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Yep, Gruden's playing coy at the school's and the fans' expense. Most of us see that, but some UT supporters are still afflicted with "hysterical blindness" & continue to see Gruden as the next messiah. I just hope that Currie or Gruden himself puts this nonsense to rest & that the school can go about its search routine in a rational, deliberate way. The last thing the Vols need now us another "mistake" for a hire.
So...Tennessee now has reservations about hiring Gruden. Well, so does everyone else who has any sense.
Ok, all you Gruden devotees suffering from hysterical Ty Duffy's article now on this site and see if you can understand the reasons for my skepticism about Gruden's being the right -- and plausible -- choice to succeed Jones. Duffy reveals a lot....especially the fact that Gruden's been playing the press for years on this issue and is more than likely doing nothing more than using the current situation for leverage. Moreover, he recounts the same negatives about Gruden's coaching experience that trouble me. That said, I hope you fellows can one day "see the forest for the trees" and not be beguiled by a 54 year-old's shell game. If not, I wish you and the Vols well.
Volbeef, Saban's never taken a ten-year timeout from coaching, and with the one exception of his Dolphins' tenure has been a college coach all his life. Paying attention to "what's going on in football" is what you and I do; coaching football is what Saban does magnificently at the college level, and what Gruden has NEVER done as a college HC. Your credulity is astonishing so, yes, I hope you get the "golden boy" of your dreams so you can learn your lesson the hard way.
So...Gruden's a "guy who loves coaching." Well, then, why isn't he coaching? Hasn't coached for more than a decade...never been an HC at the college level. After ten years in the broadcast booth making major league money, are we to believe a guy Gruden's age would be willing to put in the amount of time on the ground to bring UT's program back to its glory days? For the life of me, this infatuation with Jon Gruden as a plausible choice is beyond puzzling. Fans looking for a messiah or a miracle cure should look elsewhere.
Hope Volbuc and Volbeef will pump the brakes & take a rational -- not emotional -- look at Gruden's career, and answer this: What is it exactly about his background that makes you think he'd be an effective, successful HC at the college level -- where he's never been a HC before...never had to recruit every year against the other top teams in both his conference and the rest of the country...never had to deal with an AD, avid and powerful booster groups, and an aggressively loyal fan base? This guy is nothing but eye candy for Vol fans looking for an overnight "cure" for a problem that, even with Jones' improvements in some areas, is likely to take 2-3 years to overcome. If anyone really believes that Gruden, having been off the sidelines for a decade and making millions doing nothing but sitting down, is willing to make that kind of effort...well, good luck with that. Meanwhile, Mullen may very well head to Florida and resuming kicking UT's butt on a regular basis. Indeed, right now Mullen is absolutely the right call.
This infatuation with Gruden is absurd. Can anyone reading this really see Gruden getting off a flight at 2:00 am after a weeklong, non-stop recruiting trip? Utterly ridiculous! There's no way Jon Gruden would give up the seriously big bucks he can make an an analyst for the same money that would require him to work 60-70 hours a week. Think about it. Vol Nation needs to put down the bong and look elsewhere for its miracle cure.
Volbuc, would you take Gruden over, say, Dan Mullen if the Vols could lure him away from Starkville? Mullen's game plan against Bama this past Saturday was an absolute gem, and he's proven he can coach on a big stage. What has Gruden done lately except wear out the airwaves? He hasn't seen a sideline for a decade, and never as a college coach. I just can't figure out why Gruden is so attractive a candidate to you and other UT supporters. Even now, his comments in the press suggest he's only lukewarm to returning to coaching. Way too much "hysterical blindness" evident here, and not nearly enough objective evaluation of Gruden's suitability....
Gruden is absolutely the WORST possible choice to succeed Jones-- hasn't coached in a decade...never, ever been a HC at the college level..a "Type A" personality who would clash often and visibly with others in the administration...essentially a "show pony" with a recognizable name and a wife who once was a Vol cheerleader. Seriously, folks --- where is the substantive appeal of this guy? Remember: bright shiny objects blind more often than lead the way.
