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Ole Miss came into the contest averaging 51 points a game. That stuff doesn't translate at Bryant Denny.
You could stop being a pathological liar, that would be a good start.
It's going to be different on both sides of the LOS. Let's get this party started.
A lot of flips to go. December is when the rubber meets the road folks. I hope this info doesn't stumble all these recruiting geeks who live on every verbal commit.
Keeping Pete Golding for 5 years as DC is akin to malfeasance.
The 3rd Saturday in October can't get here fast enough.
I know he has a decent OL in front of him but overall Carolina has let a lot of good players leave lately. They must not have known Bryce was coming.
All players have an entire season to prove the prognosticators wrong. Preseason votes are not taking into consideration all the new talent that is about to take the field. And as always, the teams that win the most games will get the most players on the SEC list.
It's low-hanging fruit for the stooges. Let's look at the standard: 2008 - 12-2 2009 - 14-0 SEC and NC 2010 - 10-3 2011 - 12-1 NC 2012 - 12-1 SEC and NC 2013 - 11-2 2014 - 12-2 -SEC and Playoff 2015 - 14-1 SEC and NC 2016 - 14-1 SEC and NC Game 2017 - 13-1 NC 2018 - 14-1 SEC and NC game 2019 - 11-2 2020 - 13-0 SEC and NC 2021 - 13-2 SEC and NC game 2022 - 11-2 Did Doering spend a few minutes explaining to everyone who will replace that BAMA standard? I didn't think so.
Tuscaloosa and short-term memory loss. Isn't there a medical term for that?
So, Brandon puts up 26 points in his last game. He also averaged 15 points a game. I hope that doesn't discourage anyone from disparaging his game.
Jam Miller is going to light up the SEC. That is a home run kid waiting to happen. True freshman at Alabama getting to a thousand yards has been as much about pecking order as talent.
Brandon did just fine, especially for an NBA debut in summer ball. Enjoy that 50 million dollar contract and let's roll.
Nate Oats has done an absolutely amazing job of reloading. I have no idea how well this team will mesh, but getting this much talent to come to Alabama is just crazy. Great job coach!
JQ fits the profile of meism today. Might as well get used to the idea that this is what it will continue to look like. He doesn't give the impression that Alabama isn't a good fit or that he doesn't enjoy playing there. Just that it's time to move on. What a time to follow college athletics.
Clowney will be middle to most likely late in the first round. Knowing that I wouldn't sit there for all the tea in China. He would have a lot more fun being at home with family and friends. I'd rather go to a party.
I remember BAMA going undefeated in 2020 when they had to play 11 SEC games. So I understand that we are going to 12 teams in the Playoffs in 2024 as well. Cool!
For Brandon Miller's sake, let's hope MJ does his MJ thing and passes on the best American in the draft. It is a tradition.
Alabama has won 6 national titles under coach Saban. Here are the starting QBs: Greg McElroy AJ McCarron (2) Jake Coker Jalen Hurts Mac Jones Mythology: The 2 most productive QBs in passing yardage at Bama, Tua Tagovailoa and Heisman winner Bryce Young never won a National Championship at Alabama as a starting QB. It's not the BEST QB, it's the BEST team.
College football and Universities come under the heading of big business. They do care.
So how do all these haters feel about just giving ESPN that 9th game for free? And the crowd grows silent.
Quinn Ewers lost 5 games last season. They don't give out the Heisman for that.
Beat Texas Tech. Actually, win the much inferior Big 12 conference championship. It's only been 15 years.
Who said Coach Saban is counting on Buchner to start the season? Jake Coker came into the program in 2014 and sat for a year. Eli Ricks came into the program last season with all the bells and whistles out of LSU and couldn't start. Buchner gets to compete. So do Simpson and Milroe.
Sanders is getting unbearable at the speed of light. Making a public spectacle out of telling kids to get into the magic portal was just the start.
BAMA hasn't failed to develop 4 QBs. 2 are true freshmen and one of them Dylan Lonergan looked pretty good. One, Ty Simpson, had a bad thumb injury in the 1st quarter. Matt Hayes should stop with all the end-of-the-world histrionics.
Little known factoid: Personnel often makes head coaches adapt and adjust to specific game strengths and fundamentals when otherwise they wouldn't.
After last season's campaign under Mario, he probably just wants hazardous pay.
Connors has just assumed that BAMA is interested in running the same scheme as the last 2 years. He would be dead wrong. Tommy Rees isn't playing that game. What everyone will see is more guys on the LOS. A physical downhill running game. Much more play-action and receivers playing a much more conservative role in the offense. And BAMA has more talent and experience at WR this season than last for doing even that. I know it's hard for everyone to keep up, but there is enough info coming out of these spring practices to keep people in the know better than this.