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I would like to have seen North Dakota State at Oregon first week of the season. No one wants to play North Dakota State because they aren’t scared of anyone just ask Wisconsin which learned the hard way. But to me that’s one of the games we lost that I most would have liked to see.
I don't like Urban Meyer but as a coach I'd have to put him at #2, even though he is not active right now, his resume sort of speaks for itself. He was successful at every university he coached. Not many coaches can do that.
Notre Dame is irrelevant in college football. The media wants them to be relevant and every year they rank them way higher than they are qualified to be and then ND goes and proves it on the field. The SEC plans to play all games and if other conferences choose not to play us, let's welcome ND to play some SEC teams this year. Let's see what their record looks like after a full SEC schedule, if they can make it through.
Wow you really don't understand how things work do you? You've been spoon fed the MSNBC and CNN crap to your brain. Trump has done more good for this country than any President since Reagan. Obama about killed us but Trump has been unburying us since he took office. We've had more jobs and more prosperity in the last 4 years than Obama ever dreamed about. I hope we can get 4 more years before the liberal elite try to destroy us all.
Can you imagine SEC Media days now with Kiffin and Leach! Holy Cow it is going to be crazy. The Egg Bowl is going to be must see TV now. The SEC West just became the Big 12 East! LOL
I think it's a given unless he shows he can't compete in spring practice. Tua's brother Taulia is very good too so I feel badly for him. He's shown flashes of greatness the few times he's stepped on the field. I imagine there will be some QB transfers from Alabama in the next 12 months.
He made the best choice, go get the money, don't risk another injury in college. Plus our QB room is full, though we'd all love to see Tua play another year we have enough QB's ready to play now. With Bryce Young coming in, everyone knows he will be the starter unless he just falls flat on his face during the spring. So it'll be an interesting QB battle the next year.
Way to go Vols! I almost quit watching because it looked as if Tennessee hadn't shown up to play at all. But finally they did. That's a great way to represent the SEC and go into the off season on a winning streak! Now LSU it's your turn, bring the Natty home to the strongest conference in football! SEC! SEC!
Normally I like Dabo but lately he's been whining so much I'm about tired of it. I'm pulling for LSU to put the whooping on Clemson like they did to Bama last year, hopefully worse. Let's bring the trophy back to the SEC. Geaux Bengal Tigers!
He obviously didn't know, like everyone else he assumed by now the entire team knew. It's sad anyway you look at it. All of are pulling for LSU against Clemson and I hope they play like they did against Oklahoma. But let me say this, does this now not debunk the whole notion that you need to be a conference champion to play in the playoffs? OK wasn't even a top 10 team, they lost to Kansas that should have been a clue. But the same thing would have happened to Oregon or Utah was well. LSU was head and shoulders above Oklahoma. maybe after losing 3 straight years to the SEC champion maybe OK will decline any further invitations to the playoffs to match up with the SEC! LOL
By Gary! Now maybe i can turn the volume back up during games. I hate CBS so I am happy to see them go.
He just claimed last year in an interview that he would win the Heisman his freshman year. So it was self proclaimed. No one knows if he's good yet or not because he hasn't taken a snap in college. I guess we will see.
I had been a Dabo fan up until the last several weeks where he was whining so much about disrespect. I wouldn't want an Alabama coach sounding so childish in the media and he needs to be grateful for what has been done and that they are undefeated. Just let your talking be on the field, shut up in front of the mike. But I would pull for LSU, I will stay loyalty to the SEC, keep the Natty in the SEC, it makes us all look better from a conference standpoint. LSU beat us on the field so I will pull for them and I like Burrow. Coach O is hard to listen to but he seems like decent guy. We will get LSU back next year. Clemson needs to be knocked down a notch or two, I'd be happy to see LSU do to them what they did to Bama last year. Roll Tide!
We've got to stop the staff turnover and stop losing asst coaches more than anything. I really believe that has been the biggest issue Bama has dealt with. Lack of consistency has hurt the program, look at Clemson. Give Dabo credit he has kept his staff in tact and they are still in the top 4 and undefeated. But you are right, the defensive side of Bama has some real issues and it's not going to be a quick easy fix.
It's funny to me how the rest of the SEC hates us so much. I mean I really only pull against Auburn. I even started pulling for Tennessee this year as they started to improve, because I know the Vol fans are starved and want to win after so many bad years. Too proud of a program to be down so long and we need Tennessee to be good for the SEC. I pull for all SEC teams against non-SEC teams for sure. But I read all of these comments and so many people hate Alabama, why such hatred? I realize we all have some crazy, idiot fans but most Bama fans that I know are not arrogant self righteous fans that we always get portrayed as. Look I remember the late 90's and early 2000's when we were going 3-8 and losing to Louisiana Monroe, Central Florida and no coach wanted to come to Alabama when we had a vacancy, which was often. I am proud of what Bama has accomplished in the last 10 years and I get the "Bama fatigue" factor somewhat by why so much hate toward us? I am pulling for Georgia against LSU in the SECC game because the Dawg fans have waited since 1980 for a Natty. They are due and I hope they get another shot, plus I like UGA and Kirby. So Go Dawgs! But either way I hope the SEC brings the National Title back to the SEC!
