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If anyone other than Georgia wins the title game, I will be shocked. Just hope we get a chance to beat them in the sec championship game
Alabama fan here but that is funny. Hopefully we will get our chance
If I'm Florida, I'm also looking around. If I'm LSU or Florida, I'm looking at Arkansas's, Penn State's, Houston's, Arizona State's or Cincinnati's head coach. If not them, go after Bama's or Georgia's coordinators
Georgia has a very good chance to win it all this year. Lol while I do hope that they listen to the rat poison, anything less than Alabama and Georgia playing for it all will be a disappointment because they are by far the 2 best teams
Georgia destroyed a good team. Georgia and Alabama are clearly far and above anyone else. IF, Alabama and Georgia both stay unbeaten until the SEC championship game, I still believe both teams should be in the playoffs
I do believe Georgia and Alabama are the 2 best teams, but to be honest, Ole miss and Arkansas are teams that this year could win any other conference and tbh, I'd take a 1 point for certain victory over ole miss right now in a heartbeat
Give me a one point for sure right now, and I'll take it. It's too bad and really not fair that the sec is such a gauntlet while other conferences have only 2 or 3 good teams
Honestly, Alabama and Georgia are 1a and 1b. If you told me right now that if and when we play Georgia, we beat them by 1 point, I would take that in a heartbeat. Here's to hopefully a future matchup if not 2, and hopefully both teams will be injury free
I don't think most Georgia and Alabama fans would settle for a 1 point win over the other. As of now, Georgia and Alabama are clearly the two best teams
Clemson needs to run the gauntlet of a sec schedule. Maybe i am being a sec homer, but imo, Georgia, Alabama and Florida are playing the best ball and this year, I think ole miss, Arkansas, Kentucky and maybe Texas a.m could beat any of the top 4 teams
Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Iowa, Penn State, Oklahoma, Michigan.
Not going to guess on any of the games, but as of now, Georgia and Alabama are the cream of the crop. I also think that Florida, ole miss, Arkansas would beat Oregon, Penn State or Cincinnati