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'Bama has just looked better in all of these comparable games. Kirby gets his boys ready to play Saturday, but Tua and the O will be too much in the 3rd. ALA 38 UGA 24
How about the 4th and 18, where the WR was down before the marker? Didn't even look at it.
Looking forward to making the drive down to Baton Rouge! Excited for this game, it's big boy football time now.
Its funny you think Georgia can score 45...especially against the best defense in the SEC. UGA should be legitimately concerned about this game, but I believe talent is too much for the Cats. Georgia 17, Kentucky 13
You could make the argument for GT in Georgia, but I see where you're coming from. I don't think Pruitt wins a division title at UT, but we'll see I guess.
Notre Dame played Oregon for the last final four spot. Louisville beat Oregon State to get in.
Florida got 48 AP votes and Alabama received 22 as well. UK, however was completely shut out of both major polls. Interesting year.
Richardson did not win the Heisman. Ingram and Henry are Bama's two winners.
That is true. I think a 12-0 Bama plays a 11-1 Georgia in Atlanta in December. If Georgia wins, both could get in the playoffs again. (If there are two P5 champions with 2 losses) Should be an exciting year.
The good thing for Alabama is that all three of those games are a home this year.
Probably. Although the heisman winners could be switched out. I think Manzel is the weakest out of the three personally
It will be tough. UK defense will need to step it up and limit offensive TO's
Anyone notice that Stanford is #20 and #25?
Saban has one completely undefeated season. (2009, 14-0)
Im sure youre glad because UT definately couldn't do it. 42-10
You had a "tougher schedule" is a terrible excuse. Every east team played the all of east. If east teams played all the west tehn you could say they had a tougher schedule.
They are jsut saying that the second best team in the SEC has 4 losses. Alabama is just ahead of everyone else in the confrence.