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Sure looked like he was in the end zone and still moving forward on his feet.
A full ride to college would seem to be enough compensation to me.
Maybe they would have, if anyone at Neyland was fast enough to catch him. RTR
It's tough having to change logos so often, I guell. :)
If your team mascot has more trophies than your team does, you might be from Auburn. :)
He has no class because he never had to go to one as a Barner.
Everybody that hates Bama wants to be just like them! RTR
Now, that's some funny s*%t right there. Is that you, Cowherd? Kannel?
Danny Kannel is probably friends with Colin Cowterd, or whatever his name is.
Yep, Notre Dame is back! Way, way, back, it seems.
I fell that Cow-turd is an idiot, failing to recognize the most dominant team in recent years of play. I don't know who pays his salary, but they are wasting a lot of money on someone who obviously knows nothing about what he is reporting on.
Good for Georgia. I'm glad for Kirby Smart and his assistants. Keep the SEC strong!
Florida didn't get to where they are by having a poor defense. That being said, RTR!
Any time Auburn beats Bama, it's an upset.
Well, let me just do a victory dance over Scam Newton's pick.
He sounds like a broken record after each loss.
People will be fighting tooth and nail to get this job. NOT.
"Do you feel it?" Well, I'm sure you're gonna feel something on Saturday, so hang on. Bama gonna hand you your...uh...bells. ;)
Say no to Smart! Well, we don't want to lose him at Bama. How about Dabo? He'll stay with you until Saban retires.
I like Clemson, well coached by the probable successor to Nick Saban. RTR
Probably worth more than the torn & muddy one from the Bama-LSU game. :)
Players may have good reason for feeling the way they do, but "demand" is a strong word unless you're about to attack someone. What if these "demands" are not met? Will there be rioting? Did all this happen just this year? Did they not know the situation before they came to school here to play?