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LOL, after losing 15 in a row, this is what desperation looks like in Fayetteville.
If Bryce Young wins the Heisman the last thing it will be is by default.
Frankly, it simply doesn't matter. Either way, we have a problem at DC.
My complaint as well as many BAMA fans go to one area and one area alone. The DC and ILBer coach. You don't have to believe everything you hear, most of that stuff is merely hearsay, secondhand info. I believe what I see, that is firsthand. That you aren't talking people out of. And I've often seen exactly what coach Saban saw about many of his "immediate" moves in the past. This DC and his continued job description defy logic.
Coach Saban has been so indignant at immediate results at BAMA he has quickly let coordinators and position coaches go in the past. In 2007 the OC Applewhite was quickly a goner. Nussmeier, another OC, was asked to go after 2013 and he had a NC on his resume. Our DC Tosh Lupoi got demoted mid-season in 2018 and we were off and running with the Pete Golding "error." Coach Saban has demanded excellence for staff as well as players, and it's been immediate. Fans are frustrated at Pete Golding and have voiced it for 4 years. Not just as a DC, but he is frankly making a mess out of the most important position in a 3-4 scheme, the inside LBers, that he himself coaches. Suggesting that this is somehow business as usual and the fans don't know what they are looking at is shortsighted and frankly, a little bit stupid after 4 years of results.
That's fine, we've heard that often. We just needed nearly 700 yards of offense and our QB breaking a 52-year-old passing record to beat a team full of 3 stars, at HOME. Talent issues? Try again.
I think the chances are coach Saban is frustrated as well. This is not about the fans or players, this is just plain bad defensive coaching. With Golding, we are asking our guys to dig a ditch with a spoon. We are simply using the wrong tools for the job. We are in bad schemes and we have simplified very little that lets us play FAST. The great Bill Walsh famously said, "players move at 2/3 speed when they are unsure of their assignment." BAMA's defense has been a step behind for 4 years now and the fans are getting restless. Count me in.
You know Sydney, then, "there are some" that just feel BAMA is simply winning the SEC.
SF HC is a smart guy and wanted a full progression read QB with the aptitude to run his system. I still can't believe he let upper management talk him out of a pick they spent so much to get. The real winning for SF is Jimmy G. His job security just improved a hundredfold.
It's been years and still, nobody knows what an ESPN FPI is.
These left-handed compliments just keep coming. This guy has never been on the Mac train and he sounds like he just can't stop qualifying Mac's NFL success. Ceilings don't exist, just media heads who can't stop deflecting.
Negative, you do sound like a desperate dawg fan hoping to not see the team that owns you. We drink your tears.
The committee is allowing the schedule to weed out the competition as it always does. The next 3 weeks are going to be carnage and mayhem. The only time the "eye test" really matters is the one after the CCG.
Mighty bold talk for a red-headed stepchild of the SEC. Especially one that has absorbed 6 losses in a row. Let's see Negan the mindless, 1 for a NC, 1 for an SEC title, and the rest just for the hell of it. ROLL TIDE jerk water!!!!
The barners and aggies are playing for 2nd in the west. The winner is likely in the best position to play in an NY6 bowl.
BAMA is the defending national champion. So, I would have to say they've won it all, very recently.
Did Hooker just walk us through how to win the lotto? Paralysis through analysis.
Well, coach Saban said that BAMA was going to have to "change their mind." Mission accomplished.
Very fixable. Does G-Mac have enough pull to fire Pete Golding?
Well, timmy boy, I have seen nothing dynamic about this dog offense, all season. There is absolutely nothing dynamic about it.
I'm not sure what stetson has to do with it? Florida isn't bringing the same knife to the fight and therein lies the real problem. Now, if you want me to imagine this year's Georgia team trading blows with last year's Gator offense, I'd be happy to. The dawgs would be in deep trouble.
More like human nature. Alabama is the reigning and defending national champions. It's easy for complacency to set in after you win it all, that's why repeating is so difficult. Staying hungry is one of the hardest things to do, it doesn't need any coaching in practice or on game day.
You're mistaken. G-Mac only sounds like a homer because he's so bad at what he does.
Soon the dogs will be running out of South Carolina's and Kentucky's on the schedule.
Bryce Young is the best QB in college football. Pete Golding is an idiot.
Pittsburgh just scores again vs Clemson. Is Pittsburgh just that good or does Georgia really have an offense? Buck up dogs you are soon going to be running out of Kentuckys on your schedule.
Do you think that any of these elite coaches will inquire about the NCAA sanctions coming soon to Baton Rouge?
Is it possible to have a bigger idiot on board than that chancellor? Frames level one charges for the NCAA to consider, thinks they will make a distinction from the head coach to the AD, and all because she decides to take sanctions over a buyout. You just can not make up the level of stupid this constitutes.
Ole Miss is in much better shape than TAMU frankly. And don't the rebels play them at home?