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What ever happened to the all powerful and all knowing Johnny Smith? He has to have an opinion on this. And without a doubt he has to insult Alabama even though there is no mention of Alabama in this article.
No matter how cool your uniform looks, it doesn't make you play any better. Oregon will figure that out very soon.
(5) Mike Pouncey is the man the Dolphins needed. I know many Dolphins fans, myself included, wanted Mark Ingram, but we got what we needed first. We still got one of the top 5 RB's in the draft with Daniel Thomas. Mike Pouncey will fit in great at the Dolphins.
I've said Alabama needs a better pass rush for years now. In 2009 it was great, and in the Capital One Bowl last season it was amazing. We need to get that back and sustain that level of play throughout the whole season. Alabama needs to forget who they are playing, whether it's Kent State or LSU, they need to be at the top of their game. We have loads of talent and experience on the line this season and I believe this line will have a better pass rush than that of 2009.
That's not my fault or the fault of the Alabama fan base. Blame the NCAA for those previous rules. Just stop with your conspiracy theories. I'm not blinded by ignorant hatred like you and many other barners. Auburn went 14-0 and won the Title and I won't try to take that away. I never once said anything bad about Auburn winning the Title. You're just paranoid and think big bad Bama is out to get you. Why can't you just be happy with the Title? All I see from you barners (not all) is ignorant comments about Alabama and their National Titles. I didn't see LSU do that after they won the 2003 and 2007 National Title, so why do you barners have to do it? You're not impressing anyone and you're not original with your repetitive insults towards Alabama. This is 2011 and Auburn is defending the Title, worry about that little brother.
Great analysis. I have to agree with the outcome. Florida was a monster of a team in 2008. I can't to see read Johnny Smith's response.
Someone might actually read your post and inform you of your ignorance, but that would only be possible if you knew how to spell and form a complete sentence.
Good article. Statistics don't necessarily determine a winner. However, in this situation that is what we have to determine a winner with, so that means Alabama wins this match-up.
I didn't mean to say you, personally, were comparing the two. As an Alabama fan I am used to head coaches at Alabama being compared to Paul Bryant so that's where that comment came from. Great article and I look forward to another exciting 'Third Saturday in October.'
I agree with most of that and I believe, based on our schedule, that we could go 12-0. However I have Alabama going 11-1 because we have a new QB with little game experience who has to go up against the likes of LSU, Auburn and Florida in his first season. The loss I see Alabama most likely suffering is against LSU. They will field a talented team again and will match us hit-for-hit until the final whistle. Auburn is losing two potential Top 10 draft picks and too much talent to repeat what they did last season. Auburn will be a challenge, but won't have the weapons to make a comeback or pounce on their opponents like last season. Auburn is a 9 win team, but Alabama brings back too much talent. Florida/Penn State/Arkansas/Miss State will all be games to watch just to see how much the Tide has improved from last season. I look for double digit wins and 2nd half dominance in 3 out of 4 of these games. Possible upset by 1 of these teams. Vandy/North Texas/Kent State/Georgia Southern, well we all know what's going to happen. It won't be pretty. Tennessee/Ole Miss will be good games but the Tide will roll most of the time.
I respect coach Derek Dooley and I see him turning this program around. I don't want Tennesse to come back as a powerhouse, but they will. Tennessee has had some down years, like every program, and now seem to have everything together. Recruiting is solid, the head coach looks to have his life in order, and the fans are die hard. Learning from what coach Neyland did at the University is a great thing, but when it comes to Tennessee, don't compare any coach to Coach Neyland, it's just not fair. You don't want your coach living in the shadow, you want him to create his own legacy.
All of these teams were great, there is no denying that. Any of these teams could come out on top. All of these teams had blowouts, near losses, great coaching, all of which you see out of any Championship team. You can make excuses about close wins and players geting injured and all of that b.s., but when it comes down to it, these teams prevailed and won the Title. My top 4 in no certain order: 2009 Alabama, 1998 Tennessee, 1996 Florida and 2003 LSU. Winner: 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide.
If, if, if....etc. 1. It's the Iron Bowl, it doesn't matter what the rankings or records are. Alabama lead Auburn by 24 in the 2010 Iron Bowl at one point. 2. The LSU defender did have his hand on the ball, but so did Julio Jones, so therefore it's incomplete. Whether it was called an INT or not, doesn't mean LSU "would" have scored a TD on that drive and it doesn't mean LSU "would" have won. 3. How was the Marcel Dareus hit a "cheap shot?" That is the worst excuse I have ever heard. He hit McCoy in the shoulder/back when McCoy was running with the ball. COLT MCCOY WAS RUNNING! Explain how it was "cheap" you little crybaby. You forgot to mention Jordan Shipley was breaking away from the defenders and getting great seperation. You also forgot to mention the 4 interceptions he threw as well. You also forgot to tell us how Colt McCoy being in would have stopped Alabama's running game. 4. Auburn had many close calls in 2010 as well. Alabama was up by 24 at one point in the game and Auburn came back to win by 1 point. Auburn had a close game against Miss St and only beat them by 3. The "mighty" Tigers barely beat a 6-7 Kentucky team by 3. Oregon had Auburn on the ropes and if Dyer doesn't get lucky on that run in the 4th Quarter, Oregon could potentially win the game. Let's not forget the Clemson game when McNeal threw a cheap shot on Kyle Parker (Clemson QB) in the 3rd Quarter when Clemson was leading 17-10. Auburn barely won by 3. Clemson could have won that game had Kyle Parker not been victim of a cheap shot. Speaking of cheap shots, let's talk about the Georgia game...oh you don't want to? I can understand why hypocrite. Not saying Georgia would have won, just saying Fairley is a dirty player and if you want to use the "he does what he can to win" excuse, then I will use that too when you criticize Alabama players.
