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Wait a second... Not that I do not agree with almost every word this writer wrote about the ludicrous decision and the overwhelming HYPROCRISY of the osuX fans, alumni, staff and executives, because I do! However, osuX PROVED they could care less about having "ethical" behavior of ANY kind in their JOKE of an athletic department YEARS and YEARS and YEARS ago! This is a group of morons who praise a coach for coming off the sidelines and HITTING a young man DURING a nationally televised game 40-50 years ago! Then, they praise the coach who bought and paid for talented and ethical players like Maurice Clarett and tried to over up Tatoo-gate! I mean, come on??? There is not ONE person alive outside of their HOMER fan base that believes ANYTHING that comes out of any of their mouths! They are ALL Jokes, Punch-lines and an embarrassment to College Football!
As a Georgia Fan, I wish he would start TONIGHT!!! But I understand and I admire his Commitment to his players!!! That's something you can't say about that "great" HYPOCRITE Mediocre Mark Richt!!! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!! And for him to sit there and whine about HOW MUCH HE wanted and was looking forward to coaching those "Great" Men he had been coaching and teaching to be Men!!! HE LIED!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! You are telling me that Miami (not going to a bowl game again, I believe) couldn't wait for the "Great JOKE" Mark Richt to KEEP HIS WORD--because life is MORE than Rings (what a MORON--that would be TRUE if you weren't ACCEPTING OVER $4M a Year to WIN and YOUR MAIN JOB is getting YOUR Team to a TITLE!!!)--so he can coach his players and men ONE LAST TIME, like he said he was SO LOOKING FORWARD TO??? I have a hard time believing someone that tries THAT hard to prove he is THAT perfect!!! Again, his actions SPEAK VOLUMES to ME and they GO AGAINST EVERYTHING HE WHINES AND MOANS ABOUT that is important to him!!! Glad he's gone and sorry that there are that many weak minded people in Georgia that can be BRAINWASHED by a MEDIOCRE MAN!!!
Stop whining about the one or two programs where the coach hasn't met expectations!!! At Texas, the job demand is more than just coaching football (which is what Strong wants to do) and he hasn't endured himself to the donors from the start, pushing Strong into unfamiliar territory and adding stress. PLUS, TA&M has taken a TON of recruits that would would have gone to TX if TA&M hadn't gone to the SEC. That will work itself out. And quit whining about TN...which is a total fluke. Firing a coach who clearly lost control of his football team, should not be questioned!!! JUST like Mediocre Mark, who has PROVEN Time AND AGAIN, he CANNOT get the job done and has taken UGA as far as he can!!! TN's problem was Kiffin being a puck and TN having to go through 3 different coaching staffs and philosophies in 3 YEARS!!! That will tear ANY FOUNDATION DOWN--especially when it was unstable to begin with in the last Fulmer years!!! How about FOCUSING on all of the GOOD Coaching Changes!!! Alabama, Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, VANDY--after hiring James Franklin!!! AR is coming around since Beilema has been able to get HIS Recruits in there!!! Look at Gary Pinkel--who averages around a TOP 50 Recruiting Class and won the SEC East 2 of the 1st 5 years in the League!!! Richt CANNOT Win ANYTHING with 9-10 STRAIGHT YEARS OF TOP 10 Recruiting Classes!!! TA&M under Sumlin. OR Michigan stepping up and putting the $ in to hire HARBAUGH--how's he doing FIRST Year??? How is Florida doing under McElwain this year?!? Beats Richt's BUTT!!! However, that is not saying much--considering they DESTROYED Richt last year as the WORST TEAM in the SEC (or 2nd Worst after VANDY)!!! What about Fuente at MEMPHIS!!! Or Utah State with Matt Wells??? There are FAR MORE EXAMPLES of Teams getting BETTER after hiring a NEW HC than worse!!! Have you EVER Noticed, over the last 10-15 Years--the ONLY Real Horror story ANYONE CAN BRING UP about a bad coaching NEW HIRE is the Tennessee example??? If there were MORE--people wouldn't have to DIG UP 10 YEAR OLD Stories!!! The Example would KEEP CHANGING, but it doesn't on this story FOR A was a FLUKE!!! And when UGA hire Richt--did ANYONE KNOW (including Dooley) what they