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Well, it wasn’t the most humble or gracious celebration, but...who cares? It is only a game and that was a pretty big moment. Lawd, I’m making excuses for viles; I need to take a nap.
#5 is critical. He has changed his offensive and defensive philosophies over the past several years. I can’t imagine anyone else doing it better (maybe Bear with the wishbone was close).
If by arrogance you mean appreciating the greatest dynasty in the history of the greatest college football program led by the greatest football coach of all time, then yes - it is much fun to be a Bammer fan right now!
Well, if your goal was to somehow maintain the LSU elevation to Greatest must acknowledge your utter failure. No doubt, Bama looked past your scheit team and allowed way too much hope to occur. Congrats on your Moral Victory, though! Why is it that you are slobbing that tiger knob so hard, though? Seems odd for a gator fan...but I quit trying to figure you weirdos out during the train wreck ending of your urban cryer phase. Your dude Mullen is quite the catch !
I didn’t see a particular reference to race, but it seems that getting rid of someone because of ideology seems to go the opposite of BLM supporters these days. Just saying.
This time, he paid at least one - likely two - player(s) to come play for Valdosta. Otherwise, he drugged players in Colquitt and got fired after his bigamy in Alabama. Anything that happens to this m’fer is karma.
Lawd, I’m agreeing with a dawg fan and a barner. Strange days, indeed.
Might want to slow down on the drinking tonite, partner. Also, BAMA doesn’t replace; they reload. RTR!
Suck it cold and tigers! 2021 Bama GOAT! Stats and wins matter more than your dreams and fancies, ya bozos
No. Hope they descend into utter disrepute and wind up having to stop playing football due to NCAA sanctions and ineptitude.
Certainly taking it better than the fans, at least.
I predict tn will not fare as well. Ungood hire on all levels: failing at G5; not a proven recruiter; and having to learn P5 football in sec. yikes.
Transitive property victory over Alabama! Eh, no. Hope he spurns the viles and they continue their slide into the basement dumpster fire pile-on that is the sec (L)east. RTR!
Agreed viles deserve more than this; not sure we agree on the "more," however.
That was before the nfl forgot about sport and became about wins and wokes.