Yes, they should be compared favorably to Bama, and Kirby will continue to head in that direction. Georgia is definitely THE force to be reckoned with in the SEC East, and as long as Smart recruits superior talent -- which he will do -- the CFP looms in the near future, if not this year.
No fear, just a big doubt he'd stay long enough to make a difference. Gruden is a bright shiny object, but also a mistake in waiting. He hasn't coached in 10 years, and I firmly believe he'd jump at the next "big" offer. Tennessee cannot afford another wrong HC hire at this point, and I don't see anything in Gruden's resume that would persuade Currie to take such a risk. In other words, what exactly is Gruden's appeal?
If true, that makes UT's fallen fortunes over the past seven years all the more regrettable. Patterson's an excellent coach, and especially now would be a good fit in Knoxville. Mullen, too. But not Gruden; never Gruden. Ever.
I cannot think of a worse choice than Gruden. What's the appeal? That his wife was a UT cheerleader? This guy hasn't coached in years, and as the prototypical "Type A" personality would likely chafe underneath a collegiate sports administration. Plus, who honestly sees Gruden putting up with the recruiting grind? If he's hired, my bet is he'll leave after a couple of years and once again leave the Vols in the lurch. Meanwhile, Mullen is a bona fide college coach who at Mississippi State has shown what he can do to fortify a program. Leave Gruden in the broadcast booth or on an NFL sideline. He's a lot better suited to either of those locations.
Tell ya what, Lincoln. If you're lucky enough to bring your carnival act to the CFP and face either Bama or Georgia, plan to order crow for your in-flight meal back to Norman.
Amen, brothers...although after watching Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma (have not yet seen Miami or Wisconsin), assuming both arrive at the SEC championship game undefeated I believe admitting both Georgia and Bama would certainly be defensible.
Unfortunately, this might be the case...but if it's not it provides yet another example of Jones' poor decision-making. Either way, it's way past time for UT's administration to call Mayflower and get the Jones household packed and loaded up. He's done.
I'm probably the last guy on earth qualified to give Brian Daboll suggestions re: perking up Bama's run game. But one thing I would like to see are some pitches to Jacobs and Bo-- not jet sweeps but pitches. Against LSU it appeared the Tide's offensive line was simply having too much trouble moving the Tigers' defensive front off the ball, either on direct handoffs between the tackles or when Hurts decided to keep it. Running room up the middle was just too scarce for most of the night. Yeah, we got the win, but a little more diversity of attack, I believe, would have produced more points. That said, credit LSU with a gutsy performance. I'm glad to see them back on their feet & I hope they're headed to a bowl game.
I didn't' think anyone in UT's administration could be any more vacuous in detailing the school's football troubles than Butch...but I've been wrong. Currie sounds like a character out of a 50s sit-com. All he needs now to do is utter something emphatically adolescent like "Kendall Vickers came west to 'win one for the Gipper'" and the cheerleaders can flail their pompoms in gleeful anticipation of a heckuva victory on Saturday. Is the bar closed?
An absolutely horrid prospect for UT...Currie, come to your senses & pump the a complete halt, in this instance. When's the last time this guy stepped onto a football field as a coach, and not as an analyst? A decade ago...longer? Puh-leeese!!
A Gruden hire eventually would be a disaster of Kiffin-like proportions, and I cannot believe Currie is entertaining this possibility. Gruden has shown no affinity for college-level coaching, and I doubt seriously he'd be interested in dealing with the annual grind of recruiting. Worse, someone please convince me he could coexist peacefully with an AD...any AD. Without question, a "Type A" personality far better suited to a broadcast booth or the NFL.
"There's no problem you can't make worse by operating." Hmmmm... Well, there's no problem you can't make worse by letting the patient die on the operating table, either. Sounds to me as if Currie's Sunday visits with Jones have infected the new AD with terminal empty-headedness, the same malady affecting the Vols' head coach. Honestly, given the circumstances I cannot remember hearing a sillier comment from someone supposedly in charge of solving problems. Does anyone in UT's administration really give a $hit about making the right call...NOW?!
