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Man STFU. When Miami becomes revelant in any sport I mean any sport ever ever again then just maybe you can make a statement about Saban until then clown take ur billions and once again STFU!!
Lawd have mercy another UNREALISTIC GA FAN!! Dude this mentality is the same reason GA will be disappointed this season! One season with the best defensive line in football now yall have produced better defensive lineman than under Saban really Lmao! Tall GA fans still sipping on some helluva Kool aid that obviously had some mind altering substance in it. You statisticly show me where GA has produced better lineman and put more in the NFL than Bama under Saban I will drive to GA and personally hand you a 1,000 dollars
Who gives 2 flying F###s let him go. Good luck kid. Next story PLEASE!!
Paul go suck on a egg your opinion doesn't even hold weight anymore! Your opinion goes with the wind and where it blows you are not solid on anything anymore but whatever can get you views. Saban is smarter than you will ever be Paul. Saban wasn't talking to that moron Jimbo he was talking to Alabama boosters calling them out in public for what they are going to have to start doing to keep Alabama competitive
Dude your post is so idiotic and ridiculous to read please stop smoking that wack before you post Roll Mf Tide
See this is the Respect GA and ALa and their coaches have for each other
Well we ain't never ever respected Jimboo or A&M so I guess we are even on that point!!
What's going to be correct when yall come to Tuscaloosa and get yall a**s handed to you for the disrespect and jeleousy Jimboo has shown Bama
Saban evolves he is not being un Saban like and this is why the Floridas remain the same yr end yr out clown. When Saban once again evoles to actually paying for recruits what excuse u gonna have then hold on no excuses just yalls continued hate and jeleousy
Stfu!! When Bama starts paying to get recruits where they going A&M or Bama who gonna control what then!!
As much as I don't like GA this is where I think Saban and Kirby are aligned!!!
Dude as a Auburn fan you have absolutely no right to post on here sir. When Auburn can win at least 9 games again then open ur mouth!!!
JELEOUS OF WHAT???????????????????????? Dude I can't wait until when yall come to Tuscaloosa this yr and trust your crowd will be nowhere present this time around. JELEOUS?????? Quick question when the last time A&M won a championship???? tik tok tik tok....
Dude Saban bitter of WHAT?????????? Ole hateful and jeleous Jimboo and his disdain for Bama is obvious. Jimboo talked shish last yr and Feb of this yr Saban done had enough and just called his A** out for what it is. Saban done warned yall once again you think that Ala don't have money to pay recruits?? Well you just opened up a can of worms with Saban and he has always adjusted even if he doesn't want to. When Bama starts paying recruits where they going A&M or Bama??? Man you and Jimboo go sit down somewhere
Man please he just doing it the right way and Nick keeps warning you guys. Now when Bama is forced to start paying players to counteract ole hatefull and jeleous Jimbo who you think is going to get the player then based on Brand Bama or A&M case closed!!! Roll Tide
And we know you are the prototypical Alabama Hater this I know!!
Look you dumb moron! Kirby helped he wasn't the reason for nothing at Bama it was Kirbys daddy Saban that taught him and spanked him..Negan I wish I had a bunch of Bama jock straps to stuff in your mouth and marinate on them as you chew on them
True but not true he did learn under Saban at Alabama which is brand so he did learn under Alabama as well
No we don't have to thank Kirby for a d@mn thing Saban orchestrated the defenses philosophy that has won Bama multiple championships an GA one.All Kirby had to do was run it. Any number of coaches could have been Kirby! Don't yall ever forget who invented the Defensive schemes and how to train and coach championship players the GOAT. Saban! Kirby is just lucky enough to have learned from the greatest and copy Alabama.
Dude you a HATER!!! You just mad because Williams torched the GA defense in the Sec Championship something GA had not seen all year in Williams and he was enroute to torching GA again in the Championship game. Dude Roll Tide to ya buddy
Laugh at a Bama players n#ts when he stuffs them in your mouth
No you will be banned off this site and your craziness will end clown
We get a great receiver through the transfer portal and Negan has went crazier than what he already is like that's possible but he did smh. Negan is a certified lunatic. He use to be entertaining in a annoying way but now I feel sorry for him this man is truly sick. He needs help! He reminds me of a Extreme Harvy Updike. Negan is the type to me that seems like he would go to the Bama campus and etc off a AR 15 and I'm serious. There needs to be a petition to get this Nut Job banned off of Saturday Down South. Negans harassment needs to come to a end
All yall missing the point if Burton never came trust one of our 5 star receivers would have stepped up to be a alpha dog super star man yall wasting yall time talking about a non item period. This is Bama dudes our Amari Coopers Devonte Smiths and on and on are already on this team already minus Burton come on man this Friggen ALABAMA!!! Eli Rick's from LSU thought he would come right I'm and get a starting job with Bama that hasn't happened yet he is second string in spring practice. Its a luxury and a privilege to transfer to Bama and if not Bama will be more than fine without them. Please STOP!!!! all the foolish articles and opinions about ALABAMA!!! As long as Saban is there basically game over for everyone else
Just know yall coming to T town this year and reality hits again. Won't be no crazy a&m fans to make ur team play out of its minds and your boisterous coach won't have a grin when he shakes Sabans hands. Can't wait for your players to make the loooooooong trip to T Town
Man Alabama is Nemus Marcus Texas is the neighborhood thrift store. The defective clothes/ungrateful Bama players are given to the thrift store/ Texas lol