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You are one Big depleated nut sac!!! Ls WHO??? dude I shouldn't even be replying to your foolishness!!! Smitty us better all the way around than Chase period!! its not even up for debate! Roll MF Tide!!!
Always a class act. He did good Oklahoma but we all know his heart never left Bama!!! Did Tua visit with the team in Miami?
We especially don't like y'all MF"s believe that!! But thanks anyway lol Roll Tide
Who gives a sh#t that you are trolling our page lmao. Go back to LSU you LSWho!!
Do you read??? The greatest in Alabama program history
Yada Yada Yada you hater! Covid or no covid healthy players or not who honestly had a team to legitimately compete with this Alabama team???? I'm waiting yes I thought so. Get off our page! Roll Tide
Another Dilusional Fan you guys have ONE YEAR ONE YEAR!! and you want to talk sh"t. Get off our page LSu Who!! Hater! Roll Tide
Dude whatever drugs you consume please, please stop just stop it!!! You wrote a book just to say nothing! You need to be punished by tying you up and make you spend one night in the Bryant Denny Museum on Alabama Campus making you look at all the championship trophies... Have a good day you dilusional Ga Fan Roll Tide
What everyone fails to realize with Saban he is the mastermind behind behind the offense and especially the defense. It really don't matter who the coordinator is they are going to run the offense and defense Exactly! how Saban wants it ran you guys don't understand that period. Like I said Saban is MASTERMIND!! you notice when these coordinators leave Bama they don't have great success at all and it's not a slight to them but it's true. Saban is what runs this Alabama awesome ship not the coordinators they just fill in the position plugs and learn and coach what Saban wants. This is why Alabama is successful year end and year out
Don't say that you never know. Waddle was physically able to play today
The media is going to spin the Ohio State underdog spin!! Trust Nick Saban and Bama is not going to give them bulletin board material. Last match up I don't think Bama took Cardell Jones serious and paid dearly for it.This is a different Bama team I don't think the defense is as overall as gifted as the 2015 defense but I think this defense is much better built to stop the spread. The media is once again going to hype the cinderella story for Ohio State Bama need to block that out and just come out and continue to play like they have and I honestly know Bama is a more talented team than Ohio State. Every since Saban mentioned rat poison as funny as it seemed at the time. You have not seen Alabama out of any game period even the loss to LSU. Saban even gives the worst of opponents praise before he plays them.. This Bama team will come in just as hungry as Ohio State and motivated and Alabama overall talent should allow them to win if they just continue to play thier game.
Exactly!! I said the same thing! Lmao they acted like they were winning. It was funny as hell to me..
Obviously you didn't watch the game it wasn't close at all. Alabama throttled thier offense down in the second half Wich I believe was Sabans respect for Brian Kelly. This is way Bama karma and winning continus because we don't try to run the score up. The last ND score was a junk TD... thank you Vol fan
It will get better it will be jacked up for the playoffs. FLA saved thier best for last threw the whole kitchen sink at Alabama! Played out of its mind FLA would have beaten any other team in the country last night period. Alabama was motivated last night but I don't think they were jacked up motivated they just came out to play thier game. They will be jacked up motivated for the playoffs that's why Saban said this is good this game happened to us
Dude is a real Bama fan? You don't have to concede nothing to no one this thread. Mac deserve this Heisman more than anyone! In the head to head match up Mac won and beat Trask in all aspects tonight! Dude come over to the Bama thread and post ur love for Bama it ain't even about our defense tonight y'all hoping on that just shout out to this great team and win!
His face stuffed with fried chicken, watermelon, hog maw collard greens... See he knows how to get under the skin of you in particular sir racist a** Florida fans... Yes he full knowing Bama won and FLA wasn't quite good enough!!! ROLL TIDE
These type Bama fans are the Pyschos!They call themselves doing things in fun but these are the fans that take it way to serious! The same type fans that if Alabama ever lost they would go ape sH*t and kill someone lol all of us true Bama fans ain't like this lol ROLL TIDE
Game managers don't throw the deep ball several times for touchdowns in a game. Don't drink Dan Mullens Kool-Aid! Mac is going to manage all over Florida then how about that
Lol... Man y'all pulling straws all the way around for motivation!From your coach making dumb comments to these type articles. You guys just play the game!! ROll TIDE!
Man leave that meth alone! SERIOUSLY!!! LOL ROLL TIDE!!
Ok this article is presenting a feel good story a inspirational story! Well guess what Mac Jones story is very very similar if not being identical! rising up from being obscure on Bamas dept chart overcoming doubt from the fan base no one believing he would be the man and on and on! Well guess what to the Author of this article Mac Jones will be just as inspired to win this game as Kyle. Ok let's move on to other intangibles like other factors that will decide the game
Ummm ok and whistling whirly bird to what you just said.
When you don't have tradition! A team is always trying new uniform combos! Alabamas winning tradition is so deep and great changing our uniforms is not a option we absolutely LOVE! our uniforms as they are!
Why wouldn't we show up?? We ain't like y'all's team and that's a issue with you guys weekend and week out if your team will show up or not. Really??? LMAO. Trust you are going to get the best of Bama Saturday and if Florida win it will have to play the game of its life and that's a fact!!!
Ain't nobody doing nothing it is what it is.You have a coach from Florida who dosnt care what comes out of his mouth and most of the time it's idiocy!That doesn't take away from a very good Florida team that Nick Saban and Alabama respects. Saban and Alabama is not going to use that as a motivation we don't have to. When Alabama plays Florida they going in with the mentality of beating themselves and this is no disrespect to Florida this is just how Alabama is built a part of the process. So the dumb comments that come out of Dan Mullins mouth trust we ignore it we don't need it to motivate us trust that! Nick Saban treats all opponents minor and great with the same respect and this is one aspect that makes Nick the greatest college coach ever!!! If you like him or not.The only team that really pissed Alabama off and Bama tried to prove a point on in recent memory is LSU It's coach and their BLATANT DISRESPECT!of Alabama last year and oh did we prove a point and it could have been worse! So in hind sight what Dan said Bama ain't paying that Sh*t no attention trust me!! ROLL TIDE!
Where in hell ESPN find this intern bafoon?? Then let him commentate on a Alabama game! Man he really should do high school games instead... It was f**king irritating to listen to this clown go on and on and on about Mac Jones wtf!! I literally muted my tv I couldn't take it anymore.. ESPN please never ever let this man do another Bama game again EVER! Then next week we get Gary with CBS Smh. The best way to watch a Bama game is mute your tv and listen to play by play with Eli Gold. I'm serious..
I'm going to say what Flava Flav use to say " let's keep it real let's kick the Balistics G" I'ma keep it ! I don't give a da*n what team you are on if you are Black here in America especially after what happened to George Floyd! it affected you to the core! Black people are very racially SENSITIVE! these days and so are black football players. If you have a coach who gives the slightest indication that he is not racially aware or racially insensitive which I'm starting to sense Ed Orgeron was you are going to loose your black players literally! Ain't no black player going to put his all into a program with a coach like that PERIOD! PERIOD!! and I knew this team was talented but it kinda explains why LSU is so bad he lost his team! before the season even started. What's in the dark comes to the light and this man had the Audacity! to say F#ck! Alabama last year! Not only is he a disrespectful IDIOT! but racially insensitive as well! Smh and as a die hard and I mean a die hard Alabama African American fan.I say I'm in support of these LSU players on this situation and they need to LEAVE! as long as Ed is there. You don't play with black lives or show any form of the slightest insensitivity these days ROLl TIDE!!