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Ole Miss and the fans deserve this. Kiffin is a good coach and next year looks very promising for y'all. Enjoy this great win!
And that is what could happen if someone who makes very big public mistakes is given another chance. I love seeing people get another shot at being something better. I think Sark will be very successful at Texas and I wish him well. If we all could give others a chance to make up for their mistakes, then maybe we could gain more humanity and humbleness in this life. Good luck Coach Sark and thank you for making our offense very exciting to watch.
Kiffin is always fun to watch, you never know what he will come up with. He's certainly becoming one of my favorite coaches to watch.
It's always good when an SEC team wins a bowl game. This year has been rough for so many reasons but when our teams play and win, it helps to ease some of the negative. It was a great win for Ole Miss!
I said this after the LSU/Florida game, I am very impressed by how Johnson showed such poise and played very well. I see him next year being one of the QBs everyone is going to be excited to watch.
Congrats LSU! That was a great performance and Johnson was amazing.
Got to say LSU is very impressive. With everything that has happened they are giving their all. I'm very impressed especially with Johnson.
Great game State! I was impressed with the fight in y'all and your offense and defense is legit.
The picture of the 9 Damiens made me laugh harder than I should have.
I said this last year, Smart in his second year will get the Dawgs in prime position to be the East favorite and he has so far. I've always thought he would make a fine head coach and you can see a lot of Satan in his style. Good job Dawgs.
Well, it was exciting to see our backups get playing time and excelling. I do hope Vandy wins most of the remaining games, they are so in need of a great season.
Even though it doesn't affect who goes to Atlanta, this game is always meaningful for the players and fans. Bragging rights against your rivals are always worth teams playing for.
I know every team has bad fans but come on, I wish our bad fans wouldn't do stupid s*** like this. Smack talk is fine but do not destroy or vandalize things.
LSU played their asses off! This was an amazing game and I love defensive games like this. LSU fans should be proud their team fought all game and I have much respect for this defense.
That was a game! A&M put up a great fight. It was good to see that they had heart and thought it was cool to see Sumerlin and Hurts hugging after the game. I predict seeing A&M in a New Years Six bowl.
Love this guy. Thought it was classy to mention Groves. RIP Quentin.
Lol, that's awesome. I hate Meyer, hope Wisconsin buries them.
I wouldn't say Bama is unbeatable but we did play exceptionally well. I am concerned about having a few turnovers for the second week in a row. Even though it didn't affect the outcomes of those games, down the road it may bite us in the butt. I'm proud of our guys and hope we continue to play a complete game.
Lol. That's a good one. Made me spit my coffee out. :)
I will say that the hogs have an awesome coach. Bielema has class and shows he cares for his players.
This guy is hilarious. Look forward every week to his videos.
That's awesome news. Hope he's able to continue making progress.
Wow. This game was exhausting to watch but an amazing one.