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I agree. Golding needs to just keep this defense on the road to improvement. It's the only thing that feels like a potential hurdle at this point.
Much like Custer, "they got it coming."
Golding is the DC and I'm happy to credit him with more zone and simpler adjustments that he promised for 2 preseasons was coming. But it's probably coach Saban he needs to keep impressing. And that measuring stick will only get pulled out, big time, after our playoff run. Come on, what did you really think? It is ALABAMA.
I don't know how you make a reasonable argument for Ohio State. The rest doesn't matter, the playoff committee has no choice but to use the same old measuring stick with Bama, Clemson, and Notre Dame. The team with the most to lose and prove is the team that was almost given an impossible task by the B1G conference bigwigs before the season started.
Yep, I'm in. Whatever LSU can do, the barners can do better. TAMU will need their A-game and some of that early-season mojo.
The bigger buckeye issue is the 21-day COVID tracing and getting some semblance of a competitive season in a schedule that can not adapt. The B1G commish and medical experts may have simply destroyed the playoff chances of their best team months ago.
No way in Hades that Kirby is that high on Bama's next coaching search. Recruits like coach Saban coaches like Pruitt and Muschamp.
So all Mike Leach has to do to win the egg bowl is adopt an offensive identity that goes contrary to his air raid principles? That should work.
No one ever said Smart was the QB whisperer. But few actually expected him to be completely tone-deaf. Cheer up dawg nation, you blew this season, but the nightmare is over.
Fact is, coach Saban didn't allow our starting QB to take a snap in the 4th quarter, again, just a few weeks ago in Knoxville. Otherwise, you would have gotten 70 put on your head. That's mercy and undeserved kindness.
Tennessee is like that dog that's been beaten too much. At some point, everything is a conspiracy.
No one takes a knee in the shadow of someone else's goalpost more than coach Saban and Alabama. As a Tennessee fan, no one should know this more fully than you guys.
He was talking to the right guy. Fickell was pouring it on and the only folks that fail to see a lack of class here are folks who rarely show it themselves.
Not much for sportsmanship. What goes around comes around.
"Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep."
Aren't the Dolphins 4-3 and in the playoff hunt? Generational talent is exactly what Miami got with Tua. Just shut up Greg, this is coming off as Butt-hurt and it's not the first time with Tua.
First NFL game of his life with zero preseason against one of the best defensive fronts and this idiot has it all figured out. Another football expert.
I'd hate to think Florida is the ultimate test of that theory. What I'm thinking is it would be best if the Gators decided to show up with their Mizzou effort on the defensive side of the ball. You know, just in case.
Mullen let his emotions completely go in among an already angry 18 to 21-year-old bunch of kids. This is a violent game, there had better be a voice of reason standing on the sideline with headphones on. If not the head coach then it is a guarantee all hell is breaking loose, fast. And that's what happened. I was surprised that Mullen let this happen to himself and the coaching staff. Very surprised he choose to be one of the lead instiGATORS.
The home office is going to have their say soon enough. There were a lot of punches thrown out there. And one crazy Darth Vader leading the charge.
Got a feeling Florida is going to be missing a lot of players vs Georgia. And they should be missing a head coach. Mullen started a lot of crap with his antics last night.
In other words, I shouldn't have committed in the first place this far out. The only time this kid has to get this right is when he signs that LOI.
A lot of guys have recently checked out of Starkvegas and they aren't NFL bound. Stuff happens.
I'll be looking forward to the next Jeffery Simmons, Montez Sweat, Jonathan Abram, Erroll Thompson, etc. Oh, wait a minute, y'all stop doing that thing.
I'm sure of that. I'm also sure that Shaver's just transferred into the program. I'm also convinced that it doesn't take long for culling to get to the meat in Starkvegas.
Nobody is working the transfer portal better than Miss State. Does this officially mean that the Pirate's sense of humor isn't translating in the locker room?
So in the middle of a season on the Brink, Pruitt thinks it's a good idea to take his mind off being the CEO of this team and start coaching the D-line? You can't make this up.
I'll bet you missed your first 2 guesses as to who would be starting QB for Georgia as well.
And now we pay for it by having to be on CBS for the next 2 weeks. That's 3 out of 4 weeks we have to listen to the nonsensical storytelling of Danielson and what it takes to beat Alabama. What a crap show sports broadcasting as become.