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I also love how he doesn’t do the same for Hutchinson. Even with HALF of his TFL taken off, he still had more than Hutchinson. I bet if Hutchison’s TFL had been taken off for “inferior competition,” he would have much much less. Anderson had more sacks than Hutchinson had TFL. Case closed.
Or maybe read the article again. Clearly is talking about the SEC championship from 2018...
Yeah. Will has more sacks than Hutchinson has TFL. He has twice as many TFL. It stinks because Will is obviously the better player but for some odd reason he is getting not nearly the amount of credit.
I agree with one of your points. The other makes you seem like you haven’t watched Bama play much, though. Absolutely Anderson or Davis are the best players in CFB this year. However, Young absolutely makes the biggest difference on the field. With the offensive line we’ve had this year, Young has almost single handedly been out offense in some games, such as Arkansas. He won us probably two or three games.
I get that, Falcon. My family’s been saying all year Kirby’s setting up the ultimate payback and putting Daniels in at the second half to win!
He’s shown some brilliance for the about five minutes of game time he’s been in. Definitely a big drop off, though. Doubt the backup QB narrative will be able to happen this week, unless it’s y’all and not us. Young has won us about three or four of our games.
How can you say the refs favored us when we had the most penalty yards EVER in the Saban era this weekend?
This is absolutely correct. People are saying that Saban gave us these expectations: all he’s done is win, but some of those wins have been close. The fan base has not been great this year, complaining about close wins and everything else. We’re 10-1, will probably be 11-1 with the way Auburn imploded, could possibly win the SEC, and could literally play for a national championship this year: on a DOWN year. Fans need to check themselves and be grateful that they get to experience this instead of complaining over a close win.
That is not the same thing. This is to all the fans who are not appreciative of the players and coaches. Of course in practice Saban probably still gets into his players for their mistakes, and even in the media, when we have had a bad practice, he has ripped them this season, saying they’re just showing up and expected to win regardless of the opponent. He still does get angry at the players if they don’t play up to that standard, but it’s annoying to me, and I’m sure it’s annoying for Saban, for FANS to be the ones who are complaining about a win. I feel like he thinks that is the coach’s job to find the faults, even in a win. I feel like the fan base has gotten spoiled, especially from last years team. They need to realize it’s okay if we don’t win every game by three or four touchdowns. As long as we win, that’s what matters, and then Saban will fix whatever needs to be fixed to win the next week.
How can you move OSU over Georgia after ONE win when Georgia has three or four good quality blowouts of good teams. It doesn’t make sense. Move back Georgia if they lose, but this season, they’ve proven they deserve the number one ranking until they lose it.
What’s the worst take on here to me is that Bryce shouldn’t win just because he’s not at as good as Mac, Tua, or Joe Burrow. If we’re gonna bring Burrow into the mix, we should compare him to all the contenders, as he didn’t even play for Bama. Of course, I’d rather the Heisman go to Davis or Anderson, as they’re both studs, but in reality, that’s not going to happen. It’s just frustrating that Bryce is currently having the best season of any quarterback this year, beat a 50 year record last night, and yet still we are diminishing his accomplishments. He doesn’t have four first round receivers to throw to either. The numbers he mentions at the end of the part about Stroud are THE SAME numbers Bryce would have, and maybe Bryce’s would be better. I don’t know how you could look at what happened yesterday, Stroud against the worst ranked pass defense in the FBS, and Bryce against the twenty second pass defense. That’s almost a hundred teams between them statistically.
We can claim him because he started for us his freshman year, won SEC Fresman of the Year, almost won us a National Championship, led us back to the Playoffs the next year, won us a semifinal game, was the starter for that 2017 team for all but one half of a game that season, stayed the next year and won us an SEC Championship, and graduated and got his degree from Alabama. I think that’s enough for us Bama fans to claim him at least jointly with Oklahoma.
My main issue is how inconsistent it is. Last week Bryce Young gets pummeled by a helmet-to-helmet contact and there is not even review. If the hit that the Auburn player had today was targeting, then I can think of twenty other hits this season that could have been called but were not. They just need to make the rules and calls consistent.
What makes it worse is his best friend died of a car accident in high school. They did a Gameday segment on it and everything. You’d thing he’d be the last one to do something like this.
All of the talking heads and article writers are forgetting one important detail: of the six championships Saban has won, only two have we gone undefeated in the regular season. A loss in the regular season is actually normal for a championship team under Saban. I’m not worried.
Yes, Tennessee came out of the pile with the ball about forty five seconds after Bryce fumbled. In the camera angles, it could be clearly seen that Bryce fumbled then immediately recovered it in the end zone, when the play would be dead as a touchdown. It was so obvious, and it shouldn’t be considered controversial at all.
Dang, that’s a great schedule. Nobody can say we’re not being challenged or seeking out hard games!
A&M absolutely uses that tactic. Last week there were about eight players who went down in agony and then after they sat out, the next play they were coming back and making a spectacular play. Calzada obviously is the exception, as he actually did take a huge shot at the end.
It’s dumb that he is saying that a 20-17 would be a snooze fest, as both of these offenses are good enough to score, so the only way they would be held is if the defenses played amazing. It’s dumb because if there’s a 52-45 game the media says they don’t play defense but a 24-17 game is a snooze fest? That’s unfair.
I agree, especially execution on Georgia’s part. The last three times we’ve played y’all, the first two quarters (and three and a half for the second time) y’all have executed on offense and defense, but let up in the second half, allowing Bama to push back. Obviously it’s an intriguing matchup because Bama’s D looks good enough to get plenty of stops on Georgia, but Georgia’s D is also elite enough to cause so many problems for this Bama offense. If we meet, it’ll come down to execution on offense.
There have been calls the change the playlist for years. It’s a running joke on Bama twitter about how outdated the playlist is. Chill, this isn’t about Ole Miss.
only thing i would change is keeping florida where they were. they played much better competition than that texas a&m team did and play very well for three quarters of the game.
obviously i’m not blaming the refs, because they missed some calls that would benefit florida too, but on their last touchdown malachi moore was getting held like crazy.
difference is bama played a power five team that was ranked in the top 15
And in the rankings it says the Georgia Clemson game’s final score was 10-7. Is it really that hard to make sure the final scores are right?
Yeah, I mean, I get that the past few years Georgia has had a history of disappointing, but everyone seems to be totally discrediting Georgia for a top five win. Obviously Bama looked like the most complete team yesterday, but all four of Georgia’s weapons could be back by Atlanta. You never know how good their offense could be by then.
He really does seem like a great guy. Some Bama fans started hating when he went in the portal but quickly had to eat their words! He’s definitely going to be better this year. We’re actually excited about basketball for once!
I’m excited for y’all’s game. Hoping y’all can crush Clemson and Dabo.
But she literally won All-Around gold in the Olympics. She proved today she’s the best gymnast in the world, and next to Simone Biles, she’s the most famous gymnast now. She’s gonna have so many opportunities, and you never know. She’s literally world famous, something that Bryce Young is not.
I just don’t see how they can go from how bad they were last year to beating Bama and A&M in the West, let alone Florida and other SEC games. I’m not saying that Bama will be as good as last year, but we shouldn’t drop off that much! As long as we get passed A&M, I think Bama is a lock for the west.