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I can't say I disagree with Neuheisal, Bama is beat up in every facet. Tua is gone, our defensive line is all beat up, linebackers have been beat up all year, our kicker is still out and who knows what his status is, I feel we just need to get to the offseason and heal. But something needs to change in our off season training because I feel like whatever our linebackers are doing they need to stop and do something else. How many seasons now have we had ongoing injuries at Linebacker? I don't want in the playoffs, right now we can't play with Ohio State, Clemson or probably not even LSU again without Tua. We are not healthy enough, we way to thin right now to be competitive. Let's win these last two games, get a good bowl game and try to finish 12-1. This is not our year, be honest with yourselves.
This isn't Ole Miss, Arkansas, Vandy, Kentucky, Western Carolina or any weak team, this is an LSU team as ever bit as talented as our team across the field. It will come down to coaching and miscues. One big area Bama MUST improve on our penalties. We simply can't get into 3rd down situations with LSU and then give them a penalty that extends drives for them. NO stupid false starts, late hits, holding or pass interference calls. Especially when it comes at a time when our defense is about to get off the field. We must play smart and not let dumb things lose the game for us. Should be a very good game and back and forth. I don't see either team running away with it.
Really doesn't matter, the only poll that matters is the last one. Sure rank us #5 give us even more juice and motivation for Saturday, we can use anything you want to give us. Roll Tide.
This is two of the best QB's in the country slinging it down field to several NFL caliber wideouts. I don't expect defense is going to get involved very much. I could be wrong, but I am seeing a game by both teams in the mid 30's. 35-30, 38-35. Something like that, maybe even more, we will see. I do expect Ed to pull some tricks out of his hat, he needs this win desperately so I expect LSU to do everything they can to pull this one out; short pop up kickoffs to try and catch us off guard, blitzes we've never seen, fake punts, etc. It will be a fun game.
I wouldn't sweat it, LSU is loaded at every position. They will be fine. Now if we could only get Joe Burrow to transfer or quit then I would feel better about the game! LOL
Certainly the best passing team we've had but the running game is really not running over people. The defense has many weaknesses, stopping the run is most apparent. Our kicking game is still not very good. Hope we don't have to win a game with a field goal anytime soon or we just might be in deep trouble. I'm not ready to crown this team the best ever until they are 15-0. We have long was to go yet, we need to win in College Station first against a QB that ran around us last year. If we can escape Texas A&M with a win by 30+ points then I will start to feel a bit better.
I don't necessarily disagree with it. Ohio State hasn't played in great teams but they have played some tougher opponents and not just beaten them but won handily. They went to Nebraska and won 48-7, beat Cincy 42-0 and Cincy is ranked now and they beat a tough Mich State team by 24. I don't love OSU by any means but taking my biased hat off, at this point in the season I would have them #1. I'd have LSU #2, Bama #3, Georgia #4 and Oklahoma #5. Clemson is barely playing top 10 ball and are only there based on last year. I wish Clemson had a decent team on their schedule somewhere because they are just going to walk into the playoffs unchallenged.
We at Bama went through this in the late 90s and early 2000's so I know how the Vol fans feel. You want to take those Tennessee window decals off your car, burn your Vol shirts and never set foot on campus again, it gets embarrassing after awhile. 1997 (4-7) 1998 (7-5), 2000 (3-8), 2001 (7-5), 2003 (4-9), 2004 (6-6), 2006 (6-7) so I will always remember those days and hope to never see them again but it does happen to all of us at some point. But going back to Fulmer would have been like Bama going back to Stallings, his time was great but it has come and gone. The recruits are different the game is totally different, TN would do themselves an even worse fate by going backwards. I'd give Pruitt until the end of the year, see how things go, maybe he finds away to get some spark in the Vols. But if you choose a new coach you have to move forward, a new and upcoming coach not an old horse that's been put out to pasture already.
We are glad A&M is here in the SEC. I hate Texas and still do.
As a former MDB band member, even I noticed this and thought that was very poor of Texas. You just don't treat people that way, it's already hard enough getting 300-400 band members to the field for halftime but when you sit that high up, you have to start going down at the beginning of the 2nd quarter to get everyone down and it takes the rest of the 3rd to get them all back in place. If Alabama ever tried to do this to the visiting team I'd pretty upset as an alum at my own school. We don't even put them behind the goal posts, the visitors at least get to sit in the lower bowl corner of the end zone, pretty decent seats because I have sat there myself a few times. But Texas is an embarrassment. Go Tigers I was all SEC Saturday, glad they beat the stuffing out of those Texas "DBU"s what a joke.
Wow did you dream all of that up one night? Trey coming to Bama really bothered you huh? Yea all of those NFL first round players and Bama having more players in the NFL then any other team, really proves Saban's narcissistic. There is no I in team, that's what great coaches teach. You play within the system and you play your part. Saban has had 2 Heisman winners and the ONLY two Bama has ever had. That really proves your point doesn't it? Roll Tide. Georgia is just a back up to Bama in the SEC. Until you beat us, please keep quiet!
