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Every NFL venue has permanent camera stations set up because every game in every city is televised every week, including Atlanta. So a stadium cam in Mercedes-Benz is 100% believable.
At least no hard denials of NFL interest or appeals to get to stay in Tuscaloosa. So the one-way ticket to points elsewhere is still in play. Encouraging.
What could he do in a fifth season to further inprove his draft profile? He’s also had a few back and hip-related injuries in his career that he had to work through. Declaring for the draft as a kicker is a long shot unless you can regularly drill 60-yarders but declaring lets the pro scouts know you’re in play for free agent offers.
We need a poster child for all that is wrong with the portal. Hall will do nicely.
One of my greatest pleasures is watching the Dawg fans obsess over Alabama when they should be enjoying what may be the greatest era in their own school’s history. Kinda like being married to Paige Spiranac but you can’t stop peeping over the backyard fence at your next door neighbor’s girlfriend.
Please never change, Negan. The sheer snicker value of your lunatic Bama rants is a welcome diversion from the monotony of informed opinions and intelligent discourse. Go Dawgz, man!
Current YouTube TV subscription is $64.99 mo. NBA League Pass is an additional $40 mo. is $27 mo. Not sure what the Sunday Ticket add-on will run but it will probably be a lot more than the other two. At the current Direct TV rate of $300-$400 per season, the monthly breakdown for four months Sept through Dec would be $80-$100 plus the $64.99 basic service. I predict it will announce at $89 mo so NFL fans can expect to shell out around $154 mo for access to watch every game.
“As an institution, we've minimized the risk of them playing in the game by insuring them the best that we possibly can so that they're not taking a big risk by playing.” So the University itself took out actual insurance policies against injury? Is that a thing?
Can you imagine Will Anderson Jr on one end of the DL and TJ Watt on the other? The Steelers may not be high enough in the final draft order to get him but a guy can dream, right? ?
So far, so good on the hiring front but it’s the position coaches that really form the relationships that shape a team’s personality. Let’s see how recruiting goes in Dec & Feb before celebrating a turnaround. Way too early to declare that. Plus it just sounds desperate.
Because it’s a point of interest to SDS readers who follow Alabama football, including former Tide players in the NFL. The logo tags the reader, not Hurts.
Just like we can’t wait to empty Thompson-Boling early just like so very many Saturdays in Neyland. ?
It was ridiculous that Will wasn’t nominated for the Groza Award. One of the best ever at the Capstone or anywhere else. Good luck with your professional career, Will!
The primary flaw in the Heisman voting is the same as the CFP selection. The absence of any fixed criteria. Totally subject to the whims of those voting with any mix of regional bias, favoritism, dereliction and outright chicanery involved. No oversight, no accountability.
Duggan on sheer guts, toughness and will to win.
Out of that list of candidates, Coach O has as much chance to get the UNLV job as I do.
And it’s just like College Station and Atlanta never happened cause Brian Boudreaux and the Bayou Bungles beat Alabama once upon a time. Y’all ought to have a “Yeah We’re Losers But Not To Bama” party with the Vols.
Wow. Sure didn’t take long to sit up on the slab after getting 63 hung on you by a 4-loss Gamecocks team to throw shade at the team you beat by 3. Enjoy watching Joe Milton & Co get eaten alive by the Tigers in Miami.
Thanks, Captain Obvious. But this piece isn’t about not getting in. It’s about getting up for one more game.
That might be a really good landing spot for Trey. Wish him the best.
Lot of work to do. Lot of culture to tear down before new culture can be built. Extends beyond the football building, beyond the campus. The DNA of Colorado football has to be altered. That is a massive task for any head coach. The first address to the players seemed a good start.
It’s his job. It’s his reponsibility. He has an obligation to his program and his players as the CEO of the brand to advocate for them. But because it’s Saban and Alabama, all the haters gonna hate. Goes with the territory of being the GOAT and the most successfully sustained college football dynasty of the 21st century.
How is Brando’s tweet a rip at Alabama. You SDS guys and your jacked up clickbait headlnes. :-(
I don’t blame any of the projected 1st-2nd round draft picks for calling it a career. Jeopardizing millions of dollars to play in a glorified exhibition game is not a sound business decision and no one understands that better than Saban. McElroy said it. This is a chance for the returning 2023 squad to make a statement against a conference champion in front of a national audience.
Alabama’s bowl destination was decided the moment the bracket revealed them in the 5 spot. Highest ranked non-CFP SEC team hosts the Sugar Bowl. Kansas State knew they would be there as the Big 12 rep, win or lose, before they even played TCU yesterday. How was SDS the only party who didn’t get the memo?
Much respect to Fowler and his decades of insight into college football. I also believe leaving TCU at #3 was the right call. But to attempt to sell us on the overall strength and credibility of the Big 12 is so far a stretch I can hear his hammys popping. Great season for the Frogs for sure and good luck with Michigan. But the 4th through 8th place teams in the SEC could won that conference in any given year. Chris, c’mon man!
I guess the logic with keeping TCU at #3 ahead of OSU is the Buckeye’s loss was a home blowout and TCU lost by a FG in OT. Makes sense. Also avoids a rematch in the semis.
An asst DC/position coach is probably about as good as Prime can expect to draw to the Colorado wasteland. Also did you actually watch Bama’s secondary performance this season? Bye bye, Chuck! :-))