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I'm afraid this is one article that speaks the truth. Will the thrill was the real deal. Can't say what McElwain had on him besides the suspension but he has the "it" factor behind center. If the offense was only over the counter PEDs, it might have been wise to keep this guy around.
That Freeze dude has run some track in his day. Funny stuff.
And yet an offer from National Championship U has the TE recruit thinking of all the possibilities. Imagine that?
So much for the speculation that Bob Stoops was heading to Gainsville.
Don't see the big issue with Tua going forward. If you just think back to last season with Barnett, he was getting plenty of action, even after Hurts had the position sewed up. This is going to be a high-scoring offense and Tua will find himself on the field often and with major time on the clock to get needed reps.
I'm convinced that Jacobs is the second coming of Linnie Patrick in running style. Great acceleration and so much balance in his runs. Then he changes his number when it was also a perfect fit. Come on Josh!
Not sure rebuilding mode has anything to do with it. Plenty of teams are going through a drought against the Tide. As John Adams said best in his surrender piece, when they are good, they're a dynasty.
Ed O telling grown folks what they can't do, yeah, that has historically alway ended well. Not only does it look like the HC is running scared, he's going to be receiving some serious tit for tat blowback from Texas and whoever feels offended. This should also upset the high school coaches fighting to get their players to the next level.
Alabama is the most decorated football power in the nation. It has long been declared the best the SEC has to offer. Besides, Dye spent enough time in western Alabama to know tradition when he's sober enough to see it.
Passion and pomp, I love college football.
Another question for the offense? Best analyze the defense for future success. Mullens attempt at simulating the big 12 met with little success last season and the dawgs will go as far as their next edition on D will let them.
Most of this happening for Bama will have more to do with offensive philosophy than anything else. If Daboll has decided to take advantage of our TEs and running back passing skills instead of mindless sweeps and bubble screens, we know far too well, it's gonna be hard to stop the Tide from maintaining possession of the ball this season.
Yep, Freeze would be the ultimate definition of all in. From the beginning, he has insisted that most of the violations occurred during Nutts regime and a lot of the transgressions with the NCAA were other sports besides football and that the Rebels don't break NCAA bylaws, they just make mistakes. In the end, failure to take responsibility and be proactive with staff and compliance will be his biggest one.
Ridley's talent will translate to the next level just fine. We need to make it our business to make sure he has a great send off this season. I foresee a more play action friendly, deep pass offense coming from the Tide. The only limitation on Ridley is the gameplan.
Wish Marlon had taken one more year in the Bama system to polish up. But he is a great athlete that will make a splash in a year or two.
You may want to include the OC for the Cajuns. Orgeron took less so they could pay Canada more. Etling, Canada, and the other QBs failed to impress in the spring game and afterward Etling underwent back surgery. Big year for Ed O and his OC.
The allegations will be read within the week so I'll take my time, read it and then guess along with everyone else on suspected punishment. In the meantime, I have no idea why Freeze was not more proactive with the NCAA than he chose to be. If it's true that some of these violations occurred after the first letter then all this doubling down by Freeze will be exposed and I doubt seriously his stay in Oxford will end well.
Mullen's will decide how far the Bulldawgs go. If he has the defensive personnel in place they will be a handful for anyone on their schedule. How LSU missed on this guy while concentrating on the position coach with the cute binder is beyond reasonable.
Watched as Guice took the ball on a 4th and goal from the one-yard line for a comeback win against a Gator team that LSU desperately wanted to beat. When the dust settled Guice was still a full yard away. Can think of a lot of SEC running backs who wouldn't have been denied.
If the barners keep their head down and keep traveling east, they can make ACC territory before dark. Y'all starting to whine like LSU.
First off, I didn't say I was in agreement with it. My comment suggested that the new AD is simply taking up an old position. Regardless of what was said publicly, the University of Arizona is scheduled to play North Arizona the first game of the year. The thought of in-state competition didn't seem to matter then.Perhaps you need to give a little more thought on how you chose to frame your questions? Otherwise, when you dig, I dig. And you were digging.
A subject you guys should know all too well. I understand that Bama is still paying property tax on tiger stadium, that should ease some of your institutional burdens.
The new AD hasn't been there long, but obviously long enough to have read the charter. He sounds like a man interested in keeping his job.
Can we exchange him for Mark Mays?
QB transfers are epidemic in college football. We've just had a series of articles breaking down some of the stats on guys leaving for greener pastures. Careful, the grass is always greener over someone else's septic tank.
Not sure it ever occurred to the GM that his smarts and savvy were part of what made him draftable at that pick. Besides, he will always have Odell Beckham's antics to embrace and be proud of.
John Lynch can follow up the 1st round with a few more "steals" and the 49ers are going to be back in the playoff hunt. The first day belongs to San Fran.
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