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st yr the same Miss State team took out Tua's knee...makes you wonder what the other team is being instructed to do ummm...Bama never take cheap shots at the opposing teams QB's Hate will make you do a lot of things!
Its hard to take ole drunk a** Joe seriously on anything Im just saying... To me he throwing slight shade is he upset the Bear is being eclipsed by Saban???
That was last year. Do you think Bama is going to make the same mistakes this time around this is Saban the master of adjustments from year to the next. You guys the Clemsons Ga's. Dabo Sweeneys loooove to talk about the past year what could have been should have been what yall did against us etc... Ask the 2011 Lsu . Everytime Bama has a letdown against someone we come back the next year to handle it
Shut up hater. Instead of trolling Bama you need to be focused on noterdame..
Naysayers, Haters, predictionist, so called experts, jeleousy mongers, Derail Bama hypers, to you all however you may slice open the apples and oranges your teams aint Bama and never will ever never be of Bamas status just on tradition and championships alone! Saban the Goat! Don't bet on this man not to have bama ready for each and every game regardless if we play freshmen or 12th graders as a figure of speech. All these teams play out of thier F*""ng minds just to try to beat bama. Bamas motivation is to just stay motivated with all the talent we have compared to all of you haters teams. Yes there may be a close game or two but ain't no one beating bama this year and any lucky team to do so we can give up that one loss and still be in the playoffs.. can your team do that??? Im waiting on a answer to that! Yeah I thought so
Saban aint just about quoted no one. My points are valid find something else to do
Hold on don't push any panic buttons!!! Alabamas defense by the time it reaches LSU will be just fine!!! Mark my word! missed tackles or not yards given up or not this defense is flying around with passion compared to last yrs defense. I believe Alex Kleo increased playing time from this point on out with a rotation of Christian Harris as needed will start to settle that linebacker core. Saban put Alex in the start of the third quarter to help settle Christian down and the defense. The secondary is legit this year yes there was a few miscues because of the hurried up attack by SC. and yes they had a few yards passing but how many touchdowns did bama truely give up yesterday only One!!! I guess that's not good enough huh??? The last touchdown SC scored was a junk touchdown given up with seconds to play by second and third stringers This is a young defense full of four and five star talent! Folks calm down give Saban the greatest ever he will have a viable defense by the time we play LSU.
Mr Chris Wright all I can say is the talent is definitely there on Alabamas defense! Yes the two young linebackers had thier first sec wake up call yesterday and Mr Wright did you expect them to be percent. Bamas first string defense only gave up 16 points so what is your point??? Bamas second and third stringers gave up the last touchdown. Then they say Bama didn't have a true goal line stop whatever, dudes knee was clearly down so its not what would have been or could have been if they reviewed it so as a result it was clearly a legitimate goal line stop! The ref later said it was unreviewable because he saw his knee down. Yes I get it everyone is TIRED TIRED TIRED of big bad BAMA!!So your Chris Wrights and other writers are going to try to put a negative on anything Bama does. The sports writers just two or three years ago swore up and down that Bamas dynasty was dead! Laughable...ummm ok I get it you cant consistently shower one team with praise even though in Bamas case it has been well deserved and still is just as deserved! and we have to create parity and competition I get it. I will say this as a true unbiased bama fan I truly believe that this defense will be right by the time it faces LSU. What people don't see is the difference between last year team and defense Bama is playing with a PURPOSE AGAIN! and that has always historically been bad for other teams facing a Saban coached team. With all of the 4 and 5 stars on defense trust adjustments are being made.. OMG! I haven't even touched in the Jagurnaut Alabama offense. The run game will come nicely along by midseason especially when Deonte Brown comes back in the next game or two.. right now we don't need a run game the short rpo type passes being thrown that are being ran for 50 plus yards are like run plays
Kirk you are not to bright, if anything Alabamas offense is more dangerous than last yrs offense. We paid the price at the end of the season when all the Rpo's caught up with us at the end of the season against really good teams. Tua has a pro style passing offense this yr mixed in with Rpo's when needed. Rpo's is not Bamas go to offense this yr Tua is reading his progressions and passing for more manageable downs instead of scrambling and looking for homeruns all of the time. Alabama offense has evolved again. To be honest at this part of the season Bama dosent need a running game. Its almost like our running game has evolved to ten to 15 yrd passes that turn into 50 plus yard plays. I believe the actual running game will have a break out mid season when the offensive lineman the Brown kid comes back.. once that takes place and the running game becomes more prevelant omg you are now adding that to a offense that can survive without a running game guided by an elite quarterback and elite recivers..Kirk shut up!
