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Might want to slow down on the drinking tonite, partner. Also, BAMA doesn’t replace; they reload. RTR!
Suck it cold and tigers! 2021 Bama GOAT! Stats and wins matter more than your dreams and fancies, ya bozos
No. Hope they descend into utter disrepute and wind up having to stop playing football due to NCAA sanctions and ineptitude.
Certainly taking it better than the fans, at least.
I predict tn will not fare as well. Ungood hire on all levels: failing at G5; not a proven recruiter; and having to learn P5 football in sec. yikes.
Transitive property victory over Alabama! Eh, no. Hope he spurns the viles and they continue their slide into the basement dumpster fire pile-on that is the sec (L)east. RTR!
Agreed viles deserve more than this; not sure we agree on the "more," however.
That was before the nfl forgot about sport and became about wins and wokes.
Nice deflection. Interesting how you immediately went to sexual innuendo to defend your coach - kinda creepy.
You mean like the home and home series scheduled for 2022-2023? Geez, dude, you should study up a little on Bama football.
TE and RB wheel routes are biggest threats to Bama this year. I trust that Surtain will contain Olave; my concern is Bama front seven vs Fields and Sermon. I don’t see tOsu shutting down Bama’s offense, though, so I’m confident about the win.
No, it does not: Tulsa cannot act the fool and then claim beeyotch status. Talk the talk, walk the walk.
No, you don’t wanna be lumped in with the viles. I think barn wins
Strange-he failed to mention that Hill quit on his team. Definitely a memorable POS
To quote Clint, "Deserves got nothin’ to do with it." Trask basked in the glory of an offense that featured two great receivers and a great scheme to score points in the red zone. He is a good college qb, nothing more.
Unfortunately, trask is as much as statue-type qb as jones; I don’t see either having a future in the nfl.
Florida ranked higher vs barn and lswho in both games. If you want to count a "big win" over meechigan, well, you do you - technically that is a win over a higher ranked team.
Can anyone remind me when Mullen has won a real game? Sorry, UGA without JT doesn’t count. Mullen is a whining sham coach who will continue to delude a desperate fanbase. His ceiling has always been MSU. Gotta say, though, I love watching the gatas suck.
WRONG!!!! I love watching fUT continually derping on coaching hires. Keep up the crap work, viles - watching y’all suck is a treat every year!
Agreed: Tua was more capable of doing “the thing” to win a game, but ultimately Mac is better at being reliably awesome.