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Ole Miss was loaded and stumbled during the season - they are hitting their stride right. Wish Bama had gotten another win in the SEC championships, but nope: they lost too many midweek games to lesser teams. KY? Maybe.
You 5 or 6 more articles this summer, right? Cause the media isn’t known for letting go of drama - I’m betting no less than 50 articles between now and Oct.
Really liked your BB/Li’l BB/etc categorizations. That you excluded your team from TBB status seems proof of your non-homerism. And your categorization of Miami *chef’s kiss*
The handle + the comment is gold, Jerry, GOLD!! And the girls are all over 18 so only slightly creepy.
I’d be shocked if Saban coaches at Bama after this season. He will either retire or go to Harvard and recruit 20 5 stars to make a point. RTR!!!
Of course you are. It isn’t called “The Fulmer Cup” for nothing.
Nah, he doing 4D chess again. Remember: he never speaks to just the audience he is addressing. The message was for recruits; current players; and the Bama boosters.
You will find out in the next few years. My prediction: lots and lots of transfers after jimbobooby looses control of the locker room and the egos destroy the team (he kinda has a history of it).
Well, you are close: CNS is calling out jimbobooby and warning errybody else that if this is how it’s going to work, then CNS will win this way, too.
Not completely unprovoked. aggies supporting their unhinged psychopath coach in 3,2,1…
Y’all are both living in the micro world. Macro time: CNS is the GOAT and errybody knows it. Now, to say the jimbobooby had NO IDEA the players he was targeting were getting paid by the boosters…seems a bit rich.
Still kinda funny. But yeah classless. We ain’t all friendly and cute and lovable.
Texas. Best tv market; marquee games; and Sark offense with Ewers slinging darts.
CNS and staff never make any promises to a player. C’mon man.
Not really: receiver room at Bama is pretty deep and no guarantee he would beat out 3 (or even 2) guys at practice to earn a starter role. I give a lot more credit to Pickett and playing against pitiful secondaries in ACC than to Addison being better than J Williams. That said, he is welcome to join the club and win a Natty. RTR!!!
Unlikely we see another game between Bama and (th)uga where Bama loses 5 starters on offense and defense between their two games. But whatever: you won; greatest draft class ever; first overall draft pick; and return a national champion qb. Love to see y’all again this year.
Nah, their mamas just suddenly leased their baby boy an Escalade; bought him new suits and tats; and got themselves some ice. LOL errybody does it
My goodness, I love your handle: 2008 in Sanford stadium seeing Bama skulldrag the puppies…whoo, boy, is it getting dusty in here?
Wrong. 3-2 (beat Kiffin early in the year and beat the pants off the dawgs in the sec championship game). Guarantee that trend won’t continue this year. RTR!
The number of players who will opt out - this skewing the results of the playoffs - will keep this expansion idiocy from occurring. I’m in favor of two and the BCS, so what do I know (at least until there is a computer model that accounts for strength of schedule over wins vs schlock teams).
Nah, y’all went all in for both money and corruption with Jimbo. Now, you have literally the most expensive team oil money can buy and enough shady NIL dealing to make the irrelevant ncaa look like your b***h. If your fans accept all this and no conference or nattys, then you are a dumber lot than I give you credit for.
Maybe a warm seat, then. If he doesn’t compete for an SEC title next 2 years, I think the fan base will run him off if he doesn’t win it all 3 years from now. JMHO - I actually like Jimbo as a coach and recruiter, so I’m pulling for them to be a solid 2nd in the West for years to come. RTR!!!
Urban Meyer vs Keith Olbermann for biggest sportscaster dbag of all time - who ya got?
Anderson is an edge and the most disruptive force in CFB - he is the closest thing to a lock #1 since Clowney (uh, not a great comparison). Gilbert #2?!?!?! You are making me look sane with my Rattler pic. I’d eat my hat if Gilbert is higher than 8: talented, but obvious headcase and not the best blocking TE, either.
Here’s my draft 2023 betting line: #1 Will Anderson; #2 CJ Stroud; #3 Spencer Rattler; #4 BY. I’m willing to bet that SC is the perfect fit for Spencer: his fiery leadership style will motivate his teammates and make SC into a challenger for UGA in the SEC East. Come at me!