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Sometimes you have to just shake your head at the desire at times to try to make a salient comment the hard way by these sport's guys. How many people, who seriously follow recruiting, wouldn't jump at the chance to swap their running back room with ALABAMA?
Why don't you explain to the world how Justin Field and that buckeye defense that gave up 52 points were better than Bama?
Did Ryan Day suddenly go out and decide to get him some WRs after the ALABAMA beatdown? These guys would be in Columbus regardless of the score. BAMA defeated these boys by having the best OL, QB, WRs, RBs, defense. Oh, and by having the greatest head coach that has walked the sidelines this generation. Recruit you some of that.
So coach Saban sees more potential in Gramham as a recruiter and position coach than Tennessee? Yet Heupel is hemorrhaging through the transfer portal with 21 players and counting. Doesn't take long to figure out why.
"Football is cyclical." So is Halley's Comet. Some cycles take longer than others.
That sounds perpetual enough. Just keep being you.
You better have a few coaches that can recruit the landscape and understands the Power T tradition partner. We already took Gillespie and Jay Graham. If Heupel doesn't get it, coach Saban does, and then some.
Just keep counting those chickens. Nobody and I sincerely mean nobody, does it better.
Dude, there is Georgia and there isn't a team in the LEAST division with a prayer of a chance to get to the SECCG much less the playoff.
Just wow, can the EAST possibly be anymore LEAST?
That BAMA beatdown was a bayou bludgeon of biblical proportions. One of our best 3 point shooters, Shackelford, had an off night. I'm just saying, we can do better.
Steele is the man, that should be painfully obvious to everyone. Probation, more transfers, and scholarship reduction are also coming. The power struggle in the BOT and the NCAA tone-deaf Chancellor promise many more missteps along the way.
Sure they have. Roy Kramer and Fat Phil made a bargain with the devil to mitigate damage. What you are now watching is PAYDAY.
If Golding needs traveling assistance, I know a nice shortcut from Houston to Austin.
Coach Bryant is the "Babe Ruth" of college football. The next Barry Bonds that passes him won't touch that legacy. If You want the very best answer to this comparison, listen to coach Saban. He was just asked this again after the buckeye beatdown. Apparently, sportswriters find his recent comments about coach Bryant irrelevant.
It's hard to believe that this writer doesn't know that it is a very real possibility that Ohio State's 2 best D-lineman are out with COVID. Including the so-called best defensive lineman in college football, Togaia and Garrett being the other. You can counter that you don't like to speculate but after all both fan bases have discussed this week the buckeyes are missing these guys and may not have a kicker. The bigger problem with what I just read is that speculating about Malachi Moore and LaBryan Ray's availability was happily discussed in the great "think Piece." Can's see where COVID causalities are to be treated any differently than regular injuries? If you ain't in Miami today and on that field when the whistle blows, does it really matter?
Smart has been one of the most conservative coaches in the SEC by far. He desperately wants to play to his defense. His choices were predicated on that conservative philosophy. First and foremost, Smart has to evolve and stay aggressive, even when it starts costing him on the defensive side, which it will. With the spread offense comes the spread defense.
Smart has been anything but when it comes to handling the QB room these past 5 seasons. That was more the singular point. With that much talent standing on the sidelines every season there is going to be continued criticism, and well earned, in this playoff or bust world we now live in.
This may be a jolt to the system, but the Lord really doesn't care who our favorite football team is. Superstition is the only way he gets in the conversation, to begin with.
Kirby and Darth Gator should get together this offseason and console each other. They both get to play "what if" we had played our best player in the biggest games of the year. Un-Freakin'-Believable.
I agree. Golding needs to just keep this defense on the road to improvement. It's the only thing that feels like a potential hurdle at this point.
Much like Custer, "they got it coming."
Golding is the DC and I'm happy to credit him with more zone and simpler adjustments that he promised for 2 preseasons was coming. But it's probably coach Saban he needs to keep impressing. And that measuring stick will only get pulled out, big time, after our playoff run. Come on, what did you really think? It is ALABAMA.
I don't know how you make a reasonable argument for Ohio State. The rest doesn't matter, the playoff committee has no choice but to use the same old measuring stick with Bama, Clemson, and Notre Dame. The team with the most to lose and prove is the team that was almost given an impossible task by the B1G conference bigwigs before the season started.
Yep, I'm in. Whatever LSU can do, the barners can do better. TAMU will need their A-game and some of that early-season mojo.
The bigger buckeye issue is the 21-day COVID tracing and getting some semblance of a competitive season in a schedule that can not adapt. The B1G commish and medical experts may have simply destroyed the playoff chances of their best team months ago.
No way in Hades that Kirby is that high on Bama's next coaching search. Recruits like coach Saban coaches like Pruitt and Muschamp.
So all Mike Leach has to do to win the egg bowl is adopt an offensive identity that goes contrary to his air raid principles? That should work.