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Again, we avoid that Saban didn’t say this until after Bimbo had secured and signed the #1 class. It’s also apparent you guys seem to have selective ethics as well. Many have claimed Saban has cheated, but never once produced an ounce of evidence. Yet, Bimbo admits that the players he’s signed, has NIL deals and you clowns seem to think someone calling him out for using the NILs as a recruiting tool is now considered a lie… ‍♂️ I guess, in Aggieland, ignorance is bliss. I also, made it very clear. If Bimbo had a set, he’d have shown them so that the whole world would have seen Saban was wrong. But all he can do? Continue to act like a baby and cry and scream about this, because he knows that this will eventually come out and he’ll look like the clown he’s always been. Bimbo will have a great signing class that will seemingly transfer after they all realize he’s a clown show and will always be carrying Saban’s sack.
Saban lied? Really? So how about the words from your coach there clown. That he was insulted and his coaches and players were all insulted to think that they only came because of the NILs. Clearly he’s admitted they all got NILs. Sheesh… He was at a program that he followed a legend in Coach Bowden. Yet, couldn’t pull this many 5 stars there. Yet comes to TAMU, hasn’t done it until the NILs came about. Guess you clowns can’t seem to understand and read the writing on the walls. We all know it happened. Even Fisher admitted as much. People who haven’t done anything wrong, don’t act like this. They lay the cards on the table and prove the accuser wrong. Not continue temper tantrums and then throw shade. It’s funny that he gave credence to Bobby, throws shade on Nick as a cheater, but Bobby was the only one ever caught with his hand in the cookie jar and penalized.
Exactly. Saban played his cards well. He knew that if Jimbo was clean, he’d not respond, Jimbo responding and continually making more of it? Shows the world that it was exactly as he called it. Paying for players, because he knows…he can’t out recruit him.
Clearly someone doesn’t understand how the NIL works. Maybe you should have stayed in school?
How about Mercedes? Verizon? ATT? Merrill Lynch? That’s just to name a few. You gotta realize Nick has a name. So, if he needs to get guys money to stay on top? Others are going to lose out and then you will see a few teams with all the athletes. I kind of think that is his point. Yes the SEC is dominant, but he doesn’t want to see it where either one conference or a few teams in each conference have all the players with no hope for the other teams. Kind of kills your product.
Really? So he has whined about losing? That’s a no. He’s made statements about NILs and the transfer portal. He’s made it clear from the get go, this would become an issue if there isn’t some sort of accountability put in place. Schools will reach out to players on other rosters to get them to come to their schools. This will be much like travel baseball. Where the students do the bidding and the schools will have NILs setup to hand them a fistful of cash
You aren’t seeming to understand. This isn’t about boosters. This is about companies. Companies that want to align with athletes under Nick Saban. Remember Nick has a special relationship with many companies with deep pockets.
I think you are reading into it as whining? He’s putting people on notice. If we’re gonna let programs use NILs to get players? Then you can well be assured that Bama is as well. They will have them lined up to donate money for NILs for recruiting. Which is going to put those programs with little to no money? Without athletes. He’s been singing the same tune since the NILs and transfer portal all came about. He warned people. Yet, no one listened. Now y’all act surprised that he’s saying this, when he’s been saying it all along.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Bama smack that ass first? We tend to forget that your asses were handed to you first and Jawga is what against Bama since Nick’s been at Bama? 1-7… What is Limbo against Nick? 1-4… Keep treatIng Nick like he’s lost it and is washed up!!! Nothing makes him more dangerous. But hey, not surprised to see Jawga wanna jump on this… you’ve been Bama’s and Nick’s beotch for years and finally win one.
I wonder if this is an indication, that Texas is making room for another WR? Feel bad for this kid, but his mouth is his own worst enemy.
I think that was said, because her first marriage/divorce was filled with it. Now reports state, they were separated. I agree that no one should do or try to harm someone with or without a vehicle. But let all the evidence come out before we rush to judgement here. As I find someone trying to use a vehicle to hurt someone in another vehicle and missing to speed away? A little suspect. If someone is so angry they were going to use their vehicle to harm you? Common sense says they don't just speed away. There's more to the story. Maybe even he was pissed and was trying to leave, but said vehicle was placed in his way? Like I said, wait till all of the facts come out. There may even be other eyewitnesses that have a totally different recollection of the incident than those who reported it.
I agree. While I wish him the best of luck. His comments about playing time and then to have hands of stone? Not a good look. Also, saw many times him half assing it. Hopefully, he'll learn more to be a team player and stop being selfish???
Not true, Alabama was locked into the SECCG regardless of winning or losing against AU.
Huh? Really? Well if your coaches aren't helping players prepare to execute, then you get what you got. Chase and Jefferson both had issues dropping and the ball. Brady recognized they were talented and implemented drills that helped them step up their game. Clearly you've never played the game to know how important Coaching is? Chase and Jefferson both benefited greatly and in the end paid off for LSU and each of their bank accounts.
