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Lawd, if only Pruitt hadn’t listened to that phatso who lured him there…
Michael Trigg following the Arik Gilbert life plan.
Yeah, but if money keeps rolling in and he absolutely knocks recruiting out of the park - recall he did pull Travis Hunter to hbcu!!! - then I think his ceiling could be quite a bit higher. And Deion really isn’t a dummy: if he needs more brains on the sideline to help him navigate the coaching aspects he is working on, then he certainly let will find the resources. Heck, I could see him talking Saban into being a consultant LOL
Saban has actually been portraying a very different personality last few years. Some of us think it is not harsh enough to draw out the best in players. Others think he has realized the need to adapt a slightly more amenable temperament to deal with modern college players. Who knows? All I know is Deion cannot be all fluff: beating TSU - even a young, nervous, and woefully underprepared version - is still quite a feat for his first game in P5. Sure, Oregon (and prolly USC) are too much for his undeveloped team; but give him a few years and lots of $$$ and…go ahead and show me someone who bets against him.
He is bringing $$$ to the best money earner for large colleges - of course he is popular! As far as how he is doing it, just click on top 40 and listen. He represents every value held by the younger generations. Doesn’t take a genius to see why he is popular. I am curious to see if his model winds up being successful: he should be able to build a team of exceptional athletes who come to Colorado either for $$$ or star power. I don’t have to be a fan; I just have to acknowledge the results are impressive so far.
Milroe should be #12 with Swann and Thorne behind him. I get that he looked good in 1st game and 1/2 of last game, but the rest of his playing…ooofff. I don’t watch much of other teams so I’ll just assume the rest of the rankings are accurate according to anecdotal evidence.
Two things: 1. Mertz has certainly not lost games for FL and has quietly given Napier some options to develop this year. Looking forward to seeing gators make noise going forward. 2. I’m old enough to have watched kerwin bell play. Went to watch Bama play in the gator bill when I was a young lad. I remember leaving after the game (Bama victory btw) and the Bama end zone seemed completely covered in liquor bottles. I think kerwin had a pretty good game, too. RTR!!!
If ole miss could even get a whiff of defense to combine with that unreal offense they’d be tough to stop. Uga may have to score a few points to win.
Between their left tackle, center, and qb, the inconsistency is problematic. Hard to have any kind of offense if those 3 players in particular are responsible for so much poor play. I am glad to see that none of the sec west teams besides Bama seem to play lights out defense - unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to slow Bama’s offense down this year.
I’m really impressed with pre-snap adjustments. The communication between defensive players is really fun to watch! I know I should be more interested in how Bama’s offense will operate, but I truly just enjoy seeing the other team suffer. I’ll never get used to offense-first football. RTR!!!
I’m sure a few sunshine pumpers are over the moon to see signs of competence from the team, but most of us are still pretty concerned about offensive inconsistencies. As far as other sec coaches, if they can figure out how to slow down Bama’s front 7 then I guess they’ll be able to scheme an offense to beat Bama. Ole miss is a flawed team with a great offense (as you’ll soon see), but they are not a bad team. Look in the mirror if you want to cry about playing bad teams, bud.
Seeing the offense find its footing as the defense out on a tremendous show against a versatile offense was certainly fun, but color me “not reassured.” Two weeks of decent line play and quicker throwaway/sack avoidance decisions from Milroe would go a long way towards giving me peace. BTW, how much is Justice Haynes in the doghouse? Jam can’t seem to run or block, but somehow gets the start over what many have said is the breakout rb candidate? RTR!!! I love to imagine a season with this defense getting better each week!
So pleasant to read this stupid article after Bama beat up ole miss. Caveat: ole miss is a very flawed team, but their qb is an absolute stud. Defensively, ole miss might be the worst team Bama will face outside of non-P5 teams so I can’t read much into the Bama offensive success. But Lawd that Bama defense is for real for realz.
Exactly. I hope this is what we see from both UGA and Bama the rest of the way. Frankly, I never liked the Big12 style offense with mediocre defense that Bama used 2015-2022. I think plodding and deep explosive passes are the best way to keep an offense moving and a defense fresh. UGA uses a tried and true script: keep the other team’s offense on the sideline except to pummel them with freakishly big & fast athletes. This is how football should look - sorry the talking heads want to see 50+ points a game.
With Kirby at the helm, defense can’t be a question. Offensively, though, uga fans can’t be super comfortable with the spate of injuries and lack of identity. So I guess Bama and UGA have something in common this year. Bama is less fortunate schedule-wise: playing a better opponent early exposed flaws that seem to be playing themselves out. We shall see - a lotta ball left to be played. RTR!
Neither Michael nor McCorkle are hamburger names, but don’t let that stop you from posting drug-addled nonsense. No excuse for punching a guy in the home front. If Mac did that, least the other guy should’ve done is return the favor.
I’m fairly impressed with the ranking, actually. Not used to logic and reason from an SDS reporter! That said, I think TA&M might be better than bottom half of the league. Just sayin’
“Cargo ahead” LOL. AI autokorect still undefeated (unlike Bama)
Overall would’ve been a good article… Until uga left out of playoff picture. And Washington as #1 seed. Someone cargo ahead and remind me I said this later: uga will be in the playoffs and Washington will not be #1 seed. I’ll eat my hat if either of my predictions are false. Otherwise, I do appreciate the writer not believing Bama is back. Ole miss defense is horrifically bad and Bama OC / qb can manage to lose at least 1-3 more games. Defense is rounding into championship quality, but we all saw what happens when the offense can’t do anything: a lame Texas team that absolutely positively should not be in playoff consideration is now being anointed as a top 4 contender.
Depends. Did Deion have surgery to take out his vocal cords?
Looked like a typical uga first half to me
Good one! Ole miss decidedly average. Bama maybe above average overall with an elite defense. Ranking in top 15 seems reasonable
Bama would still be in contention with a loss, but definitely behind the 8 ball for a division title (much less anything else). Perfect opportunity is the following week at TA&M. Most of us had that game circled. Lawd, it would really suck to be 0-2 vs state of Texas this year.
If ole miss wins, it will be a blowout IMHO.