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There is no way secnation would pick ala v. ole miss over lsu v. auburn without knowing ESPN is going to cover auburn
guys....Alabama and Auburn both commit violations. They both do whatever to get ahead. It just depends on who gets caught that particular day. If you think everything in your program is roses you are giant moron
so no matter how well fromm played, he should have sat on the bench when Eason came back? He didnt lose the job because of injury, he lost the job because no sane person could have pulled fromm
Easy there eking. Im with johnny on this one. other stuff not so much. but he is right on this topic.
Why? was there ever a plan to redshirt fromm?
a quick google search will tell you there is controversy over the Seminoles.
how is it different that the Indian? I am all for keeping these mascots, I just want someone to explain why a white guy can be used as a mascot but not an indian?
Look, put a side your feelings about if these mascots should be replaced. right or wrong. That is not the point of this comment. But how is cheif wahoo any more or less offensive then the fighting irish. They are both trivializing a minority group for sport/profit.
but if he goes the juco rout he wont be able to redshirt and have two more years at a power 5 school
If its political or football, barkley has no idea what the hell he is talking about. are a freaking idiot...
Yeah he is garbage....the 25-2 record and an SEC offensive player of the year award is clear cut evidence...
your an asshat. Let the kid play where he feels he will be successful.
Agreed bad hire. I mean its not like any other saban assistants with no head coaching experience have done a fantastic job coaching in the south. and of course that doesnt include the head coach kiffin turned out to be after being under saban.
SouthernTide, you are definitely right. I mean is obvious why Alabama is paying you more than 10 million to coach Bama and not Saban. oh...wait. I'm sick of people criticizing a couch that has won 4 national championships in 4 years. He is the greatest coach at the moment (if not all time). He knows what to do.
I believe every conference besides the ACC has there own show. I know the BIG 10 network has an sec nation type of show. With the obvious exception of the trip to NYC, i really dont think gameday has missed the mark on locations this year. There just has not been sec games that are major on a national level this year(YET)