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Enough Bama coaches and ex-players on that staff to call them Tuscaloosa north. Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee have gone all in on the Alabama way. That ain't imitation folks this stuff is bordering "the Borge-like" simulation. Resistance is futile.
Obviously "God's plan" doesn't include sanctions that will cripple the rebels for years to come.
Man, that was exactly what I was thinking. phil best save some indignation for that bunch in Gainesville that has owned you for over a quarter of a century. Since the inception of divisional play in 1992, Florida: 20 Tenn: 6. You would think that would hurt a little more than it does. Anyway back to BAMA.
If fans aren't watching CBS or ABC does that mean they have turned off college football or simply exercising the option their remote gives them? If they are watching football somewhere then we are good to go.I'm just not sure folks are watching that stuff in the NFL.
Sounds like you are pretty sure Clemson won't be missing offensive players Mike Williams, Wayne Gallman, Jordan Leggett, Artavius Scott, Deshaun Watson.
Because the world wants to know what Wisconsin and USC would get done vs Bama. Watch the film, we played both the last couple of seasons. Big dropoff in talent after that 4th pick.
Would love for the great pumpkin to stand before volnation and explain how his pick, Jeremy Pruitt, comes from the best organization in college football and has been trained by the best coach. And for the umpteenth time, tennessee will try to aspire to be just like Alabama until we get it right.
I thought it was very clear that Alabama was the consensus #4 team over Ohio St. This playoff committee is using the human eye test and for those longing for the mass computer data of the BCS era you are still over thinking it. 13 people that watched football games all season believed that Alabama was the BEST team.They believe what they see and if others continue to insist on metrics to try to make sense of college football, you will continue to look much like that ESPN crew revealing pick #4 Sunday afternoon.
The Good Ole Boy meddling from these type rogue boosters has been the downfall of a lot of football programs and this has turned to all of that and more. If the next HC comes into this mess with all these meddling hands in the kitchen nothing will change because nothing can change.
If Gruden loved Tennessee I don't think he would be playing her like an old song.
That's because you're not next. But we all get where Dylan Moses is from and what ex-coach he plays for. Oh, the indignation.
"The sport of football is broken" that is ridiculous. I've watched incompetent refs blow games and calls from a vast array of stupid decisions about penalties. This is at worse, just another.As far as the rule for targeting, it has taken cheap shots and dangerous hits out of college football. We watched guys going out on stretchers for years with cheap shot after cheap shot in this sport and it has now practically disappeared.Bad refs and we got them, should never take away from a great rule.
Oh yes we did, we learned a ton. Bama found a dominant Mike LB. Dylan Moses led the team in tackles and had an interception to boot. Deal with it SEC.
Obviously, all those 3 and 8 seasons, just haven't caught the imagination of those Nashville folks.
I do remember that Peter "LSU" Burns wife is a big Alabama fan. Poor ole Pete has been on the losing end of a heap of bad predictions against the Tide in his time.One of my favorites, and who could forget, Pete having to lip sync a rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama" on the Finebaum show for losing his annual bet with his better half? Silly Pete.
Did you guys really feel good about yourselves after hanging 72 points on FCS Missouri State Bears? Yeah, nothing like a fair fight, hypocrite.
I'm not sure who is a fan of the sisters of the poor. When we went to 12 games and divisions this has been the way college teams have chosen to fill their schedule. Just glad we now have the CCG and playoff to get ready for. Nothing cupcake about how great teams will have to finish.
You can always tell winter's coming on, the biggest snowflake start's getting his feelings hurt.
Doesn't take you long to pigeonhole your reader's motives. Perhaps that's why your readers take so much delight in responding in kind? In any case, you chose the words "vulnerable" and "take their chances", don't be so offended to get them back in rebuttal.What has changed and improved about Bama's passing game this year has far more to do with the fact that Jalen is now a much more mature and seasoned QB that just who he is throwing the ball to. Last year Steward was the guy Jalen stared down and this year he's reading defenses better, getting the offense out of bad plays at the LOS, making defenses pay by throwing to the middle of the field, keeping his head downfield longer with the pass rush, etc. Jalen makes our passing game much more dangerous.Ridley is one of the tools in the box that Jalen is not shy about using. His throws to D. Smith, Ruggs, Irv Smith and a host of receivers, including our running backs, make us a far more dangerous passing team, this year.
Alabama had 202 rushing yards against Miss State and 242 yards passing. Bama has been taking their chances through the air and winning since Jalen has been playing QB.Can't wait for your next ominous piece.
The committee has the right 4 teams in at this point. Whether the order is correct matters little to me.
Actually, your success on the football field against Bama for over a decade..................................and counting.
A little research, which I know is asking a lot around here, and history would say that the 2014 team, including its defense, was lagging behind. Blake Sims at QB and a group of DBs that gave up a ton of yards through the air.That said, Jalen and this offense are so gifted and balanced that it would be a major miscalculation to suggest they can't make up the difference between a few injuries down the home stretch.
How do you know, has a 2 loss team ever been in a 4 team playoff? I don't recall anyone inviting the barn.The more chaos in a season, the more the possibility that the records can change. That doesn't cheapen the college playoffs, it just makes allowance for a level playing field for that season.No one should confuse what the college game has going over the crapfest that is the NFL.