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So if you were really smart parents, you would put that visor up on eBay if you didn't want to keep it with a video of what happened to prove it was really his visor and make some money....
Wow, do you pray to God with that mouth on Sunday mornings? Because you may not care what us Alabama fans/students and alumni think on most subjects but I am sure that your hatred of another human being to such an intense degree over something like him leaving to take another job - his dream job - is just a bit over the top for the man upstairs. If you don't like him and you don't want him WHY would you care that he is a Alabama - me thinks thou does protest too much!! BTW - ROLL TIDE!! And about the rock, if you were going to troll Kiffen could you not have come up with something more clever than F___ You? Seriously, there are children walking past that and reading it... and that is the impression they are left with about UT. Take the high ground and focus on the game Vols.
This would be awesome, however, these guys flip so often it really isn't a done deal until they actually sign....
ESPN loves to down play and insult Alabama. We didn't loose everybody, did anyone bother to notice the number of Juniors that are returning. But go ahead ESPN, give us more reasons to discount your predictions...remember last year? Oh yeah, that's right - we won the National Championship a few weeks ago! Oops, totally got that wrong didn't you ESPN!! And thank you, cause these kind of things are what fuels our team on - just to prove you wrong....again!! Roll Tide!!
Cowherd....has anyone actually checked this guys qualifications for being a commentator? Just because he says it doesn't make it true. He is apparently just jealous because his team - whoever that may be - just is not where Alabama is this year. At some point even Fox will have to let him go .... or they become the unreliable source network because he is always wrong. ESPN already cut him loose....Fox will surely do so in short order as he is just a lot of hot air and no substance. So when we want accurate information we will turn on ESPN not FOX.
He scored two many did MSU make. Do you think that the Alabama coaches were actually smart enough to not plan the game around Henry since that was what MSU planned for but presented them with a game plan that they were totally unprepared for? And two touchdowns and enough yards to break all the SEC records made previously all the while keeping him healthy and ready for the National Championship game....Smart plan and we also learned that Alabama is a complete team and not just one guy. I dare you to knock on Henry's door and say these things to his face. Not that he would do anything because he is a great guy - but I am SURE you would never have the ***** to do that!
Hey CantHelpIt....LSU of all teams should know the power of Henry for it was at the LSU game this year that he broke out at as a Heisman Favorite. What bowl are you in??
This is the same police force that was recently in the news to tazing and beating three students in an off campus apartment complex for a noise complaint. Not sure paying them extra is appropriate at this point. And totally agree with "Bringtherain" - the amount of revenue brought into the Tuscaloosa area is mind boggling! If that were to leave the area it would greatly hurt the Tuscaloosa economy. Find something to write about that actually is worth reading and thought!
Cannot you not just let this young man enjoy his success without having to take away from it with your comments and speculations? Seriously, we did win the SEC championship game so all your what if's were answered. How about waiting until after this season to try to redo and rethink rules?? Let him enjoy his win. And "AllThatOrange" from Tennessee - seriously?? Derrick Henry so deserved this are just salty because he is from Alabama. And you think you know more than the coaches and past athletes that own this award? It was a 5 out of 6 region win for Henry. Roll Tide!
We have all been waiting for Blake Barnett to take the snap...if we don't give the guys already recruited a chance to step up they are going to transfer somewhere else! For everything we have been told about Blake...I am excited to see him throw!!
Really? Disgusting? Y'all are sitting dead last in the SEC West this year and I just heard you were invited to the Birmingham Bowl...really, you are going to mouth off about our uniforms? When you are sitting where y'all are you sit back, keep you mouth shut and pray that you don't lose the Birmingham Bowl. You keep doing you though and enjoy watching those uniforms, that you think are so disgusting, in the college play offs.
Well, I guess the Tide got the last word in...probably not a good idea to wake the "Bear" in the Alabama players!
Well, I guess this Bama dynasty is completely safe and you have embarrassed yourself once again, Mr. Finebaum. I will tell you what is over - the days when anyone put any stock in anything you had to say. You love to put Nick Saban down - my mom always told me when someone does that they are just jealous of you...
We don't need to get all defensive. Alabama is having problems getting things going this year. They have had the number 1 recruiting class in the nation for several years running now but for some reason they don't have a strong/accurate quarterback. I love Bama more that anyone but it is very frustrating this year. Looking forward to the day Blake Barnett takes the snap!
Oh that is just sad...Malzahn is trying to look like Saban...the hat is a Saban trade mark just like the houndstooth was for Bryant. Develop your own look Malzahn!! We get that Saban is your idol but seriously...if you want to be taken seriously you have to be your own man.