were getting from an Assistant Coach with NO Head Coaching Experience??? NO!!! NO ONE DID!!! So this CRAP about "who else you going to get", is just that, CRAP!!! There are 500 Assistant Coaches out there just as good as Richt AND MANY OF THOSE ARE PROBABLY BETTER!!! Hugh Freeze was a LONG TIME High School Coach who has done pretty well in a place NOT MANY OTHERS have!!! Malzahn was the SAME!!! Career HS HC who has done well in CFB!!! Tough year this year, but he took AUBURN to a place RICHT has NEVER BEEN--a NATIONAL Championship Game!!! There are 50 or more GREAT Young College Head Coaches--Memphis, Utah State, Georgia Southern--who have earned a chance!!! THE FACTS ARE--Richt hasn't done ANYTHING in the last 10 YEARS and WON any Titles of Significance since Donnan's recruits Graduated!!! He was an UNKNOWN, with no experience!!! He has PROVEN Time and Again that he CANNOT close the deal!!! He is 10-21 against RANKED TEAMS (ranked by the AP at the END OF THE SEASON) from 2007-2014!!! Look at this year ALONE Richt has been DESTROYED against the ONLY 2 Ranked Teams they have played and LOST a 21-pt lead to Tennessee in the 2nd HALF!!! Everyone wants to talk about how bad Donnan was, but UGA was 40-19 in his 5 years and 4-0 in Bowl Games. His only losing season was his FIRST!!! Georgia is a TOP 10 COACHING DESTINATION with a Top 100 Coach!!! ANY Coach should win 10 games a year at Georgia with their eyes closed (which is how Richt coaches!!!) with the in-state talent (Richt loses 90% of those to OTHER schools over the last 5 YEARS) and the easy schedule!!! We (as bad as we DO NOT want to admit it) play in the weaker division of THE TOUGHEST CFB CONFERENCE in the Country). Richt SHOULD NOT BE Awarded for his signature win of 2015 over a LOUSY 5-5 Auburn Team!!! Nor should any TRUE Bulldog Fan be Content with beating ONLY Vandy, KY, GT, UL Monroe, Southern, Mizzou (9-6 ???) or GA Southern IN OT (Who has a great season going in 2015 at 7-3, but CLEARLY UGA has more talent!!!)!!! That is why you keep Richt around??? That is a SORRY EXCUSE!!! If UGA can NOT find another HC across this ENTIRE NATION that can't beat those SAME Teams Year after Year--than Georgia SHOULD QUIT playing CFB and DROP THE TEAM!!!
First, I am sorry you believe being Mediocre is ALL that Georgia Deserves!!! TRUE Fans do NOT Believe that CRAP...but if that is how you live your life, can look in the mirror every morning and be happy with that lifestyle--more power to YOU!!! That is your lifestyle choice and Thank God, the people that Built This Country and Georgia Football did NOT have the same beliefs!!! Second, I know the meaning of "TRUE" Fan and "Loser" when I talk about Mediocre Mark!!! You can be a LOSER and have a great winning percentage...especially when a coach is Given 7-8 wins a year and 12-15 games a year to play!!! It is not like it was when DOOLEY Coached, as Georgia only PLAYED 10 Games a Year and 11 on some occasions with a Bowl Game!!! Also, Georgia plays in the WEAKER Division (and we all hate to admit it, but it is a TRUE FACT unfortunately)!!! And unlike Dooley's ENTIRE Career, Mediocre Mark doesn't play the REST OF THE SEC EVERY Year (with their 10th game being GT Every Year!) you can't compare their 2 era's!!! Not saying you did (as I glanced at your response), but many people do bring up the Completely Inaccurate argument that Dooley coached for 46 years (Sarcasm) before he WON 10 Games in a Season!!! But back to my LOSER Statement regarding Mediocre Mark!!! IMO, Mediocre Mark deserves the Title LOSER for MANY Reasons!!! One, any coach that has to use "LOSER" Tactics like Richt had to use OR Even ALLOW before the Alabama Game when Georgia was standing at midfield "Woofing" at Bama before the game and then, ALLOWING the SAME CRAP before the Georgia Southern Game last weekend because he CANNOT Properly Motivate or Coach UP his Team is a LOSER!!! And I TRULY Believe THOSE Type of Tactics are BENEATH The University of Georgia!!! Another reason he is a LOSER is because a LOSER laughs at getting EMBARRASSED on his OWN Field (Sanford Stadium, Between THE Hedges) like Richt did after the Alabama game (a game he had circled on the STAFFS' Calendar since 2013!!!)