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Imagine being as wealthy as Saban and living rent free in a nobody’s head
Harvey Updyke probably needs a job, would be about as good of a hire as the last one
Absolutely agree, just said that to prove I wasn’t anti-alcohol lol. Yes, Mac did get a DUI, but he was punished. There should be a zero tolerance policy for coaches IMO
He should be fired immediately. Players are held to high standards and punished accordingly so coaches shout have a zero tolerance policy for that non-sense. If he isn’t fired, Saban will lose a lot of my respect. My respect doesn’t matter, but it is just an ode to the times we are living in - no one has a backbone. Coming from a guy that loves to let loose and throw back some beers and whiskey just as much as the next guy…
You spelled Mac backwards… multiple times. And his last name is Jones, not Newton.
I agree with this response. Not like Saban to make that comment. Gotta clean up the D to beat UGA
You are absolutely right. Kid never had a mechanics injury and NFL quarterbacks are protected in bubble wrap. Wishing him a long and successful career.
Alabama and Minnesota would be a joke.. Still laughing at Auburn rushing the field for punching their ticket to the Outback Bowl
Glad you felt the need to login and type that. Feel better?
Useful? Maybe. Essential? No. The bench press is the pony show for the combine. Almost all contact involving the arm involves an already extended arm. Adequate strength is important, but the difference between two players with 7 reps and 37 reps is minimal.. Just saying, it's a dumb metric.
Bench press has no carry over to being good at football.. this is for the talking heads
Not sure why they test the bench press anyways.. completely useless movement with no carry over to football. The test should test power clean. You need good hips, not pecs.
Dont’a Hightower is at least number 3, but he’s not even on your list??? You might to just go ahead and publish that Rev B....
His OR HER OR HISHER ability to play football*
Welcome to the real world young one. One day, your caregivers won't be there to pay all of your bills for you. If you want to be the best, you show up for team workouts, and if you can't, you just don't show without a forward warning.
This video gives no indication that he is fast... none, whatsoever. He is running a 400m, not a 100m. If I could run the 400m the same pace I ran a 100m, I would be an Olympic Medalist.
Bruh, all dawgs suck, or atleast sniff butt or lick crack.. what you did in the shower with your buddy is your business.
Big difference between hitting a woman as hard as you can and having some kush under the seat... the first shouldn't get a second chance, because it is a a major character issue.
I would never hit a woman unless it was a life or death situation for me or family.. just pointing out that if your gf goes sour and hits you, it doesn't give a man who is biologically physically superior the right to retaliate with his fist.
If I ever see this guy, I'm going to lay a right hook right into his jaw and deal with the consequences...
So.. I guess you think it's okay to throw back a few PBRs and lay some fist on a lady?
How about I come cold clock your mom? Also, Auburn has embarrassed themselves enough this year, your comment is the icing on the cake.
Honestly, Auburn doesn't deserve the bowl theyre in.. I hope Oklahoma doesn't just foot out embarrass them, but I won't be surprised when it happens. Rough looking bowl schedule for the SEC this year
Pleas explain. How has/does the committee give preferential treatment to Bama?
So are you another one of those people that knows how Saban runs his staff? It seems that Bama going to Kiffins lateral spread scheme shows the Saban has giving him all the slack in his chain he could want