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Sorry, but I believe Alabama plays Va Tech.
Pot Possum? I don't think so! He got exposed in the BCSNC. He's too short to play corner. Punt returns--sure; but not corner.
"The best defender in the conference ... Tyrann Mathieu"? Dude, you can't be serious! Did you catch the awesome game he had Jan 9th? Note to all OC's next year: You want to beat the Pot Possum next year? Run your plays at him. Let him cover your tall WRs and TEs. He can't do it! He is a hype machine, that is all.
Just say NO to texass. FSU--turned us down after stringing us along in the early 90's--so no, they missed the boat. Maryland--no; in the area of football, they have crabcakes...and they suck. Carolina schools all believe that basketball is where it's at and are more desirous to stick together. West Virginia--just say no; tennycee has givenus too many inbred toothless hicks already, we don't need more. VT would be competitive in 2-3 yrs after joining--I'd vote yes if it was up to me. Mizzou--doesn't really add anything in football; would need 5-8 yrs to fit in; lot of ass whippins in the meanime. OU--afraid of competition. If I could have anyone I wanted: aTm, UNC, VT, and OU. UNC purely for basketball.
Other notable games...what about Arkansas at Alabama Sept 24? With all that is going on at LSU right now, they may finish 3rd or worse in the West. LSU @ Alabama will only be relevant if things get straightened out in a hurry.
Hey, Ol' Ball Sack. Why don't you come back when you've actually done something with usc-e? You won your division last year when Richt was on the hot seat, the Pope was going nuts, and Dooley was trying to p[ick the ticks off ol' smokey. WOW! Huge accomplishment.You're just a little ti**y baby!