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I don’t know enough about Newman to form an opinion on him. Some people say look at his highlights, but that only shows what he did well. One should watch the full game in order to get an idea about his decision making and what not. For C21 saying Nix is a great QB I disagree. Sure, he has room to improve but he throws some very inaccurate passes. The best example is when he threw that horrible pass on that 4th down vs Georgia in the late 4th quarter. The receiver was maybe 5 feet away but Nix just missed him.
Everything I have looked at says 15-20 million military deaths, 40 million total.
Including civilian casualties alongside military ones, the death count of WW1 was actually close to 40 million.
I do apologize, but with so many idiots out there you never know.
You explained a lot of my thoughts as well, good explanation.
I read about the players LSU has coming back and saw Logan, I didn’t know if he was senior or junior, so that is good.
I don’t care about someone who discredits LSU with good points. Don’t care for those who bring up the ole miss job about Coach O. He obviously learned from his mistakes. And I also would like to see how he handles 2020, but i don’t agree that this is a “one and done” team.
Yeah pal, sleep with one eye open cause I got spies one is safe.
York looked good this year, he has a leg. Only a freshman I believe, so LSU will have him for a few more years.
From what i have seen from Brennan so far he looks pretty good. When the spring game comes everyone can get a better view of his skill set. That Brooks looks really good. Seems like every time he took the field he had a sack. D line should be good. Haven’t heard if Logan is leaving or not, but Farrel Jr, Ika, and Shelvin are all good, plus some freshman coming in. Gonna be a young but talented team next year.
After observing this guy, it appears he makes some stuff up to make himself seem superior.
I think he’s a great coach. Hopefully he can find some good people to fill the voids in the coaching staff.
Never seen so many people triggered because of what a college football player said about the team they cheer for—a team in which they have no effect on. Anyways, good year by the tigers, enjoyed watching them.
Odell was the only one being obnoxious. And I won’t let one idiot be remembered by me after how great this season was.
Idk. Losing a lot of talent and there will be some good teams not only in the sec, but around the country. I wouldn’t argue with 10-2
Another clueless liberal who believes every outrageous label the media puts on the GOAT President
Whether it fake or not, it is dumb to draw attention to themselves like this.
Props to the real tigers of LSU. Also shout out to That bama fan from Colorado for predicting the exact margin of victory.
The irony. You are the ignorant fool who believes everything the media says.