Rebels name Lane Kiffin head coach
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I’m aware the commentators aren’t the committee. But if the committee put osu to 1 already I doubt they drop them. Could easily be wrong.
Of course people do. The defense took a hit. Tua was a loss, wish him well.
Yeah that’s what I’m saying. I wouldn’t be surprised if the committee keeps the top 3 the same.
Coach O- “it don’t matter if we number 1” Coach Ryan day-“we deserve to be number 1” Two opposing takes on the topic
I think after watching the committee, they leaving OSU at one. Could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
Why’d everyone think he was leaving in the first place?
I agree. Georgia d was noticeably good, but their offense didn’t help the cause. Gotta day listening to these commentators of the B1G CC trying to say why OSU should stay at 1 is funny
Osu gonna beat Wisconsin most likely. Wouldn’t be surprised if they stay at 1
Brady said he is “absolutely” combing back to LSU next year.
Why would you fire him? He is a great recruiter. He just needs to change his o.
I don’t see Ga losing to Baylor unless they go into the game like they did vs texas
I love this guy. So lucky to have him as our QB. Grateful for this season.
After next season o prolly gonna make him oc