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What I remember about the Texas game was Tebow warning Colt McCoy about running the football against Alabama, "They're a different animal." Colt's reply, "We face a lot of good defenses in the big 12. Tebow tried to warn him.
Sweet Home Alabama is the theme song for the Crimson Tide. It's a miracle the students haven't screwed this one up after all this time. Afternoon Delight is just a bunch of nonsense that will be gone once again before many knew it was back.
Before Bama After Bama Louisville 0 104 Arkansas St. 34 103 Ole Miss 123 126 Texas A&M 48 77 louisiana 111 119 Arkansas 57 85 Looks like these teams, on average, have fallen about 40 spots in the defensive rankings after playing Alabama.
Very good chance the entire Bama team will be charged with assault after the Tennessee game.
Anyone struggling that much about the Missouri game probably shouldn't be allowed to make comments on what it takes to beat the Tide. A bad case of little man's syndrome if I ever heard one.
Just keep those words of wisdom coming, cause this time next season Fields will be playing the Hurts/Bryant role. ALABAMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS KING OF 2ND AND 26
I may just watch some of this stuff this weekend then. I just hope Franklin is ready for the buckeye tsunami coming to Happy Valley Saturday. I mean, beyond having everyone wear white.
Now the question becomes team unity and QB depth. As a senior, Bryant is well liked and supported in the locker room. Dabo may have just lost even more precious depth at QB is Bryant indeed fails to return to backup duty. They already lost a 5* this season due to transfer. For lots of reasons, Dabo could be sweating this decision out the rest of the season.
It separates you guys from our previous 3 teams as far as schemes go. Along with a more dedicated defense. It would be interesting to hear Jimbo's assessment of Bama's offense as well. I'm still trying to figure it out.
Bama hasn't been as dominant overall at LBer as in the past. We are experiencing a lot of new coaches and a new DC so things could get more instinctive for the players as the season progresses. We have definitely played a lot of pass first teams so far and the SEC looks like a more pass-happy league, so maybe this is just what we get this year.
Frost kept insisting that the non-power 5 schools weren't getting enough love. I think the Troy loss was just his way of making that point, the hard way. Hey Scott, why don't you show Nebraska fans your ring again?
Coach Saban is just going to have to get used to scoring over 50 a game. So far, so good.
Apparently, you and this dude missed the part where Kirby Smart made it clear after the natty they expected Tua to play and "prepared" accordingly?
You apparently didn't see Georgia trying to make Tua "uncomfortable." I mean it was only for the national championship. Louisville and Arkansas State both took the same approach. They brought an extra man in the box but not to stop the run but to bring pressure, There you have it. Look for Bama running backs to pillage the village.
I'm not feeling LSU over the barn this week. So far in total offense after 2 weeks they are ranked 14th out of 14 SEC teams. Doesn't sound promising, even with the amazing Aranda doing his thing.
She should get it as a power 5 athlete. Most of the media remind me of the old Howard Cosell's book entitled: "I Never Played the Game."
Hurt's is the one that verbally made it clear he was going to be here and graduate. If that's not true then that's on Jalen. He's not the first nor the last "child" to leave the nest early.
Anyone that questions Tua's abilities at this point is defying logic. Coach Saban made it clear this week that Lousiville will take our A game offensively. I agree. Expect a heavy dose of Tua Tagoviloa.
Not sure why coach Saban picked up the phone to start with.
The 2 QBs that transferred out last month might have been a clue.
We get a yellow line, a green zone, graphics of down and distance on the field. Try to leave a little room to actually watch the players.
I learned that when you knock their QB out for the season and the team gets demoralized and they don't have an adequate replacement and they lose many times the media spins it to where they weren't that good, to begin with. What a crock.
Taulia processes the field like his older brother. In a nanosecond, it is gone.
Desmond Howard, Michigan wins it all. You can take the studio host out of Ann Arbor, but you can't take Ann Arbor out of the studio host.
You don't need someone on the outside to tell you to fire that creep on your staff. Any head coach worth one's salt can and does make that call all the time. Do your freakin' job.
Which conference it happens in is irrelevant. You only survive if you have the credentials to outlive it. Even at that, I think Urban is swimming with the sharks. We haven't seen the long run yet.
When you factor in the low "Get Up" TV ratings, a lot of folks obviously feel just like she does.