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No Dumb Ga fans have anything to say about this? Y'all always trolling our site. After Saturdays win you won't see Megan oops I mean Megan no where in the universe with his dumb a** long manifesto hating on anything Bama
Megan you are a hater and what ever you just rambled makes absolutely no sense as usual. As a black man here in Alabama I will tell you this about Saban that doesn't get reported Saban has built so many houses for poor black people in the west side of Tuscaloosa and is still doing so as of today and they won't report this! I believe it was in 2020 or 2021 Saban led the whole team in a march on campus I believe in support for George Floyd. No other team or coach in Americas PERIOD!!!! until after Saban and Alabama iniated it!!! Then some teams and coaches wanted to follow suit. Do you think Kirby and Georgia were proactive in even thinking about this!!! Nooooooooo!!!! Saban will always be the goat and there will always be the ultimate haters like you Megan and it's ok! Good always need a evil protagonist (haters) to keep the good doing what they do
Dude worry about your puppies ok. Let that man shine when you along with a lot of dumb a** Alabama fans literally wrote this man off before the season. I hope he run off the field this Saturday against Ga and say the same exact thing!!!
You clown Auburn didn't even try to play New Mexico it was obvious!!!so your assessment is mute
Dude you are the most disillusioned Bama fan I know.. sooooo who called the plays to get Bama where they are Casper the ghost ummm I believe it was Reese. Who directed this team to 11 and 1 Milroe the same quarterback that some of you DUMB A** Bama fans threw under the bus in September. Im pulling your Bama card you clown
Ohhhhhhhh you A** Clown you finally admitted you are a TROLL!!! SMH you didn't think a bama fan would find you on here speaking with a little sense and you not witting a manifesto against Alabama huh.
Yeah all will be made right and remembered by Alabama on the 3rd week of October
You a** wipe!!! After yesterday game the first real team y'all played FINALLY!!! y'all looked like sh**. Kentucky is going to wax GA a"* up and down the most overrated #1 team in a America
I believe Saban gambled not to start Milroe in game against USF. I think the Alabama players didn't react to well of Milroe not starting. I believe the players got each others attention as well with a players only meeting yesterday. I saw Milroe hold his head down in dejection after the Texas game and a Texas player ran over to prop him back up it was really sad to see Milroe like that because he took the lose on him and as much as I hate Texas kudus to that Texas kid that ran over to lift his head up because he respected Jalen as a dawg and his talent and knew this wasn't the end of the world for him. Then this weekend Jalen reminded me so much of Jalen Hurts when he got benched both had amazing attitudes towards the situation and thier teammates. Jalen Milroe was exceptional in congratulating Simpson and his big play. Saban might have pulled a genius move this past weekend it was risky but maybe just genius. I'm sure he has Milroes attention more so than ever and he is still going to make mistakes Milroe is a Super talent as long as he don't personally lose games for us I'm going to ride with him as he gets better. I believe you might see a star in the making with Milroe by the end of the season
Wolford is Sabotaging the line on purpose. He is a plant. I honestly believe it!
You are a HATER HATER HATER!!! to the worst degree when Alabama is winning like they do 98 percent of the time you come on here with crazy rants and hate that makes absolutely no sense but when Alabama losses you are solem and reflective to what's really wrong with Alabama or the perception of. Dude go under a rock and s#@k Sabans n#tts
This is Alabama this ain't them sorry a** teams you guys play every year in the Big 12 you arrogant a**es can do every one else like that and they take it!! Don't ever disrespect Alabama even with your arrogance and money you ain't sh*t to us buddy grab you 18 national championships then you can sit us in the nosebleeds. Y'all ain't gonna bring that arrogant BS to the SEC trust me!!! When you guys have trouble beating a ole miss you gonna know then where you are at lol. I hope we drag your snootty a**es all over Bryant Denny
Not Alabamas we have to much class for that we win to d*mn much to have to stop to that we probably give the visitors extra air to be honest. Maybe you guys have that dumb mess in the Big12. I'm telling you now buddy this is the SEC all that nonsense ain't about to fly here
Are you a longhorn fan? and got a little salty seeing the fans of different teams here in the SEC banding together on this one! Did you create an account on this website just to say whatever you was trying to say lol. Listen and understand me very good this ain't the da*n Big12 this is the SEC and we are the SEC for a reason. Don't start bringing that whining BS talking about it ain't right. You asked to join the SEC for a reason we didn't ask you to join us so start showing respect since this will be your conference next year. One thing Texas and it's fans wont do is come here complaining about anything or demanding anything period. Just about every school in the SEC has tradition that is equal to Texas compared to only maybe two schools in the Big 12. No one is going to be bullied by your school or fan base in this conference period! All this explaining what you guys do for visiting teams is BS.All we know is that your University put all our fans in the nosebleeds and in all of the hundred years Alabama has been playing football why last year your University was the first to ever do us like that? Man you can try to do all the explaining you can but there was absolutely no justification for it! So you and the Texas fans and your very bland band if they come can enjoy the nosebleeds I just ask that you bring your binoculars and enjoy and see how it feels. You guys did us like that last year just to give you guys some perceived advantage. We are only doing it to teach you a lesson! I hope we tell you guys we are working on the stadium as well and by some chance the only part of the stadium that is affected is the visitors locker room. We should just put you guys in a hot a** locker room and not even lie about it!!! So you guys please enjoy your trip to Tuscaloosa we welcome you with open arms!
