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i think Kirby has learned that aspect from saban and has already fitted some really good coaches in for mel tucker , sherer and pittman - not as good maybe filling for chaney but i think uga offensive system and kirby meddling in it is as much a problem there as the coaches - coach O idk yet cause he hasn’t had to do this yet year after year
Fla has a program built on cards right now - I would hold back if I were u and see how this plays out
But but but he was gonna be better than Kirby Hahahaha - even John Parker Wilson said so Hahahaha clowns - Pruitt can’t and never will be able to hold Kirby’s jock strap
It’s early and gsu isn’t top of the line competition but LSU is elite period - bama an uga need to be worried
hahahaha good Lord you UF fans have no idea what you are about to see with UGA - this will not be a fun season for yall - UGA has never, I repeat HAS NEVER, fielded a team this stacked....and stop acting like chaney was an elite OC - make fun of him while he was at UGA as soon as he leaves ohhhh uga is in trouble cause he was great lol
hahaha half their defense?!?! good lawd gator fans will make any delusion rather than facing the reality that they arent on uga's level - missing a corner or two doesnt account for losing by 3 tds - that victory over a mediocre mich team with more than half the defense out gave you all wayyy to much confidence - the irony of a uf fan saying uga is in for a rude awakening is classic - come november you all will fully understand the irony
Are you to busy or just to Effin stupid to watch the video - kid even clarified if later he was talking about Chaney - your a fckin idiot
You ppl don’t even notice the one he said was fake at uga is gone - Chaney was the one in his living room when he told his mom they are fake - not only could chaney not pull recruits he cost uga a homegrown elite one - I’m sure uga fans won’t miss that guy
Joe you are a wishful clown - FLA is a joke and this meaningless bowl false positives are hilarious - UGA and Bama will still run the SEC so dont you worry the gap wont be closed anytime soon but keep telling yourself all these things are happening to UGA that someone changes the fact that UGA talent is FARRRRR superior to FLA talent
bahahahahahahaha TENNNNN DIDNT STEAL ANYONE!! and if you think they did you are an absolute moron - UGA let him walk period - just ask yourself one logical question - WHY ELSE WOULD A OC TAKE A LATERAL TO A TEAM THAT IS REBUILDING INSTEAD OF COMPETING FOR CHAMPS??????? Dont give me money (UGA HAS PLENTY TO MATCH WHATEVER TENN HAS)
hahahah Texas36 yea congrats on you and BIG12s irrelevant bowl wins - since you all cant seem to actually win ones that matter where the other teams actually have motivation to play and their best players arent sitting - but hey congrats im sure they will remember the sugar bowl decades from now lmao
bama ends with thibs,sopsher and neal or wright - dax hill may flip back to mich now that harb has confirmed to be staying uga ends with sanders,dean,haselwood and neal or wright also - stevenson and elam or battle will close their class out Bama will have 29 guys with about 5 5 stars and around a 323 score UGA will have 26 guys with about 7-8 5 stars and around a 323 score bookmark this for ref after the dust settles - this is what all the inside sources are mocking at this moment
sorry but wright will end up at either bama or uga regardless of the tenn chatter
Problem is you lose your QB, top LB, top CB and DL and go right back to the same issues as before
UGA actually has 26 spots open with leans on sanders,dean,haselwood and a good chance when bama pulls neal wright goes to uga - adding stevenson and elam or battle would give uga the #1 spot at 323.9 over bama with Thibs,Sop and Neal and 29 recruits at 323.5 so yea it most DEF IS NOT LOCKED UP!!! HOW QUICKLY YOU PEOPLE FORGOT ABOUT MAKING THE SAME PROCLAMATION ABOUT OHIO ST CLASS LAST YEAR AT EXACTLY THIS SAME TIME because you clearly dont keep up with any of this stuff.
