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sorry, I'm selfsh and would love for them to come back for their senior year. I think they would dominate.
Dear Matt, just because you have no character and have never bonded with a group of guys doesn't mean the Bama players you speak of don't have character and will sit out.
Can someone please tell where Kiffin has ever been "wildly" successful? Yes, I think he has offensive coaching talent, but the rest of him always gets in the way and he has never been nor given any indication he can be, wildly successful
I give him 2 years before Ole Miss fires him, he just can't stop saying stupid crap and he won't stop now.
HAHA Alabama privilege? Sorry I don't even know who Brando is, is he 20 years old? Privilege?
It's so great as to inspire such hate when you lose...because we all know it doesn't happen very often. Certainly not 8 times in a row to the same team Roll Tide.
So his take is not I shouldn't have said it, but sorry I got outed? Stay classy Coach O
No one thinks he will 100% and no one cares what Gary D has to say now or any Saturday, Just saying
That actually didn't look good to me, he seemed to be very gingerly moving on that ankle
LSU stunk up the stadium against Auburn and that was at their home, so nah, I don't think they are up to it. Not that they aren't good because they are, but lets see how they do on a really big stage and of course how Bama's young guys do as well.
Is David Wasson new to SEC football? Both teams have had a bye week before playing each other for years
Did you copy and paste that 1st paragraph from last year?
Good thing the regular season is starting so this moron will have something to write about
It's amazing to me how these young guys can't learn from all the examples of players who waited and maybe didn't start until their Jr year, but then going on to big bucks in the pros...Quinnen Williams is a great example of that
I will never ever buy anything from America hating Nike again...
Hey, what can I say, it's a weak ass out of conference schedule
Tua didn't look that good to me and he was definitely favoring his left leg either because lingering physical problems which I don't think so or mental which I do
The 1st paragraph of this article is a grammatical mess. Do these people not have proof readers or editors? I was going to list the problems with it, but realized it just wasn't worth the effort.
How can you sincerely say that? You are ignoring all the follow up help Saban has provided for players years after they left Bama, but haters usually ignore the facts.
Obviously the decision is up to Mack and his family, but it appears he could use another year of maturity. Observing his athletic play on the field alone isn't the whole story, think back of all the juvenile behavior on the field, all the times he did bone headed things after the play concluded. So yeah, he could use another year at the college level.
arrogant? nope, just proud of 5 national championships in 9 years. Did you miss that because you were charlestoned?
i keep reading all the things Bama needs to fear from clemson, I think clemson has about 60 things Clemson needs to worry about... I guess I missed that article
This was the same fawning we heard all season long about tua, right up to the point he injured himself then it was tua who? so, we'll see what happens on monday 1/7/2019. regardless they are both great QB's no matter who the sports media is high on at the moment