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I’m guessing there were drunks involved in this video!
To me it's a choice of having surgery, rehab and sitting on bench longer, or it's being a high draft pick showing you played through the pain. The player should make his decision and live with it.
Coach Orgeron needs to petition the SEC asking for help in finding an offense!
I heard Coach Saban was going to send a couple of linemen to keep an eye on Harbaugh! Maybe a forearm shiver will get his attention on a sleepover.
Most want a 6 team playoff? I must have missed that memo. You sound like you've been eating some sour grapes, by the way.
Mark's attitude is why the Legion Field setting was so unique for the Iron Bowl, that being a 50/50 split in fan base. His attitude toward visiting fans, I believe, is shared by many Auburn fans and that is based on some I know personally. That is exactly why I have never/will never set foot on any athletic event in Auburn. I respect the rivalry but I am too old to worry about having to fight my way home.
I would love to see Bama in camo uniforms for one or two games, but please no blue!
This is easy. Who makes me a whole lot less nervous when he's behind center, AJ McCarron!