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Maybe Kirby should get in touch with LSU and see if they can get their heads together and figure this thing out. Booger can moderate.
Special Ed hasn't come close to the classes that Miles put together. Say what you will, Les Miles had LSU at the elite level of college football. Special Ed can't figure out how to score a point against Bama in BR, in the last 2 attempts.
JUst live up to the 2011 team? The best team in LSU's history. Special Ed will never get close.
Is it true you guys also put Tyler Bray's beer bottles and golf balls that he chunked at park cars in a trophy case in the coaches lobby? Congrats on the new tenn way.
Somehow this idiot and tenn writer has continued to capture and embrace in history one of the stupidest of football moments. Now, perhaps more than ever, "Stupid is as stupid does."
There's just not much to lose. After the bowl game with Purdue is gus going back to the hyper-spread? Is he going with the running spread or will he try to airmail it again? So many decisions. And Cam Newton ain't walking through those doors, regardless.
I got to admit I wasn't pulling for the B1G over Tenn last night. But I felt it was coming. Just seems to be part of Rick Barnes legacy wherever he goes.
So, I'm imagining that the Dolphins actually go belly up and tank all the way up to 1st pick. Tua enjoys playing with his younger brother so much and then decides to stick around for his senior year due to family values and wanting to win back to back NCs. Miami swallows hard and picks Justin Herbert. Such is the dismal existent of a Miami Dolphin fan.
It's as simple as who is on the roster in front of them. You would think a dawg fan would get that, given that 2 5* QBs just said aloha. Bama just brought in the other Tagovailoa and Paul Tyson. We are set at the position with Mack Jones still on the roster. Our trouble will be keeping what we have happy for the next 4 years. Florida has recruited the position well the last 2 years and I could see an elite QB being wary of that situation too. Basically, Georgia has a 3rd-year Fromm coming back. What's so complicated about this one?
So these assistant coaches get to count the 4* and 5* players they recruited for other teams? What a dubious record. Some of these coaches receive recruiter of the year awards only because they are at a certain football program that attracts that type of athlete. Some move on and are never heard from again.
Never know. Franks coming off of a 10-3 season and a good shellacking of Michigan. Franks will probably only get better in year 2 under Mullens. Emory Jones will have to be willing to find his place for at least one more year. That must feel like dog years to an elite QB these days. Mullen is doing the only reasonable thing he can, he's still bringing in talent with the other Jones boy. Keep recruiting, these QBs truly believe they are free agents.
What controversy? Other than Ole Miss let one get away at home and it hurts. The Vol was there and easily established his defensive position. It was up to the shooter to get under control. Which he did not. End of story.
Here's a guarantee. The pressing question Bama has to answer will never be answered at the end of spring ball.
Does anyone have a picture of this dude? I mean, since most of us have never seen him, or heard about him, or read about him or what he does, we could certainly use more evidence that he was actually at the Capstone. More data, we need more data.
He's not taking Fromm anywhere unless he takes the running backs with him. Fromm just doesn't put me in mind of Aaron Murray. I haven't seen him, ever, take on an elite team and put them on his back when the running game wasn't there first.
It remains to be seen if any Alabama basketball player genuinely knows how important any SEC basketball game is. I thought last Saturday's game against the Gators was pretty important. You wouldn't know it by the crapfest Bama put on full display at home. The only consistency I see out of Petty is that move where he dribbles the ball off his leg for yet another team turnover. Just shut up and play for a change.
Tennessee almost by default. They've been so bad for so long and underachieving big time last season.
One, I didn't say that Sunseri was his position coach. Two, he was listed by many services as Bogle's primary recruiter, including Bama Online. Hey, why not just go ahead and give yourself a big hand, jerk.
Let me be very clear about this, today, tomorrow or whenever, when the players start talking about recruitment and money, the gig is up.
I get why you luminaries, that keep churning out this SEC drivel, stopped interacting with the fans reading them. Your emotional predisposition is showing again, orange boy.
Kris Bogle sited coaching change. Yet Florida's defensive coach and his recruiter Sunseri left for Alabama and becomes his new recruiter and then he ends up in Gainsville spouting his nonsense. The greater truth is Bama recruits so well nationally, these few criticisms become trivial in a hurry. Bama just reloaded, again. Deal the cards.
Dawgs fans won't be thrilled, but "poached" is a term that sounds a little too provocative. We made him a deal he couldn't refuse.
One of my favorites was his freshman season vs Ole Miss in Oxford. Got clocked with a cheap shot from a DE and down 3 scores. Simply wouldn't quit and brought the Tide back for a big win.
No pressure on the QB and a DC that didn't have a clue. A lot went wrong in the big game and the guys most responsible for scheme and matchups were the coaches.
Good, bad, or indifferent, LSU took on the appearance of a Redbull fire drill every Saturday. Must see TV.
Dawgs starting to underachieve after winning nothing. They've been in the same holding pattern since the Dooley era.
Wow, that was an exercise on how not to win a game. Both sides took turns, but in the end, Mizzou was just better at defensive futility. Terrible tackling and even worse strategy. Missouri, you have a problem. Beyond tonight.