I absolutely love Hurts as a Bama fan. To the author of this article and anyone else, Hurts shinned!Did his thing! awsome job! But lets be realistic come on man! Its the freaking big 12!! find me two legitimate defenses in that league and I promise I won't have sex for a year!!! Look if Hurts had 300 yrds passing last night vs Houston Tua would have carved them up for 500 yrds passing plus based on Oklahoma offensive system and the total lack of defense played in that conference believe that! Trust it was a hard decision to pull Jalen in that championship game but if he didn't Jalen would have lost that game for Bama and I will admit Jalen let looked like pure S**** in that first half!! Saban made a smart business decision a brave decision the process! which wielded Alabama another national title. The hate against Bama and the way stories are spinned against Alabama has to be unprecedented in the history of college football. Instead of embracing Sabans and Alabama's greatness while it last people will rather just try to tear down the legacy that has been created and thats a travesty within itself. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!
You are like the second gator fan to make a negative comment about Bama I have read in the past two days! What you smoking dude.. weed?? Tua is GREAT!! Florida fans love to troll! Its like a little man complex and jeleousy.
Lets see how Clemson defense unfolds against Texas A&M next week then come back on this page dude Stop sly trolling us you numbskull
Spot on I totally agree as a Bama fan I try to be positivity supportive of our players. To me Jedrick is starting to be a liability to our offensive line to many penalites and inconsistent may be big as a ox but you also need to be smart as a fox. It might may be time we start looking at other options at that position before it comes to bite us at the worst possible momment
Dude hater worry about Florida and its defense which looked very very average to me
You won't see Eric_Ga a""hole dawg no where near this page after the championship game..mark my word!!
To the Miss State,Aub,and GA trolls trolling the page a double F"*k to all of yall! To the Miss State troll.look your a** hole goon players come up with some bs every year like last year trying to intidate the Bama players with dog chains before the game (how childish) and the jumping up and down before and during the game like they were souped up on drugs plus the cowbells smh.. MSU knew they couldn't bring that into Bryant Denny so the next best thing was to put out a contracted hit on Tua"s knee every one saying it's football and his line didn't block that's total BS.. it dosnt matter who is playing for that player to try to permently injure or take out Tua is football equivalent to being a criminal but in my opinion that player was a low life goon! Yes there were bad calls and trust Bama was going to win anyway.. We shut down that team of low lifes completly yesterday. Now to the Auburn troll.. Your team has like a 6 and 4 record and you have the audacity to troll Bama.. I hope Bama puts up 70 plus on your wack a** no run game no pass secondary team. After Bama beat the breaks off your a**"s we will see you guys in the Birmingham Bowl here in Bham.. what a fitting ending to your season. To the GA troll. LSU beat the breaks off yall a**'a we double beat the breaks off of LSU you guys beat a sorry a** Auburn team and ready to talk Shish... really dude. It's Trolls and hater like all three of you who have made Bama grow into the MONSTER it is!!! RTR
Look man yall just show up lol.. I will admit Jumbo has you guys going in the right direction
The best way to beat Alabama? The more you question them the more you motivate them.. The more you praise them the more Saban grounds them and self motivate them.. I have never seen anything like it!
The best way to beat Alabama is??? The more you question them the more you motivate them.. The more you praise them the more Saban grounds them and self motivate them.. I have never seen anything like it!
You should be lol... We talking Alabama football not barnyard ball
I appreciate your compliments you are to generous eventhough there is truth in what you said, however your Dawgs look pretty good as well. Hope to see you guys again this year
No trust me we need Georgia to continue to win. I'm sure Georgia has a chip on its shoulders after the championship game. I would love to meet you guys again in the sec championship
We are witnessing a era in Alabama football that will probably never be seen again so as a true Bama fan I'm relishing these times. 20yrs from now I will say I lived through Bamas dynasty, nothing last forever and this marvelous run is glorious for all Bama fans. There will be another dynasty after bama, maybeb it will Georgia with Kirby Smart running its program he has Bamas blueprint and he is steadily building his teams to be very Bama like, however as long as Nick Saban is Head Coach at Alabama I honestly don't see this machine stopping anytime soon, but his coaching yrs are limited and we might not win a championship every year but we will always be in contention with Saban running the ship.