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Worrying about Alabama's running game this season is the equivalent of concerning yourself about Tom Brady's rushing attack. It doesn't matter. His running game has been the Julian Elderman, Wes Welkers of the NFL for decades. Tua is special and Bama is running a lot of New England elements in their offensive scheme as well. All these article today still talking about the special talent that is Najee Harris. Hey, they aren't talking about his rushing from scrimmage, now are they?
The older I get, the pansier these early season schedules look. Thank goodness SEC teams are starting to play SEC teams.
Bama too lost a TD when Tua hit our TE on the 5-yard line and he was called out of bounds there. Replay showed grass between his shoe and sidelines when he went into the end zone for a TD. No official replay and we settled for a field goal. Bama's starting defense gave up one TD yesterday. Bama took Tua out of the game with 9 minutes to go or he would have had 500 yards passing in the game. Muschamp left his starters in until the final second to play against our bench players. That last SC TD was pure garbage time. Guess what? The scoreboard doesn't reflect all of that either.
The SC team we beat in 2009 with Mark Ingram having to rush for 200 yards and barely pulling it out in the 4th quarter in Tuscaloosa went "toe to toe" with Bama. A Bama team that went on to win the NC that year. The SC team we demolish yesterday did not go "toe to toe" with Alabama. And we've been having to outscore teams in the natties since 2015. Where you been?
Did I just watch a Les Miles football team steamroll a BC team on the road by over 3 TDs? That Kansas team, with that roster? For all the idiot's afraid to give this guy a serious job interview, shame on you.
Tebow's right. NCAA can't regulate greed and selfishness and all the hands in that cookie jar. Neither can anyone else.
I got that feeling I was always being held hostage. Solved that issue years ago. Wish everyone else good football watching today and Roll Tide Y'all!!
Coach Saban and Greg Byrnes don't refuse to play any particular instate school. This has been going on long before either stepped on the campus. Politics is setting the parameter on this one and probably always will. Byrnes was scheduling small instate schools at Arizona and Coach Saban had a history of playing LA schools at LSU and he also scheduled UAB when he was there. This is about the BOT and it's a nice reminder that Both HC and AD don't always have complete autonomy in their jobs. Sometimes you just have to play well with the other kids in your backyard.
I got money that says you reply to this post. I know, it's just an emotional condition, you can't help yourself.
Sure it does. CBS knew just like everyone else not dressed in purple that the Bama/LSU rivalry had changed under special ed. And you don't have a new QB you have a new scheme. And while everyone is all excited about the Xs and Os, it's still the Jimmys and Joes.
That's on Oregeron's responsibility and watch and directly reflects on his coaching acumen as well. Now it's Miles that left the cupboard bare? You guys had Fournette and Guise in the same backfield and McElwain's Florida team came into BR and got you and the man with the golden binder. At the start of this college football season, CBS, for the first time in a while, didn't select the Bama/LSU game as part of their marquee doubleheader. And the last I looked it was still a game to be announced.
As a Bama fan, I can say with certainty, going into BR, knowing that we are playing an Orgeron coached team, hasn't been that scary. Ed's LSU teams haven't managed a single point against Alabama in his last 2 opportunities. Under Miles, it was either a loss or a near-death experience. And frankly, with just a couple of exceptions, it's was also that way when they came to Tuscaloosa. So you tell me, is it talent or just that much difference in their coaching abilities?
That's the thing about Les Miles, he kept LSU with national championship talent his entire 12 years. And his defenses were overflowing with NFL players. He was just painfully conservative even for a pro-set offense. It's hard to see Orgeron matching that talent right now.
Is that the same Jesse Palmer that boldly stated that Wisconsin was better that Alabama on the final playoff selection show in 2017, only to have to watch Alabama win another NC? That Jesse Palmer? Let me run and go get my pencil.
Not against Texas and not against SEC teams with better defenses than the Big 12 and Georgia Southern. LSU puts those rushing stats against Auburn or Florida and you will see one heck of a jailbreak to the QB. Over and over.
Emery not getting a touch is not a knock on Emery? LSU averaged 3.5 yards per rush for a whopping 102 yards for the entire game. Speaking of missing pieces, that ain't Fournette running the ball ahead of John Emery either.
John Currie got what Johnny Majors felt decades ago. And with the dysfunctional BOT that let it all happen HC for fat Phil is the next illogical step. What a slimeball of a human being.
We don't have to stick to it. In reality, it's just an opinion.
So LSU goes to Austin and a Big 12 game breaks out. Imagine that? Hey tigers where is the power run game, ball control and what about the constant leakage coming from your once proud defense? It's the big tradeoff, regardless of what conference you are affiliated with. Welcome to new age HUNH RPO Spread football.
Alabama makes college football boring and predictable. Just Alabama David? None of these other blowouts today come to mind? This phony-baloney stuff sounds like your persecution complex is getting the best of you.
I'm saying you never know how coach Saban will choose to handle the blowout. The HUNH stuff we ran last season wasn't on display vs Duke. Bum rushing bad defenses for 42 points in the first half is less likely. We ran the ball 42 times last week. That's commitment. Full progression reads were also the order of the day. On a super hot one coach will get everyone who can walk in the game. Too many unknown variables for my money.
Anyone that puts money on a 55 point spread, they deserve what they get.
Laura did fine when she was in her element. Doing SEC Nation on Saturdays she was excellent and her sideline reporting was fine too. My goodness, that stuff with her and Finebaum was unwatchable.
There will be no easy answers or quick fixes for this mess. The BYU game genuinely feels like must-TV.
Right, this HC thing doesn't work out for Pruitt he can always go back to his 2 million dollar a year job as DC. How deep would they have to bury you to make that kind of revenue?
Yet he knew what sells. You need to find some common ground with the common man. Then and only then would that be mighty thoughty of you.
That only works if Jalen and Tua also played defense.
Well, Festus and Mark Twain made a good living out of it. Such bigotry.
Now, if the dawgs can just figure out how to score a point in the 4th quarter. It's almost like their QB and coach aren't clutch.