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If a progressively larger field is inevitable, the only room for future growth is to trim back the regular season from 12 games to 10 games plus a conference championship game where applicable. There’s only so many games a college program can realistically be expected to play in a given season. Two regular season bye weeks instead of one should be mandatory.
I’m much less concerned about Grubb than I am the Seattle Post’s accusation that his departure was not a surprise to anyone at the University and they intentionally sat on it to dupe potential transfers into staying. The silence from the administration and HC is deafening. The optics are terrible. How do you build trust with your new team if this is true?
Always a mangy stinkin’ dirty Dawg standing ready with a rock to throw at Tuscaloosa. Once again your collective Alabama obsession is showing. I cannot wait until September 28th when your pack discovers we don’t need Saban to send you yelping back to Athens with your tails between your legs. Screenshot this and let’s revisit in 7 months.
There is no part of that conversation between the sports book and the bettor that doesn’t scream set-up. Who could be so stupid as to tell the people who are going to have to pay off a large dirty wager that it’s just that?
NIL and the transfer portal means that the very concept of “dynasties” in FBS college football is over. That would have been true with or without Nick Saban.
The hypocrisy of some Bama fans knows no bounds. The same people who are throwing rocks at the Bama guys entering the portal are excited about the transfers coming in. Or they’re griping about the ex-Washington players who followed DeBoer because…??? Of all the players in the UA weight room this winter, the only ones who played for a natty in 2023 are those Huskies. Welcome, fellas. ROLL TIDE!
See, that’s the major difference between Bama fans and those of our rival schools. Y’all are obsessed with Bama at every turn while Bama is celebrating its own successes. UGA won b2b natties and 29 straight games but was still trolling Bama 24/7. We honestly don’t give the rest of y’all nearly as much thought as you do us.
That comment indicates DeBoer didn’t already know Sayin was gone when he did so. C’mon, man.
If you find yourself shocked, dismayed and angry at the post-Saban transfers, this is the reality check you obviously needed to prepare you for the 2024 season. It was 100% going to happen here in the real world. Especially if you’re the national freshman DPOY or the #1 QB in the ‘24 class. Let the rebuild begin. Roll Tide!
I have the utmost respect for AD Greg Byrne but if he hires either of those guys we are back to 1997 all over again and bracing for another long cold stretch of mediocrity. We may be anyway but a fighting chance to avoid it would be most welcome.
So much oddity in the events of the past 24 hours. Such a quick hiring timeline leads to the assumption there has been prior quiet activity behind the scenes in reaching out. By the same token, Saban went through a normal Wednesday with interviewing assistant candidates and participating on the weekly SEC call before walking in and telling the players. Doesn’t make sense.
Frustrated as any other fan with the QB exchange issues. Not going to sit here and kick this young man while he’s down. Wish him well wherever he lands. Perhaps Milroe and the next starting center will develop a bit more consistency to free them both up to do their jobs well.
The manufacturer/installer agreed that the floor was substandard. What else were they supposed to say? Dispute it, litigate it, lose one of the premiere programs in the country as a client and sully their reputation in the industry? Of course they swallowed the mea culpa.
Only the most staunch and stubborn of haters could possibly attack a Head Coach for doing everything he can to promote his own program. What is he supposed to do? Concede? This is the dumbest generation in a long line of increasingly dumb generations.
Still waiting for a FSU supporter to postulate a win against Mich, Wash or Texas was ever a remote possibility for that squad. Or even a competitive contest. The droning on and on is so tedious.
Quote. “Georgia now knows the ORDER of its 8 conference games in the first season of the 16-team SEC.” Reading is fundamental.
There’s that UGA paranoia inflamed by a little extra loser’s sensitivity. 16 teams in round robin format means the scheduling is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Besides, any schedule should be no sweat for the baddest Bullies in the land, right? WOOF WOOF WOOF!!
Anyone who watched FSU-Louisville without a hint of bias should not be surprised or troubled at that choice. It’s the reverse of Saban’s logic before being snubbed last year. Would FSU be favored to beat any of the other 3 teams in the playoff? Of course not. In fact they would have been double-digit dogs to all of them. Only anti-Bama, anti-SEC bias drives any argument for FSU as one of the four best teams in America today. Ludicrous.
I said in September when the AP dropped Bama all the way from 3rd to 13th after a 10-pt loss and a closer-than-expected win that we were buried regardless of how the season went. Impossible to come back from there and they knew it. Blame the sportwriters for their Alabama fatigue not the committee.
As an Alabama fan, I completely understand schools and their fans being obsessed with everything that happens at more successful rivals. It’s more reassuring than irritating when haters are more concerned with your school than theirs. The weak sisters will always self-identify simply through their trolling.
Can’t think of a worse match than Kiffen and College Station. It is a different world that doesn’t do quirky. A&M is the dress whites. Kiffen is the flip-flops.
Kelly didn’t hear what he wanted to hear and only saw what he wanted to see. So Kelly did what Kelly always does. Resorted to what he (and only he) thinks is his razor sharp wit and took the sarcastic smart*** route. Meanwhile, everyone who isn’t a Bama hater knows it certainly wasn’t targeting and the roughing flag itself was a gift. Good clean football hit all day.
What’s Kelly supposed to say? Go ahead and register the complaint. After the fact that’s all it is. A complaint. Every team sends their Monday file of bad calls & no-calls every week. Doesn’t change anything. There aren’t retroactive penalties like in the NFL. Only used as teaching moments for the officials. Moving on.
Sincerely hope that we get a chance to watch and enjoy a few Crimson helmets sliding up into some Dawg chins on Dec 2nd. But the way you guys are playing and Ole Miss and Tennessee still on the schedule, we may not get the chance.
Few HC’s have been as gifted as Kelly in the art of deflecting accountability for losses. He’s a master.
No doubt that if Bama wins out and gets to the SEC Championship with a single loss, CNS deserves every consideration for coaching honors regardless of the outcome on Dec 2nd.
This narrative from opposing fans (whether they’re actually playing Alabama or not) that officials are heavily biased toward the Tide ignores the fact that for the first several weeks of the season they were the SEC’s most heavily penalized team. Now they get all the breaks? Y’all are too much. Lol.
Classic Kelly. Divert blame. Throw your players under the bus. Wasn’t great? Daniels was unstoppable until he took the big hit and was forced out of the game. Went toe to toe with the vaunted Bama D and made them look silly at times. Why would anyone want to play for this snake oil hawker?
Someone needs to explain “troll” to the writer of this article.