!!! A WINNER Takes the Blame FULLY when his or her team UNDER-Performs, UNDER-Achieves or ISN'T Prepared and gets EMBARRASSED by a Team that has An EQUAL Talent Level or Blown-Out by a TEAM that is Vastly INFERIOR. I have NEVER Heard Mediocre Mark do that after a game or on his Radio Show (or TV Show) and THAT makes HIM a LOSER!!! He doesn't blame anyone else, but he also NEVER takes the COMPLETE BLAME (even after the Tech Game LAST Year when HIS SQUIB KICK CALL LOST the game!!!)!!! He said it was a bad call and if he had to do it again, he probably wouldn't do it--BUT THAT IS NOT THE SAME THING!!! If he would have came out and said something like "our kids had this game Won and I blew it!!!" or "my terrible call lost this game we had in the bag!!!", I could respect that. But LAUGHING after getting Destroyed by Alabama--and not taking blame for having A terrible game plan or getting his kids game "ready" or acknowledging the fact that the before game antics were inexcusable and sitting some players--are acts of a LOSER!!! A LOSER can't make tough decisions!!! Mediocre Mark has PROVEN TIME after TIME that he cannot make tough decisions!!! One being FORCED to FIRE "Slick" Willie Martinez (if he couldn't see that Bon Fire of a Monstrosity on the Defensive side of the ball when he was coaching--he SHOULD Have BEEN FIRED Then--is just ONE incident!!! How about the fact that even though PUBLICLY Admitting that he did NOT agree with Grantham's Defensive Play Calling or Philosophy--he STILL wouldn't FIRE him!!! Grantham QUIT late in the Recruiting Cycle to go to Louisville!!! Sounds similar to the ordeal with Pruitt (and if NOT for Pruitt, Georgia would STILL be WITHOUT an Indoor Practice Facility (although we are still the last SEC Team to get one) because Pruitt told Richt and EVERYONE Who Would Listen that was just ONE WAY he recruited Kids AWAY from Georgia!!! Richt, again, has PROVEN he is OUT of His LEAGUE when it comes to making the Tough Decisions any Competent Head Coach in THE SEC HAS to make!!! That makes him a LOSER!!! And just one more reason he is a LOSER (although I could go ON and ON) is look at the fact he REFUSES to Hire a Special Trams Coach, even though ANYONE with EYES can See how terrible Georgia's ST's has been YEAR AFTER YEAR (again, an Experienced AND Knowledgeable STC would NEVER have called for a Squib Kick with a Lead against an OPTION-Running Team with ONLY 42 Seconds LEFT In The Game!!!)!!! And remember Blair Walsh??? GREAT Kicker who ran into a terrible YEAR his Senior Season?!? Without a STC, he had NO ONE to work with him and went on to have his worst season ever, after 3 Pretty Great Years kicking for the Dawgs!!! He went to the Vikings, because at the Combine, the Vikings Special Teams Coach Noticed a little hesitation move that Walsh didn't even know he was doing (and NEVER had before)!!! The EXPERIENCED Special Teams Coach caught that hesitation and CORRECTED it, going on to TIE the NFL Record for MOST FG's by a Rookie Kicker and was Selected to the NFL Pro Bowl In 2013 AS A ROOKIE!!! Mediocre Mark, REFUSING to HELP the TEAM AND NOT having the ABILITY to recognize his OWN LIMITATIONS as a HC makes him a LOSER!!! So, again, just because his winning percentage against weaker teams that ANY COMPETENT Coach should win at Georgia, doesn't mean he is a "great" coach or even a "winner"!!! If you look at ALL of the FACTS surrounding his tenure and responsibilities and how he has been obliviously incompetent--leads to the fact that as even a decent, knowledgeable and competent Head Coach of THE Georgia Bulldogs--he IS a LOSER!!!
I refuse to Commit to the "G", which is a slogan I believe Mediocre Mark started several years ago!!! And I CANNOT get behind a coaching staff who allows "fake" motivating tactics like UGA "woofing" at the Alabama players Between the Hedges and then, getting STOMPED!!! Or "woofing" at midfield against a Georgia Southern Team before a Game and then beating them in Overtime, when they should win that game by 21-28 points easily!!! Those are tactics used when a team isn't getting PROPERLY Motivated or PREPARED for a game by a Mediocre HC--and that is where it ALL Falls, Starts and Ends is with the HC!!!
Again, Auburn has enough problems without a fake "doctor" TROLLING Georgia Stories!!! Worry about your OWN Sorry Team!!! And how many Auburn Coaches have coached 6 games or less--since I have MORE Important things to do than to RESEARCH ANOTHER SCHOOLS COACHING HISTORY BEFORE 1904!!!
