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I think the article makes several valid points, the biggest being that the NCAA violations are going to retard UT’s ability to attract a difference maker as coach. Further, over the past decade, UT has been unable to attract top recruits from FL, GA, TX, and CA. Without a coach, who can attract top talent, while competing with Saban, Smart, Mullen, Fisher, and Orgeron for that talent, there is little chance that UT will enjoy much success. I foresee the Vols being regulated to the pile of also-rans like SC, KY, and MO for the next decade at the least. It has been difficult, at best to attract top talent to UT for 2 almost decades now, the NCAA punishment that is likely headed their way will almost certainly be their death knell.
Just interested to know, did any players or coaches die or suffer serious side effects from the virus this season? I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen a report of a single one. But hey Willybob, we should’ve canceled the season and destroyed people’s livelihoods- ‘cause you know, we gotta create that mass hysteria!
I agree with you. Mullen is undisciplined and petulant. His interview at halftime of the game was just more evidence of this. If the leader behaves this way there is no reason to expect his18-20 year olds to behave any better. The shoe throwing was taunting and classless. Orgeron behaves in a similar manner as is evidenced in the undisciplined actions of his players as well!
I’m sure the kid feels awful as he should. However, Florida lost the game because of several different reasons, most of which revolve around coaching. I have to take one issue with the boys father- he says his son is mentally tough. Hurling your opponent’s shoe at warp speed through the misty Florida night is not a sign of mental toughness nor discipline. I’m sure the kid is a good kid, but he ain’t mentally tough!
We may be rivals, but definitely something all SEC fans can agree on- the guy should be in jail!
Yeah, that looked like and sounded like an under the influence report!
Don’t know what video you’re watching, but the one I’m seeing is Dan Mullen acting like a petulant child/thug and instigating the whole thing. Bad calls, including late hits happen- it’s part of the game. Yell at the refs that’s fine- but you don’t run out on the field like that yelling at the opposing coaches and players. That is classless bush league stuff. And then when he comes back out of the tunnel to incite the crowd more- he looks like an idiot! SEC should fine him a minimum of $100k
Obviously the internet is backup in your trailer park wde0012, and you stopped screwing your sister long enough to get on it!
He says while the number one quarterback recruit in the country is on campus competing! Genius analysis!
Love watching the UnOfficial Assistant coaches each week. Most entertaining part of the week for this Bama fan!
If I were a betting man, I would guess he's experiencing Guillian-Barre Syndrome. I had it several years ago and it's how mine started. Whatever it is I hope he recovers quickly- seems to be a pretty decent sort of guy!
They waited about 10 years too long to fire him. Next one that should go is Desmond Howard.
He could probably run about 5 miles an hour faster if he would get rid of that dumba$$ looking hair do!
I'm bama to the core but don't be fooled. Clemson is twice the team Sparty is. They are much faster on both sides of the ball and they have a serious chip on their shoulder. Bama will have to play their best game of the year to have a chance against Clemson.