A Bama fan living in Tiger Land. Surrounded by LSU fans, I still go with ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

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First, proud of our team. What a comeback. Yes we reload every year, but building a team takes time. For the fair weather fans, go be fair weather some where else. Those of us who have been life long fans, well we have been thru worse. Not worried. As for wanting Saban to leave, not a chance. And just my 2 cents, what does it matter where you went to college, when rooting for a college team. If you grew up in Alabama, you picked a team at birth! Just because I did not attend Alabama for college does not make me less of a fan. Want to test your commitment to a team, try living out of state and being a fan. But I digress. This fan is proud of the team and the come back, even if they did not pull out the win. How about we focus on what's ahead and support our team in a positive manner. RTR
Legit. Check out Acme Oyster House, a louisiana chain out of New Orleans. Poor Boy Lloyds - down town. Alot of gas stations have great food!!! Tony's seafood is an jnstitution- on Plank Road, just go in the day time. Don 's Seafood, Sammy's.
I agree. The three listed are ok. Chimes is probably the best. All are close to the stadium. There are tons of great places to eat here- chains and locally owned.