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The fact that you keep saying this is laughable. You said it last year after we lost Tua, Riggs, Jeudy, etc. You’ll keep saying it until Nick retires. It never works out for you. Literally just last year you were talking about how “Bama won’t be even as good as they were because they will lose so much” and “LSU will repeat because Orgeron is so great!” Both were so wrong. Also, I love how you act like LSU winning a national championship is routine or something. Y’all have like four all time. How do you expect to win a national championship when y’all have all these off the field problems. Until you fix those, LSU will not have sustained success.
The fact that you just called Devonta Smith “too slow” makes your argument weak. He sped past everyone he played against. I understand thinking that your guy might be better, but not giving credit to Devonta is just not fair.
Rereading this article, Jones has got to be in at least the top five. He played amazing, especially in the National Championship game.
And you must not know how the kicker played this season. Our kicker was perfect on the year, field goals and extra points.
What’s wrong is to make light of what those kids on this team accomplished this season. Seeing as during the semifinals you predicted a Clemson, and then once they got beat, Ohio State, blowout win, you have to at least think Bama beat good teams, seeing as you sang their praises before Bama played them. I believe the game between 2019 LSU and 2020 Bama would be great, and either could win. It’s unfair to say that what 2020 Bama did should not be glorified, as no team ever has won 11 SEC games before. Or gone undefeated while playing those games. LSU beat a lot of good teams, but what Bama didn’t have that LSU did was spring and summer practice, and cupcake teams sprinkled in the schedule. Bama had to be good in a hurry, in the second week, when we played the now ranked top five Aggies squad. Bama played a lot of great teams, so don’t act like it isn’t something to appreciate and glorify. This championship cemented Saban as CFB’s best coach.
What’s funny is Bama had all of those as well. The only thing is they didn’t technically have best DB, but Surtain was definitely the best this year, and Delpit was probably not last year.
You’re right. I think either could win on any given day. You’re right that they fawned a bit more over LSU, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it was just different than Bama. I think last year everyone was just happy to have someone other than Bama or Clemson dominate.
If Florida was in the national championship, there would be just as many articles about Florida. But you know, seeing as Bama is about to play in the biggest game of the college football season, and the last game of the season, it makes sense that there is more articles about them because no one else is playing right now.
Jones and Trask below Lawrence is a joke. I feel bad for Trask, who could have won if not for two losses his team had.
Another factor that YOU are not keeping in play is the fact that sometimes, Devonta was double covered or in coverage with the teams best corner. Stingley comes to mind. He was touted on the season as the best in coverage, yet Devonta roasted him and everyone else. Because of Waddle’s injury, teams were able to focus on the true WR1 of Devonta, yet they couldn’t contain him. That’s true greatness.
If they are essentially an NFL team, all of the players must be good, since they good play in the pros. Including Mac Jones, and Devonta Smith. Honestly, this just means they should get it even more because they are good enough to be playing on an “NFL team.”
They said every day after practice he would stay behind and catch at least 100 extra balls. He always seemed so dedicated and I’m so proud that he worked his way to get there.
Please tell me you are joking. Smitty literally WAS the most successful wife receiver this year. That is so dumb...
The “made him look better” take is so overplayed, and can now be disproved because of Henry’s success now. He is the best back in the league right now. Obviously that shouldn’t go in to Heisman discussion, but to say that Bama “made Henry look better” is also a lazy take.
That’s not really fair, as both running backs had fantastic years. That is very contested, but I feel most people end up agreeing with how the Heisman race finished that year.
I would guess no, he’s not coming back. Him coming back last year was a major surprise so it would an even bigger one for him to go back, since he is a senior this year.
I agree with most of your points. The SEC was only ranked higher in 3 matchups. Three un ranked teams from the SEC beat ranked teams from other conferences. I think this was a great season for the SEC, showing that even our weakest teams could beat other conferences best.
The coaches like Smart and Sark who went to take head coaching jobs yet stayed with the team for the rest of their season is completely different than players quitting mid season because their team isn’t playing well. The players from LSU who “opted out” mid season quit their team, and there’s nothing that will convince me otherwise.
That’s the one thing that makes me feel so confident. OSU played the best game they’ve played all season, and it was mostly the most complete game they could have played. It is so hard to sustain that in back to back games, especially with some of the injuries they had last night.
Texas would be a good fit for Sark, so I don’t know if he will take it or not. I do wish he would stay, but only because of the fantastic offense we have had with him here. Hope he has success there if he does take the job though. Was kind of hoping he would be coach-in-waiting at Bama though.
But I thought Clemson was the best team in the nation and Trevor Lawrence would single-handedly ruin us. I guess that won’t happen anymore, so sorry if I’m not too sure we will get boat-raced.
Yeah, Trevor Lawrence is definitely better than all of Alabama’s team combined. I mean, if he played a 1 vs. 11 matchup against Bama’s D, he would definitely come out on top. Especially the way he is playing tonight.
Just because Clemson beat us the last time we played doesn’t determine who the better coach is. Clemson was just flat out better than Bama that year. Everyone says that Saban is the best coach because of the sustained dominance over about 10 years. No one has come close to unseat him as the best coach and probably won’t for a long time.
The better coach??? You must be trolling, as no one on earth would take Dabo over Saban right now, especially with the dominance Saban’s team has had this year, all because of fantastic coaching.
Why do you hate Bama so much? I feel like you could at least admit they are a good team, seeing as you lost by about 40 to us.
Oklahoma had two losses, and no one expected Oklahoma to win the game against Florida until so many of their players opted out. Oklahoma had the dream scenario: all of Florida’s best receivers were out, Kyle Trask had his worst game all season. You can’t compare the Florida team Alabama played to the team Oklahoma played. None of their offensive weapons were playing. Also, you can’t use vision from the future to determine what should have happened. Oklahoma had two losses and didn’t look impressive. They had no right to be in the playoff.
Any other year I would say that he absolutely deserves the Heisman, but I would have to give it to Devonta Smith this year. He has been absolutely dominant, even when teams have completely focused on stopping him. Trask had a GREAT season, but in my opinion, Devonta should be this years Heisman winner.
Fantasy football, you don’t think you could say the same thing about Joe Burrow? He had one good year in college, when he had a good scheme, good offensive coordinator, and good wide receivers and OLine. I feel like it’s unfair to say that Tua’s success is because of Bama when Burrow literally had one good year, and it might have been because of the talent around him.
All this talk about Tua being a bust is just fans desperately wanting Tua to be a bust. They just want him to not succeed because he went to Bama and he had success in college. They’re tired of hearing about him. I’m tired of hearing how bad Tua is doing when his pass catchers are getting hurt left and right and also have had so many drops this season. The OLine also can’t block for anything. Tua could play better, but he is not playing “bad” like most are saying.