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I actually was confused for a moment when I saw the eagle... because that IS how Auburn starts their games.. but then I realized it was with/for the National Anthem. (I was watching behind time and had the Tivo on FF).
I get you TC, and agree. The beat down of NC State wasn't lost on me either. Ya'll did a great job representing the SEC.
I think you boys are gonna be pleasantly surprised at how much your defense improves under Smart. We are living proof that you can be consistently successful with strong defense and ok offense. The SEC is on the upswing again, and Georgia will be a big part of it.
So critical..... I guess Muschump brings out the worst in people. :)
Agreed. Nearly always a competitive game, and both doing pretty well this season. Should be a great game.
Absolutely agree. I waited all year for the 'other shoe to drop' for Bama, but we kept pulling out squeakers... kinda like Florida State. We just didn't have the juice we have had in past seasons. I am still excited about the future though, for the whole SEC. Florida is sure to ramp up in the next few seasons, and some of the dominant teams will improve.
I thought Mizzou did a decent job keeping it a close game until late. They are a good team, and will continue to be. Congrats to Mizzou for making the big game 2 years in a row. Roll Tide!!!