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Give me a break. He didn’t say anything every single person watching didn’t already think. Waddle was trying to make something out of nothing, thinking of improving his own stock rather than do what’s best for the team. But...since it was Saban who said it, it’s a big deal. Please.
This is likely the dumbest thought I’ve ever read. A td should stand when a Penalty happened allowing the td? Had he not committed the penalty auburn also wouldn’t of scored. Wow
2 options...if your doing it just for fun then you are exhibiting sociopathic tendencies but if your serious you actually show signs of both
generally those who label others are actually sociopathic and psychopathic. maybe you fall into this category without even knowing it. hmmm...
Ignorance...where does it say anywhere that he didn’t think burrow was “ain’t good” as you put it? I agree tua hasn’t face the same defenses LSU has but are you trying to say lsu’s Defense is a bunch of scrubs as well bc he just put up over 400 yards and 4 tds all while sporting an injury and having to limp off the field after the game.
Atleast that’s a job he may be interested in....FSU??? Give me a break
Sure he would Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney and even Steve Spurrier but it it ain’t gonna happen. Dabo and Nick have as much interest in it as Urban would...get real
What a joke....Meyer wouldn’t even START to consider FSU. Does anyone take this crap seriously? His last 2 jobs were both considered leaps and bounds bigger jobs than FSU. I’m not saying a job would have to come along that’s just as good as UF, or OSU for him to come back...bc everyone knows why he left those places despite what was said but he isn’t gonna go down 3 notches either...come on. This doesn’t even seem like rumors worth reporting. (Although I guess I am commenting on it lol...that being said I didn’t read it...don’t need to)
What are you talking about? They haven’t had any problem at all getting people to come play at Alabama. There hasn’t been a year in which alabama’s Recruiting class was considered outside the top 5 of all teams with the exception of one year in the last 10...and even that year they were inside the top 5 in most recruiting rankings. I don’t fully understand how they don’t have atleast a couple more seasoned lb’s and offensive lineman this year than they do regardless of injuries but still...that’s more of an inventory issue with staffing than it is kids wanting to come and play. (Maybe I completely misunderstood you...I hope so anyways lol)