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Bama has had a habit of finishing recruiting seasons with a flourish. My guess is they'll wind up with a Top Five class in 2018, and won't miss a beat. In this day and age, that one school could fashion the #1 class each year for six in seven straight years seems a virtual impossibility, and no objective observer could fairly expect Saban to continue this string indefinitely. That said, all indications are that Locksley is a "player's coach," and that can't be anything but helpful on the recruiting trail. And now with both Pruitt and Smart going head to head with their old boss, it'll be an interesting competition to follow.
Kiper is correct. While a vastly talented athlete, Jalen most likely will follow in the footsteps of other "running quarterbacks" who simply have not been able to make the transition to the NFLat that position. My hope is that scouts and Saban have already counseled with him on this matter, and that Nick can persuade him to finish his career at Alabama at another position (running back, wideout, etc.). Hurts is an excellent runner, with exceptional peripheral vision, has great hands, and is as tough as the proverbial "nickel steak." He's also an inspirational and motivated team leader. But if he transfers to another school to chase the NFL QB "rabbit," I fear he'll never catch it.
Hugh Freeze? What a terrible idea! I believe in second chances as much as the next guy, but in Freeze's case I cannot imagine Saban wanting to expose his program -- and its recruiting efforts -- to the "incoming" that opposing coaches will lob his way with Freeze on staff. On the other hand, I'd like to think Hugh could land on his feet at a top-tier FCS school and resume his career.
Kannell's pathological hatred of Alabama and all things SEC is farcical. How in God's name can this clown hold down an analyst's job? He's one sick puppy, and needs to ask his shrink to change his prescription immediately. Or...go find Bobby Bowden and get a summer job cutting his grass. Regardless, he obviously suffers from a personality disorder, and would be better off behind rubber walls.
Brian Daboll has done a good job, but Bama's offensive line has been problematic over the past several games. If the OC returns to form against Clemson, Brian should have a good night. Regardless, Daboll is the last person who should be blamed if the Tide falters...because unlike Lane Kiffin Daboll shows no propensity to shoot himself in the foot with his play selection. The Kiffin-Sarkisian offensive scheme cost Bama the game last year against Clemson. My guess is that will not happen again with Daboll at the helm.
I agree with the comments here. Wilson is a "headhunter" and infinitely quicker/faster than Holcombe. Against a team with superior team speed like Clemson, that matters. If Mack's healthy, he should be the man. Remember: this guy is Reuben Foster revisited. Let Keith handle his special teams assignments, and all will be well.
Bama will win if 1) the offensive line comes back to life and Harris, Scarbrough & Co. can run between the tackles and Hurts has enough time to throw from a set position, and 2) the Tide can force Clemson off the field on third down on a regular basis. That's it. Alabama has the better talent, more depth at the skill positions, and plenty of motive to avenge themselves for the 2016 game that they should have won. Period.
Jalen Hurts will be OK if the Tide's offensive line can snap out of a noticeable slump that began with the LSU game and finally caught up with Bama against Auburn. Not sure what's been going on there, but that issue is key to the Tide's chances.
Kannell is, quite simply, hopeless. It's difficult for me to understand how he can continue to hold a sports analyst position, and why his employers continue to suffer his presence. Danny, leave the booth and be content with cutting Bobby Bowden's grass and trimming his trees. You'll only be happy wearing a sweat-stained FSU cap and dreaming of that offer from Bama that never came your way out of high school. Seriously, Danny. You do need counseling.
Kannell's been spouting this gibberish for years, and all I can think of as a possible reason is that Alabama didn't offer him out of high school. And it appears to go beyond the Tide re: his SEC loathing. Regardless, he's lost all objectivity on the subject, and someone needs to unplug his mic. Even as a OSU alumnus, Herbstreit finally reversed field and agreed that the Tide is more deserving this year than the Buckeyes. Fact is, Big 10 football is just not what it used to be by any rational measurement. Bama 38, Michigan State 0...Clemson 31, Ohio State 0. Just sayin'...
Delusional? Well, maybe...but Schiano would have been a TERRIBLE hire as a HC regardless of what may or may not have happened at Penn State. Davenport needs to fire Currie and hire an AD who's not out of his depth and recognizes the absolute need for a search firm to handle the vetting. Jones was an embarrassment, yes, but Currie's ineptitude has been epochal.
Yep, Bryanchip -- you're right. The debacle that ensued after it was apparent that Butch was toast and on the way out was awful...but the way Currie stumbled into the Schiano mess indicates nothing less than gross incompetence. No search firm? Are you kidding me? Vol Nation had endured enough embarrassment for two lifetimes and deserves an admininistrative team that knows what in the hell it's doing. Clearly, the folks up there now are not the brightest candles on the cake.
Just hope Gruden will still be in the broadcast booth on Monday...
