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Another moronic article by a media with no mathematical or critical thinking skills. One has to include in the calculations the number of attempts before projecting the whole. The "illogic" used in this headline is the same as: Team A has a 48% chance of winning any of 100 contests.... Therefore Team A is predicted to lose every game. When in fact Team A would win close to 48 of the games. So if Arky has a 32% (avg of the percentage jokes) chance to win any one game out of the seven, then the correct conclusion is: ESPN predicts Arkansas to win 2 more games (.32 x 7)... Grow a brain before you write.
Arkansas coach is worse than Obama about responding to criticism especially after a win.
Let's call it the way it is.. Pinkel's health did not lead to his resignation.. He sees the writing on the wall.. Mizzou will never compete again after the hoax pulled off there by a bunch of crybabies.. If Bama had done that sh*t, the plug of support would be pulled too..
Maybe yall better at holding hands and crying and getting presidents fired than playing football... Yep offensive coordinator has made you a victim too.. Mizzou plz excuse yourselves from the SEC
That is way too much reasoning for them to understand..
Go live in nice peaceful Chicago where they agree with your nonsense.. See how that works out for you
The power will be in the green as you stated.. Attendance and donations will bottom out and Mizzou football will be gutted.. No white recruit will feel welcome there.. Congrats on your black power
But if we exercise our right to free speech, here comes the "racist" diatribe.. Ok ok you win.. Don't stop at us all admitting "white privlege" and demanding a higher percentage of black faculty.. Take it all.. U of Mizzou 100% black.. You happy now?
That's sad dude.. If it was my university, I would feel the same as you.. The only way to respond is the same way they did - boycott.. Empty seats.. Don't just hire 10% minorities, let them have it all.. See how that turns out
Agree wolfman.. Your team is better than this and the players who wanna play need to show up without fear of consequences.. If you are a white recruit, would you want to sign there? If these people "win" and the president steps down, you all should meet all of their demands.. Don't stop at 10% minority hiring, give it ALL to them.. 100%.. Then see how that goes with a gutted university and empty seats.. Just like the inner cities ..
Stand up Mizzou fans and don't let this Ferguson initiated crap take over your school.. Boycott all games and donations until someone up there grows a spine
Black power huh.. The group in that pic including the wimpy coaches should be shown the real power - fan attendance.. Mizzou fans should boycott the sporting events and let this mistreated group play before say 3000 of their supporters
It's an embarrassment for you normal Mizzou fans I'm sure.. But it's not gonna change until You all stand up and speak.. Just like your former LB just did
"Must acknowledge his white privilege".. Wow.. When I first started reading this story, I thought a minority student was attacked physically or something.. Nope just some idiots yelling slurs.. And of course the black population has to broadly paint the whole university as racist from the actions of a few.. And in the process "punish" the whole fan base black and white alike.. Face it Mizzou football players - You all are crybabies and been getting your azzes handed to you this year.. Y'all suck and this is the convenient way not to have to play another game! Ridiculous and you should be dropped from the SEC