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Wake up. It's time to go to school. (your mom waking you from your dream)
Hang in there little buddy. You might get laid some day.
I'd love to meet some of you face to face. I'd be merciful and make it quick. Gnome sayin'?
Sark's comment ("I think there’s something to be said about a guy that perseveres, that fights through adversity, develops the mental toughness needed,” Sarkisian said.) sounds like someone else I know. He definitely learned alot from the GOAT. Sark will likely build a helluva program at Texas. I wish him luck as long as he's not playing an SEC team, and obviously for sure not if playing Bama. Roll Tide!!
Why are you even on here? Shouldn't you be out raising money for Gus's buyout?
I look forward to a world without Gary Danielson.
We will donkey punch Clemson and anyone else who dares to step onto the field.
Knowing that these games make Tommy T unhappy makes me like them even more!
You should have a little cheese with that whine.