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Jalen is man of class, and is still very close to the team. His years there will always be a part of him, and he will always be a part of Alabama’s legacy. Have you forgotten that he graduated from Bama? Many of us hope he will continue to participate in alumni functions.
The issue that does matter, is the injury bug that has been living with Bama’s defense the past two or three years. If it weren’t for the recruiting success Saban has had, The story of Alabama’s success would be different. The extra snaps on the field right now, could pay dividends in experience down the schedule for these young players.
Relax and get an appointment with your therapist. Take off your conspiracy theory hat first. Bama has as many or more penalties called that end drives, or keep an opponents drives alive, as any other team in The SEC. As far as owning the east, you really bragging about that? When have you ever heard anyone, other than maybe Georgia fans, say the SEC east is a powerhouse? All of the national conversation about the SEC, is about Georgia (rightfully so), and the SEC West. Owning the east, is like owning a Prius. As for Bama’s defense, the number of injuries to starters has been unprecedented in the last three years, it certainly isn’t because Saban has decided it was OK to be soft.
Auburn will get their shot at Bama, so let the game be decided on the field. Who knows, neither one of them may be undefeated come iron bowl time. Then again, they both may be undefeated. It is way too early to be criticizing each other.
The problem is, when will they play someone competent? Michigan, well they will always stink under Harbaugh, Wisconsin, they struggled to win at home. Ohio State is like Clemson, their conference’s are cream puffs.
“So, that’s hard to be booing at a young man who suffered an evaluation for a concussion.“ How exactly do you “suffer an evaluation”?
The defense is young, so a few blown assignments and coverages are to be expected, but the poor tackling is surprising. Nick has not had a team that tackled this poorly since he has been at Bama. They did tighten up inside the red zone, but there are teams coming who’s players will score off of those missed tackles, instead of just having longer gains. Somebody will have to outscore Bama to beat them, but poor tackling could be the difference When we get to “big boy” football.
Anytime something in life comes for free, it is undervalued and under appreciated by many people.
I can assure you the team doesn't feel this way. Saban has always emphasized how much of an accomplishment winning the SECCG is. They want it as bad as UGA does. If you beat us, it won’t be because the team or Saban didn’t care. No one likes to leave their fate of getting into the playoffs, in the hands of the committee. May both teams bring their A game, and it be an injury free game.
It was a broken toe. A broke toe has no money, which he very well may have had too, but that probably wouldn't have affected his performance. Ask anyone who has lost their big toe, how hard it is to even walk, and you might have a better understanding of what he dealt with. Your big toe is the most important toe as regards mobility.