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These sportswriters are like listening to these old fans sitting across the table from each other at McDonalds. The "dynasty" that so casually keeps getting tossed about as if it was a feather in the wind, is made of of multiple recruiting classes and they aren't going anywhere until the talent level and coaching changes. Without all the intellectual dishonesty the more accurate conclusion is simply whether LSU can join the party after all these years.
Mighty bold talk for the eastern side of the SEC. Do you ever have the urge to get out the black and white tape and revisit all those gator championships of yesteryear?
You got to believe a Gator would know what he speaks of. Thankfully, we aren't in the same habits.
In all, in the 2017 season, seven linebackers who were starters or major contributors missed games because of injury. As a defense, 35 games were lost to injury by players who appeared on the opening day depth chart. Pundits openly debated why Alabama should be one of the 4 playoff teams because they weren't the same defense as started the year. By the way, that same wounded defense won the NC and finished with the #1 defense in the college football universe. Now, how'd they miss that? Merely pointing out the disconnect and the pure disingenuous attitude between the talking heads and reality. "Nary the twain shall meet."
Klatt is such a loser. Best I can tell the dude has never won much in life. Alabama has no interest in all his loser scenarios. It's the next game, beat their azz and then off to the next game and beat their azz. It's all as simple as that. It always has been.
Because he used the same measuring stick as my 2-year-old granddaughter. She's into chaos too.
More evidence that it's impossible to have an intellectually thought without an emotional bias. What you like to refer to as chaos. By the way, Vegas loves you guys.
Will practice a little bit today and some tommorrow. And be totally healthy Saturday. It's good he plays a position that doesn't require much to keep up with Devonta Smith, Jalen Waddle, Jerry Jeudy, or Henry Ruggs.
And playing Alabama is just another game. Hey K'lavon, did you know being ranked #1 is just a number?
Big loss. And Delpit is going into this game gimpy, if at all. Even when the offenses are rolling, defensive stops become a greater commodity.
I know what happens if Grantham can push Fromm to have to throw at least 30 times in the game. Slowing down the dawgs rushing attack has been stressed a time or two these past 2 weeks.
This is as much on Fields as anyone. He knew the conservative dawg philosophy when he signed. When reality set in he couldn't get out of athens fast enough. In the future, getting the Eason's and Field's will be few and far between. Truth is getting the Murray's and Stafford's could be rare as well.
Coley vs Mullen. Someone is about to be outcoached.
What does Vegas know that the voting media just can't admit? Nothing speaks to conviction like putting your money where your mouth is.
Florida @ Baton Rouge - check Barn @ Baton Rouge - check Alabama @ Tuscaloosa - ?
I'm still trying to figure out how the barn, who hasing won in BR since antediluvian times, managed to go down to the wire with that high school offense?
He got lit up. Still seems to be a place for bringing the thunder. Well, for now anyway.
Given they spent an hour and a half reviewing the review and it's exactly what everyone else could see, I say move on. Shout out to that sooner defense.
We're pretty sure he suffers from short-term memory loss.
Klatt and Cowherd sit around every week trying to convince the college football universe and themselves that their TV package on FOX is really all that. It's obviously taking an emotional toll on the talking heads' credibility at this stage. Massive inferiority complex is my diagnosis.
The same Tua brought Bama back to win a national championship and win the MVP of the game. The same Tua that beat the barners, LSU in Baton Rouge and Oklahoma last season. You're whistling through the graveyard dude.
Then don't sweat it, "excuses" is a purple thing. Don't believe me, check back after your visit to Tuscaloosa.
Unfortunately for the vols, at around 9:00 this evening, they will learn, once again, that the "pen is not mightier than the sword.
If anyone would know what a national championship team looks like it would be this Tennessee team.
Completely mismanage the best SEC rivalry in the last decade. Congrats CBS!!
Kinda stupid to be wolfing about a body part that will get you sent to the showers. But then wolfing is seldom an intellectual exercise.