Well I for one am pulling for the Dawgs. I live in Georgia and I would love to see Kirby finally bring a national title back to Athens, 1980 was a long time ago. I am hoping the Dawgs are about to peak at the right time and once they beat LSU that momentum will catapult them into the playoffs. The SEC can handle whatever the rest of the country wants to throw at us.
I'd like to see GA win this game but all I see is LSU scoring all over them. Fromm and GA can't keep up in a scoring fest. If LSU has 21 or more by halftime this game could get ugly in the second half. LSU's offense is as potent as Bama's and even I didn't believe how good Bama's offense was until we walked all over the Auburn D (wish our D had been decent). I see LSU winning this game by 24 plus.
I think they need to retain Rich Rod as HC and keep McIntyre as Co-Head and DC. That's a lot of experience in coaching and would help retain recruiting. Ole Miss does NOT need to start over again it just takes too long to keep up with the rest of the SEC West doing that. Ole Miss has the potential to be a contender but they have to settle down
I would put Rich Rod as the head coach and be very happy to do if I were Ole Miss.
He was very loyal to Ole Miss and needed to be given time because he was the one dealt the hand that Freeze left behind. Anything that has happened these last 3 years isn't Luke's fault. Ole Miss is not going to be Alabama, LSU or Auburn, they just aren't, Mississippi is not a hot bed of recruiting talent. But they can be a regular 8-3, 7-4 and once in awhile a 10-2 type team. Plus letting him find out on the road in front of a young recruit is just terrible. That is very poor handling in any school, they should owe him a huge apology.
Look to be honest, I'm not sure I even want to make the playoffs. Bama is a good team but with so many injuries, even out side of Tua, we are just not an elite team right now. This is not our year, it's okay we can't be a playoff team every year even if I wish we could be. But we may sneak in anyway after the Oregon loss. Bama has to first beat Auburn and that's a tall task with the Auburn defense which is an elite defense. Luckily Auburn's offense isn't very good so that leaves the door open. But I don't see Georgia beating LSU, the Dawg offense is just pedestrian, for some reason Jake Fromm has taken a step back in the last 2 years, letting Fields go was a huge mistake, imagine Fields at QB for GA right now! So if LSU wins the SEC, Georgia falls back, Bama defeats Auburn then who jumps Bama? Maybe Utah? What if Oregon comes back to defeat Oregon in the Pac 12, then what? I'd be happy for Bama to limp into the Sugar Bowl to play Baylor or Oklahoma and maybe finish 12-1 and #3 nationally when it's all over. Because if we do make the playoffs I don't realistically see us getting anywhere. Just be honest my Bama friends, our defense can't stop Ohio State, maybe not even Clemson again and do I really want to lose to LSU twice in the same year? No! If we had CJ Mosely, Christianson, Dale, Tua and all of our depth back sure but we don't. Too much of our experienced talent is out, that's too much to overcome, lady luck has not been on our side this year.
I can deal with CBS if and only if Gary leaves. He is the worse commentator out there. I don't want to listen to his voice anymore.
That move would make no sense. From a top tier Big Ten school to the dumpster fire at FSU in a weak ACC? Fisher left FSU because their facilities were so bad and the administration had no plans to upgrade. If you can't recruit to a school why on earth would you go. Have you ever been to Tallahassee? It's a poor, dirty town on the FL peninsula. It's not even a pretty part of the state. The best thing about FSU is Renegade and the horse can't play football.
I can't say I disagree with Neuheisal, Bama is beat up in every facet. Tua is gone, our defensive line is all beat up, linebackers have been beat up all year, our kicker is still out and who knows what his status is, I feel we just need to get to the offseason and heal. But something needs to change in our off season training because I feel like whatever our linebackers are doing they need to stop and do something else. How many seasons now have we had ongoing injuries at Linebacker? I don't want in the playoffs, right now we can't play with Ohio State, Clemson or probably not even LSU again without Tua. We are not healthy enough, we way to thin right now to be competitive. Let's win these last two games, get a good bowl game and try to finish 12-1. This is not our year, be honest with yourselves.
This isn't Ole Miss, Arkansas, Vandy, Kentucky, Western Carolina or any weak team, this is an LSU team as ever bit as talented as our team across the field. It will come down to coaching and miscues. One big area Bama MUST improve on our penalties. We simply can't get into 3rd down situations with LSU and then give them a penalty that extends drives for them. NO stupid false starts, late hits, holding or pass interference calls. Especially when it comes at a time when our defense is about to get off the field. We must play smart and not let dumb things lose the game for us. Should be a very good game and back and forth. I don't see either team running away with it.
Really doesn't matter, the only poll that matters is the last one. Sure rank us #5 give us even more juice and motivation for Saturday, we can use anything you want to give us. Roll Tide.
This is two of the best QB's in the country slinging it down field to several NFL caliber wideouts. I don't expect defense is going to get involved very much. I could be wrong, but I am seeing a game by both teams in the mid 30's. 35-30, 38-35. Something like that, maybe even more, we will see. I do expect Ed to pull some tricks out of his hat, he needs this win desperately so I expect LSU to do everything they can to pull this one out; short pop up kickoffs to try and catch us off guard, blitzes we've never seen, fake punts, etc. It will be a fun game.
I wouldn't sweat it, LSU is loaded at every position. They will be fine. Now if we could only get Joe Burrow to transfer or quit then I would feel better about the game! LOL