First, "Dr?" Larry...Mediocre Mark has ONLY Won 5 (Five) SECEC--NOT 6 (Understand, I KNOW the GAME when it comes to UGA FB--you, with made up doctor titles and all, Do NOT!!!)!!! Also, I was NOT comparing Mediocre Mark's record with Jim Donnan's record...just a FACT about Mark Richt and the 2 SECCG he's won!!! See, I KNOW the Game!!! I Also KNOW that Richt has BACKED INTO 2 of the other 3 SECCG he's LOST since Jim Donnan's Recruits GRADUATED--so don't talk to me about Mediocre Mark's SECCG record!!! He ONLY got into 2 of the last 3 STRAIGHT he has LOST because S Carolina could NOT take care of its business after kicking Richt's tail in the annual GA/SC Game!!! And, again, made up with you doctor of Ignorance Title and All, think you meant 6 "SEASONS", not "games"...which would be Stupid!!! And Donnan ONLY Coached 5 Years...not really qualifying for your ignorance...BUT ALSO had only ONE Losing Season at UGA (His 1st Year) and finishes with a 40-19 Record, while going 4-0 in Bowl Games at UGA!!! So, not bad!!! Finally, I NEVER Stated that Richt hasn't done anything good while at Georgia!!! His first 7 Years were pretty good (Winning 2 SECCG--with Donnan's recruits)!!! But what about his LAST 8 YEARS when he has done NOTHING?!? How do those years compare to others at Georgia there "doc"??? Other than losing to more Ranked Teams than he has beaten, losing 3 SECCG, not keeping Top In-State players at home, CONTINUOUSLY NOT living up to Expectations--whether blowing NC Seasons where they were practically GIVEN a cake walk schedule 2 STRAIGHT Years or being picked to WIN the Last 3 SECEC and getting beaten down by TERRIBLE Teams or Losing Embarrassingly to Alabama and Florida this year (while BLOWING a 21 pt 2nd Half Lead to TN)--what has he done to EARN the HC Job at a TOP 10 Program like Georgia??? And why don't you worry about you Auburn Team "doc"!!! They have enough troubles over there for you to be trolling Georgia stories!!! And Finally, why did Auburn get RID of Chizik 2 Years AFTER Winning Auburn's 2nd NC??? My POINT has been MADE!!!
Oh my goodness!!! GET OVER THAT CRAP!!! TN didn't get where they were by Firing Fulmef--who Lost the Program, as Mediocre Mark has done--but because Kiffen screwed them and changing coaching staffs and philosophies 3 Times in 3 Years hurt them!!! Know the GAME!!! Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Florida have ALL made Coaching changes in the last 15 YEARS and They ALL have Titles!!! Mediocre Mark hasn't won ANYTHING IN 10 years, since Jim Donnan's recruits graduated!!!
It will tell us EXACTLY what I have been saying for the last 8 YEARS!!! The ENTIRE Athletic Department should be FIRED for Incompetancy!!! The majority of so-called Georgia "fans" are HAPPY with MEDIOCRITY and being a 2nd Tier Team in the we have under Mediocre Mark for the last 10 YEARS...and should go cheer for TECH!!! The "TRUE" UGA Fans' opinions Do NOT Matter, even though WE KNOW that Georgia is a TOP 10 JOB with an Incompetant 100 Rank Coach and WE, as TRUE FANS who spend our hard-earned MONEY on season tickets, merchandise, parking and the Overall Economy of Athens--Deserve AND Expect More...NOT LESS...from Georgia!!! And FINALLY, if the University KEEPS that loser...THEY (AND Unfortunately, the TRUE Fans) get EXACTLY what we DESERVE--Yearly Invitations to the Belk Bowl!!! Our signature win this year was against a LOUSY 5-5 Auburn Team PEOPLE, while McElwain has taken FLORIDA from Worst to First in his Inaugural Season!!! While Mediocre Mark has been PICKED to WIN the SEC EAST--not a major accomplishment--for the LAST 3 YEARS by the experts...and where has he gotten us???
