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So many sensitive football fans ... so little time. Don't take the ranking personally it will all work out in just a few weeks. Until then .... suckit RTR
Ole Miss forced 5 turnovers? You need to actually watch the game one time. Ole Miss was not even near Stewart on the first fumble. The next 2 Kick Offs were fumbled because of the jitters. Hell one was before he even stepped out of the End Zone (thankfully picked back up). The INT's you could argue were due to pressure, or I could argue that they were just terrible decisions. Either way Ole Miss did what they needed to win and Bama didn't. I have no problem admitting that Bama lost but you and I both know that they should have won that game.
You are absolutely correct that the game was more lopsided than the score showed. It encouraging to know that a MSU fan can be objective. You obviously watched the game and studied the game stats closely. If I could have one wish it would be that Nick would be more like Dan Mullen after he loses games and just cry quietly into his pillow at night.