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I’m guessing they have already more-or-less secured a replacement. No way this announcement is made without having a splash HC in the wings.
Oh, I dunno know, may a surprising number of season-ending surgeries and such…
Yeah, playing the next game. Did you mean something else?
Reminds me of a former Bama player who loved his asian cuisine right out of his job in the NFL. #selfcontrol
Not overreacting at all: cincy held on to beat IN despite being outgained and defeated ND on the road. Impressive, but nothing like the gauntlet UGA or Bama are running this year in the SEC. The press corps is gonna gnash and wail over playoff rankings, but ain’t no way P5 teams such as OKSt or OK get left out (whichever is undefeated). Heck, UM and Sparty are still undefeated (and pSU isn’t looking shabby). GTFO with the "best team in OH" nonsense! Jordan Davis should win the Heisman. He is the most dominant big I’ve seen since Suh. In a relatively meh year for qb/rb/wr, let’s fix a glaring error and recognize the right dude. RTR!!!
How did you miss the REBEL part of "Rebel-rouser???
This is 14ersee hate week, so I dislike agreeing with you… But, wez is correct: players didn’t do this; drunk hillbillies are at fault.
I’m predicting FL will blow the doors off LSU and finish off Ed’s legacy.
In fairness, rivalry games can bring out the WTF (see Iron Bowl); perhaps that is what the sportswriter was inferring. Otherwise no way Lulville stands a chance.
No, he’s a tenn fan. There is a reason folks in the know call them "viles" as a fanbase
dYnAsTy Is OvEr SaBaN cAn’T rEcRuIt eLiTe PlAyErS oR cOaCh ThEm Up KiRbY gReAtEsT EVER!
I would most certainly pay his first class airfare back to Tuscaloosa were he so inclined to return.
I think Bama fans were cautiously optimistic (okay, over optimistic) about the returning playmakers and To’oTo’o, but all of us hopes Golding would finally show his mettle. Welp. Guarantee he is gone after this year. BTW, hard to name a worse performing group in the Bama defense, but I know I’d start with the missed tackles and out of position middle linebackers; guess which coordinator is in charge of those players specifically? Still a lot of football to be played, but the amount of growing up that needs to happen and lack of leadership from HC on down is disconcerting. I have said all season I thought uga was the team to beat and I haven’t seen anything to change my mind…but I was kind hoping it would be Bama giving them a challenge. Nope
Want in one hand, poop in the other and see which fills up first. Then smash your face with the winning hand.
Last season’s Natty sez, “hello, dumbazz!” Height jokes and make pattern baldness humor are about your limit; leave the facts to the adults.
How do you still sucker me in? I start reading and I should recognize your dreck immediately; alas, instead I’m drawn in and responding to a moron. Hope Arch doesn’t come to Bama: not interested in the circus or the clowns that will be around him.
I’d go UGA #1A, Bama #1B Love UGA’s defense (Jordan Davis is best player not named Bruce Young in CFB) and love Bama’s offense. Hope they get to trade punches-not sure my liver will survive, but I’m willing to try!
As much as I hate to say this: Go Dawgs! Sic ‘Em!
Goodness gracious, this is a great thread! Now talk about each other’s mommas and how your dad can kick the $hit of each other’s daddy!
Uga has to show me a balanced offense. Otherwise I ain’t buying the defense alone.
Abandon hope. She done got in bed with jawja this year.
I said about the same thing re:Lane on another blog. Honestly, the popcorn plus 4th down idiocy has soured me to the thought of him becoming a good coach at all. So much potential…ruined by uncontrolled ego.