With UT's superior resources, etc., Mullen should do an outstanding job there. His game plan against Bama this year was stellar, and he'll be able to recruit a lot more effectively to Knoxville than to Starkville. This guy, it seems to me, is the sort of proven game-day coach UT desperately needs. Yes, there are some other good HCs out there, but if Mullen's the man Currie finally settles on I believe the fan and donor bases will be more than satisfied as they watch him field a lot more competitive team on a consistent basis.
Yep, Gruden's playing coy at the school's and the fans' expense. Most of us see that, but some UT supporters are still afflicted with "hysterical blindness" & continue to see Gruden as the next messiah. I just hope that Currie or Gruden himself puts this nonsense to rest & that the school can go about its search routine in a rational, deliberate way. The last thing the Vols need now us another "mistake" for a hire.
So...Tennessee now has reservations about hiring Gruden. Well, so does everyone else who has any sense.
Ok, all you Gruden devotees suffering from hysterical Ty Duffy's article now on this site and see if you can understand the reasons for my skepticism about Gruden's being the right -- and plausible -- choice to succeed Jones. Duffy reveals a lot....especially the fact that Gruden's been playing the press for years on this issue and is more than likely doing nothing more than using the current situation for leverage. Moreover, he recounts the same negatives about Gruden's coaching experience that trouble me. That said, I hope you fellows can one day "see the forest for the trees" and not be beguiled by a 54 year-old's shell game. If not, I wish you and the Vols well.
Volbeef, Saban's never taken a ten-year timeout from coaching, and with the one exception of his Dolphins' tenure has been a college coach all his life. Paying attention to "what's going on in football" is what you and I do; coaching football is what Saban does magnificently at the college level, and what Gruden has NEVER done as a college HC. Your credulity is astonishing so, yes, I hope you get the "golden boy" of your dreams so you can learn your lesson the hard way.
So...Gruden's a "guy who loves coaching." Well, then, why isn't he coaching? Hasn't coached for more than a decade...never been an HC at the college level. After ten years in the broadcast booth making major league money, are we to believe a guy Gruden's age would be willing to put in the amount of time on the ground to bring UT's program back to its glory days? For the life of me, this infatuation with Jon Gruden as a plausible choice is beyond puzzling. Fans looking for a messiah or a miracle cure should look elsewhere.
Hope Volbuc and Volbeef will pump the brakes & take a rational -- not emotional -- look at Gruden's career, and answer this: What is it exactly about his background that makes you think he'd be an effective, successful HC at the college level -- where he's never been a HC before...never had to recruit every year against the other top teams in both his conference and the rest of the country...never had to deal with an AD, avid and powerful booster groups, and an aggressively loyal fan base? This guy is nothing but eye candy for Vol fans looking for an overnight "cure" for a problem that, even with Jones' improvements in some areas, is likely to take 2-3 years to overcome. If anyone really believes that Gruden, having been off the sidelines for a decade and making millions doing nothing but sitting down, is willing to make that kind of effort...well, good luck with that. Meanwhile, Mullen may very well head to Florida and resuming kicking UT's butt on a regular basis. Indeed, right now Mullen is absolutely the right call.
This infatuation with Gruden is absurd. Can anyone reading this really see Gruden getting off a flight at 2:00 am after a weeklong, non-stop recruiting trip? Utterly ridiculous! There's no way Jon Gruden would give up the seriously big bucks he can make an an analyst for the same money that would require him to work 60-70 hours a week. Think about it. Vol Nation needs to put down the bong and look elsewhere for its miracle cure.
Volbuc, would you take Gruden over, say, Dan Mullen if the Vols could lure him away from Starkville? Mullen's game plan against Bama this past Saturday was an absolute gem, and he's proven he can coach on a big stage. What has Gruden done lately except wear out the airwaves? He hasn't seen a sideline for a decade, and never as a college coach. I just can't figure out why Gruden is so attractive a candidate to you and other UT supporters. Even now, his comments in the press suggest he's only lukewarm to returning to coaching. Way too much "hysterical blindness" evident here, and not nearly enough objective evaluation of Gruden's suitability....
Gruden is absolutely the WORST possible choice to succeed Jones-- hasn't coached in a decade...never, ever been a HC at the college level..a "Type A" personality who would clash often and visibly with others in the administration...essentially a "show pony" with a recognizable name and a wife who once was a Vol cheerleader. Seriously, folks --- where is the substantive appeal of this guy? Remember: bright shiny objects blind more often than lead the way.
Yes, they should be compared favorably to Bama, and Kirby will continue to head in that direction. Georgia is definitely THE force to be reckoned with in the SEC East, and as long as Smart recruits superior talent -- which he will do -- the CFP looms in the near future, if not this year.
No fear, just a big doubt he'd stay long enough to make a difference. Gruden is a bright shiny object, but also a mistake in waiting. He hasn't coached in 10 years, and I firmly believe he'd jump at the next "big" offer. Tennessee cannot afford another wrong HC hire at this point, and I don't see anything in Gruden's resume that would persuade Currie to take such a risk. In other words, what exactly is Gruden's appeal?