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More power, more ball control, and more offensive dominance. What's not to like with our new OC?
With McElroy it's getting to be a trend. I'm afraid he's spent way too much time with Booger and Marcus and has always shown signs of trying too hard to br well liked. He also recently told the college football world that the Clemson QB was better than Hurts at this point. What? The Mark May's of the world were fired for being honest and speaking their mind, no
Lawdy, your balladeer could have used some closed captioning. He sounded like he was doing a segment on moonshiners.
More like a small shower and that defense of Shoop's is doing some serious leaking.
Les Miles likes his punters to speak Australian. It would be a large "class."
The media are pure, unadulterated idiots. If they don't have us playing the Cleveland Browns it more of this type of nonsense. Thank goodness I'm here to balance out the insanity.
Absolutely. If Miami gets smacked with this monster, the weather folks are describing, how much infrastructure is even there on Sunday? This is one game not only would I be thrilled to be in Little Rock, but also everyone in my family that can possibly travel.
If I had an opportunity to get my football team out of Miami I would take it. Not only would this game be played but I would insist as HC to stay in Arkansas until the storm is over. Why would anyone be interested in staring down a Cat 5 Hurrican?
Good grief, the way that QB was pouting Monday night it's going to be an interesting situation going forward if he doesn't continue to get his playing time. Tenn should know after their trip to Gainesville.
I see a scripted A by his name but he seems to have a lot of sympathy pains for FSU. Maybe he's pressing, deep down he just wants our respect.
I think it's safe for me to say that my last vacation at Jackson Hole went a lot better than Ryen's.
He is a junior, but it was his first start. I didn't say he was a stranger to the offense, said after a summer of studying the triple option it was still a mystery to Shoop.
I'm guessing all of Aggie nation is a little sensitive these days?
They would have looked a lot better if they could tackle and somehow stop getting blown off the LOS. Your DBs and LBs were out of position all night. Shoop had all summer to figure out this scheme. It's going to be a long year Tennessee.
You bet, your defense under Shoop just gave up over 650 yards, over 550 yards rushing, 250 yards to a freshman QB making his first start.
As good as he needed to be. No turnovers and a conservative game plan. The second half required absolutely no heroics whatsoever. The team did the damage and he played a clean game.
Booger and Mac Daddy pontificating before the game on why the Seminoles were going to win this one. Booger's bayou bias just too much for his normal LOS approach to football.
How many top 10 teams struggled offensively in the first half on opening day weekend? Anyone want to hang with Bama is going to have to slug it out for 4 quarters and frankly, Bama's defense had Francois's number the entire second half. Those 2nd half interceptions, along with special team's play, was Bama's way of saying, adjustment made.
How about it Crist, does it feel more like an elimination game for you tonite? It's easy to pontificate about the end result for winners and losers, but there are simply no guarantees about rivalry games, the level of competition, injuries, and so many more unknown variables. You can't assume anything in college football.
Actually, Davis was back practicing with the starters yesterday.
Finding him wasn't that hard. He was on a lot of teams radar. Ed O gets the credit because he was willing to part with the big payday so his coordinators can become the highest paid in college football. It was all in the binder.
No, Bo is not going to be THE guy, THE man, THE bell cow. If he stays healthy that will not change. What Alabama is going to do is run the deepest, most talented, the biggest, the fastest running backs in college football down a lot of teams collective throats. That's the game plan, a blind person can see it. NOT whether Bo Scarbrough will be the next Derrick Henry.
What's the deal with your art work? You got Jalen looking like he just got off a motor cross bike. The original question does Alabama need Jalen to grow as a QB is really silly. What does any freshman do at Alabama? They get coached up and they mature and they get experience and they improve through muscle memory and mental repetition. Now, back to the art work thing, can you guys possibly do any better?
Good to see LSU trying to play 12 games this year, been a while. Of course, there's always week two.
BamaTime, what's going on with the reply buttons disappearing on some post?
You can't be Sirius? While you're checking with the Lord, best check and see if they have an opening for your buddy Russillo.
As long as any team is undefeated and regardless of where they play each other on the schedule, there is ALWAYS room for error. When that loss is the first game of the season rather than the 10th, the margin of error is a lot less forgiving. Alabama vs Florida State means plenty to the college football world, and yes, we all can be thankful we are in the playoff era and not still doing that beauty pageant thing of yesteryear.
McElwain trying to trade barbs with the bipolar one is like trying to out Trump, Trump. Sooner or later they take you out to deep waters and you drown.
Kiffin will never get the people part. He's a genius calling plays and a complete idiot in dealing with the people running them. That type of emotional immaturity will just promise more of the same failings in his life, regardless of whether it's football related or not.
Another opportunity to put our Jimmy's and Joe's against the best the opposition has to offer. Don't see our offense taking a step back in Hurts year II. Too many studs and the offensive line talent is going to be the difference. 38 to 17 Crimson Goodguys.