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Can you just recreate stars at Alabama? Yes! It's Alabama dummy.
Nothing to lose. If he can't get it done or gets hurt, the freshmen get to start there on the job training a little earlier. LSU will finish no better than 3rd in the west if everything goes really, really, well.
Won't be less talented, just less experience. The only solution is reps and each week will see a better version. The offense, from the opening bell, will be a sight to behold.
Decided to go after Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama and almost lost his other QB recruits in the process. Like that was going to happen.
Kinda scary that a head coach's future often rests in the hands of so careless a player as Callaway.
No one is saying it's disastrous, but you might as well say Chance Hall was the best OL on this year's team. Going down at the same time as 10rc is starting a new QB and running back, losing that experience and leadership is nothing to sneeze at either.
Then you wouldn't have any problem with Guice checking out of Baton Rouge after the 4th game this season? Tolerance is truly special.
What I'd be most concerned with is having to defend a jackleg writer that just put a ton of ulterior motive to the spoken word. Either he is clairvoyant or he's trying too hard. Either way, this smacks like a hit and run piece that is easy to say and slightly more difficult to make sense of.And as far as Barnett is concerned, he should know that Coach Saban's evaluation of last season's QB position gleaned the Offensive Player of the Year in the SEC. But I'm guessing that was painfully obvious by the end of his 4 game career.
This article reminds me of a sportswriter who felt it was fair to compare automobiles that the head coach was now driving vs the struggling college player. The better comparison is what did these head coaches drive when they went to school?Why these writers continue to insist on gravitating to that same level of nonsense is beyond me.
If there is a legitimate QB battle, the result may well be that McElwain will want to play the QBs under live enemy fire. Can easily see multiple QBs running different packages in the Michigan game.
The real question Guice needs to ask Collins is, why is he always getting caught? Given the reality of sport and PED, the testing is at least a light year behind the users. Come on Collins, either ask your teammates or google it.
Kinda like when the Germans attacked the Russians. Brings no comfort crawling in either bunker.
There's a positive here, won't take Crist long to enjoy his first loss of the prognosticating season.
Been reported that Sexton is butch's new agent. Heard he tweeted out that the HC will have a new contract in the next 6 months, somewhere. That sounds like butch positioned himself a little closer to the ledge himself.
Oh, we agree with it. Right up to where you suggest it doesn't apply to Coach Saban.
How does Finebaum looking foolish, have the effect of calling Saban out?
Well, Coach Saban has been distributing his brand of justice at Alabama for over 10 years now. After 4 national championships and 5 SEC titles, what part of this coaching thing is he getting all wrong?
Bob Shoop would take 16th ranked defense and so would the vols. Yeah, yeah, but we were hurt. Let's see what the YellowJackets can do.
Butch has simply never been able to keep from losing to teams they are supposed to beat. And frankly, seldom have they overachieved on the field either. That's the puzzle he needs to solve quickly. Sounds like the fans believe the rebuild is over and they want the east. Hear that butch?
They've all won NCs with him so I'm sure they would continue to do well. But this is kinda like wondering how Alabama would do if Ingram, Hightower, Mosley, Julio, Amari, Henry, Collins, Lacy, etc., were still at the Capstone. Pretty frickin' good.
Actually, as a 5 X national champ, Coach Saban is much closer to the real answer. Hypothetically, he wants to beef up everyone's' schedule. Unlike the B1G, Pac 12, Big 12, who play 9 conference games, we still struggle along with the ACC to join "big boy" football.Recently the B1G has voted to eliminate FCS schools and are in the process of weeding them out. Pick at the dynamics all you want, but Coach Saban has a college football voice and truthfully, he's the only coach from this conference who is even coming close to a tougher schedule.
Hey Greenie, you had me at "greatest of all time."
Keep hanging around and you'll get a better tutorial on how to reply.
You're welcome and thank you for Dylan Moses, Chris Allen, Devonta Smith, Phidarian Mathis, and Joseph Bulovas.
Perhaps it just sounds that way when I'm talking to you. Mandate works for me, it really wasn't a suggestion, was it? I can personally see why you would be concerned about the in state schools, I hear times are hard down there.
The NCAA Board of Directors had to vote for it. I said it came through the NCAA. "Mandate" simply means to commission or an official order. Could you perhaps be in a bigger hurry to be offended?On a side note, the historical facts surrounding it were controversial. It was voted in over the objections of advocates of academic reform, The ACC, and the American Football Coaches Association, who lobbied against it fearing the physical toll it would take on the players.I didn't suggest that the 12th game started the playing of FCS teams. Now did I?
You really don't believe he gets up in the morning thinking this will happen if I only get it out there? Coach Saban has been the only SEC coach that wants to play 9 conference games and that would certainly remove one of the cupcakes. Given the league has multiplied to 14 teams, it's also a much better way of getting the best team to represent and with divisional play, toughening up everyone's SOS.