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Yes, it does. Desperately. Because of snowflakes like yourself, the sports aspect is giving way to the false narratives which are pushing more and more sane people away.
Way to show him! Also, I agree completely: false narratives have overtaken sports.
Really can’t argue with you on this point. He is pretty special.
Bama is always in it for the long haul, GOAT. Congrats on your amazing season and outstanding qb. Now come back when you have a few more championships under your belt.
Dominated time of possession for sure. Otherwise stats don’t support his contention. But whatever. Good victory, solid season, and one-and-done. Go get paid, young man, and try to stay out of the ER when you get mauled behind a terrible offensive line in the nfl.
I think Pruitt is ultimately going to reach the 8 win plateau. With UGA, FL, and Bama on the schedule every year I just don’t see the 9 win ceiling getting broken. That said, he may be the guy that sets the table for a higher-caliber hire later. JMHO: definitely a good coach for TN, but ultimately Pruitt won’t take them back to elite status.
I’m willing to say that Joe Burrow is the best SEC player this decade. Every other championship team had a notable defensive star; Burrow is THE guy for LSU.
Anyone that says they could’ve named Dameyune Craig as allbarn’s all-time passing yardage lying. Also, I’m planning on rowing the hayul out of a boat. Go golden gophers!
At least he expects your team to win. I think dadbaugh could have Bama sit their first string and still manage to derp the game. RTR!
Not me. They are clawing for relevance. And knowing that they pooped their pants on the big stage. AGain.
Three consecutive losses = triple losers. Way to represent the (L)east. HaHa you suck
You don’t have to put anyone down - beating Bama and then curbstomping the pups sez it all.
Seems fairly smart to me. Hate to hear Saban speak way: trickery and auburn are just part of the game.
Several times. Not sure he coached the pick sixes or missed field goal though...
Nope, some dumb playing for sure. And - despite what the author believes - voodoo. Sorcery. Witchery. Bedevilment.
BDS (Bama Derangement Syndrome) is real, folks.
Are you denying that the this is evidence of climate change? All the scientists agree! They have nothing but altruistic motives behind their desire to receive more funding to find more evidence to support their scientific discovery that more funding is needed to study their scientific discoveries.