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No reason to expect Bama to wind up outside the Top 5 recruiting classes...EVER. Maybe not always #1, but close. Saban knows assistant coaches who are top-tier recruiters are key to that kind of regular success, as Smart, et al, have proven. So if Nick can keep those kind of horses in his barn year after year, why should anyone expect he'll falter? The Tide is a talent magnet, pure and simple. Georgia's headed in that direction, too. Oughta be fun to watch...
These games are fruitless exercises in every way. My suggestion would be that any such "extra" contest be limited to an opponent from another Power 5 Conference. Nothing cheapens a W-L record like a win against a school with hopelessly outclassed talent.
A pointless observation...nothing more than an exercise in belaboring the obvious. Why these folks are called "analysts" is a puzzlement. Mountain Dog's comments here say it all, and they're on point. Hurts is an insanely talented athlete, but he's not now nor will he ever likely be a QB who can do what football teams must do to be successful: throw consistently well downfield to keep defenses honest and convert third downs. Period. Tim Tebow can't make it in the NFL, either, for the same reason. I love Jalen Hurts & hope he'll find his niche...but anyone familiar with this situation and who is a Tide fan should want to see Tua behind center in the fall. Alabama does NOT need a quarterback who can run...but they MUST have one who can avoid going 3 for 16 on third down against the likes of Clemson, etc. Hurts at H-back? Bring it !!!
If he doesn't reinjure his thumb or suffer another late-camp injury, my guess is that Tua will start against Louisville.
Yep. And Bama's offensive potential is simply underutilized when Hurts is the QB. Plus, defenses have had two years now of filming Hurts and picking up his tendencies, especially on third down. Consequently, if reason holds, he'll be less able to escape the backfield this coming season when he can't make his second and third reads on pass plays. Hurts has developed into one of the most popular players for Alabama in recent memory. It's just a damned shame he's in this position...But "it is what it is."
The RPO approach works only when you have a QB who can pass effectively on a consistent basis. Like virtually every other Tide fan on the planet I hoped we'd see dramatic improvement in Jalen's downfield passing. It wasn't there. Saban knows, and we know, you can't go 3 for 16 on third down against CFP-quality teams and expect to escape continuously. This is Saban's dilemma, and Locksley' s too.
Someone please tell me this nonsensical discussion will end by the season opener.
I'm a huge Hurts fan, but...Tua should be the Bama starter. You can go 3 for 16 on third down against inferior competition, but not in the CFP. It's that simple. Forget all the threats to transfer...forget your personal allegiance. Alabama doesn't NEED a quarterback who can run. But Saban does NEED a QB who can convert on third down, move the chains, and keep the defense off the field for longer than four snaps. I hope all these hurt feelings heal, and I'd love to see Jalen at H-back or wideout (see Anquan Bolden). Jalen is probably the better athlete, but Tua's superiority at the position in question is undeniable. Tough choice? Nope.
Well, it had to happen. Not only have we had to endure a week or more of puerile musings about UCF's fatuous claim to a national championship, but now the all-time Bama hater has chimed in with his "thoughts" on the matter. Speculation about Kannell's pathological loathing of Alabama is commonplace, but does anyone out there really KNOW what drives him to sound like a second-grader whining about another kid stealing his lunch when he's denigrating Alabama's success? Dim-witted Danny needs relief. Is there an opening at FSU for a QB coach? Someone, please help.
We'll never know, of course. But my guess is that if UCF played Auburn 10 times, the War Eagles would win 8 of those. After being bounced by UGA in the SEC championship game -- and especially because they'd beaten the Bulldogs during the regular season -- Malzahn's guys had to be underwhelmed and undermotivated by the thought of taking on Scott Frost's team. Just sayin'...
Ol' Dave obviously has too much time on his hands. Yes, ANYTHING could happen....but Saban's been shifting gears with his staff since he came to Alabama. And look what's happened. He wins with young staff, older staff, NFL refugees, reclamation projects, etc. So far, so good. So we have to ask ourselves: does this sort of contrived analysis really hold water where Saban and his body of work are concerned?
I'd say the Packers' Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor ought to be in the Top Ten, but if Jim Brown is one of the two, the duo must be # 1.
I'd say the Packers' Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor ought to be in the Top Ten, but if Jim Brown is one of the two, the duo must be # 1.
All Bama fans hope Bo's right, if course, and no player in recent memory should elicit more "fan pull" than Bo. Because as talented as he is, the injury demon has plagued him since high school; prevented him from achieving anything like the record he might have accomplished at Alabama had he been able to stay healthy; and, of course, relegated him to a 7th-round pick. If he can avoid another injury below the waist, the guy oughta have an excellent career. If not, though,....
Well, by now surely his advisers and others (although not his father) have convinced Jalen that he's never going to be an NFL quarterback...period. So...where does that leave him? Transferring to another school? For what reason? Learn the H-back position? Well, maybe. But he can do that at Bama. Too good an athlete to keep off the field, and I bet Nick can figure out a way to integrate him into the offense to give the team another offensive threat. At the end of the day, though, what Jalen envisions as his future may be the one thing that could put an end to the speculation. Regardless, he won't be taking snaps on Sundays.
