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While I agree somewhat with his statement, he also needs to nut up and take this loss on the chin. While I understand many things in a game. I don't understand the constant lack of discipline from his players. Don't get me wrong, Florida has some great athletes, but he needs to get them all to buy into the team. Stop worrying about your 10secs of fame when you make a play/touchdown. That's why you're there. Showboating is all about your pride, not what's best for the team. Now to the OSU argument. I happen to agree with him somewhat and what the committee should do? Have the ACC and SEC loser play and the winner of that game plays OSU for the #4 spot. Or better yet, have the top 8 teams make the playoffs? This year would be a great year to implement this and the selection committee has to take into account teams that played more games over those that didn't. It was the BIG 10 and PAC 12 that made the decision not to play and then decided to play after the ACC and SEC put plans into place and started playing. They should not benefit form their lack of intelligence on the matter. The committee needs to give credit for to teams that didn't dodge playing games and punish those that decided not to play until late, but then didn't play games or even bother to reschedule. Florida, Texas A&M and Georgia all have a legit claim to get into the playoffs over a team that played about half as many games
Who cares. We are a country of freedoms and as long as they aren't spewing racial hate! Who cares. We have a society of mental midgets.
I think that Mac will get his chance to shine. Having said that, with the loss of the Spring game due to Covid, he will more than likely be the starter for the season. I agree he'd have to have a tremendous meltdown. However, Young is another "Special Player". Very Tua like. So, I could see a situation where in the SC game if Mac struggles? We'd see Young come in...
Oh give me a break... This isn't news worthy. A freaking tongue in cheek comment. Good Lord! Stop with the nonsense. This should have never made it this far...
Not sure how cryptic this is??? I mean if you look, it appears he's pulling the pads down. As all the pads with jerseys are on top. Seems to me he's reaching to suit up again??? But we'll see??? Would think he'd want to boost his draft stock by playing another year?
Absolutely. Great kid, football player and teammate. Would truly hate to see him regret not getting a chance if something else were to happen. Love to have him back, but would rather see him get a chance at the next level!
I agree. Jones knows the system, but Tua is a once in a lifetime freak. His brother? Only time will tell. However, I think the defensive injuries hurt us more than we expected. Having so many on the front 7 as freshman...? Just wasn't the same. We couldn't shut teams down. I'm not worried for the future. He'll get the kids he needs to do the job and get them refocused!
The man furthest out actually was on the line. If you are going off the photo? Then he's moving towards the line of scrimmage
Then it was an illegal formation. Too many men on the line of scrimmage (8). Go back and count them... However, this didn't lose the game. 2 picks for TDs surely didn't help. Nor did giving Auburn basically the opportunity to run its kick team out and get into place prior to the ready for play whistle. This rule should be changed. If you have the offense on the field? They would have to stay. You would not be able to substitute to gain and advantage.
Well because you don't call illegal substitution on the defense till the ball is hiked and 2 if you look at the formation Auburn was in? It's illegal. Wait and you'll hear from the league office to try and explain it away. They need to hold officials accountable for missing calls. Officiating this year has been horrendous.
Seriously??? Your best defender was torched for over 200yds and 2tds. Definitely not the countries best secondary. OSU has the best and Georgia has the best in the SEC.
No.22 You're an LSU fan so bent out of shape because he's actually screwing his sister, you can't seem to take a joke. Lighten up...
I think the issue is with Nix, is the expectation. He's fresh out of High School with all the talent in the world, but what he lacks is experience and maturity. Gatewood will be much the same. The guy, sitting on your bench (Sandberg). This young man was offered by Mullin's at MSState. Had he played football instead of baseball? You probably would not have heard the name Prescott. He was not just phenomenal, he was s student of the game. Now he has all that and has the maturity. Yet Malzahn, gave him a pathetic shot during the spring game. He may want to look a little deeper in his bench if he wants to win the BIG games now!
Lazy? Well until CFB starts using a formula, like an RPI to rank and not use biased opinions? It's all LAZY!
It has always been my belief that the National Champions are Number 1 till they get beat. I don't care how bad they look. They earned the spot. The rest should remain as well from the previous year. Once they get beat? Then allow others to move up.
They didn't let Jimbo go for Willie. Jimbo left and they went after Willie. However, I also do not see this happening. Willie is a great coach and I believe he will get the program turned around. Many of those Jimbo recruited were not of good character and Willie holds his team accountable. All of them. While the cupboard was bare when he got there, a few have exited due to the accountability that he and his coaches have imposed.
This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy...!
BigEasy or Vandy, South Carolina, Miss State or Ole Miss. They might and I stress might get 1 5 star a year, maybe a 4 star. Most of their team is made up a 3 stars and below. Just being in the SEC doesn't guarantee you that you will get the athletes nor does it mean you'd get a Payday. What advantage does the SEC gain with adding a school that has a stadium the size of a HS team? None!
