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Secondly, he has to slow down when he gets to the line because he never knows when Hurts will take it back from him. If he doesn't slow down, Hurts will fumble it when trying to take it back.
I to was surprised when Hurts was given MVP, I thought the Offensive MVP should have gone to a defensive or special teams player. Jalen can't clean up on his passing game. He is in the wrong position. He is so one dimensional he should be back up to Harris. Tua is the quarterback we need to win a championship. Georgia showed they could run down the field and score when they needed to. We can't even run down the field and make a first down when we need to. You can't block 7 defenders with 5 lineman. Everyone knows Hurts won't pass, and if he does it will just hit the turf. So not only are we wearing down our defense, we are wearing down our OL You can't win a championship if you can't pass. Hurts can't pass. He can't get better, he has actually gotten worse since he first stepped on the field.
Hurts is one dimensional. He cannot pass, and you can't say he can because of his 66% completion rate against Clemson. Most of those passes were behind the line. His inability to pass allow opponents defenses to keep 7 on the line wearing down the 5 OL and it prevents first downs when they know you won't pass, because you can't. That keeps our defense on the field which is what happened against Clemson last year. Georgia proved they can go down the field and score when they have to. Hurt continues to prove he can't even go down the field and make first downs when he has to. He feels pressure when there isn't any, misses so many touchdown passes. Coach Saban seems to be willing to accept defeat rather than put Tua in.
Hey Chucky, we live in America. Not only do we have the right to free speech, we have the right "not to speak" I don't blame Coach for not speaking out on an accusation. Sounds like you are a hater and looking for an excuse to call Coach a bunch of adolescent names. I suggest you mind your own liberal ass business. How is that for an adolescent name Chucky?
Well it's time to get the fox out of the Hen House, keep Brian Niedermeyer away from potential recruits and send him packing. I would have sent Pruitt packing as well. We see how the Smart's defense did against Clemson last year. Probably get more of the same this year. This may very well explain some of our defensive short comings we've had the last few games. Pruitt was focusing on interviewing and not coaching.
Maybe he will be a better head coach than he was an OL coach.
I don't think anyone is disagreeing with that. Bama was out played and out coached, rather obvious.
They do, his name is Tagovailoa, but they don't let him play. I'll be he takes over the starting job in the Spring Game.
All the coaches are responsible. When your players aren't wrapping up to tackle in the first series of play, why wasn't there a sideline meeting with the defense telling them to get their crap together and tackle properly? Poor tackling continued all day. Offense, Hurts isn't a dual threat quarterback. The other teams want him to pass, because he has tunnel vision, not just this past Saturday. Why hasn't Saban put Tagovailoa in there when it's obvious Hurts isn't getting it done. What's the worst that will happen, we lose? How about, maybe we have a chance to win. Play calling, our offense is about as vanilla at play calling as a junior high school team. Run up the middle, pass behind the line on the right side, run up the middle, pass the ball behind the line on the left side, run up the middle. Guess what we are going to do next Auburn. You would think that after the LSU game we would work with out defense more, then again after the Mississippi State game, then it only got worse in the Auburn game. Our team deserves better coaching than they have been getting. Roll Tide
Don't forget, we lost 6 or 7 starters from last year, so half the defense were second's last year. Therefore our seconds this year were third's last year. Not impossible to overcome, but not easy either.
Bama haters seem to get ESPN points. You would think the SEC Network would pitch SEC teams, McElroy prime example. Once you understand The SEC Network is owned and controlled by ESPN, it all makes sense.
No one seems to mention that Hurts didn't even play 3 full quarters. I think he went out with a little over 3 minutes left in the third and still had outstanding numbers.
I've noticed that Paul Finebaum seems to be more concerned with how he looks over the entire NCAA fan base than just the SEC that he is supposed to represent. Business is business I guess. Expand your base, increase your advertising rates. His show should be named The Paul Finebaum's NCAA show and be televised on ESPN's network, not The SEC Network. We need our own SEC football show hosted by a SEC Loyalist.
ESPN says keep Cowherd on Fox Sports, that will show us.
If it wasn't for his mama tuning in, he wouldn't have any listeners
He doesn't have to go out of his way to do that. It's easy for him
No "Coward," it is you everyone is bored with.
I can't believe his Mamma lets him out in public, bless his heart.
I'll tell you what I think. The article is made up. Could have used a dart board and gotten the same results as Twitter. Probably did use a dart board while on twitter.
Mr Morris, wanting to play us and saying they are coming for us, is not the same thing.
I don't think that was the referee he was getting in the face of.
Yes, Bobby's son. USC is trying real hard to get him as well.
Natty, keep you liberal political ass comments off our sports blog.
Even with Bo's, and I quote; "better receivers than A & M", Ole Miss will not be able to keep up. It isn't going to be close.
I think a houndstooth crimson pattern in the numbers would make them easy to read and look awesome at the same time.
Kirk, down here in the SEC, we claim and celebrate National Championships. We don't pay a lot of attention to a loss here and there because we know that when the dust settles, one of us will be National Champions again. Pin Heads can try to make it more difficult for us by creating playoffs, the refs can call imaginary targeting fouls, but that isn't going to keep up out. When that doesn't work, all the Pin Heads will start yelling unfair again and come up with some other way to try and keep us out. The SEC has staked their claim, if you want to be the National Champ, you have to go through us and earn it on the field.
Kirk, It was just a couple of years ago that Auburn beat Oregon in a National Championship game, how about you claiming that one.