Dabo has said somethings in the last few days that make him look less and less like a professional. Look I still love Dabo a lot but he needs to curb his speech a bit. He has nothing to prove after going 15-0 last year, he waxed us in the Championship game and yet he felt he needed to respond to Saban's suggestion that our schedule in the SEC somehow might have played a part in us not being prepared for that game. Look at the scoreboard Dabo, 44-16, you won fair and square. Why even bring up something you feel as if you need to defend Clemson in some way? NO, you need to just move on and if anyone questions it (they won't!) just point to the score board. And then this, saying Kelly Bryant won't get a ring. He should have said "We love Kelly Bryant and want to wish him the best. He did start the season off with us, helped us win 4 games and so he will also receive a ring for sure." Everyone is happy, they pat Dabo on the back for being a good sport and we go on with life but then he has to proclaim the opposite. Now if he wants to set a rule going forward that says, should you not finish with the team after we win some type of championship, you won't get a ring. Then that will be fine. But doing this after the fact, seems very childish. Dabo needs someone to help him choose his words more carefully. God bless you Dabo, Bama nation still respects you, as a Christian I applaud your faith being upfront but please just watch what you say. Don't become a coach everyone starts to like less and less.
You just said it, Saban didn't have to play someone as good as himself. That sort of clears it all up, Saban is by far better than Kirby at this point. Don't get me wrong Kirby is a great coach and I think he will be at UGA a long time. I am certain Kirby will win a natty very soon. I'll be happy for UGA to win one, they deserve it after so many years. 1980 was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But Saban is the better overall coach, Kirby has a long way to catch him.
I wouldn't argue with this, it seems viable but the circumstances were different for each coach coming in. Mark Richt had done an admirable job at GA, recruited well and had some real talent already in place. He just couldn't get GA to the next level. Coach Saban came into a much worse scenario. Bama had been down at the bottom of the SEC, we had NCAA troubles, recruiting was terrible and Saban basically had to start over in year 1. I still don't know how he went 7-6 his first year. But then he took a bunch of freshman he somehow convinced to come to Alabama (Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, Mark Barron, Courtney Upshaw, Barrett Jones, Marcell Darius, Dont'a Hightower, Terrance Cody, etc) and made a team in year 2. That was what Saban a much better coach. I think Kirby is right there and we will the Dawgs win a National Title soon. I'll pull for them when they beat us...if they beat us. LOL Roll Tide!
Look there's no point in living over again what happened in January, that's all history now. So much can happen between now and next January. Clemson won, no excuses we don't need excuses at Alabama. They do have to replace their D-Line but they have some very big recruits replacing those guys and their schedule (with the exception of Texas A&M) is pretty weak so those guys will have plenty of time to get better and learn the game in 3 months before the playoffs. Injuries are the big unknown as well. You never can predict who gets hurt, what happens if Trevor Lawrence or Tua gets hurt, then what? So all we can is to sit back, enjoy one game at a time and if we get back to the playoffs and Clemson is there, great! But let's not worry about if's and butt's. Let's focus on Duke right now and getting out of the gate 1-0! Roll Tide!
Oh man no one wishes this on any player! Prayers for Milton
As an Alabama alum let me state something I keep hearing on sports talk shows. There will not be two SEC teams in the playoff this year, won´t happen. If Alabama loses to LSU and doesn't win the SEC West, they will still not make it in as a 1 loss SEC team. After he controversy it started last year the committee will not allow that to happen again. The only way it might occur would be if Notre Dame loses and then Alabama loses a close, last second game to Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Then the committee might consider taking Alabama but I don't see it happening this year.
Yea playing a schedule that includes Temple, FIU, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Navy, Austin Peay, SMU and Connecticut really qualifies you to be a top 4 team? I don't doubt UCF is a pretty good team but if you played 12 regular season games against top Big 5 schools with athletes that challenge you week and week out, making your team work and get injured and you finish undefeated then sure. But just about any decent team could go undefeated playing that schedule of lower tear teams and have few injuries to show for it. Play a full ACC, SEC, Big 12 or Big Ten schedule, go undefeated then we have something to talk about. But beating an 9-3 SEC team by 7 (great job) but does not make you national champions. It's a great win but it does not make you a national champion. Sorry
Well maybe Wisconsin, Ohio State, UCF and perhaps USC (though the Pac 12 was pretty weak this year) but Auburn got waxed by UCF so they certainly didn't deserve a shot they already had 3 losses and now 4. Auburn doesn't even deserve to be in the top 20.
I guess I am more like, so what? If I had been standing there it probably would be me who had done it. So what? He didn't spit on him, he's just a fired up fan and there were probably 200 more in the stands doing the same things and saying much worse. I mean, it's a competitive game and in the heat of the moment when we are trying to win a championship we all get a bit excited. I almost tore my house down Monday night jumping around.
