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Don't you just love America. Here, we tolerate the morally corrupt just as long as you stay politically correct.
If Rex feels the need to discuss job performance and stealing he should have saved most of that where it rightfully belonged. Jason Garrett was a "turd" of an NFL head coach. Very few guys get a chance to do so little with so much for so long. A subject that Rex should be an expert on.
Rex has mastered this media stuff with the same expertise and craftsmanship of his head coaching gigs.
Football isn't real life unless you insist on all the silly emotional predispositions that come with football bias. I have in fact very close friends and a couple of grandchildren who root for Georgia and Auburn.
Georgia fans live all around my neighborhood and are pretty much allowed to roam freely on this football site with their opinions. Maybe you should take it up with them? And as far as his first 5 years, neither was Les Miles. Try to keep up.
Coach Saban is often asked, in-season if this particular group is one of his best teams. Coach Saban is always quick to reply to wait till season end. It's how we finish that paints the picture for coach and fan alike. The discontent with Kirby is that he hasn't finished the deal. And then someone throws up Mark Richt's comparison chart. That always seems to look surprisingly similar, by the way. A HC can get fired in the SEC for winning SEC titles, a NC, having undefeated regular seasons and averaging more than 10 wins a season. Les Miles approves this message.
Kirby's ST play has been erratic and disappointing since Shane Beamer left the program for the Sooners. Hiring an S&C coach with zero ST experience seems like the right way to go if you're trying to right the ship. I mean, what could go wrong?
My question would be why Georgia fans also consider 2017 as a success?
I dare you Dak to walk away from that money. I double dare you. Take the money Dak. And then hope and pray it allows Dallas to pay their OL and Amari Cooper going forward. Otherwise, You will be quickly exposed as the non-elite QB you are.
The opening game for Bama vs Lousiville in '18' players calling the defensive signals were complaining they were struggling to get the signals to teammates. Both Thompson and Wilson were open with those struggles throughout the season. Which brings us to year 2 WJP (Without Jeremy Pruitt) The eye test said we were getting misaligned, confused, with players still looking at the sidelines after the ball was snapped. Poor tackling and fundamentals to boot. Houston, we have a Pete Golding problem.
Those multiple personalities can be hard to manage. What a maroon.
Or in Mel's case, you can just watch what he says and then even more importantly, what he does.
Integrity can be a lot to live up to. Why a lot of folks would rather not.
Has nothing to do with my salary. At some point, it does have to do with my word to the kids, faculty, boosters, fans who I specifically told I'm all in "heart and soul," less than a week ago. And continued to repeat myself, ad nauseam, to anyone who would listen, as late as Tuesday night. For what it's worth, why do these head coaches insist on using the same stonewalling and flat denials on their recruits and family as they do with the press? Do these players and family deserve to be lied to with the same coach-speak as the Paul Finebaums of the world? You would think these multimillionaire businessmen, who have been in these recruits homes for decades, could figure out how to speak to these recruits and families without these bold-faced, absolute denials, that are pure lies. These head coaches are conducting themselves as pathological liars. Conclusion: Mel Tucker is lower than a rattlesnake.
Then don't reassure them you wouldn't leave no matter what. You "obligated" yourself if those recruits would only "obligate" themselves to you. What is your word worth these days? I know the value of Tuckers.
How about this: You run a department that allowed you to recruit your personal help. They quit their job and they come to work for you because they realize you're a master craftsman and they want to learn from the best. You promise every one of them, 25 in all, that if you leave your job, take the risk, I'll hire you and I'll be there to teach you everything I know. Your promise, your word to the people you recruited to work for you. How's that new job offer looking now?
He has to answer for his own character, that's for sure. That definition of a lie you mentioned, only seems to works in the coaching business. Try that at home or on your job it's probably going to come back and bite you.
Then leave and chalk it up to a poor "investment" on Mel's part. Bad enough after one season. Contributing to the deception by lying to players, families of players, boosters, and fans as late as Tuesday night, promising Buff nation that he's all in, is just plain lying about it. Why would a recruit or their family believe anything this guy tells you?
No excuse for Tucker to leave Colorado after one season. Then after his first flirtation with MSU goes on twitter to tell the Buff nation he's not going and he's all in "heart and soul." And seven days after signing your class you leave. Shame on you Mel.
It's hard to imagine that Guarantano has another level to go to. He still holds on to the ball way too long and throwing guys open instinctively doesn't seem to be his thing. Improvement will have to be the players around him.
I'd vote some medication issues on the troll dressed in Crimson.
Apparently we seem to be having an issue with DL coaches sticking around longer than a year or two. Meanwhile, we get Golding for year 3 at ILBer. What the hey!
These sportswriters are like listening to these old fans sitting across the table from each other at McDonalds. The "dynasty" that so casually keeps getting tossed about as if it was a feather in the wind, is made of of multiple recruiting classes and they aren't going anywhere until the talent level and coaching changes. Without all the intellectual dishonesty the more accurate conclusion is simply whether LSU can join the party after all these years.
Mighty bold talk for the eastern side of the SEC. Do you ever have the urge to get out the black and white tape and revisit all those gator championships of yesteryear?
You got to believe a Gator would know what he speaks of. Thankfully, we aren't in the same habits.
In all, in the 2017 season, seven linebackers who were starters or major contributors missed games because of injury. As a defense, 35 games were lost to injury by players who appeared on the opening day depth chart. Pundits openly debated why Alabama should be one of the 4 playoff teams because they weren't the same defense as started the year. By the way, that same wounded defense won the NC and finished with the #1 defense in the college football universe. Now, how'd they miss that? Merely pointing out the disconnect and the pure disingenuous attitude between the talking heads and reality. "Nary the twain shall meet."
Klatt is such a loser. Best I can tell the dude has never won much in life. Alabama has no interest in all his loser scenarios. It's the next game, beat their azz and then off to the next game and beat their azz. It's all as simple as that. It always has been.
Because he used the same measuring stick as my 2-year-old granddaughter. She's into chaos too.
More evidence that it's impossible to have an intellectually thought without an emotional bias. What you like to refer to as chaos. By the way, Vegas loves you guys.