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Good, bad, or indifferent, LSU took on the appearance of a Redbull fire drill every Saturday. Must see TV.
Dawgs starting to underachieve after winning nothing. They've been in the same holding pattern since the Dooley era.
Wow, that was an exercise on how not to win a game. Both sides took turns, but in the end, Mizzou was just better at defensive futility. Terrible tackling and even worse strategy. Missouri, you have a problem. Beyond tonight.
What it's saying is that it's the Playoff or bust for a lot of elite talent. The Playoff is making Bowls games even more irrelevant these days. Who didn't see this coming?
Man, the gators are actually behind the trainwreck known as Florida State in the composite rankings. What's Mullen's doing over there?
Lots of folks staring east of Tuscaloosa for the next great thing. Someone might want to take a second look at College Station. Jimbo had the Aggies finishing all year, gave Clemson a near-death experience and beat a better LSU team after losing 6 SEC games in a row to them. They finished 2nd in the West with an 8-4 record and Jimbo did it with a good, not great team, talent wise. Well, folks, the talent is coming and fast. They have a national champion coach with the best facilities in the country and a strong footprint in an extremely talented recruiting state. In my opnion, the best coaching staff not named Alabama, a head coach that will squeeze every ounce of talent out of his QBs. I submit Texas A&M, a sleeping giant just West of Tuscaloosa.
No one howls at the moon like the Dawgs. 2nd and 26 and now 4th and 11 and you got us on the run.
Just wondering how long it takes Field's to claim this one: 1. The transfer is due to documented mitigating circumstances that are outside the student-athlete’s control and directly impact the health, safety, and well-being of the student-athlete; He's not sitting out next year if he doesn't have to. Have to believe the baseball player incident is coming up, again.
Fields always felt like a round peg in a square hole. Smart wants the game manager type, running the football downhill, and play action stuff. Fields should have given a lot more thought to the offensive philosophy he was inheriting. The 3 teams as possible destinations make a lot more sense, to begin with.
If you are one of the 4 teams in the playoff, there are zero reasons to freak out. For everyone else, enjoy the NIT.
Paul believes the underlying motivation for the visit, is that he has no faith in Tosh Lupoi his DC. Oh, the humanity, the indignation. Proof positive once again it's never a good idea to ask anyone to fill 4 hours of live TV 5 times a week. Oh, the injustice, the travesty of it all.
Campbell shouldn't feel too bad, his coach has a tendency to panic too.
I agree, but unlike Army, I don't think our running backs are going to want to go the long way around. Think last year's Rose Bowl. Hard to keep Bama under 40.
To imagine that Alabama is not going to score more than 40 points on the Sooner's defense is pretty much where this article left the realm of common sense.
Coach Saban stays a few steps ahead of everyone when it comes to what's next. He has developed a system of transition that is second to none. How many teams could continue to lose coordinators at this pace and reload with personnel on staff?
If Fromm clearly outplays Fields in the spring game, the youngster will see the handwriting on the wall quick enough. At that point, it's just what's in his heart.
I liked it. Kirby insisting that an Alabama coached team, with its regular defense still in the game, wouldn't recognize Justin Field's #1 jersey on the field was priceless. It appears when strategy veers from the defense the head coach is clueless.
Going to be hard settling for the consolation prize against the Longhorns. Just something difficult when you're going for the gold and you have to settle for bronze. "Not" so Smart will get to work on his master motivator skills.
The answer was NO. And he didn't say it for a reason.
It's the Sooners because Ohio State didn't do enough to leapfrog Oklahoma. If anyone thinks that Tua is not starting and staring in the playoffs is nuts.
Don't do it gus. You're leaving might as well get your money.
MIKE Stoops. But only under the condition that he can coordinate the defense.
If human's don't believe we are creatures of hope, this article should remove all doubt. To even suggest that Lawrence is half as dynamic as Deshaun Watson or as clutch as a true freshman with only a handful of games to his name compared to the best QB in Clemson history, and national champion is incredibly absurd. Why don't we start calling all these fluff pieces what they really are? Hoping beyond hope that the gridiron gods will help some team, any team, beat the Crimson Tide.
Keep your sense of humor, you will need it.
Let me guess when Y'all officially lost that unique Cajun sense of humor? January 9, 2012.
Double Entendre: A word or phrase often laced with humor that is open to two interpretations. I see the Louisiana educational budget cuts are starting to take a serious toll down on the bayou.
Actually, I thought it was a neat way to do both. Again, Bama wins on points.
I think it's reasonable to assume that Aranda could use the 3 dudes set up to replace White in the first half. It would, however, require the refs to allow all 3 to play at the same time. Otherwise, not so much.
I don't think the Game is setting up better than last season for Kirby, because this Gator team isn't in disarray. It's well coached and considered to have top 10 talent. But, much like LSU, they obviously never heard about letting sleeping dogs lie.