Miss. State always plays us tough, no matter the records. This year is a huge trap game for Bama and they better come focused and forget about LSU. The Bulldogs have great talent all over the field and with Prescott running the show this is the exact type of offense we have the hardest time against. I'm less worried about our offense against their defense but we can't get into a scoring fest with MSU. Dak can hurt us not just with his arm but with his legs and I am sure they will have plenty of planned QB draws in this game and naked boot legs. I would if I was the OC at MSU. Bama must play disciplined and stay in position at all times or this could get ugly. This is by far the toughest game left in the regular season.
Comparing past games with past performances isn't really a true test of who a team is. If Georgia played Vandy again they'd probably beat them by 5 TD's. Same goes for Ole Miss, they beat us and I don't make any excuses. Let's just say I'd be happy to play them again in Oxford without any turnovers and see what happens. The Georgia-Bama game will be more like an NFL game, bruising, hard nosed slobber knocker. It'll be low scoring and the team who wins will probably get some special teams play or turnover that tips the scales. I know both teams intend to control the ball and clock and keep the others offense off the field. It'll be Chub against Henry and which defense can make the most plays. I don't care what Lambert did at Virginia, this is 2015 and players all have another year of experience and Georgia has better players around Lambert than the Cavaliers did. It'll be a good game, I live in Georgia so the Dawgs I always pull for when they aren't playing Alabama, which luckily is not too often for me to worry about. Both of these teams are very similar so it should be fun to watch.
It's a tough call to make during live action, even with the now extra referee. However, if it is going to be a "rule" then it should be a reviewable play that can be overturned by video evidence, just as reviewing where the QB was at when he released the ball. If you can't enforce this rule then it needs to not be a rule. Why have a rule that you can't enforce or don't enforce? On the line of scrimmage, the call should be that at least a portion of the QB's body/foot be on the ground behind the line of scrimmage when the ball is released. Chad Kelly was in mid air. Look this call did not beat Bama, Ole Miss beat us. They took advantage of multiple mistakes Bama made, no excuses, Ole Miss has a lot of talent and you can't play teams like that and expect to be competitive unless you bring your A Game. Congrats Ole Miss!
This is a tough game to predict only because I don't know what kind of team Auburn really has yet. It's understandable to start slow, every team does it from time to time. I think Auburn has more talent overall and if it was in Auburn it would be an easier pick. I wasn't too impressed with LSU last week either, if not for Fournette, LSU would have a loss already. Do we find Saturday afternoon which team is the real contender? If this were Saturday night in Death Valley I'd have to go with LSU. But because it's in the afternoon and I don't expect Auburn to wilt away the season this early in the fall. I l'll take a revitalized Auburn team on the road in a close defensive battle. Maybe a late field goal to win it. 23-21
Its strange the downfall of South Carolina. I know they still have talent, they recruit well in the Carolina's and keep most of that talent instate. I know injuries have been a big part of it but there seems to not be much depth being developed. If they end up going 5-7 or something this year, will Spurrier retire or will the university be forced to depart with him?
I think it's a major step for either team. Ole Miss is not the Ole Miss of Billy Brewer days, Hugh Freeze has done and outstanding job recruiting and keeping the top MS players in state where in years past they left to come to Alabama, Tennessee, LSU or Arkansas. This will take Alabama's A game for sure and I have not seen the improvement in our secondary from last year that I was hoping to see. Ole Miss will score some points and they will put up some yardage. The question is can the Alabama offense keep up and can the defense step up when needed most. I think the game strategy will be to feed Henry the ball and try to control the clock and keep the Rebels high powered passing game sitting on the sidelines as much as possible. It'll be quite a challenge and frankly the way the rest of the SEC West looks right now, this could be for the SEC West division right here.
Frankly I just don't like the dark confines of the Super Dome anyway. Yes we have had some great victories there but I hate the Super Dome. Here in Atlanta the Georgia Dome is already old after only 20 years but for some reason the 40 year old Super Dome is still considered a great arena? They should take all games out of New Orleans and move them all to a nicer place. I don't enjoy spending my New Years there I'd rather be in Florida somewhere or at least somewhere warm.
I agree with everything you state. These FFR people want to eliminate our right to even be Christians. They and a bunch of other morons are stepping all over our right to be free from their oppression on us. They don't see that they are not only discriminating against us but also persecuting us. The biggest issue here is we are starting to believe we are not nor ever was a Christian nation. The whole "separation of church and state" which is not in any language of our constitution or founding documents has been so twisted and blown out of proportion even Christians have started to believe it. This nation was founded by men and women who believed in God wanted to found our nation on the principles of God but not to "force" others who choose otherwise to have to follow God. That simple. It was never meant to not expose non believers to the Christian faith but to say "Hey you can live here in freedom and worship or not worship as you like with the understanding the rest of us are Christians and you are welcome to be part of this country with us." I'm sick and tired of the non moral society telling me to hide my faith under a bush. Not going to happen! God bless America!