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"I’ve never endorsed a candidate" Well, except Joe Manchin..Just because you say "this isn't a political endorsement doesn't men when you endorse him it isn't. Please don't now join the Social Justice on the jersey crap Saban
Posters, you should realize that arguing with this person is giving him the attention he craves, He's a small anonymous person who has no life out side of his anonymous posts. Just look at his moniker where he calls himself "King" let it go and he will go away.
Efftheleft, I imagine if we were to know who Alatide actually is it's one of 2 things- 1 he's a little troll who says the most ignorant thing he can think of eliciting responses because that is the only attention he can get or 2 He's a person who only reads headlines and sadly has no real knowledge of what is happening around him.
Not based in reality? Have you been under a rock? Is this the only site you are able to go to? Just search BLM and Marxists and you see the co-founder of the group say "they are trained Marxist" out of her own mouth you moron. You will hear her discuss tearing down the American system to replace it with socialism. Watch the video of the Chairman of the NYC BLM chapter speak of "burning down this country" Can you really be this ignorant?
My God, Et TU? Does every single entity have to virtue signal? This literally irritates that hell out of me. You don't have to make a video people, you can lead by example. Check out the BLM co-founders many statements that they are "trained Marxists" and want to install a socialist agenda here in America. Is that what you want Bama? Because that is who you are siding with when you chant the BLM slogan.
I don't post often, but every time I see a post of yours I wonder "What is this guy's point"? It's always completely off and just plain irrational.
Yes, Vick did his time, but IMO what he did to dogs (research it in detail, it's horrifying) bars him from being on a national platform.
Add Todd Gurley to that list and about 5 more I can think of
Alabama fans are spoiled and hyper critical of any season ending short of a National Championship.... Just as we've earned and just as it should be.
If you frequent here you know this moron is not a fan, he's a cowardly troll who is obviously jealous of Bama and fans.
Hilarious how every year "the Saban " dynasty is over...every year someone says this exact crap.
The “kicking whisperer”? Seriously? Hilarious the obvious irony in this article.
The idea that Beckham didn't do this for the social media attention is ludicrous.
Seriously, it just has to be said “ SHOW ME THE MONEY”
What I remember most about Holtz was him saying prior to the championship in 2012 against ND that Alabama did belong on the same field with them (look it up) and then not coming back on TV for about a month after the game.
Unfortunately for me as a fan I don't think he's coming back, but he's a great young man and I want what is best for him. As far as Daniels goes it seems the article is saying grab the money even if you aren't worth it as he was clearly not. There is a great difference between the average college star and Tua, mainly in the character department. Good luck to Tua either way.
1St off good luck to him, but I have to say maybe we will less off sides penalties without him. Every game he was good for at least 2 and often more.
Do you agree with Finebaum’s take on Alabama’s final score? ABSOLUTELY
A young decides to finish and get his degree and you think that makes him a clown? Probably says way more about you than it does Alex.
Thank you Coach Saban, absolutely the right thing to do to that particular narcissistic serial killer looking moron.
Thanks, good luck on 1/13. Bring it home for the SEC.
Thanks, bring the Natty home for the SEC.
Maybe you should switch your Icon to Fleck's team. Just think, you could be a golden gopher.
Harris ran it lights out and was allowed to score as the clock ran out. There was no disrespect. Everyone knows Coach Saban is not one who runs it up, if he did we would beat people 100 to whatever, especially with Tua...Hell he didn't even play in the 2nd half in many games.
By the way, Patterson threw 2 interceptions, the last play of his college career was an interception in the end zone.
One thing Saban isn't is a liar, but then you know that and just decided to say something stupid anyway.