Mountain Dog, you're exactly right. UCF's argument is becoming tiresome, having gone well beyond the frivolous.Frost's team had a great season, and beating Auburn in the finale was some extra icing. But, really...So let's stop affording press coverage to this silliness and move on.
Yeah, roots are tough to ignore, and Swinney I'd imagine will be on the short list to replace Nick. Saban's recommendation alone will carry a lot of weight, and he seems to regard Dabo highly. Succeeding legends is tough, but Swinney's body of work is assured respect and can't be ignored since he's already got a CFP title under his belt. So, why not "go home" and take advantage of the foundation Saban's built and continue the run. What's he got left to prove at Clemson? Nothing.
50-3? Well, yes, that might be a stretch. But Dilfer's dead right in his analysis. Tua brings another threatening dimension to the Tide offense that is simply beyond Jalen' reach, and is made even more effective by Bama's running backs. There's little doubt that defensive coordinators facing the Tide this season will be refilling their scripts for anti-depressants at a quick clip....because once again Saban looks like he has the gear to go the distance. And Tua more than likely will be leading the charge.
Jalen's in a box, yes -- but what in the world would he gain by transferring to another school? His root problem of not being able to throw consistently downfield WON'T be solved by changing uniforms. Finebaum's right on all counts, but Jalen's father's comments haven't helped. Bama's got plenty of RBs...but how about a stud H-back who can bring some variety to the offense and provide Tua or Mack another option? Regardless, a role like that will be Jalen's best option at the next level. QB assuredly will not be.
No, but I've often seen him field errant snaps like he's picking flowers, and then quickly bring the ball in either to hand off to a back without the back breaking stride, or readying the ball to throw. Not easy looking into the eyes of a rush... It's too bad we can't talk to his high school coach so he can settle this question. My bet's on Jalen. Route running is an acquired skill, and I doubt that would be a problem for him. We may never know, of course, but again -- my money's on Jalen..
Nick's doing a good job here of keeping Hurts' father at bay and trying to defuse the volatility of the question at hand. But the tape doesn't lie. Jalen is insanely talented...too good an athlete to keep off the field. At 6-2, 218 lbs. and with outstanding hands, leg strength, and "moves" is it not possible for him to be worked in as a receiver...or an H-back? If he wants an NFL career, he ought to be willing to accept reality. Transferring to another school won't enable him to throw more accurately downfield, or pick up his second and third "reads." A great young man...good leader...but NOT an NFL quarterback.
The comments so far on this site are fair, balanced...and true. It's time for Hurts Sr. and family to come to grips with reality, and support a position change for their son -- preferably at Alabama, but if not there, somewhere. Regardless, forget the big bucks as an NFL QB. It won't happen.
Mr. Hurts, giving Nick Saban an ultimatum that Jalen will transfer if he doesn't start won't end well. Encouraging your son to be willing to try another position better suited to his remarkable skills might. At 6-2 and 218 lbs., and with great hands and outstanding football "moves," Jalen could be the physically tough outside receiver that might bring another dimension to Bama's offense. Regardless, he's NEVER going to play QB in the NFL. So...
I'm probably the most ardent Hurts fan not dressed in red. BUT...I'd move him to receiver or the H-back position to take advantage of his extraordinary athletic skills, legs, great hands, and competitiveness...AND...let Tua or Jones handle the QB role. Bama has always, always been a better team when the running backs run and the QB throws...always. Jalen came into college ball as a running quarterback, and he'll leave the same way (see Blake Sims). His father's nuts if he thinks he'll be an NFL quarterbacks, and will have to look for a big payday for Jalen at another position. And that COULD happen.
Terrible move by dad, as confirmed by other comments on this site...Transferring to another school will not help Jalen morph into an NFL quarterback, whereas his strength, elusiveness as a runner, very good hands, and leadership skills might translate into success for him at another position at the next level (Anquan Bolden cones to mind.) Now, though, Hurts is going to be "second guessed" by Alabama fans, and distracted unnecessarily by the commotion his father's comments have generated. A sad and unhelpful development for both Jalen and the team.
Good point...and with Tua's injury these factors could be key to Bama's season.
I imagine most Bama fans are less concerned about the offense than they are about which of the Tide's linebackers and safeties will "step up" and become dependable starters. Dylan Moses, in particular, needs to live up to his much-deserved 5-star rating. I imagine he will, and if the corners and secondary mature as expected I can't see Alabama missing the CFP. Just too much talent and "coachable" young players who want to answer the bell and continue the tradition. Moreover, Saban's ability to cultivate a sense of pride in the program helps explain why a sure-bet NFL first rounder like Damien Harris decided to return for his senior year and pass the baton to the next generation. I can only imagine the impact that inspirational decision wil have on Nick's underclassmen. 4/21 oughta be fun...
Not excusing his behavior by any means...merely stating that if he'd had some guidance and some behavior controls imposed on him earlier he might never have assaulted the woman. Don't believe you'd argue with me, Mountain Dog, when I say that very few men are born into this world with a desire to beat up women. And my bet is that Reuben wasn't one of them...