later - the sooner the better might save you from bitter dissappointment if you can start preparing yourselves
This program is just in a sad delusional state - some are happy because well its better than last years horrible horrible year (not much of an accomplishment tbh) - you got a lot of guys back healthy that didnt play last year, hit the jackpot on some high caliber transfers - returned 18 of 22 starters and you still arent any closer to competing for championships - FLA also still has a talent issue overall that Mullen doesnt seem to be closing - Fla optimism for the future will remain DELUSIONAL until the first AT VERY LEAST top 10 class is pulled in - until then enjoy getting your hopes up every year and looking way up to UGA.
"should be ranked ahead of Georgia after what happened a few weeks ago in Baton Rouge. It wasn’t even close. So should Georgia be grateful to be at No. 5? I don’t know." hahahaha then FLA needs to be ranked ahead of LSU!!!! Dude shut up with that - one anomaly game that meant everything to one team and not much of anything to another does not trump overall - in case you missed 2017 ask Auburn - you really think Auburn was better than UGA and Bama last year?!? To answer the idiots NO NO they werent
Trudawg - obviously you are a troll from another team but cmon dude - middle of the east? UGA has won the east more than any other team since 2002- 6 times to Fla 5 and Tenn 2 Mizz 2 SC 1 and thats it - try to troll with meaningful non made up stuff buddy
Spurrier is a bit much and seems to slight other great coaches when given the chance but i will admit the coordinator thing is on point - especially d coordinators - you know what makes a good d coordinator?? PLAYERSSSS!! Hell i could have been bamas d coordinator for most of those years - play base defense and let a bunch of future 1st and 2nd round studs go find ball and make play lol
Haha sure buddy - good look finding those 3 teams - and please shut up with LSU Kentucky and Florida
So where is that "blowout line" then? 43-29 isnt but 45-23 is? asking for a friend
Well Bunker Buster - I bookmarked it - guess what - didnt happen - seems like not a single "mark my words" or "write this down" ever comes true anymore lol
I love how idiots like BJ think that the 2015 and 2016 seasons some how reflect whats going to happen in 2018 - just STOPPPPP dude - i hope you dont use such faulty logic in other areas of your life
meh - ppl keep hyping this and "dont forget about them" fact is outside of LSU and Auburn and maybe Miss st no one has the talent to stay with bama or uga for 4 quarters - mizzou will get woodshedded too!!!
2012 UGA and Bama were pretty good - but cmon man - UGA lost 35-7 to USCe that year - no team that loses 35-7 in a season can even be mentioned - I dont think bama 2012 was one of the best bama teams either - they looked great in the NCG cause Notre dame was highly overrated and shouldnt have been there except for fortune
Yall really really need to prepare yourselves for the UGA going sideways on you - hope for the best - prepare for UGA just being way too much for yall to handle - this notion that yall keep feeling good cause of past success against UGA isnt the best - different coach, culture, etc. than what yall used to have success against - if you wouldnt be as comfortable playing bama week 2 then you shouldnt be as comfortable playing UGA
If your hinging that "not long" on beating UGA - well let me just say good luck lol
vehemon - you are an idiot if you cant see a difference with UGA - an to add they have never had this much talent across the board - it would be wise for you to get your head out of your *** before you look like even more of a fool
UGA fans - is your dude right here serious?!? lol yall cant claim this guy
People really dont get recruiting - being #2 because you have more kids early is not a good sign - the fact is a&m has double digit 3 stars - THATS NOT GOOD
Its hilarious reading fans of two team who are DEFINITELY not RBU tell another program who has a legitimate stake to RBU tell them they arent - LSU and Barn yall are cute hahaha now sit down and let the grown folk talk!!!
Except for 3 schools - Clem UGA and OSU - everyone else yes i agree - no one else really wants bama
Ok so you have posted this twice now redsox2004....without any evidence - please tell what exactly are you referring to?!?!?!
I hate this for LSU - Burns is a HORRIBLE prognosticator - just horrible - so good luck LSU! Dude is clueless
BamaTime - the fact that you respond to what wolfman is saying above with rainbow and unicorn crap and no clue blah blah blah - clearly shows you arent reading or are unable to decipher the english language enough to know that he isnt taking a shot at bama or hailing mizzou as great - he is just stating perceptions and opinions of the qb situation - you sir give us a bad name and sound so so so damn ignorant