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Seriously, a kid makes a dumb decision - why would anyone keep harping on it (including the writer of this article) as something that needs remembering? Congrats to the kid for having a great season.
The talent drain at LSU was pretty extreme - and then the quitters really tanked the team. I’m sure next year LSU will be back to elite status; I’ve always enjoyed seeing them compete with Bama. RTR
Yes. The Albert Means scandal certainly led to some uncomfortable soul-searching and institutional changes at Alabama, eventually resulting in Nick Saban being hired and the ensuing run of dominance. Your reward? Phat Phil is still a snitch. And you still employee him.
The phrase, “save it for the field,” applies here - and only players need to let their actions do the talking. What a fool Harbaugh is to put himself in potential harm’s way to defend a stupid logo. #Clown
If two SEC teams are not in the top 4 the rankings are a joke. Just sayin
Oh, good grief. Overtestosteroned “student athletes” routinely have unfettered access to fawning naive virtue-signaling coeds and - WHAT?!?!? Sexually inappropriate events occur? A thug beats a “Thot?” I’m sorry, we are seeing the fruits of many, many years of ridiculous excuses being made for beasts that have NO BUSINESS BEING ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS. This is true at Bama just as much as anywhere else. LSU’s sin? Not assigning enough zookeepers to make sure humans are protected from monsters that inhabit the athletic dorms. For reference, go back and listen to Da U football players talking about 7th floor the 80’s. I’m done with this handwringing. Come at me, bro.
The coaches don’t play the games. The players that quit on the team are quitters. I’m sure Muschamp appreciates their efforts to support him and will write them a nice letter of recommendation when they apply for a McJob
Kirby is learning the ropes of head coaching one painful lesson at a time. Still manages to field a fearsome team and recruit extremely well. Ga fans who don’t support him are just dumb. As soon as Saban retires I expect Ga to be the class of the conference for a while.
Not everyone...but I agree Trask is really playing well and FL is thriving without much of a run game. Bama defense has been very spotty so far this year; I’d predict a shootout if i didn’t think Bama’s defense has improved. As it is, maybe FL puts up 35 at best - and loses by 14. RTR!
Can he improve his height? That seems to be a major problem.
I like Tua and appreciate his attitude, but this is just plain stupid: taking lighthearted jabs at a guy who may literally try to break you in half next time you play...and then stand over you afterwards: "Wanna talk now?" Talk about poking the bear...dayum, dude be professional!
Hawt Taek! Also, I generally dislike thUGA, but I’d like to see that asshat Mullen get his fecal matter pushed in this weekend. So (*ahem*): go dawgs.
Take out the “could well be” and replace with “will be” and I agree 100%. I think thUGA’s defense will cause some problems (and Uga will be able to run against that crap FL defense), but - as our Dear Lord Nick Saban himself recently decreed: “ Good defense doesn’t beat good offense anymore.”
Agreed. Y’all look real as hell right now. Go kick some Aggie a$$
That is Dennis Miller level deep humor
Odd how it doesn’t even seem like it would be much of an upset. A&M over Fl? Now that would be a big ol upset.
Odd how it doesn’t even seem like it would be much of an upset. A&M over Fl? Now that would be a big ol upset.
I liked what I saw from Missouri and their coach: good D, strong skill players, and some mental toughness to play hard to the end. This team will not be an easy out in the SEC this year.
Yes, it does. Desperately. Because of snowflakes like yourself, the sports aspect is giving way to the false narratives which are pushing more and more sane people away.
Way to show him! Also, I agree completely: false narratives have overtaken sports.
Really can’t argue with you on this point. He is pretty special.
Bama is always in it for the long haul, GOAT. Congrats on your amazing season and outstanding qb. Now come back when you have a few more championships under your belt.
Dominated time of possession for sure. Otherwise stats don’t support his contention. But whatever. Good victory, solid season, and one-and-done. Go get paid, young man, and try to stay out of the ER when you get mauled behind a terrible offensive line in the nfl.