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Brock surely knows this is not a neutral site game in attendance. Most of the crowd will be wearing blue and orange. The barners, in a close one.
The only way it's not over is if Jalen was actually competing with Greg McElroy.
On the positive side, He'll now be the only Tennessee player who will ever enjoy a win in the 3rd Saturday rivalry.
That was a bad defensive football team. They struggled just to get lined up correctly. If that was my team there would be another Stoops unemployed, Mike.
Washington folks ain't happy about this one. I give Tosh Lupoi a lot of credit for keeping the Polynesian Pipeline open to Tuscaloosa.
What's being suggested by Jalen and communication is simply not the truth. For example: "Jalen actually came to me and said ... 'I am going to be here. I am going to be here. I came here to get an education. I graduate in December, and I'm going to be here,'" Saban told ESPN. If Jalen had any deep, internal issues, why not get it solved at this get-together? Coach Saban has said many times that he has a sit down with all the players in the off-season. He also stated that he has spoken to both Tua and Jalen and that the starting job was yet to be determined. Jalen says he has been "muzzled" and not able to talk with the media. At the recent "Elite 11" camp both Tua and Jalen spoke at length about the upcoming season: Friday night, Hurts explained to the Elite 11 high school quarterbacks how he could navigate such a challenging emotional dynamic.​ ​ “Nothing is ever about me,” Hurts said. “It’s always about my team. I always try to put them first. I can’t do it on my own. Treat your teammates the right way. We went to a leadership thing at IMG (the previous offseason), and one of the key things that I took from it was, to lead, you have to be able to love. I’m not a soft dude or anything like that, but when I heard that, it helped open it up for me. I thought, if that’s what impacts my team and that’s what makes everybody else better around me, than that’s what I need to do. That’s how I can better myself by actually opening up and loving who I’m with and who my surrounding cast is.​ “I try to be humble and I try and do the right things. I was always raised that it’s right to do the right things. It sounds generic and stuff, but it’s real. You know right from wrong. Everybody in here has parents or someone who has raised them and taught them this is the right way to do things and this is the wrong way to do things. And regardless of whatever that situation is, you’ve got a decision to make about whether to do it the right way or not.”​ For a player that has been "muzzled",​ it sounds like he has stated his case rather eloquently and been quoted extensively by the media.
The time to stand up for yourself was right after the spring game. Not the beginning of fall camp. Instead, he makes it clear that he's coming back to get his degree. One can only assume that's regardless of how the starting QB position plays out. If the narrative is now that I'm back but under protest, he will find out in short fashion that it was a bad business decision on his part. Let me repeat for our intrepid journalist standing up for the downtrodden man, Mac Jones was our spring game MVP and clearly outplayed Jalen. If the kitchen is too hot for Hurts then I would say the real narrative is, know your limitations and find another gig, soon.
I hope Jalen took a good, hard look at how much longer coach Saban's autograph line was than his the other day. That's as real as it gets.
G-Mac won't believe unless he see's it. Then goes into great length on how Fromm just did it all the way to the NC game as a true freshman. I wonder if that sounded more coherent in his head?
When you are caught in a lie you lose all credibility and benefit of the doubt. This is anything but a new cautionary tale. It's been around as long as selfishness itself. I just don't see how Ohio State can spin this and save Meyer's job. Courtney Smith accused Urban of being an "enabler." Even with his due diligence in 2015, by not firing this dude on the spot Urban Meyer being the "enabler" is going to stick.
Not sure how Clemson doesn't have the best path this season. 8 conference games and no Notre Dame. In fact, any 11-1 ACC champ will do. Playing 8 conference games is a help and until it becomes mandatory I don't see either the SEC or ACC changing up. All this multiple committee stuff is just an indication of too much offseason time on Klatt's hands. If Ohio State doesn't get their 2nd loss by over 30 points to Iowa the B1G champ gets represented. But like the SEC, the east/west divisions in both the SEC and the B1G are as different as night and day in their SOS.
The NCAA allows all these coaches to be on staff scouting and game planning every week and then makes it very difficult to verbally contribute on gameday.
The only person who has ever "sabotaged" Johnny Football is Johnny Football. He was a trainwreck at College Station due to his constant drinking and partying. I have no doubt that his emotional imbalances led him to a lot of bad decisions early on in his short tenure at the college and pro level. Real solutions come when you're man enough to say it's on me, these are my shortcomings I have to work through. Doesn't sound like Johnny's anywhere close to that type of ownership, yet.
Pruitt is smart enough to treat every circumstance and player different. That will guarantee criticism and plenty of it. Oddly enough, it doesn't really seem to bother successful coaches all that much.
Whining would help. At 7 mil per year, you better be able to drag your carcass and your football team to the playoff and soon.
If I remember correctly, Keith also has some ongoing health issues that may make playing both sports at a high level problematic. Bama will be fine at LB, inside or out. Coach Saban may not have all he wishes at any position, but no one in the nation has the cards he's holding.
Or the West could once again rise to best. See how easy that was?
Does anyone ever notice how Vegas and the playoff committee seem to be on the same page? Must be the "eye test."
A one loss Alabama team will be right there and history has said so since the BCS era. This is simply not the year or home schedule to say otherwise. With the Aggies, Barners, Dawgs of Starkvegas coming to BDS, which team in the West has a prayer of being undefeated to outdistance a one-loss Bama team? Once we get to Atlanta, we will once again decide gets to the Playoff.
I thought the Dawgs caught up to the wide-open style in the 2nd half. If not for a second-half fumble score, Baker and the crew were in big trouble. It was actually the poor defense of the Sooners that allowed them to give up huge running plays throughout the contest, including the game-winner in OT.
Now when you say lies, do you mean winning national championships or just going 4-0 against Tennessee?
Talent is one argument for his time at Tennessee. It was also apparent that he couldn't get his players lined up as well. I would also suggest that they were often poor tacklers and would take terrible angles to the ball. But I'm sure it was just the lack of talent.
Nothing personal SEC fans, but I've been on NC parade since Atlanta. What off-season?
Sims and Foster should have sued Jalen for nonsupport. Tua didn't have any problem throwing to secondary receivers. But then he stuck around the pocket longer than a precursory glance.
Kinda scary looking at all those slave quarters. Why would anyone want to play college football these days?
If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?
There's still always the possibility that Lane could fall off his pier into the backwaters surrounding his house in a drunken stupor.
Irving apparently didn't stay long enough to have his number retired, so........