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For a Vandy man, that is the most ignorant thing I’ve read today. Maybe the academic standards are much lower for fans than the students?
And just like that, the citizens of La La Land turned a football discussion into another cherished opportunity to self-identify as dangerous morons while simultaneously organizing the first January 6th celebration party. ☠️
Not sure how much “love” is involved in that alleged love/hate relationship with Golding. Most of his supporters seem to be defending Saban’s judgement in hiring him more than Pete’s actual performance as DC.
Who said anything about HBCU? He was talking about the inability to showcase elite talent for the NFL at an FCS school. You do know not all former 1-AA schools are historically black, right?
It is amazing to watch this man remain utterly incapable of staying out of his own way. His team is 2-11 and his #1 draft pick QB just threw four picks in a shutout loss. And Captain Meyer is ranting about who stole the strawberries. Unhinged.
Rich Rod thinks 15 years is enough time for everyone in Alabama to forget what happened. Elephants never forget. The late Mal Moore was a man of great integrity and he recounted the story to enough people in private conversation to make it stick. Mal watched out his window on the night that Rodriguez did an about-face back to WVU as Rich’s car pulled up in his driveway and sat for fifteen minutes without the new coach getting out. Rich was on his phone the whole time. The car backed out and left. A few minutes later, Mal’s phone rang and it was Rich telling him he was refusing the job because his wife did not want to leave Morgantown. So either Mal made it up (highly unlikely) or Rich lied about his real reason for reneging and blamed it on his wife or Rich told Mal the truth and he’s lying about it now. Whatever the real story may be, it would seem Rodriguez’ character lies at the heart of it. Good luck, JSU. I suspect you’re going to need it. #loser
There is only one CFP ranking that counts. The final one. All the people grumbling about Alabama being ahead of Cincy (or included in the top 4 at all) obviously don’t think they’re good enough to eacape Atlanta without a second loss. So what’s the worry? Championship weekend will sort everything out.
Good coach making elite coach money. MSU will regret selling the farm for this one sooner than later. It’s a mirror of the SEC West vs Alabama. As long as all roads to the Big Ten championship game and a CFP berth go through Columbus, the rivals will only be very occasional participants.
The playoff began for Alabama the second that FG sliced inside the left upright in College Station. It’s been win or exit the conversation ever since. I believe that exit will come in Atlanta if these kids don’t play their 60-min game of the year. Maybe the last decade. The gap between us and the Dawgs right now is stark.
That would be great news for the rest of the SEC. Gator fans have always been delusional, but this is beginning to border on psychosis. Wow.
Overrated but would be favored on a neutral field against any other team ranked in the CFP top ten with the exception of UGA. Haters are hilarious. RTR!
There was some contact with the official, but Helman was already a couple of steps behind the play. He wasn’t going to impact the catch anyway. Just another missed assignment in a season chock full of them.
SDS is like a sad child who is compelled to embellish and exaggerate everything it says due to deep-seated insecurities about being perceived as good enough.
Let me play devil’s advocate for a quick sec here. NFL playahs, married & single, routinely party at clubs and engage in all sorts of questionable behavior under the banner of “boys will be boys.” Double standard here? ‍♂️
Exactly why Kiffin’s “cuteness” has quickly worn thin at every stop on his resume except Alabama. And that’s because he had a Saban muzzle on. He’ll never learn, regardless of beatdowns & firings. He is who he is. A clown coach with an offensive system that the elite defenses have exposed.
You can’t coach character. Especially if the HC has none. Mullen and Gator Nation deserve each other.
I don’t know which is sadder. Writing 300-word essays in a MNF comment section at 3 am on a weeknight or believing a recruit will ever read it. Maybe try some deep breathing and Melatonin, Negan.
Attended Bama @ UCLA season opener in 2000. We were eating bbq & drinking longnecks out of the trunk of our car. Bruin fans were sitting on blankets with sweaters around their necks, sipping wine and eating cheese. Different breed in SoCal.
Slow day on the Bama beat I guess. Or maybe SDS thinks there’s a UA tie there somewhere. Would not surprise anyone given the frequency of their gaffes.
He was really establishing himself as a very strong back-up to Ryan. I know he and Katherine are just heartbroken. Praying for them.
Soon as he put it on cocked sideways, I breathed a sigh of relief. Yo, enjoy Norman, homeboy. #bamabstacked
An unpopular opinion I know, but Corso’s diminished capacity and frequent misspeaks are painful to watch at times. I really wish he would bow out gracefully before it really gets embarrassing.