30 yard missed chip shot cost em more than fake but youre to effin dumb to figure that out - richt 2.0 hahahaha you morons are gonna hate the reality that uga is at bamas level from here on out - its sad that it takes a great comeback from an all time great team against uga that somehow gives you other fans of avg programs who get killed by uga some sort of fake delusional ammo to attack uga fans with - lol i remember you types of clowns back when bama started the run in 08/09 - buckle up and accept whats happening with uga - the sooner you do the easier it will be to accept when they crush your team year in year out like bama has been doing for a decade - oh and btw all inside info haselwood is all UGA - its hilarious all you idiots out there think he would actually go to a trash heap like Miami or Tenn lmfao
Higher based on what? As a trio with jacobs maybe but top 2 no UGA duo is better and pretty much every stat and metric bore that out.
Wonder why he skipped the UGA/GT game??? Went from #4 to #6 - interesting
You salty ass fans are sad really - a team loses one fluke game against that meant nothing for one team and everything for another dismisses the entire season and last season along with recruiting and program trajectory - stfu and sit down - you’re opinions are as irrelevant as your teams are- uga and bama will rule the sec for years to come - the sooner you irrelevant sacks accept that reality the sooner you can accept it the same way it took you years to accept what bama is
Honestly that is a dumb blowhard point but nice try - thanks for making us look like we don’t have valid arguments as bama fans
Wow ppl really didn’t see the LSU uga game reality - it was more lopsided than a 20 point loss?!?!? Haha yea the stats weren’t far off but sure buddy - ppl are fcking stupid - and his reference was that it was 16-0 at half - clearly doesn’t know 16 is less than 20
Doesnt change the fact that it isnt true - the SC historical data is based on Muschamp so why would you intimate it can be applied to richt with uga?? just shut up your making a salty fool of yourself
Bill Lets Party Belichick - LSU/UGA game was a fluke - wake up moron UGA is easily #2 in the sec and top 5 in the country - dont let your cock delusions outweigh you objectivity - dont be that guy
Look there is no conspiracy - to think refs made a call to impact the next game is ludicrous - I will say this though - like the Yankees, Patriots or any dynasty there is an element of fortune/luck involved with the superior skill/talent. Bama as a program has been fortunate twice in hitting the coaching lottery with Bear and Saban that being said when your teams are constantly in position for champs every year you are in the spotlight the calls are more noticeable and being in that position every year the law of averages tends to be in favor of that team winning that champ here and there which is pretty much what bama has done since 2008.
cdub2407 might help you to really watch games that dont involve bama bruh - us shutting down a pitiful LSU and MSU offense isnt close to the same as shutting down UGA - this game is 50/50 without Tua - 28?!? haha you are an idiot
Its funny to think back on pre season carolina fans an media to now - back then it was all sunshine an roses - gonna beat uga - they lost all those guys like 65 seniors hahaha then even heard a finebaum caller say that carolina would be the most talented team on the field until the clemson game - oh delusions how they can so quickly be killed once a season actually starts - carolina can put together some decent years but you will not have any hope of competing for the east for the next decade - uga owns yall and the rest of the east
If UGA can figure out to get out of there own way they are going to be hell to deal with - this game so easily should have been 41+ to 10.
Enjoy your one irrelevant big time win LSUMC just like Auburn did last year - game meant nothing to UGA and both were flukes as the sec champ game proved last year - LSU got extremely overrated cause of that fluke win period.
Where yall at - Buster im still waiting for a reply on this post you said mark it down - you idiots thought uga was a fluke last year - i knew better - ive watched kirby up close for almost a decade - saw the resources at uga and knew they werent going anywhere - their only problem is bama is in their way - something that didnt bama didnt have to deal with when sabans run started...none of the other teams in the sec esp east are going to contend with uga for a long long long time - better except that reality sooner or later - the sooner the better might save you from bitter dissappointment if you can start preparing yourselves
This program is just in a sad delusional state - some are happy because well its better than last years horrible horrible year (not much of an accomplishment tbh) - you got a lot of guys back healthy that didnt play last year, hit the jackpot on some high caliber transfers - returned 18 of 22 starters and you still arent any closer to competing for championships - FLA also still has a talent issue overall that Mullen doesnt seem to be closing - Fla optimism for the future will remain DELUSIONAL until the first AT VERY LEAST top 10 class is pulled in - until then enjoy getting your hopes up every year and looking way up to UGA.