Why are we (UGA Fans) getting "Angry" about? Because KD TOLD THE TRUTH and didn't say anything new that the other TOP IN-State Georgia Prospects have said to other publications in the past few years as they go play for OTHER Schools like Auburn, Clemson, FSU, Florida, S Carolina and even Tennessee and Ole Miss--not to mention Alabama!!! Richt has FAILED YEAR AFTER YEAR to keep the top talent at home and MOST ALL of them grew up LOVING the DAWGS!!! But they realize Richt is NEVER going to win ANYTHING and cannot take Georgia to the "NEXT" Level!!! We are talking about a Head Coach who LOST to 2 of the worst SEC Teams last year (getting Walked On by a Horrible Tennessee Team) and choked against Georgia Tech!!! And this CRAP happens EVERY YEAR!!! We are also talking about a Head Coach who hasn't won ANYTHING IN TEN YEARS!!! The LAST time he won anything was in 2005 and that was with Jim Donnan's Seniors on the team!!! What had he done since then, with his own recruits?!? And with ALL of the Talent we have EVERY Year (proven by the number of kids we send to the NFL every year), YET Richt can't coach them up to reach their FULL Potential as Individual Players or As a TEAM!!! Blair Walsh is proof of that and every season he blows games against teams he SHOULD Beat proves the TEAM aspect!!! Richt FAILS Each Year!!! Yet, most of you SO-Called UGA Fans think he is the best in the world (WHAT A JOKE!!!) and want him to have a lifetime contract (proving Natural Stupidity is still alive and well)!!! I continue to point out ACTUAL Facts to why he is NOT a "great" coach (hell, it is debatable if he is even a "good" coach) and all I hear is "Next Year", "he is a great guy (which I do NOT debate)" or "who else we going to get"!!! All I am asking for is give me 10 FACTUAL Comments (because I can give at least 10 Factual Comments on why he is a Joke of a HC and should have been FIRED YEARS AGO)!!! No CRAP, No "good" guy comment, No "cleaned up the program" (which would be another JOKE looking at our off season debacles MOST years and MOST of the policies about drugs and such are the SCHOOLS, not Richt's rules)!!! Just 10!!! PROVE me wrong by actual FACTS!!! I would love to hear them!!! But don't get ANGRY at a former Georgia Prep Star for telling the TRUTH about Richt!!! He is not the first to say it and won't be the last, as long as Richt is the Head Coach of a program that DESERVES much more than what we are getting!!!
First, the so called "haters" as you call them (TRUE UGA FANS is what MOST Individuals with COMMON-SENSE call them) are NOT a small amount!!! Many, as I can attest to, probably NEVER saw this pole!!! Also, I didn't see how many "responses" each question received either!!! Therefore, if only 50 people responded to the Richt question--the supporters of Richt could be called a "small" number as well. Also, how many of the "responders" are not actually UGA "fans". Many people outside Georgia like Richt because he is a "good" man and MANY fans if other SEC Schools support him because they KNOW Richt will NEVER take Georgia to the NEXT Level--so they support the mediocrity that Richt brings and hope we never make a change!!! Finally, IF he takes Georgia into the "Playoffs" (which I hope he does) the TRUE Georgia Fans (or haters as you call them) will NOT scatter!!! It stills doesn't change the FACTS that he has won NOTHING in 10 Years (when Jim Donnan's recruits were STILL there); that CMR CHOKES 2-3 games a YEAR that he should win annually (examples of S. Carolina, Florida and GT last year alone); and that the ONLY Assistant he has ever FIRED was "Slick" Willie Martinez that he was forced to fire--and Heaven knows that he (and MANY others) should have been FIRED without him being forced to and the others leaving to get away from him because they want to WIN TITLES!!! And let's NOT forget the APPALLING amount of TOP in-state talent that he loses EVERY year to other schools (MOST admit to growing up DAWG Fans, but chose other schools to play for TITLES)!!! Keeping 2 or 3 out of the TOP 20 guys every year is VERY MEDIOCRE!!! And for those that point to his TOP 5 recruiting classes EVERY YEAR--why don't one of you explain why CMR CANNOT coach them up and get OVER the hump, while teams that average in the TOP 50 recruiting wise (Mizzou) beats the teams they need to to get to the SECCG??? Regardless of how great a guy he is, he is NOT a "great" coach--those coaches win TITLES--he sleep walks through games, makes POOR critical decisions, has PROVEN he cannot make TOUGH staffing calls when he should let people go, hasn't won anything since 2005 and can't keep the TOP Players IN State!!! PLEASE TELL ME HOW THIS IS CONSIDERED A GREAT COACH BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION??? Unless you are EXTREMELY high on something or mentally challenged, there is NO EXCUSE!!!