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Mac Jones was a 3-star, it took some time and a whole lot of work, but he got there. Harsin will also have to thin the heard of some bad apples, just like any program rebuild has to do. The story of this year is Tennessee. There will be some extra white lightning consumed over the next three or four years.
Auburn’s fundraisers are used to pay coaches to go away.
Perhaps the most underhanded thing ever done on Rocky Top was Fulmer stabbing Majors in the back.
Some of that may be true..... but “top five stadium”??? You really need to get out more often.
This is the truth. UAB’s administration was even a dumpster fire, and he brought the entire program back up, like a Phoenix.
Those were mighty long years when Tuberville kept holding up one more finger each year too. Auburn fans talking about Bama fans being hard to live with is rich.
Do these writers even re-read their own article after they type it ? His last sentence is a perfect example of what simply proof reading your own work could avoid. Having said that, winning the Heisman will not have a negative impact on Smitty. He and the University both have been enriched by his being there.
Is “well traveled” a euphemism for can’t hold a job very long?
If you tell your players to stay in their own bubble, what does it matter how many people live in the area? If they can’t follow instructions, tell Clemson to get ready to tee it up.
Exactly. It is ironic that a school who holds themselves up as being superior to the rest of humanity, can’t seem to protect it’s football team from COVID.
Ohio State has been the recipient of several accommodations this year. They must be feeling very entitled.
What are they smoking in Michigan? Jim is the most over rated, over paid coach of all time. What is his cost per victory over Ohio State, and in bowl games?
You have to admire Saban for giving these guys a second chance. He doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being a good person. Take pot shots at this comment if you wish, but life isn’t always easy. People deserve a second chance. A third and fourth chance.... that is a horse of a different color.
The difference in this game, could very well be that The OSU has much fresher legs. That seemed to be the case against Clemson. Dabo running his trap certainly didn’t help things, but Dabo simply can’t help himself. A team that has played half the games of their opponent, has a significantly less amount of wear and tear on their bodies. In spite of that, the game should be outstanding.
Auburn is going to have to reign in their powerful boosters, before any proven coach will want the job. Napier has decided he didn’t want in the middle of that hot mess. When is the last time you heard of Paul Bryant jr in a news report from Tuscaloosa. Bama faced the same problem with him, but seems to have gotten that under control.
Bama played with almost an entire new secondary, and played many young linebackers and Defensive linemen. There were games where they gave up a lot of yards and points, but they were able to get the stop when they needed to. “We were young” doesn’t cut it, when your coach says they are going to beat Bama anytime they see them. LSU is loaded with young studs. They have to be developed. Malzahn has been using the “we are young” excuse for years now. Maybe the problem is a little higher in the organization than the coordinators, only time will tell. Orgeron made a mess of his personal life in 2020, and a hot mess of his football team. Just say’in. Oh..... and Geaux Tigers.
This is true.... and for that reason, it would have seemed that Strong would have been working on a good plan for Florida, as an analyst. But for a few plays (Metchie’s tackle, the strip sack and Mullen leaving time on the clock at the end of the first half), things could have been different. Many of us were surprised Golding wasn’t replaced after last year. Maybe having no spring practice helped save his job, but this year he should be replaced.