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Maybe you should read the above article that names 3 other companies
Seriously? you need to do some research on how much they pay for a cereal box alone. Biles is already worth around 6-8 million, so you believe college players will make more than that in the beginning?
Do they deserve to make money off their own image etc? Probably, but has it ruined college football? IMO Definitely
Every year I listen to this off season crap. "oh, so and so will beat Bama this year" LOLOLOL...Not Miami, probably no one, but hey keep dreaming.
Sorry, but I can't think of anyone anywhere that cares what Scam Newton says or thinks about anything
You're a pot stirrer aren't you? So I have read numerous times this incoming recruiting class of Alabama's is the best ever, but you have Clemson 1st. Well, that's your opinion which has been proven wrong time and again so there you go
Remember when on ESPN before the 2012 National Championship how you (Holtz)said Bama shouldn't be on the same field as Notre Dame? How did that work out? Then you didn't come back on ESPN for a long time.
Kelly says "Do what we couldn't". Everyone knows what to do to beat Bama, they just can't do it.
Yes, Mr. Jones please continue to re-live 2014 because that is all you have unlike her Dad who is going for Natty number 7
I have to agree with most posters here, a ploy to give Fields more time to heal, OSU continuing to get a bye before every game, maybe even just not play and OSU tries to claim they are "Co- Champion" .
It's amazing the crap they come up with when they run out of things to say
Since when does 2 good years of offense with the great talent at Alabama make someone a "Legend"? He's a great play caller for sure, but let's see what he does as a head coach this time around before you start with the Legend crap. Didn't work out so well at USC
There's about as much chance of that goof being Bama OC as me being Bama OC
OK, I get it, I'm a little biased, but does strength of schedule and numbers against that strength just not matter in the Heisman race? Look at Mac Jones' numbers, especially against SEC teams like Georgia, supposedly at the time, one of the best if not THE best defense in college football? Trevor Lawrence is really good, but lets not act like Mac doesn't have some of the best numbers in college football. 400 plus yards 3 straight games and 387 in the 4th because they took him out in the 3rd QT wasn't bad either.
I think it's obvious, Coaches like Strong and Jones want to be part of the game, but if they take head coaching job or even one that pays over the cap in the contract of their former job then they lose the huge pot of cash their former job is still paying. Think people think
There is a reason #firepetegolding is trending. The defense was bad last year and people wrote it off to injuries which obviously played a part, but players were out of place, not reading correctly etc and now here we are again so no Paul, not even in joking is Golding doing a good job. He has to go. Saban can be very loyal even if his coaches aren't most of the time so hopefully someone else wants Golding next year.
Saban tested negative Thursday, He tested negative today and when tests negative tomorrow he will be on the sideline tomorrow night. So this whole minus Saban deal goes kaput. Roll Tide.
Bratton, your headline of Kiffin wins this round...yeah, no. The only round that matters is 63-48. Was it pretty, no again and our defense stunk, but the scoreboard said 63-48 Bama at the end and I'll take it.
Go ahead Lane have a little fun with it, because Saturday night the GOAT will be 21-0 against the ex help.
"I’ve never endorsed a candidate" Well, except Joe Manchin..Just because you say "this isn't a political endorsement doesn't men when you endorse him it isn't. Please don't now join the Social Justice on the jersey crap Saban
Posters, you should realize that arguing with this person is giving him the attention he craves, He's a small anonymous person who has no life out side of his anonymous posts. Just look at his moniker where he calls himself "King" let it go and he will go away.
Efftheleft, I imagine if we were to know who Alatide actually is it's one of 2 things- 1 he's a little troll who says the most ignorant thing he can think of eliciting responses because that is the only attention he can get or 2 He's a person who only reads headlines and sadly has no real knowledge of what is happening around him.
Not based in reality? Have you been under a rock? Is this the only site you are able to go to? Just search BLM and Marxists and you see the co-founder of the group say "they are trained Marxist" out of her own mouth you moron. You will hear her discuss tearing down the American system to replace it with socialism. Watch the video of the Chairman of the NYC BLM chapter speak of "burning down this country" Can you really be this ignorant?