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Another reason to like the direction of our strength and conditioning program. The science behind the brawn is encouraging to hear.
Either way, Moses didn't give away any secrets and wasn't about to. The scheme and personnel will eventually be clear enough in a few days. You on the other hand, seem to be locked into the same old script.
Pruitt needs to beat all the South Carolinas on their schedule in year 3. And a few they are not overwhelming underdogs in. 6-4 at the least.
No, but it seems to be paining outsiders something awful. That's a good thing too.
Going to be difficult to be innovative with the recent reset at QB. One candidate coming off a bad injury and the other green. The OC has got his hands full. This may not be the season Kirby finally distances himself from his ultra-conservative nature.
I suppose the SEC is trying to get the wording correct. For undergraduates to transfer from inside the conference may need some explaining. Not sure they want to send that message to other players in the future. Blame it on COVID and call it special circumstances due to an ongoing pandemic. Works everywhere else.
They are the best of the best. Now with Jeudy and Ruggs playing big minutes, it's going to get epic. Waddle and Devonta Smith in the batter's box. Bama is taking over WR.
Tennessee was ranked #9 in the nation when Alabama came to Knoxville in 2016. Pruitt should hope for as much.
When everyone got on the bus after the natty, Orgeron should have offered the OC job and thrown the bank at Joe Brady with the power he could select his entire staff. The biggest loss of the off-season and perhaps for years to come. Brennan is going to miss him more than last season's OL.
Well, that's cool. Someone in the twitter universe "will just never understand how that happens." In freakin' football. Way to keep the "twit" in twitter, dude.
The continued dumbing down of America by the media and politicians alike know no bounds.
Jeudy's route running is on another planet. With his separation, he's going to be a feared receiver sooner than later.
So Shane Ray getting himself thrown out with his cheap shot in the SECCG vs Bama was just a steroid moment?
The only way to prevent what happened to the dawgs defense against LSU is to not play teams like LSU. Otherwise, it would be better to invest in an offense that keeps up on the scoreboard.
Actually, the criminal damage to property is identified as a felony, according to the document. LSU athletes who are charged with felonies “will be immediately suspended from participation in intercollegiate athletics,” the LSU student-athlete handbook says.
Given the playoff cannon fodder that is Oklahoma, it would seem that the SEC is "dealing with it" very well.
Come on Kiffin, sneaking up on somebody this season might end up being your best strategy.
Golding has the weight of the world on those shoulders. And an outstanding DC, waiting in the wings, if it gets too heavy.
Now, if we can just get ESPN to drop MNF. They have botched that product up through terrible announcers over the years and bush league games.
I get the Memphis running back. He reportedly lost 4 family members to COVID.
Today is hardly even a decent opening Saturday to college football. But hey, it's all we got. When we get this puppy going we get to watch an entire schedule of SEC teams playing SEC teams. And no freakin' directional schools, not one. Absolutely nothing to complain about.
I wasn't thinking about his relationship with Florida. I would think this asterisk is more about the guy they call the "head ball coach." It's his title to keep. I'm just saying, it left a mark.
I don't personally have amnesia about his accomplishments at Florida. But that "No Mas" moment as a leader of men at SC was just terrible. It left a mark and all things to reconsider, I'm pretty sure he would like to have that Roberto Duran moment back. I think it will likely just keep messing with what otherwise was a career better than most.
I'm thinking that the consensus among volunteer faithful at this point, is that the proverbial "worm" is sure taking his dang sweet time about it.
With Georgia and LSU giving up the chase, that pretty much leaves Tennessee as a shrinking community of teams still trying to get to the top of the food chain with a pro-style offense. It's great for the same team's defenses and physicality, but will it keep up with all these elite talents putting up pinball numbers? It will be interesting watching Pruitt and Chaney try to take what's old and make it new again. I think the new rules favor the swift.
I understand that Georgia has had some issues with special teams for a few seasons now. So Smart goes out and gets Cochran who has never been an on-field coach, like ever? He's gonna need a lot more than that cool voice.
Couldn't handle being told to put his gear on? Where are you going where this would actually be an option? Strange times indeed.