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That Jaylen Waddle punt return against LSU is so amazing to watch. He gets flung back about five yards because of a face mask and still manages to outrun everyone on the field. I’m gonna miss him.
I don’t understand how academics aren’t as important as football. Sure, the SEC is mainly a football conference, but a lot of people criticize it because of the fact that many schools don’t exactly have high academic standards. Academics should be the same priority, (if even more) as football, and Vandy helps the SEC in that aspect. Also, having a good baseball team helps them as well. I’m all for trying to make the conference great, but Vandy helps the SEC look smarter.
That’s insane. I guess it really does just mean more.
I understood that part, but you still haven’t answered my question. You said if Bama “somehow managed to win the West,” which implies that you think it is a long shot for them to win the West. Who do you think could challenge Bama in the WEST?
Somehow manage? Who do you think will beat Bama from the West to make them not win?
He’s not really knocking Burrow as much as pointing out the bias this shows. He’s just saying that Burrow had an amazing cast of players this year, possibly even more than Tua did, and yet no one is calling into question Burrow’s abilities because of a stellar offense
I agree. Even though everyone’s saying not to disrespect Bama, I still don’t think they realize just how good we could be! Here’s hoping Nick gets the boys ready if we have football this year!
In my opinion, if you have Spurrier on it, you gotta have Saban too. He’s tied for the most National Championships ever, and has been the best coach in college football for the past decade.
This just proves that the “Bama doesn’t play anybody” narrative is only relevant a few years out of many. This schedule will be very tough and will give Bama the chance to prove they still belong with the best and the dynasty is not over.
Haha “our-recruited on a regular basis.” The number two recruiting class doesn’t sound at all bad. But of course an Auburn fan wouldn’t know what a good class looked like.
Since you always say this to troll Alabama, I’ll just say that it’s really stupid to say that especially. Bama has the number two recruiting class in the nation, and many obviously still want to come here, so you need to find another thing to tell the rest of us that the Bama dynasty is dead. Obviously you are not a Bama fan, so I’m not even sure why you go through all this trouble just to say things others know are not true.
And maybe y’all should worry about not embarrassing the conference by losing to Indiana. There’s a much higher chance Tennessee loses to Indiana than Bama losing to Michigan. But then again, Tennessee has embarrassed the SEC more than any other team this year, other than Vandy and Arkansas. Bama only lost to SEC teams. Maybe instead of blaming Bama for not making the playoffs, y’all Georgia fans and Tennessee fans should worry about your own bowls
Haha. That’s ridiculous. LSU has beaten something like 6 top ten teams (at the time) and Clemson has played basically one ranked team (24 ranked ACC Championship contender) and now LSU is the one who’s not battle tested? I was cheering for Oklahoma in the semis because of Jalen, but I have to cheer for LSU this year. I don’t know if I can handle it if Clemson and Dabo win another title. Geaux Tigers! Crush Clemson!
Even though I do wish it were another player who was lifting the trophy and playing for championship, Joe seems like a good dude and I’m happy for him. Geaux Joe!
Well dang. From all the love LSU has gotten from Bama fans, you’d think they’d be a bit more courteous.
This is crazy. Alabama, Auburn, even Georgia or Florida would put up better of a fight than Oklahoma has. Just go ahead and wave this game and start the other one.
True. I just wish we could back to the days when everyone in the SEC had a stellar defense
Sure, that was a great feat. LSU is a great offensive team and anyone who held them to under 25 points has a good defense. However, that same Auburn D gave up almost 40 points to an Alabama team without its best offensive player. They may have had a good game against LSU, but they aren’t amazing when you look at all the stats.
Sorry, but swing the fact that almost no SEC fans ever cheered for Bama in the playoffs, I’ll cheer as much for LSU as they have for us these past five years. Go’on Jalen!!
Defense would definitely make a difference, and Bama’s D would never let anyone score. The offense would also put up a bunch of points. That would win a bunch of games against the other teams. Sure, the others’ talents aren’t bad, they could even challenge Bama a lot, but Bama has had better talent this decade than anyone else, and that’s not even debatable.
The Bama defense would absolutely shut down this offense. While the offense would be one for the ages, that D would never let anyone score. This decade was stacked with amazing defensive players. I think if you put all the all-decade teams against each other, Bama wins hands down, no contest, though. That offense led by Tua, those receivers, and the O-line- plus running backs- paired with the star-studded defense would be hard for any all-decade team to beat.
This guy types in the same why that Bama troll always does after a loss. The one who says, “the dynasty is over, no one wants to come to Bama anymore,” etc. I’m pretty sure you are just a troll who makes fun of every team that loses.
Just because we lose two games in the regular season doesn’t mean our dynasty is over. Losing Tua to injury and the fact that Dylan Moses never played a snap was bigger than most people realize. We’ll be back next year. Let’s focus on winning this bowl game and bringing our team back into the Bama mindset. Roll Tide Roll!
It was both. LSU player great while Bama made plenty of unforced errors and mistakes
Garbage time? Bama scores on a play that could have changed the outcome of the game had they recovered the onside kick. Not a garbage time touchdown at all!
I have to admit: it stings a little bit. But LSU is a great team, and tonight, the better team. We dug ourselves into a hole that was impossible to get out of, but I’m proud of our guys for fighting and not laying down. LSU should win the sec and go on to the national championship, maybe even win it all. They’re the real deal. Congrats to the Tigers and Coach O
LSU is one heck of a team. Didn’t expect to get blown out in the beginning, and mistakes and penalties killed us early. Loved how Tua and Co. fought back at the end, but the deficit was too much. Congrats to the Tigers and Coach O, it’ll be tough to unseat this team!