"Butch like Hitler" too much? Not at all. My allusion was not to imply Butch would liquidate millions, only that like Adolph he suffers from delusion at the end of his reign. Do you dispute that?
"Nothing has changed at all" ??? Really? This utterance must have come from the same reality vacuum that has given us those memorable aphorisms "five star hearts" and "champions of life" as the Tennessee program continues to sink further into decrepitude. Jones is now looking more and more like Hitler in the spring of 1945, issuing commands to armies by then annihilated. I have to wonder just how much longer Currie expects the Vols' loyal and dedicated base of donors and fans to swallow this gibberish without so much as an assurance that help is on the way. Still, I hope the Vol faithful continue to support the players in every way possible and don't scapegoat them in retaliation for the failures of their coach. Under new leadership, these kids definitely have the potential to excel.
Some interesting comments here, but I just don't accept the argument that UT would have an especially difficult time identifying and hiring a PROVEN HC, and one who could build on Jones' progress (yes, he's made some) and take the program to the next level. Money is no object, given Tennessee's engaged and deep-picketed donors, and the new guy would only be asked to (initially, at least) to win the SEC East. Yeah, Kirby Smart's got Georgia running hot, and USC is improving. But neither of those programs is that far ahead of UT in talent, and certainly not in available resources. Florida's current dilemma is peculiar, but the Gators too are not beyond the Vols' reach, as this year's close game proved. So...instead of fiddling around with "pipe dreams" (Gruden); mid-major types (Jones); or utterly unqualified ones (Dooley), go after someone who is battle-tested at the highest level and has what it takes to take the SEC heat of high expectations. The guy's out there somewhere...a man who would not shy from coaching in the nation's premier conference and who for the right money and contract structure would love to tackle the job of bringing back Tennessee's program to credibility. Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech? Petrino? Patterson at TCU? Go get him, Currie, and show the school's large and dedicated cohort of supporters that you're serious about healing this festering sore.
RT, thanks for reaffirming the REAL reason Bama list to Clemson---99 defensive snaps, because the Sarkisian-Kiffin play calling debacle resulted in a 3 for 16 conversion performance on third down. Yeah, I know Lane had left; but his playcalling twin continued to demonstrate why wide receiver screens behind the line of scrimmage are not recipes for success when you only need 2-4 yards for a first down. Who wouldn't be gassed chasing Deshaun Watson around all night because your offense couldn't stay on the field? Daboll has the answer, and neither Auburn nor Georgia has a Deshaun.
Good luck with that. Trace McSorley is no Deshaun Watson, and PSU can't come close to Alabama re: depth, team speed, and raw athleticism. Saquon Barkley is a good, versatile back, but The Tide has SIX tailbacks who are comparably talented and bring different skill sets to the field. Plus, the Nitany Lions haven't played and won't play a team with the suffocating defense of Alabama. I know it's that time of year again, but this scenario is just not in the cards. Bama 38, Michigan State 0 ? No, but James Franklin's squad would do well to come within 2 touchdowns of Alabama.
Can't take any more of Butch's bromides. Every time he opens his mouth, his credibility takes another body blow. Recent speculation on this site has indicated that UT could actually stick with Jones if he goes 8-4...yet once again finishing well back in the SEC East. If that turns out to be the case, every Vol fan ought to refuse to attend the '18 home opener. Nothing like 102,000+ empty seats to send Currie the appropriate message...
WHAT!!!??? "...caretaker of Tennessee football" ? Jones isn't running a halfway house, and I can't believe Currie could look at himself in the mirror one more day with Butch as head coach. The UT program now is now a festering sore that needs immediate relief, and the school's fans, students, boosters, and remaining recruits need to see the AD is serious about taking the next step...forward, that is.