I forgot to mention and you failed to mention, Bryant was NOT at Alabama when Neyland beat him. Before you get crazy and try to insult me with a "bammer" comment, I am not trying to take anything away from Neyland.
What do you mean "no answer for"? You make it sound as if we would try to deny the fact that Neyland never lost to Bryant. I don't know any Alabama fan who would try to argue that statistic. You seriously need to get off the hate wagon. My answer for you, Neyland was a great coach, that's how he beat Bryant the way he did. Even the greatest meet their match sooner or later and Paul Bryant met his against Robert Neyland.
Well Johnny Smith, Alabama was chosen by the AP in 1964 as National Champions and in that time the Champion was decided prior to the bowl game. In 1973 Alabama was chosen as Champions by the Coaches Poll prior to the bowl game being played. You can cry all you want, but we were still awarded the National Title. And come on, putting Neyland ahead of Bryant? Before you go on a tirade, I know you said it's your "own personal opinion" and therefore it can be debated. It's obvious you hate Alabama and Alabama fans and think you're better than them so I'm not surprised that you put Neyland at #1 and Bryant at #2. If you honestly believe Neyland is better than Paul Bryant, then that's fine with me. But I have a hard time believing that. With that said, Neyland was a great coach and I would never say otherwise.
Just so you know Johnny Smith, I didn't start this back and forth about Alabama/Auburn. The barner shot his mouth off about his version of "modern era" and talked about the past 30 years instead of the complete history of SEC opponents records against each other, which your article is about. I simply stated he would prefer to post facts that are in favor of Auburn rather than face the truth of the overall statistics. I know Auburn had our number for years and I sat back and gritted my teeth through those 6 years just as Auburn fans sat back and gritted theirs during the 1990's when Alabama went 7-3 against Auburn. That's the reason this rivalry is the best in the nation. The record is close and both teams are doing great right now with both winning a Championship in the past 2 seasons and both producing Heisman Trophy winners. There is no need for you to defend Auburn the way you did. I know what Auburn has accomplished the past decade and I wouldn't deny it. Auburn has beat us 7 out of 10 times, I never once tried to deny that. I can admit when Alabama is down or when they lose. I don't need to try to defend the facts like you and the other barner try to do. Facts are facts and can't be debated, so chill out.
1. Well little buddy, the 13 Titles aren't "bogus", they were awarded by an existing voting body during those 13 seasons. The NCAA, on their official site, list Alabama with 11 National Titles. If you have a problem with that then take it up with the NCAA, not the Alabama fan base. We don't control the NCAA so quit crying to us. Just to make you happy, I will explain the titles to you. 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934 were all years Alabama was chosen as Champions by a specific voting body prior to the AP Poll. In 1941 Alabama was awarded by a poll that was not the AP. 1961, 1964, 1965 Alabama was chosen as Champions by the AP. 1973 Alabama was selected as Champions by the Coaches Poll. Notre Dame was selected as Champions by the AP. 1978, 1979, 1992 Alabama was selected as Champions by the AP. 2009 Alabama beat Texas to become the BCS National Champions. I don't see you crying about USC claiming 11. They claim 2003 when LSU was the team who won the BCS National Title over Oklahoma. They claim the 1978 Title when Alabama beat #2 Penn State to win the AP Title. The NCAA stripped USC of the 2004 Title due to penalties they received. That's 8 so far....and since the NCAA only counts Titles since 1936, that only leaves USC with 5 Titles. I don't see you crying to them. Since 1936 (Modern Era/AP Poll), Alabama has been awarded the Title 8 times by either the AP or Coaches Poll. The NCAA has stated that Alabama is tied with Notre Dame at 8 AP Titles a piece. Again, if it bothers you, take it up with the NCAA, not the Alabama fan base. 2. That is not a streak genius. A streak is when a team wins consecutive games. I know you're butt hurt that Auburn only wins a Title every 53 years, but there is no need to cry to Alabama fans about it. Now go pray to $cam Newton and eat your Gene Cheezit's.