Jbattle, you're missing the point. Your starting defense couldn't stop a mediocre offense and your offense was pretty much stopped by a 4th string defense. You point to Milton, but negate that the nation's #1 corner and #1 safety were out of this game. Along with other defensive starters. So the Milton argument is a moot point. All we continue to hear is "we want respect". Respect is earned, not given. Let's look at other teams in your conference? Houston? They scheduled 2-3 power5 conference schools each year. When they rose to the top under Herman? They faced 3 top 25 power5 schools. FSU, played many 2/1 games and traveled the country to play anyone. Why? Respect! Boise State, same deal. They would gladly take a 2/1 to play the Big Boys for a chance to upset one. This is how you earn. Not by claiming some ridiculous National Championship and demanding respect. Go and earn it. When the UF dust settled and the lies exposed as to the offer. Not sure that UCF has any options now but to take whatever is offered if they want the option to try and compete on the field against a top team...
Saban said it best. We either have a small playoff and Conference Championships or we do away with Conference Championships and expand the playoffs. These kids still have school and are playing 15 games a year. I agree.
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't you run off Tuberville and Chizik... Both had 1 losing season and kicked them to the curb. Now you wanna kick Malzahn to the curb??? By the way??? When and if Nick retires? You'll see Dabo reunited in Crimson and White. So, won't get any easier for the cow college!
I have to agree. The officiating was extremely suspect. What I found pathetic was the PI in the end zone. Clearly was not. Would have ended the game and the no catch fumble. Clearly he made a football move and was looking to score. Delpit's recovery should have ended the game. The lack of what was booth support was ridiculous as well... I understand that everyone says win decisively and don't let the officials determine the outcome. However, when 2 good teams are playing a game close to the vest, the officials should be the one to make they don't make a difference in the game!
Don't think he was sensationalizing anything. You did, by calling him a "Rules Nazi".... Second, while I appreciate your service to this country. As I also served for 12yrs in Gulf War. Don't use it as a reason that you get some sort of pass in saying stupid $hit, but can call others out. I believe that there are many other before you paid the price as well! But that doesn't give exclusivity of freedom to you, because you are serving. We all (that have served), did it for everyone's freedom!
Exactly! You have to maintain possession throughout the process of the catch. Which means if you are going to the ground, you have to possess it through the contact with the ground. He didn't! Easy call with the current rules.
Alright Fat Phil calm down and breathe. Your pissed because your team hasn't been relevant in a decade. We get it... It's ok, we can schedule some anger management for ya!
WDE0012, Really? Well lets look at whom Auburn has scheduled in the same time frame? 2007 K State @ Home, 2008 La Monroe @ Home, 2009 La Tech @ Home, 2010 Ark State @ Home, 2011 Utah State @ Home, 2012 Clemson @ Neutral (GA Dome), 2013 Wash State @ Home, 2014 Ark @ Home, 2015 Louisville @ Atl, 2016 Clemson @ Home, 2017 GA Southern @ Home and 2018 Wash @ Atl Now for Bama During same time frame. 2007 @ Home, 2008 Neutral, 2009 Neutral, 2010 Home, 2011 Home, 2012 Neutral, 2013 Neutral, 2014 Neutral, 2015 Neutral, 2016 Neutral, 2017 Neutral and 2018 Neutral So during this same time frame Auburn has had 9 home games and 3 neutral. Alabama has had 3 home games and 9 neutral games. So, who's scared again?
While I agree this will be a test for Alabama... The Offense hasn't peaked??? You do realize the last 4 games that Burrow has thrown as many interceptions as touchdowns? However let's look at the Numbers LSU QBs 1544yds passing 6TD and 3INTs Alabama QBs 2779yds passing 31TD and 2INTs LSU Backs 1525yds rushing for a 4.3yds avg 19TDs Alabama Backs 1735 5.2yds avg 21TDs So to say someone hasn't peaked? you should see signs of progression. Burrow hasn't progressed. He's a game manager. Much like many of the QBs Alabama has had in the past. Tua is special. I know I am biased, but I truly have not seen a player this young that sees the field the way he does. He has made some throws that will make you go hmmmmmm.... But for the vast majority he sees his receivers and puts the ball only where they can catch it. But if I was looking at this game objectively? You can't ignore Bama's offense. No one has stopped them. Maybe slowed them down, but couldn't stop them. Then we turn to the defense where in the second half of the games subs are replacing starters. So, the numbers truly do not reflect how good they really are. Injuries has hampered us recently, but the replacements are starting to fit in to the scheme and make plays. Our Defense is one of the tops in the country in scoring. They put most teams away in the 2nd Qtr. Not saying that will happen Saturday, but I don't think if its best on best we loose. I also don't think if its best on best for 4 qtrs this game is a close as 28pts. That is not to disrespect LSU. I am merely making note of an elite offense with Tua at the helm and an elite defense. While LSU does have an elite defense, the offense is sub-par...
Look I understand the Tide can't take any team lightly. However, we have to remember as well, the 2nd team has come into many games allowing teams to move the ball and score. So, I do believe that statistically speaking, they aren't as good as it should show. But hey, we'll see, what we'll see!
Well that's funny, since Spears is an LSU player/Grad. I'd say if he was Ok with it, then LSU should be as well. The rule is clear when there is effort to make contact with the head and neck area of an opponent, it's targeting. While, I do not consider it targeting. I thought it was a good hit. I understand why the targeting rule was put in, it was to keep player from lowering their heads and making contact with opponents. This was not targeting.