I can't believe I'm agreeing with you it must be a full moon lol. If it was GA they would have done the same thing to you guys. Texas has to learn really quick this is the SEC and they ain't coming here trying to run anything you asked to come here not the other way around respect us we will respect you
You are being really petty yourself right now! I refuse to answer your question Sir because it has absolutely nothing to do with this article! Is there not any articles on your Tenn site you can comment on because it seems like you have a real hard on for Alabama these days lol
You clown don't even be on here trolling when Tennessee looked very mediocre for the first half Saturday Smh. I think you need to be more worried about Tennessee right now Sir and even more worried when you guys come to Alabama in October.You are such a da*n HYPOCRITE!! if Texas did the same thing the the little Vols last year you would be the first screaming let's do the same to them. Sir please crawl back to your irrelevant Tenn page please.
I think one thing all SEC fans can agree despite our odds with each other is we generally don't like Texas and it's arrogance and sense of entitlement! which is going to get shot down in the SEC very fast. On top of that they cut the air off in the visitors looker room for the tide which was just low down and pretty as H*ll. I honestly hope we put these Texas longhorn fans and their band in the very last row of the nose bleeds and put Matthew McConaughey A** up their to!! and cut the air off in the visitors locker room as well and see how your team feels. Welcome to the SEC Texas!
You a** clown you better be worried about Ga and it's non performance
You a** clown!! Why you ain't on the Bama site posting today??? You know why because you know Bama looked a whole lot better than Ga did yesterday. Y'all needed basically a second half comeback smh!! The only reason the score got up was because the cupcake probably didn't have the players to keep rotating in and out! and they eventually got worn down. Definitely not impressed with Ga at all. Then you have another cup cake ? next week SMH. Man with that schedule y'all can't afford to loose not one game! Watch Alabama play a big time game next week we ain't running from competition period. Leghump whatever you call yourself come on over to the Ala site today and Troll but you know you can't!!! You were just waiting to go in on Milroe wansnt you!! Lmao ?. I guess you know we have a Vince Young for a QB now! Roll Tide
Yeah yeah yeah. Again the Georgia Bulldogs will disappoint this season. The greatest thing that happened was the blatant disrespect Alabama has received this off season thank you media and thank you dillusonal Ga fans. Y'all go ahead and soak up all the praise you are getting!
Ga is going to be the biggest disappointment of the 2023 college football season trust me!!
Kirby is a Saban knock off! You steal and copy from the master all of Ga concepts and everything is from the mind of Saban do you honestly think Kirby would have to National Championships just being good ole Kirby hell no!! Alabama and Saban will always be the blue print forever! Y'all want to have a chip on ya shoulders because what some overpaid talking heads at ESPN said give me a break. Ala will have the true chip on its shoulders!! all the disres
Who cares about ya stadium but we do care about ya ridiculously soft a** schedule smh
Ellie can go kick rocks with her krusty a** feet! She is salty and a hater and the Ga fan base is salty and hateful and continuously jealous of Alabama trust me y'all trying everything to put a chip on ya shoulders and it's Ala who will have the real chip on their shoulders trust me
Get your facts right buddy he use to be a Bama homer he absolutely hates Saban and Bama now. Worry about your weak Ga schedule instead of anything Bama
No weird game this is why Saban has 7 national championships and your school doesn't. Saban think differently acts differently from what every coach in football does. Y'all keep questioning him? Why ....
I just realized something about you! It seems like you are the very first person to respond to any Alabama article that is written on this site I just realized that! Do you lay around in your Toighty Whittey underwear all day and pick your nose waiting on Alabama article on Saturday Down South??? No I'm seriously wondering if you have some mental issues going on dude! Maybe you need Saban to slap his nutzz in your face to wake you up out of your craziness ???
It's a shame they are trying to give Ga a third title with the weakest schedule ever in sec football smh. Man y'all loose one game and with that schedule Ga definitely needs to be left out of the playoffs period. Ala makes it through its schedule underfeated who the tougher team Ala is hands down! and I hope we remind GA who the true king of the SEC is!!
You freaking MOROON!!!! Ga was complaining soft and befuddled before Kirby from Alabama got there before Cochran from Alabama got there who showed GA the Alabama way of physicality. Once again another aspect GA has completely copied from Alabama. You know how you take a break and get a little lazy because you been working sooooo hard and you have to get back in the swing of things when you go back to work well Saban 3 or 4 yr break is over he is kicking them in the A** again you clown all yall will see this year the Blueprint once again not the xerox copy known as Ga