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Wow. All those years of losing to Bama coming out all at once lol
Saban “schooled”? Hardly. Injuries were Bama’s downfall this season (if you want to call 10 wins a downfall). This is Bama’s 12th straight 10+ win season and people are saying “Bama fell off”. Oh? When was the last time Auburn had back to back 10 win seasons? Just TWO consecutive seasons? I’ts been over 25 years. So calm down.
Dangerous lol. If pot is dangerous for any reason it’s giving you high cholesterol from the munchies
Is “lucking out” what it’s called when you score more points than your opponent? If you’re looking at stats to determine the winner, you’re ignoring the only numbers that matter. You sound bitter. Do you need a hug? Cookie? Some titty?
Why was he asked about this,anyway? Seriously? Has nothing to do with Kelly, his opponents or his conference.......wait, I'm seeing a pattern of ignorance. JOIN A CONFERENCE ALREADY. independent teams "don't sound like college football" either, jackass.
" I see this happen all the time"-Nope " it's legal to hold a player down"-Er, not like that. " it is considered blocking"-By whom? " now if he would've picked up his neck and slammed into the ground that would have been something else"-Yeah, MMA. " but he's just holding him down so he doesn't make a tackle"-Your incorrect opinion. " commenters even said it was legal"- Well THAT makes it legit (said no one ever)
I think someone is about to trade jobs with Bobby Petrino
Writing an article for SDS appears to be a volunteer type of thing. It's almost like "Deep thoughts by Jack Handy" skit on SNL.
Bopolis is right on. Cowbells weren't banned. But I disagree that "hell" is considered a profanity. "Lady Gaga"is not. That is the real crime here.
We'll just decide to bring them all back at half time.
And alligators don't look like something drawn up by a Disney illustrator. Ban the UF logo.
He was close. There was a team playing last night that people aren't interested in but it wasn't Bama. Most people thought the same thing through this season. Just like the other undefeated teams, everyone was waiting for Clemson to slip up. Everyone, myself included, thought that Clemson was this year's iteration of 2012 Notre Dame. It wasn't until I actually watched the Clemson/OU game that I realized they were the real deal. But no one saw that game either. The ratings were dead because some A holes schedule the game late in New Year's Eve. The ratings were down last night because many sidewalk college football fans didn't expect much of a game. They were wrong. So is Cowherd. If OU had won that game against Clemson, The Bama/OU ratings would've been high because that sounds like a game. Most people in recent years don't view Clemson as perennial contenders. It will take them a while to build a name with the fairweatherfootball fans.
If ol' Danny got it right every time he picked against Bama, they'd probably be 6-6 this season. He would have the SEC 2-8 in Bowls instead of 8-2. Shows what he knows.
Isn't he one of the knuckleheads who enjoys triple digit over/under games? Bama did their part. If anyone was boring it was MSUs offense. He should be blaming them for not doing their part. Not Bama. He and Danny Kannell should start a damn therapy session for hating Bama and the SEC in general.
That is a sharp looking photo. BUT.... 1. Can't use that fancy Crimson tinted visor. It's against regulations and taking it off would drastically alter this picture. 2. It's fun to imagine but I would never want to see the uniforms change. Ever. Just because change works in some places doesn't mean it works everywhere. Let's be honest, Tuscaloosa is no tourist destination with regards to luring recruits. Alabama's history, success and tradition is what draws them. Seeing old videos and photos of legends and donning the exact same uniform they wore, that is significant to a kid. It makes them feel a part of something bigger and older than themselves. It's a responsibility to continue a legacy. The uniform will never change. Nor should it.
He IS dancing with the one that brought him. His dance ain't over until the season is.
As opposed to wearing orange and blue and playing like a used tampon.
No. It is NOT "fun on occasion to think about what Alabama would do if it got into the uniform concept fun". That little costume is silly. Someone needs to tell "sulphurwing6 on Instagram" to take his talents to south beach because he's wasting his time. The SEC teams with classic uniforms do not need to make drastic changes. It's part of our tradition.
My favorite part of the article was "Danny Kanell thinks". I'll laugh about that one a while.
(Crickets). The joke is over on the plains right now.
That guy just cant shut up, can he? Hey Elliott, have you tried calling out the coaches for that yet? I think your coaches need to know what you think about that. You really should step in and say something about it. I don't think they know how you feel about that.
Ripov, when you're the only one who thinks you're right, you're probably not.
Coming from the fan of a team whose logo looks like a Cartoon character
He's still butt hurt and being passive aggressive over that FSU loss. He should change his name to Uncle Rico. If HE were in that game against Clemson they would've won and he'd be soaking it up in a hot tub with his soul mate.
Roll tears? 4 in a row, apparently you've forgotten. "Looser" (the way your people spell loser)
They put together a great game plan against Bama but used every trick up their sleeve. Everything they could possibly do, they did against Bama now they're left with no surprises. Every team in America has all the game film they'll ever need on Ole Miss this season after that Bama game. Now they have to execute without their best player and they can't.