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You really don't observe very much, very closely! I don't know of anyone that pays much if any attention to west coast football, much less anything west of the Mississippi, although now we will presume to include UT & OU... They are only relevant around once in a decade...! They don't play 'D' and they most often get embarrassed when they venture into the CFP...! This is with the exception of the west coast, and fox talking heads. Cowherd, and others...! Huard, McAfee, and Howard are some of the dumbest x-jocks I've ever heard in my 80 yrs. on this earth! Of course when the cows-herd was on the east coast he was still singing the praise's of USC, haven't heard much from his mooing section lately, so I presume his beloved USC isn't doing so good! MOOOOOOO!!!
From what I saw I would be surprised if Oregon or Utah are able to stay within the top twenty by seasons end. The only pac12 team that MIGHT and I emphasize MIGHT make it into the top 15-10 could be USC but, then again we don’t want to read to much into one win or loss now do we…! Ain’t this just so much fun picking what will be in two months when no one knows what will happen between now and then, injures players doing stupid things, you know stuff like that…! UF might be able to hang around the top 15 if they don’t get blown out by uga…
Well tosu hired suburban myer’s after what he did to uf. The cover up artist, con man left the cupboard just about completely bare, old dan the man couldn’t handle all the rebuilding that was needed. As for your non-biased dan, per mr. bill below, why shouldn’t he pick Richardson, oh because he is petty and also got dumped out with all the garbage he accumulated during his time at UF…!
Their real claim to fame is there equestrian team, those war eagle girls look great with their bottoms bouncing up and down just hope they don’t get hurt after making those jumps…!
How does missing out on a few recruits, spread out over a multitude of schools, level the playing field!?! Now if it had been to say UF & Texas A&M alone I could see & understand your theory... Bama will be Bama until Saban retires, and then it depends on who at that point the trustees want to pay probably 15-20 Million a year! As for Harsin and some posters thinking he's a good coach, well I would have to differ with them. The mistakes I saw him make in quite a few games I watched, well good not great high school coaches wouldn't make!
This game might just be closer than most Crimson Tide fans think... Secondary won't get burned as much but, Tua will hit 2 and run for 1 but, bama's ground game will get two! Tides 'D' is not as strong as in past years but Mond hasn't shown much this year! Aggies will get two ground TD's and 1 passing with a field goal! Tide 38 Aggies 24