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Bama was “advantaged” by playing 10 SEC games and being (more ready) than the Buckeyes. The Eyes only played a handful of slippery games and were not fully prepared. I M H O....... ‍♂️
Y’all are REALLY missing the point here. And because of the PC issue, NOBDY can speak it. NOTHING BUT A SHARK FEEDING FRENZY after it started. It will never EVER change. Those animal even turned on the coaches AND the police. Sugar coat it anyway you want but Zulu Dawn is Zulu Dawn........
is it racist to say that blacks are better basketball players than whites? What about sprinters???
W H Y ??? during the AIDS outbreak and all the others in past decades, no such silliness. Why NOW? In the past, we were just extremely careful ‍♂️‍♂️
B U T....... if a female commentator had said this about the guys, everybody would be laughing. Double standard here, my friends
Disagree 100%...... running up the score with that little time left would be trick plays and passing plays. All the Saban did was run it up the defense’s gut. He telegraphed.... “here we come, y’all stop us” ‍♂️ The other option, (take a knee) ........... Saban don’t do that
sadly, it’s ALL about $$$$$$$$$$ and what they’ve been Instructed to do ☹️
Why the orange circle? This is not authentic, do it correctly. I wonder who decided that circle silliness.........
So true that some of this college band “music” makes you nauseated ....... thank God for the Mute button
Completely insane....... this image depicting the dead coach might be nauseating but NOT ILLEGAL for heavens sake. What of the images of Pres Bush and Trump being killed??? Oh, that’s different, they’re white conservatives....... Am I the ONLY one that remembers that ?
In this century, what Coach has been the winningest and influential in Div I college football.......... Coach of this Century award...........
Absolutely ZERO problem............ Pee test before ALL GAMES
Nothing but harmless college fun.......... unlike all the protestors that destroy property and worst.
After years of playing football....... so many times I ran down the ball carrier from the rear and had to dive for the legs. Absolutely Zero though of hurting the player but just a last ditch tackle. Sometimes only a low and "wrap up the legs" type of tackle was the only way to stop the runner. In the sixties ....... that was a normal tackle. One of our coaches would say "If you want to stop those legs from moving...... Wrap'm up"
Get that bad apple out of the barrel.......... ASAP
when this white man gives all the glory to God..... He is ridiculed and harassed. BUT ....when a black man does exactly the same thing, then the black athlete is praised. WHY is this double standard
I don't even think that Auburn would were those rags!!!!!!!
they look like a Transformers character. Soooooo silly lookin'. I would bet the farm that a certain bunch liked them and a certain bunch did not......??????????
the new UGA uniforms do NOT suck because that would be an upgrade of my thoughts on the "New Age" fad uniforms. CMR, I am ashamed of you letting the dawgs hit the field on NATIONAL TV wearing that garbage. I WAS a fan but now I wish zero wins, migraines, and 6 inch hemorrhoids on ALL of the people responsible. Not only that but don't like the uniforms either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!