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Money, with a great personality is an awesome combination. A&M has the money… Jimbo does not have the personality. He is like someone who goes around bragging about how smart they are. If you really are brilliant, you don’t have to tell anyone, they will discover it on their own. Jimbo “toots his own horn” way too much.
For some reason, schools don’t see “the long term results” some of these big name coaches have left at their prior schools. Jimbo will ultimately leave A&M with a bad taste in their mouth, just like he did FSU. They just can’t see it yet, since he caught lightning in a bottle, beat Bama at the home of the twelfth man, on a game ending field goal. Congrats on the win Jimbo, even Gus Malzahn won a few against Bama. No one is arguing Gus will someday be considered the GOAT.
We all can agree A&M is a good school. That is not up for debate. The question is, why did they make a leap in the quality of their recruiting class, the first year NIL was around prior to recruiting? A&M didn’t suddenly become a great destination, I am sure their alumni will tell you they have always been a great school and environment. The twelfth man has been around longer than Jimbo.
He will be schooled. Him learning his lesson is doubtful. He thinks he is the smartest person in every room he enters. His response, pretty much sounds like a kid who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Priceless.
Hall needs to spend the next six months catching balls from the JUGS machine. Seems like Devonte said he was catching balls from it whenever he had a minute.
It sure seemed like more drops than catches. When a receiver does that, the QB won’t be looking for him. Having him on the field, was simply someone the defense didn’t have to focus on stopping.
When geese mess, it looks like a bunch of cigar butts. There are several golf courses in our area that have a goose infestation.
Georgia’s QB is playing for a Natty…. Does Bryce Young suck, just because Bama’s game plan in the semi’s was to run the ball down Cincinnati’s throat until they stopped it? As we all know, they never did, even when Bama put in their #2 running back.
The refs could call holding against any team on any play. When it comes to holding, the ref’s are like the “three blind mice.”
Georgia gets another chance, because Michigan did what Michigan does against an elite team.
The blessing Napier will bring to Florida, is recruiting “good people” as his players. If you have a team full of “me, me, me” five star players, you would be better off with a team of four star “team players”, and coaching them up. Mullen has never liked recruiting, and he certainly didn’t consider the content of his recruits character. Napier will be a good fit, if Gator Nation gives him time to tear it down, and rebuild it from the ground up.
It is all about the midterm ballots my friend. The Omicron Variant, or it’s next sibling, should be called the midterm variant.
Don’t doubt for a minute Myer did it then lied about it, but your comment about the kicker missing made me laugh. Well played.
What if this kid turned out to be a great high school QB, then at best a mediocre SEC QB? At Ole Miss, the pressure would be on the coaches to keep starting him, and when he doesn’t ever meet the school’s expectation, it will all be on the head coach. It certainly couldn’t be that the kid was over hyped. There are many great athletes, whose kids excelled at something other than sports. The scenario above, has handcuffed Auburn for two recruiting cycles now.
How could anyone ever get tired of the Ole Miss co-eds…. Joey Freshwater. Hopefully he will give you several great years, build a foundation and culture to build on…. Until Saban retires.
Did you see what Alabama did to Notre Dame during hi tenure? I doubt he goes anywhere in the SEC, until Saban retires.
Mac Jones was a 3-star, it took some time and a whole lot of work, but he got there. Harsin will also have to thin the heard of some bad apples, just like any program rebuild has to do. The story of this year is Tennessee. There will be some extra white lightning consumed over the next three or four years.
Auburn’s fundraisers are used to pay coaches to go away.
Perhaps the most underhanded thing ever done on Rocky Top was Fulmer stabbing Majors in the back.
Some of that may be true..... but “top five stadium”??? You really need to get out more often.
This is the truth. UAB’s administration was even a dumpster fire, and he brought the entire program back up, like a Phoenix.