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Wow, a 1939 NC has O'gara qualifying the aggies. No doubt, College Station has got this sports thing rolling.
How do you play hyper-speed RPO football and protect the defense? You don't.
Miami won't keep what they have, regardless of money, and neither will any other school. The Magic Portal is where all these disgruntled QBs will be waiting, EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.
There are always going to be teams that a one-dimensional offense can't match up with. In the SEC West, it will happen more often than not.
Chris Owens was a 6th-year journeyman that played a number of positions on the OL. None, very long. So BAMA is replacing one player of real value, Evan Neal. It's not going to take long before folks realize OL is going to be a lot better than last season.
No one in Alabama has to be too concerned about BAMA sleepwalking through TAMU this year.
Lakers have 17 world championships. Tied for first in NBA history. They last won the title as recently as 2020. You are an idiot.
He left KC to play with Tua. That's all he needs to say. All the guy is saying is that year 3 is going to favor the Dolphin's offense for a change. Get used to it.
The avarice greed associated with boosters blindly throwing millions at teenagers in hopes of getting something back on the field is nothing to concern ourselves with folks. Unregulated and mostly unafraid of modern-day reprisal we can all march forward into the deep dark night knowing that this type of unrestrained spending will have no future repercussions on college football. Well, anyway, that's the way Matt Hayes sees it.
Alabama's OL isn't half the risk or liability the Ohio State defense is in a big game. Do your due diligence on this one Connor. Bama is going to be the most balanced team in the country. The defense will be out and out filthy with a true unstoppable player. Bryce Young will be Bryce Young and that OL isn't lacking talent or a ton of experience, just a great OL coach.
BAMA and the barn go to the east. Mizzou goes west as the map dictates. No need for cross rivals at that point. As simple as that.
Brandon hasn't had a decent football take in forever. I'm sure it had a lot to do with his sudden demise with CBS.
The silver lining is that no one who mattered was paying attention to the outcries of NIL. Can't say that now.
Or a lot to do about absolutely nothing. Grow up.
That wasn't a 6-6 barner team BAMA played on the Plains last season. Way too much talent to finish like that. Gus had some major flaws but he doesn't finish 6-6 with that squad.
I just like this Ty Simpson guy out of Tennessee. I also believe that Jalen Milroe will be a force and challenging to keep off the field in the near future. If Manning comes, he comes, he surely knows he is going to have to compete.
Even a blind pig will find that acorn now and again. Which pretty much sums up this article.
Any list without BAMA just isn't much of a list. Congratulations young man.
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? Notoriety is not college baseball's friend. But cute article anyway.
In the SEC, a noon game means we're playing a non-power-5 team that's not ready for prime time. Lord help us all if Fox ever gets a playoff game.
No one does gloom and doom like Danny White. The AD bought his way out of Army and now BYU. No doubt about it, the vols love them some competition.
Do you mean the Hogs are going to man up and play a road game vs BYU? The vols and Danny White should take note and quit trying to buy their way out of tough games. Army, now BYU, wow, how the mighty have fallen.
Thought I'd go ahead and comment, just because. But frankly, the article was way too positive about Tua for all the naysayers on this website to have much to say.
The market correction will have to include the mindset of the players who are instant millionaires at this point for many. How do you regulate the greed and instant wealth in the locker room? What happens to team chemistry in the long run? How do you keep these kids from instantly jumping into the magic portal at the first sign of adversity, just because they can? Let's see how you regulate teenagers, who become instant millionaires and have all the leverage when that type of wealth makes older ones do stupid things and often use terrible judgment. College football has officially given the inmates the keys to the asylum. Put that genie back in the bottle.
The end is near. The end of college football as the viable product we grew up watching. There is nothing that happens to Alabama at this point that won't be passed on to all of college football. To think less is just arrogance and wishful thinking in the extreme. College football has been and continues to be in deep trouble these days.
The public outrage by the GOAT will continue to put pressure on the powers that pretend to be to clean this freakin' mess up. Keep going, coach.
The writer is trying to say that BAMA is an offensive tree shredding machine winning NCs. The others, not so much.
At BAMA he is a luxury. At the other options, he's much more a necessity. This is getting interesting.
Talent-wise, no contest. And I'm pretty sure Jimbo remembers this rival from his last school