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Guessing they received some extra NIL money in their Xmas stocking this year…
A little surprised about JBill. More surprised Agiye Hall isn’t in there yet, but maybe he wants to learn to catch and quit complaining all the time after his humbling. Sanders…writing on the wall after watching Dallas Turner. Tyson…go find a home and make some plays, buddy. Hate he failed at the holding gig, but that was his ceiling at Bama. O linemen will find homes.
Dawgs won. I have no complaints. Guys stepped up or didn’t - doesn’t change fact UGA outplayed the good guys.
Shocked Bama got this far. Too much duct tape and splints to overcome a motivated buncha dawgs. RTR!!!
That has to be the formula for a victory. SBIV isn’t going to be the key to anything.
Don’t tell anybody, but…Bama is rebuilding THIS year. Next year should be a monster year for the Tide! Like you, I believe UGA is in their best position to beat Bama; I won’t be shcoked by anything that happens tomorrow night. RTR!!!
Maybe. My keys for UGA: pressure Bryce with whatever it takes and stick to the run on offense. My keys for Bama: stuff the run and receivers do a better job than they have ALL YEAR LONG of getting open when BY is scrambling. RTR!!!
College game is much different from pro. His learning curve would’ve been pretty steep and - judging by the fact that george Pickens couldn’t get into auburn so wound up settling for uga - I’m not sure he was required to process much info in athens.
Uga just needs to stick with the run. I’m sure the defensive looks from Bama encouraged the dawgs to pass, but that is playing into Bama’s strength. Bama will hopefully see more success running with a healthy BRob. I’m fine with letting BY do his thing, but I think the uga defense is going to be a bit more creative with pressures this time. RTR!!!
I don’t think he is a fraud: he coached well at a school that is notoriously very difficult for top athletes to gain admission. That said, I’m not sure he is prepared for the grind that LSU - much less the SEC West - will be. I give him 4 years.
No, but he certainly wasn’t man enough to hang around and get his chance at learning to play grown up football in the sec. I think he will do great in the P12 and continue his career of underwhelming postseason appearances.
I’ll have some of whatever you are smoking/drinking/snorting this morning, good sir.
SB ain’t nothing but a winner. He should be #2 on the list IMHO.
I think that isn’t unreasonable. Bennett and running game just have to play keep away from BY. I think that is doable. Still putting my money on the underdog, though. RTR!!!
For someone claiming objectivity, you ain’t very realistic, hoss.
Cincy secondary is far superior to uga. Cincy d line and backers are nowhere close to uga. Gameplan against uga: light ‘em up with passing game. Gameplan against cincy: run it down their throats. Simple stuff, folks.
Cincy d was playing to stop BY, so Bama took what was given and ran all over them. But you are a gator fan so you might not understand how football works.
Nope. All the sec teams hate Bama and I hate ‘em right back, with extra h8 sauce for barn, corndogs, and viles. Hope they lose and all their best players quit or transfer to Bama. RTR!!! Go Bears!
In this case, his opinion isn’t as good as the guy who cuts your hair. That was an ol’ skool bootykicking.
Run, run, run, run. That would be the 2009 playbook, which was also enjoyable in its own sweet way.
Unfortunately, tOSU was 4th best. I know, they lost twice…but both teams that beat them were very good (MSU) or caught them early & goofy (OR). JMHO I was fine with Cincy’s secondary - likely best G5 secondary ever.
If there are four teams in the playoffs, the yes. If only two teams, looking like yes also the way jawja laying the wood to meeshigann.