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Odell was the only one being obnoxious. And I won’t let one idiot be remembered by me after how great this season was.
Idk. Losing a lot of talent and there will be some good teams not only in the sec, but around the country. I wouldn’t argue with 10-2
Another clueless liberal who believes every outrageous label the media puts on the GOAT President
Whether it fake or not, it is dumb to draw attention to themselves like this.
Props to the real tigers of LSU. Also shout out to That bama fan from Colorado for predicting the exact margin of victory.
The irony. You are the ignorant fool who believes everything the media says.
Ha. Now this nonsense can be put to rest about Brady leaving.
At the end of this game, there will be a winner.
From what I’ve gathered this must be a female.
A great honor to have our great president to attend the tigers of LSU play the tigers of Clemson.
Yeah I need to see him in the spring game. But in the little we saw he has gotten better since the beginning of the season.
#18 was asking a genuine question no need to get butthurt. I know Jeudy gone. I didn’t know if smith and Ruggs were leaving.
Nice. For a second I didn’t think they’d score and caught me off guard with the pass. Good game
One of the best receivers to go through the SEC. tho I must ask bama fans, who will be receivers besides Waddle for 2020?
If LSU gets a lead I don’t see em slowing down especially in the natty
Classless bigmouth? The dude was literally asked the best 3 teams he faced.