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Can't worry about who decides to stay and go. The only criteria is to get a winner at QB. Just takes one.
Welcome aboard. Glad to get this young fellow. Lots of size and speed and will probably go to the Jack position. This is a top 15 player.
When it's all said and done, Smart will just have to deal with life like the rest of us. I would actually expect him to remember 2nd and 26 and put the final score up all over the weight room. It's in the Nick Saban manual, chapter 11 page 4. Otherwise, this dude would be lost.
Then he needs to have his rookie year on the field. If he endures another year like his last, it's not going to happen. With Jason Garett as HC, both are strong possibilities.
So this sportswriter doesn't like the SEC OOC schedules. Who does? Play 9 conference games and all of us are still playing 3 directional schools. As it is, SOS can't be predetermined before the season is finished. The playoff committee will once again perform their "eye test" and through all the prejudgement and media condemnation throughout the long season, the BEST 4 teams will prevail in the playoffs. Thank you for your time.
Good to see that Gator Neil isn't allowing good judgment to cloud his emotions.
Given that it only exists in their mind, you can see why it's necessary for the Knights to keep publicly regurgitating the idea. You are what you think, sort of thing. Frost publicly wished they wouldn't have taken it as far as they did and also wished NC wasn't on his conference championship ring and also believes that the only NC is the one that wins the playoffs.My personal theory is that being so close to Walt Disney World, they have simply become a product of their make-believe environment. They've been simulated, you know, the Borg talked about it all the time.
Bama has been putting defenses on the field that have made end zones disappear for years. I'll be here all week.
No going from coach to coach until you get what you want. Parents could learn a lot from reading that.
You know, there are a lot of cool drugs out there that can help you with some of that mental anxiety that seems to have you in a perpetual headlock.
If you guys would just e-mail me, you could hear a lot of this brilliant analysis much earlier.
Hurts is a 62% passer that doesn't connect downfield. Bama's 3rd down percentage rate would indicate a ton of 3 and outs. Constantly making the one read and running the ball isn't going to go over well in South Bend.A lot of the teams that were mentioned don't have all-world punters and a defense that could stop a tsunami. In many of these offensive schemes, if they don't stretch the field or pass to set up the run, it's not going to happen. The reason Jalen has enjoyed so much success at QB at Bama has been the talented players around him and the scheme that fits his abilities best. Food for thought.
What's the common link? The price of doing business is constantly growing as it always has. The best head coaches in college continue to get paid like the best head coaches in the NFL.Sean Payton 8 mil Bill Belichick 7.5 mil Andy Reid 7.5 mil John Harbaugh 7 mil Mike Tomlin 7 milSee how that works?
If frost thought UCF was coaching at a school that could compete he wouldn't have been in a hurry to interview with power 5 schools. And I don't Blame him for being ashamed his ring says national champion. It really cheapened a very good season in its own right.
What the players need is a couple of e-mails, phone text, etc, suggesting what is in the NFL teams best interest and the players will get the benefit of the doubt. Has GMs, owners, administrative staff, been careless enough to lose this argument? I hope so. That's as close to a mandate the players will need to get the owners to ante up.
It's ridiculous to think they would leave a trail by mandating it. I think these Billionaire have many backchannels to get what they want.
For my money, the "12" Georgia team was the most dangerous of them all and had they prevailed in the SECCG was plenty good enough to beat a flawed Notre Dame team. Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley, Kwame Geathers, Jordan Jenkins, Jarvis Jones, Alex Ogletree and on and on with star power. There was plenty of talent on that team to win it all. Mark Richt wasn't the problem. You ran out of time. Period.The 2012 Bama team was great in their own right and there wasn't much difference to choose between them.
There are 2 good test cases out there right now with the court system and NFL collusion. I hope that the players have an avenue to break through the big boys club.
To suggest this past season that Miami had the Bulldogs talent, which Mark Richt recruited would be insane. In my lifetime, Georgia having superior talent is nothing new. Numerous head coaches in Athens have enjoyed the same advantage. The dogs have still been left wanting. So far, Kirby is just the latest.In a few recruiting cycles Miami will have the depth they need to compete with the big boys. If that talent advantage leads to the promise land and the dogs are still scratching themselves and dreaming about next year, maybe it wasn't Richt after all.
Won't be long before these 2 meet somewhere. Miami has traditionally been a hotbed for recruits. Richt can get them onboard and nothing really has surprised me so far.
It's a great year to keep Bama in-state talent home. And with the early signing period, it would appear that slow playing from either side is a lot less noticeable
Pruitt is exercising some tough love with his team right now but he is most certainly a player's coach.
Very good year for talent in the state of Alabama. Good to see the Tide getting a lot of local talent onboard early.
I remember when Coach Bryant called Ozzie the best player he ever coached. As a member of the Browns, he literally redefined the TE position as an offensive weapon. Now after a long distinguished career as "the executive" under the Browns/Ravens franchise, the Wizard of Oz, has been just as outstanding. What a wonderful football career.
As a Crimson Tide Fan, I have been on national championship parade since January. In other words, what off-season?
They were only laughing because of the thought of 3 SEC teams in an expanded tourney. No, no, we good.
Bama = Secretariat: "He's moving like a tremendous machine."
After Gruden and Chris Berman for far too long, Herbie helped get away from the same old NFL rhetoric.