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Finebaum doesn’t want to reward Bama for beating WC, but nobody wants to punish Clemson for almost losing to UNC?? And all of these sportscasters and people talking about Bama having a easy schedule? What about Clemson? They’re skating on last years’ success because they certainly haven’t had to play very hard this season.
It’s because hating on Alabama is what all the “cool kids” are doing. Smh. Even with a team riddled with injuries, Bama has held their own this year.
PREACH!! LSU fans seem to forget the year they beat Bama in regular season and then at the championship game they never made it across the 50-yard line.
Bruh, that wasn’t logic. It was a reply to the comment that “Tua was Bama’s offense.” If that was true, bama wouldn’t have outscored LSU in the 2nd half considering Tua wasn’t playing then, right? So it wasn’t an excuse, just a comment of common sense.