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This is utterly ashame. This is someone child, someones brother, how can you react like this as a Tide fan? Your no better than the idiot that poisoned the tree in Auburn. If this is the kind of fan you are we do not want nor need you. Please feel free to pull for another team because you are a disgrace if you taunted this child like this. Go do your research NFL players get PAID to kick field goals and hey they miss too. Its life, we TRUE fan love our team and our coach. This is nothing more than bullying, how you feel if it were your child? Not to mention there is one higher power than any of us and it just want it the cards for us to win. It's a game for Christ sake. Take your BS somewhere else because we support our team win, lose or draw. We do not need fans like this. We love you Crimson Tide team and you Coach Saban, keep up the good work.