Wde0012, clearly you didn't see the benefits that Justin Jefferson and Ja Mar Chase received when their new offensive coordinator (Joe Brady) came in and worked solely on cathing the football with them! So, yeah a WR or OC can implement drills to drastically improve catching the ball.
I think there are too many dynamics to adequately compare the 2 secondaries. What I find odd, is we aren't even mentioning Bama's D'fense. Georgia has faced 4 top 30 offenses, Cincy 2, but Bama has faced 7. Cincy isn't even a top 30 offense. While Cincy has a top defense (statistically speaking) there is issues with just looking at the numbers. As their lack of facing top offenses. But like I always say, statistics don't matter in the playoffs. But I like Bama's chances with a solid effort from the D'fense.
As a Bamafan, I think Williams is deserving. But when you look at the stats? They are comparable. Williams is concentrating on a Natty and the NFL. A college award won't bring him either.
I guess we didn't read the facts? UGA has faced 8 teams and won that are bowl eligible and 3 top 25. ND has 0. Pretty clear that ND shouldn't be in the playoffs.
Oh my, here we go. The clown posse already readying the minions that "if Bama wins" the zebras of course helped them out nonsense. Maybe you should see who's one of the most penalized team, year end and year out? Let me also remind you that winners make a way and losers look for excuses. We can gauge which one you are...
As an Alabama fan, I love what Kirby brought to GA from Saban. I love the fire, the intensity, all of it. Georgia has a great football team year in and year out. However, I believe in our team. While we didn't play great offensively in the AU game, we did find a way to win. Not to mention put to bed all the nonsense that somehow the officials assist Alabama in their wins. Can't wait till the weekend for another classic game that people throughout the country don't get to appreciate like we do. SEC football. Texas and OU are about to step into the snake pit and see what playing competition each week does for the character of your team. May the best team win... Roll Tide
Losers make excuses... Guess that's why Arky has been cellar dwellers for years?
Bama's issues are from play calling on offense. Horrible job mixing plays in and even when they tried to play action, FL defense stayed back, because they knew O'Brien wasn't calling a run play. We became very predictable. When we mixed pass and run, they couldn't stop it. Defense: another sore spot. The front seven got man handled. D Line didn't control the LOS. They didn't even hold their own. The LB play was atrocious. FL gashed us with wide open lanes, because of LB out of position. Tackling was horrendous. Never seen so many ridiculous arm tackles. Not wrapping up and lowering the boom. They let FL back in the game with the late 2nd QT touchdown. Lastly, I've said it for 3yrs now. We make no adjustments at halftime. Zero! On Defense. Thankfully we have had an offense that just blew out opponents that the defense wasn't needed as much, except 2019 when they needed to get a stop in the LSU game and couldn't. I get it the defenses like we used to see are far gone. But we have to be able to make adjustments to stop what the other team is doing. FL started gashing us mid-second QTR, yet we did nothing to prevent that in 3rd or the 4th.
Phantom PIs? Clearly you're biased and delusional... I guess you missed the Phantom PI calls against Bama? Troll
Can we please cry harder? I guess when your teams just aren't good enough, you need the officials to make calls for you?
While I agree somewhat with his statement, he also needs to nut up and take this loss on the chin. While I understand many things in a game. I don't understand the constant lack of discipline from his players. Don't get me wrong, Florida has some great athletes, but he needs to get them all to buy into the team. Stop worrying about your 10secs of fame when you make a play/touchdown. That's why you're there. Showboating is all about your pride, not what's best for the team. Now to the OSU argument. I happen to agree with him somewhat and what the committee should do? Have the ACC and SEC loser play and the winner of that game plays OSU for the #4 spot. Or better yet, have the top 8 teams make the playoffs? This year would be a great year to implement this and the selection committee has to take into account teams that played more games over those that didn't. It was the BIG 10 and PAC 12 that made the decision not to play and then decided to play after the ACC and SEC put plans into place and started playing. They should not benefit form their lack of intelligence on the matter. The committee needs to give credit for to teams that didn't dodge playing games and punish those that decided not to play until late, but then didn't play games or even bother to reschedule. Florida, Texas A&M and Georgia all have a legit claim to get into the playoffs over a team that played about half as many games
Who cares. We are a country of freedoms and as long as they aren't spewing racial hate! Who cares. We have a society of mental midgets.
I think that Mac will get his chance to shine. Having said that, with the loss of the Spring game due to Covid, he will more than likely be the starter for the season. I agree he'd have to have a tremendous meltdown. However, Young is another "Special Player". Very Tua like. So, I could see a situation where in the SC game if Mac struggles? We'd see Young come in...
Oh give me a break... This isn't news worthy. A freaking tongue in cheek comment. Good Lord! Stop with the nonsense. This should have never made it this far...
Not sure how cryptic this is??? I mean if you look, it appears he's pulling the pads down. As all the pads with jerseys are on top. Seems to me he's reaching to suit up again??? But we'll see??? Would think he'd want to boost his draft stock by playing another year?
Absolutely. Great kid, football player and teammate. Would truly hate to see him regret not getting a chance if something else were to happen. Love to have him back, but would rather see him get a chance at the next level!