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Poaching is a bad description of this hire. Sounds like coach "Kool" was in serious need of a change of scenery. Tampa Bay's decision is our gain and as they say in Hollywood, "timing is everything."
Conner, given that you start your article with I'm clueless and yet feel compelled to write about such stuff anyway, I hope the comment section could help clear it up for you.
That would make you the director of this operation? There are plenty of dawgs stepping out. Just a little something for the record.
And yet we had the parade. Should have been there, it was Bamalicious.
You obviously haven't run into me. I'm still watching replays of the national championship game.Dynasty is 5 NCs in 9 years. So far, you are right there with Notre Dame. And much like Mante Teo, dawg fans seem to possess a vivid imagination about something that never happened.
It's not a cultural problem it was an Arden Key problem from the get-go. That's why he stood out like a sore thumb. And best save some room on that MLB list for Mack Wilson.
It's unusual to have a one and done with a 4.0 GPA but that is Collin Sexton. He could use a lot more polish at PG but the pressure to go pro is overwhelming to some.
I can see that bipolar thing didn't way down the article too much. Emotional imbalances have destroyed the quality of a lot of lives and taken many a person out of this world. Self-medicating with alcohol/drugs because of emotional swings is what they do. They're treating symptoms that are betraying who they are and want to be. It does help explain how it got so bad, so quick. His acknowledgment of the problem means he at least knows what's going on clinically, it doesn't mean he's well enough to be an NFL QB, or ever will be.
Good grief Bratton. Talk about being a prisoner of your own emotions. To get to this point in a building project wheels have to be turning for an extended period. Signing day is 2 days ago.
Won't be the last thing controversial coming out of Mullen's mouth. Sure got a rise out of Conner O'Gara. What Dan the Man actually believes or doesn't believe isn't important, what's important is that players and fans understand the rivalry is still on. I thought Mullens did a nice job of conveying that. And I'm pretty sure that is all he wanted to say.
I'll try to be more specific just for you. The idea that every year a team must finish number 1 in recruiting to dominate is false. Otherwise, Clemson would be nowhere near the playoffs for the last 3 times. Ohio State is a good example of how teams with crazy talent still struggle to get to the playoff as much as they should.There is nothing about this year's recruiting cycle, talent-wise, that should concern Bama fans that this dynasty won't continue.
I get that Wright wasn't trying to write War and Peace about the SEC, but he sure had no feelings for the bloodbath that Alabama vs LSU has become in the past decade. Not a lot of teams get the undivided attention these 2 teams give each other. From the shared bye week to the Saban Bowl to the Natty, this rivalry went nuclear years ago. If any team got the best punch both these teams can throw, it would be low scoring as a series.
I can see your point. If Golf Digest doesn't say it, you can't claim it.
Defense wins championships. And overrated QBs.
Did it seem somewhat appropriate that such a halftime demonstration would occur during the Pro-Bowl? What better place to celebrate a meaningless title, but at a meaningless game.
So far our SEC game managers have been beating the ugly off the rest of the college football world. We've been doing it just this way for decades and our national championships would suggest you might as well turn off the boy wonder QB alarm.
He may have in mind the incredible contract Aranda just received with private funds. It would be interesting to watch the gov try to dry up the flow of cash at LSU for a competitive coaching staff, but he need not have reelection plans.
I thought the Dawgs played the barners in the SECCG? Recent history shows there are many roads to the playoff.
And to top the festive occasion there is a strong rumor that Kirby Smart is going to make a surprise appearance and try to explain just how a cover 2 defense is supposed to defend the go route.
You mean bonus? He wasn't around long enough to cash in on his contract, bro. And no, in pretty much all areas one could discuss about a Heisman winner and a first-round bust, johnny did less with more. But why not keep the foolish gesture alive there in College Station? It certainly is symbolic of what made him what he is today.
That gesture says it all. Financially speaking, who did less with more than johnny football?
So Kirby tells the world that Georgia isn't going anywhere. Dabo just said the same thing about his Clemson Tigers. Pretty sure LSU and Auburn feel like all they need are a few tweaks and there right there too.So much verbal huffing and puffing about the precarious nature of Bama's future. When the only truth out there at this point is that the only ones who are going to be truly enjoying the long, long offseason will be the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Roll Tide everybody!!!!
I noticed the 2018 schedule wasn't in your top 5. There's a legitimate reason:West Virginia and then open SEC play with Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, in a row.If Pruitt wins 10 games he should be coach of the year.