You just don't want to admit how big of a moron you are. You call us stupid but can't even spell properly. Iron Bowl history: 40-34-1 Alabama leads the series. National Titles: Alabama 13 - Auburn 2. SEC Titles: Alabama 22 - Auburn 7. Bowl Wins: Alabama 33 - Auburn 21. I can post stats in favor of Alabama the same way you can post stats in favor of Auburn.
I think you confuse "modern" with current. I rolled with it and got sucked into your stupidity, but I must correct you and myself. "Modern Era" can be debated in college football but is typically dated back to 1936 which means Alabama would have more Iron Bowl victories in the modern era. 1936 is when the AP in college football came on the scene. The past 30 years can be lumped into the category of "modern era." Hell, right now (2011) and the past 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 years can be lumped into "modern era" when discussing college football. 1908-1947 Alabama and Auburn didn't play each other. Alabama and Auburn finally started playing each other again in 1948 which is 12 years after 1936 (modern era.) Since 1948 the record is 36-27 Alabama over Auburn. So that means Alabama has won more Iron Bowls in the modern era than Auburn. I know you only want to discuss the past 30 years like the Pac-10 only want to discuss the match-ups against the SEC since 2000 instead of the complete history. If I was an Auburn fan and used your logic (God forbid), I could say Auburn has more Heisman Trophy winners than Notre Dame in the past 30 years, according to you that's "modern era." But you would be ignoring the fact that Notre Dame has more overall Heisman Trophy winners. Do you understand what we're trying to tell you?
Well genius, I didn't leave it out. It was the first thing I posted and it starts out "The past 30 years". I will post it again since you are too big of a moron to read it the first time. 1980-2010 (31 seasons) the record is 17-14 Auburn over Alabama. How many times do I need to post that before it sinks into your head? Again: The past 30 years the record is 17-14 Auburn over Alabama. Tell me if I need to post it again. If 30 years is "modern" era, then how is 40 years not? In the modern era Auburn has won more Iron Bowls, I never said they didn't. I even posted that in the past 20 years (21 seasons) Auburn is 11-10 against Alabama. You simply wanted to bring up stats that are in favor of Auburn, plain and simple. However, that is not what this article is about. This is not about the modern era. It's about the history of the SEC teams overall records. We understand what you are saying, and saying we don't understand doesn't make you any more intelligent, it just makes you an ass. And when did I ever accuse you of saying Shug Jordan was better than Bryant? Your point: Auburn has more Iron Bowls in the modern era, 10-15 years (or in your case 30 years), than Alabama. However, again, that's not what this article is about. Do you get it yet? What history are we hanging on to? You're the one talking about total wins over the last 30 YEARS. It's not "two" stupid, genius.
Wait a minute, if there were no scholarship restrictions during Paul "Bear" Bryants time, then that means there were no scholarship restrictions during that same period for Auburn and Ralph "Shug" Jordan and Doug Barfield. That's a weak and lame excuse.
The past 30 years, from 1980 to 2010 (31 seasons) the record is 17-14 Auburn over Alabama. Wow, 3 more wins. The past 20 years? 1990-2010 (21 seasons), the record is 11-10 Auburn over Alabama. The past 40 years? 1970-2010 (41 seasons), the record is 22-19 Alabama over Auburn. The past 50 years? 1960-2010 (51 seasons), the record is 30-21 Alabama over Auburn. If we take away the Bear Bryant era (why would we?), the overall record is 34-21-1 Auburn over Alabama. If we take away the Tommy Tuberville era (why would we?), the overall record is 40-27-1 Alabama over Auburn. If you want to go with who has the most streaks (3 minimum) then the record is 5-4 Alabama over Auburn. I could have went with a minimum of 4 game win streaks that would have both teams at a tie with 4-4. We can do this all day. I can post stats in favor of Alabama or Auburn. You can pick and chose stats all day, but when it comes down to it, Alabama has more overall wins with the record at 40-34-1.
A.J. Green is more consistent with his catches, but Julio is more imposing and gets better seperation. As an Alabama fan I would hate to chose Green over Jones, but when it comes to consistency A.J. is the favorite and that is what the NFL wants. If Julio's catching ability has improved, as it seems it has, then I would pick Julio based on his size and physical attributes.
When you take off the crimson or blue/orange goggles you will realize both men are amazing athletes and to say one is better than the other is lunacy. Nick Fairley is faster in the 40, however Dareus has the quicker 10 yard-split. Both men have dominated in the SEC and both have won a National Title, and to chose one over the other is difficult.
We understand what you're saying. You would like to see records that are in favor of your Auburn tigers. You're missing everyone else's point. It would be the same if we said "let's take out the Tuberville era and see what the record would be." And just so you know, if you go to the official NCAA site and look up the Championships, they list Alabama with 11 Titles, not "4 million" like you exaggerated little buddy. You're obviously the one with the problem by coming out of nowhere and asking to see what the record would be the last 30 years when the article is about the overall records. That would be the same as Tennessee fans asking years from now to take away the Saban era and see what the record would be against Alabama. It's no different than Pac-10 fans saying "we're 12-10 against the SEC since 2000" but failing to admit the overall record is in favor of the SEC.